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Mar 17, 2022
Happiest Place on Earth

welcome to a jinsley au got/hotd production!
witness what happens when one of jinsley is bored with nothing to do and all the muses in the world! and as a result drags the other half of this lovely duo into the mess!~ love you, love! but this is also your fault!<3

welcome to a modern retelling of our lovely targaryen twins! if you are not aware of our original got/hotd babies, please take a gander here! we promise these modern babies will be just as feels inducing as our firey prince and princess—if maybe not a little more fluffier. and if you're wondering why there seems to be so much effort in this thread compared to the original one...remember when i said that this was born from boredom and nothing to do? yeah, i was bored with nothing to do while i waited for my lovely partner to finish posts. so please enjoy my poor decisions and lack of patience and self-control that my wonderful partner is more than happy to support.

some key details to be noted: high valyrian is canon in this au. we have equated it to an accessible version of latin. it's a "living" language that can be taught in schools (although not available in ALL schools). unfortunately, dragons do not exist. le sighhhhhh. for the sake of the language, valyria still exists. the existence of other families that are mentioned in asoiaf is currently tbd. for now, all we know is that the families from old valyria exist in this world and, no, they are not closely related to one another.

lastly, shoutout to duolingo for adding high valyrian and further fueling all of my modern muses xD

valar dohaeris


Solo Conversationalist
Mar 17, 2022
Happiest Place on Earth

»;█ ( OO1 ) tab nonsense - sabrina carpenter
»;█ ( OO2 ) tab universe - thuy
»;█ ( OO3 ) tab ocean eyes - american avenue
»;█ ( OO4 ) tab bad for business - sabrina carpenter
»;█ ( OO5 ) tab melt - kehlani
»;█ ( OO6 ) tab girls like me don't cry - thuy
»;█ ( OO7 ) tab into your arms - witt lowry feat. ava max
»;█ ( OO8 ) tab painkiller - blackbear
»;█ ( OO9 ) tab think about you - jojo
»;█ ( O1O ) tab twin flame - machine gun kelly

▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ * ( THE BASICS ) x x
»;█ ( NAME ) tab visaera josephine celtigar
»;█ ( NICKNAME ) tab vi (pronounced vee), sephi (dad only)
»;█ ( AGE ) tab eighteen
»;█ ( BIRTHDATE ) tab june thirteenth
»;█ ( HEIGHT ) tab five feet on a good day
»;█ ( EYE & HAIR COLOR ) tab blue tab blonde
»;█ ( SEXUALITY ) tab bisexual
»;█ ( BIRTH PLACE ) tab baltimore, maryland
»;█ ( PROFESSION ) tab very active high school student
▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ * ( MY ATTITUDE ) x x
SUPPORTIVE X x ) x giving support; providing sympathy or encouragement
ENTHUSIASTIC X x ) x absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit; lively interest
RESOURCEFUL X x ) x able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties, etc.
PERSUASIVE X x ) x able, fitted, or intended to prevail on (a person) to do something, as by advising or urging
PERCEPTIVE X x ) x having or showing keenness of insight, understanding, or intuition
SENSITIVE X x ) x having acute mental or emotional sensibility; aware of and responsive to the feelings of others
GUARDED X x ) x cautious; careful; prudent
DUBIOUS X x ) x wavering or hesitating in opinion; inclined to doubt
RESERVED X x ) x formal or self-restrained in manner and relationship; avoiding familiarity or intimacy with others
▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ * ( ALL ABOUT ME ) x x
»;█ ( FACT OO1 ) tab Visaera was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland up until she was five. Her family comes from a long line of entrepreneurs with all of their wealth coming from the seafood industry. Celtigar, Inc. is the largest company in the country most known for the import and export of blue crab. Many who visit Baltimore will spend long hours and a lot of money for a table at House of Celtigar just to try their specialty blue crab dishes. Her family is a particularly big one. Her father is the second youngest of five children. Although it is expected that his eldest brother—the first born son—will take over the business once his father steps down and retires, he still inherited the family’s knack for business. Finishing top of the class with honors at Yale, he climbed up quickly in the business world; rising through the ranks at a near exponential rate. His expertise and overall work ethic earned him an executive position at Celtigar, Inc.’s west coast office, requiring him to move his wife and daughter to Berkeley, California.
»;█ ( FACT OO2 ) tab Before being a wife and mother, Visaera's mother had dreams and aspirations of being a principal ballerina. She also reached that goal, until a life altering injury prevented her from continuing with dance. So instead, she took all of her dance knowledge to NYU with the intention of becoming a dance instructor. That was where she met Visaera's father. He was in the masters program and was her TA for one of her business courses. They scandalously hit it off pretty quick. In-between classes, she was a private ballet instructor. Her students were the children of families closely associated with the Celtigars. She moved up to an instructor position in a dance academy after she and Visaera's father got married. When they all moved to California, she took a leap of faith to open her own dance studio.
»;█ ( FACT OO3 ) tab It was a bit of a shock to Visaera’s parents when they learned that the Celtigars opposed her name. After all, Visaera has Valyrian origins. But for the Celtigars, so many years detached from their home country and heavily business oriented, they thought her name too “exotic.” They worried that her “unique” name would close one too many doors; not even accounting for the fact that she is a member of the Celtigar family. But despite all the arguments, Visaera’s mother fought for her name. When Visaera was old enough to understand the politics behind her family, she was told her mother went straight to her grandfather and said, “I won’t argue against whatever wishes you may have for my daughter, except that I will have her named Visaera whether you like it or not.” Many back and forth arguments later, Visaera’s grandparents relented. To soften the blow of this defeat, her parents decided to give her a second first name that she can use for future opportunities. And since her mother chose her first first name, her father got to choose her second first name. He chose Josephine after his grandmother. For years, various family members have asked her mother why she desperately wanted to name her daughter Visaera, but for some reason, she has kept that a close lipped secret. The only response she ever gives anyone that asks is that she just thought the name was very pretty.
»;█ ( FACT OO4 ) tab Visaera is fluent in High Valyrian. Although she is Valyrian through her father's family, it was her mother—who isn't Valyrian—that insisted and encouraged her to learn and perfect it. Her father unfortunately was not part of this learning process, at least not actively. He is many generations removed from the motherland; their branch of the Celtigar family tree having emigrated long ago. He knows a few words and phrases, but is unable to hold a coherent conversation. Her mother, on the other hand, learned High Valyrian when she was in high school and while she isn't fluent, she is conversational. In fact, it can be argued that High Valyrian was Visaera's first language. Her mother spoke it to her exclusively when they were at home and she has been told that her first word was Muña—her father was a little disappointed it wasn't "Dada" or anything related, but still proud. Once she started speaking, her father hired a private language instructor to help her differentiate between High Valyrian and English. It was adorable at home, but her parents would rather she didn't mix the two languages in one sentence once she started school. At home, it isn't uncommon to find Visaera and her mother speaking exclusively in High Valyrian whenever her father isn't home.
»;█ ( FACT OO5 ) tab Visaera is very close to her parents. Not exactly that she tells them about every aspect of her life, but there is a trust between her and them that does not exist among her friends and their parents. She idolizes her mother and it can be argued that their relationship is one that surpasses just mother-daughter. Visaera is not afraid to say that her mother is one of her best friends. For as long as she can even remember, they have shared such a deep connection to one another; especially her mother. She can somehow pick up on whatever Visaera is feeling, if she needed to put in the effort to channel it. It is a running theory that this close relationship started because Visaera was born prematurely AND her mother had been struggling to conceive for years. For years, she was told how her mother stayed at her side in NICU for weeks until she was fit to leave the hospital and then took time off from running her studio to take care of her even though her in-laws recommended hiring a nanny. Her mother couldn't do it, not after struggling to have a baby for years and then almost losing the one that made it. As for her father, well, even if her mother is one of her best friends, she is without a doubt Daddy's Little Girl. He unapologetically spoiled her rotten when she was a kid, but also made sure that it didn't get too into her head growing up. She looks up to her father and is never afraid to seek out his guidance. And even though he can be very busy with work, he still finds time to spend with her whenever he gets the opportunity to get away from the office.
»;█ ( FACT OO6 ) tab Despite her close relationship with her parents, Visaera is not immune to the high expectations that come with being a Celtigar. For as long as she can remember, she has never not been busy. As soon as she was mobile, she was taken on play dates with the children from other families closely associated with hers. In fact, a lot of her friends now are those she has been with since they were babies. When she was a toddler, her parents enrolled her in various classes. Her mother, naturally, placed her in different dance classes to see if any of them would stick. She stayed in ballet and contemporary dance until middle school. She also participated in sports starting in elementary school. It wasn't competitive, but it gave her something to do after school. She enjoyed soccer for a while, but then her father took her to her first horseback riding lesson and she never looked back. She competed for years until her junior year of high school. Of all of the private lessons she took her whole life, what stuck the most until this very day was music. Like most children of her station, she started with piano. From there, once her music instructor picked up on her talent, she expanded to guitar (but this is mostly for fun) and took up singing lessons. She still competes and participates in piano recitals. But recently she has considered stepping away from recitals to focus on songwriting. It's a lowkey passion of hers, but she is not confident enough to share any songs she's attempted writing. Now, despite all of these activities keeping her occupied for nearly her entire life, what matters most to her family—meaning her extended Celtigar family—are her school activities. She has been active in her high school's Key Club since her freshman year and will be taking the VP position her senior year. Other clubs and activities she is involved in at school include: NHS, Best Buddies, and a couple other volunteer-based clubs. There are a small handful of special interest clubs that she is active in on and off depending on her schedule.
»;█ ( FACT OO7 ) tab The thing you need to know about the Celtgars is that they very much still believe in arranged marriages. Of course, with the "changing of the times" they have to be clever about it. They are a little more lenient, but that is putting it lightly. There are some occasions when it is very obvious that a marriage in the Celtigar family is arranged (i.e. when it pertains to the heir to the family business and legacy). But for the rest of the time, the family goes around the obvious definition of arranged marriages. Instead, they call it "childhood friendships." Visaera is in that category. While her parents were lucky to be a love match—it helps that her mother did come from a "good family"—Visaera was one of the many grandchildren to be strategically paired with one of the children of the various families in connection with the Celtigars. It all started when her father received his promotion to overlook the business in the west coast. The Tyrells accumulated much of their wealth from their grocery store chain all across the west coast region. They also own many acres of farmland and vineyards. And it just so happens that Visaera's father and the heir to the Tyrell family business were friends and classmates at Yale. But that is not the connection the Celtigars are invested in. It is the one between Visaera and the CEO's son, Deric. She met Deric when she was five years old, he was seven. For the most part, Visaera can't remember her life without Deric in it. Between weekly play dates until they started middle school and being enrolled in the same schools since she finished kindergarten, it was hard to look at Visaera and not think about Deric. Visaera does consider Deric a close friend. She always has fun when with him and he has helped her survive many years of school with his extra two years of knowledge. It was around her sophomore year and his senior year that they started to acknowledge that after all these years, they might actually have feelings for each other. However, it was also one of those bad timing situations. Deric was under a lot of pressure to get into Yale. While, yes, his own academic record was enough merit to get him in, it wasn't going to be enough until he received that acceptance letter. So they never tried dating. To the school, they viewed Visaera and Deric's relationship that year as "casual." It was obvious they liked each other, but school just came first. It wasn't until the summer after Deric graduated that they finally put some definition to their relationship. They both agreed that long distance wasn't going to work. Visaera was going into the toughest years of high school and Deric was starting his college career in Yale. So they continued to keep things casual, but they also made a promise to each other. Once Visaera finished high school—and hopefully also got into Yale—they would make their relationship official. For the Celtigars, that was essentially a shoe in for an engagement.
»;█ ( FACT OO8 ) tab Maybe this has everything to do with the fact that she is a Celtigar, but Visaera loves seafood. She will proudly and unapologetically eat at her family's restaurant—the closest location is in San Francisco—and sing its praises every time. She also has a constantly insatiable craving for sushi. It is one of those cravings that once someone asks her if she wants it, she will always say yes with a quickness.
»;█ ( FACT OO9 ) tab Her preferred choice of transportation is her bike, but this is mostly because she tries to stay as local as possible. If she needs to go any further than Berkeley, she will either take Bart, pay for an Uber or get a ride from someone she knows. Unfortunately, she cannot drive. This has everything to do with her height, or lack thereof to be more precise. Her inability to easily see over the wheel has been the cause of much anxiety for Visaera. So while she does possess a permit, she has yet to pluck up the courage to take the test to get her license. So for the time being, she gets around the neighborhood pretty well on her bike or she gets rides from her friends or her parents. #THATPPPLIFE
»;█ ( FACT O1O ) tab It has been engrained in her mind since she was a baby that Yale was her top long term goal. Many photo albums show Visaera surrounded by the Yale colors, whether it is a baby onesie or the blue flag that has been hanging over her bed since she was still sleeping in a crib. It's pretty obvious where this goal arose from. As his alma mater, her father dreamed for her to follow in his footsteps. Every year since she first learned how to read, they would take trips to Connecticut to visit the campus the week before she started the new school year. She's gone to plenty homecoming games with her father, his school friends and their kids. To her and her father, everything she does up until her high school diploma is placed in her hand is for Yale. Not even an acceptance letter will satisfy her father. To him, their goal for Yale is fulfilled once she has stepped foot on the campus as an official student. But see, here is the thing. At some point during her high school career, Visaera has lost sight of that goal. While she still believes Yale is an amazing school, she's started to recognize that it isn't the right fit for her. She no longer "sees" herself walking across campus every day to get from one class to another. There is no more excitement even talking about Yale. In fact, the only excitement she feels is whatever she picks up from her father. Unfortunately, it is that very reason she has yet to tell him that Yale is no longer a long term goal of hers. For now, she intends to still apply, but will also exert the same amount of energy into applying to other universities. She has yet to find the actual school that best fits her, but she hopes it will present itself once it is application time.
»;█ ( FACT O11 ) tab She has a unique interest in flying. Anytime she travels and it requires flying to the destination, she will always aim for a window seat and that window will stay open the entire flight (so long as she is allowed to). There is something so majestic about being able to see the world from the skies that has always intrigued her and it always takes her breath away. This only worsened when she and her childhood friends went paragliding once during summer vacation. She was addicted to the sensation of being in the air. It is now one of her dreams to go paragliding once again (maybe even hang gliding) AND to try skydiving.
»;█ ( FACT O12 ) tab A lot of people in Visaera's life—even her own family—have made comment on her busy schedule. Some have voiced concerns that between her classes (both at her school and the college courses she can take at the community college) and her extracurriculars she is well on her way to burning out before college. But the truth is, despite the sheer exhaustion she may feel sometimes, Visaera leans heavily on her busy schedule. She uses her busy schedule as a defense mechanism. She dislikes being idle with very little to nothing to do. For, you see, the moments when it is quiet for Visaera is when the intrusive thoughts invade. This is the one thing she insists on keeping secret from her parents and her friends. It's hard to say when exactly she started struggling with these dark thoughts, but when she first acknowledged that they were there, it hit her like a truck and for a few days she was unable to do anything outside her bedroom. After that day, she learned that keeping herself busy pushes away any chance of these thoughts getting any kind of strength. But the few times that they do slip through her mind, instant guilt pours through her. After all, what reason does she have to feel these things when her entire life has been so fortunate? So to combat the impending destruction, she works herself to almost complete exhaustion so that she could go to bed and sleep immediately.
»;█ ( FACT O13 ) tab Visaera has an immaculate way with words. Throughout high school, many in the debate team have grieved that she has little time to commit to joining. She isn't entirely argumentative, unless she has to be for a class assignment, but Visaera has this way of picking up on details from other people to help hook them in to whatever she has to say. Some say she is empathetic, but she disagrees. It is more so the ability to pick up on nonverbal cues. Once she has that, she maneuvers her arguments or pitches to best attract her listener.
»;█ ( FACT O14 ) tab As much as the Celtigars like to play it off to the public that they are a close knit family, Visaera is not close to any of her relatives. Every year they travel to Baltimore, conversations with cousins are typically bragging contests. One cousin will brag about getting into this Ivy League. Another will talk for ages about a prestigious internship they snagged. Another will go into great lengths about the journey they took to win some award. And it doesn't stop with the cousins. She has often overheard her parents get into near sparring matches with uncles and aunts over which child is the most successful. And with her father being one of the youngest siblings, he dives in fiercely to brag about all of her accomplishments. Now that she is older, taking trips back to Baltimore has become more a chore for her than a pleasure.
»;█ ( FACT O15 ) tab Whenever she can find any kind of spare time, Visaera enjoys checking out thrift stores and used bookstores. And she will always come out with something. She is a little embarrassed of how full her closet is with clothes she has yet to wear and bookshelves full of books she has yet to read. More often than not, she will end up donating some of the clothes she's bought at thrift stores without even having worn them. But she still finds herself going to them and always coming out with something that caught her attention. But she can find herself browsing for hours if she didn't have to keep track of time.
»;█ ( FACT O16 ) tab For much of Visaera's high school career, she has been dubbed the "princess" of the school solely for her volunteer efforts and overall academic record. While she may not necessarily be in the running for valedictorian, she is more known for offering to schedule study sessions for classmates that might need a little extra help on homework. Then there is her many hours of volunteer work between multiple clubs. Every year Visaera is acknowledged for her involvement in the community through her volunteer work. In the beginning, calling Visaera "princess" was a playful tease among her friends. However, it very quickly spread and stuck. Visaera for her part doesn't mind the title, but she also doesn't encourage it. She just simply smiles and lets people have their fun.
»;█ ( FACT O17 ) tab After volunteering for a semester at a senior living facility in her junior year, Visaera picked up on what her friends affectionately call "old lady hobbies." In other words, she got really into crafting; more specifically crochet. Now, keep in mind that this is still a fairly new hobby so she is nowhere near great at it. In fact, her need to perfect her lines is the reason she makes weekly visits to the senior living facility because she befriended a couple of the ladies who helped her develop this hobby. She doesn't crochet all the time, but occasionally you can find her in class with a hook and some brightly colored yarn in her hands. Oh, and don't get her started on her yarn collection. Yeah, it is basically a collection. Despite it taking long to complete projects, Visaera has a bad habit of coming out of craft stores with more yarn than she can get through. So now her room has baskets full of yarn for any new projects she has in mind.
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Mar 17, 2022
The Island of Eroda

»;█ ( OO1 ) tab title track - machine gun kelly
»;█ ( OO2 ) tab daywalker! - machine gun kelly ft. corpse
»;█ ( OO3 ) tab fleabag - yungblud
»;█ ( OO4 ) tab all i know - machine gun kelly ft. trippie redd
»;█ ( OO5 ) tab light switch - youth fountain
»;█ ( OO6 ) tab love or chemistry - nothing,nowhere.
»;█ ( OO7 ) tab bad habits - nerv
»;█ ( OO8 ) tab more than life - machine gun kelly ft. glaive
»;█ ( OO9 ) tab bloody valentine - machine gun kelly
»;█ ( O1O ) tab twin flame - machine gun kelly

▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ * ( THE BASICS ) x x
»;█ ( NAME ) tab virys targaryen
»;█ ( NICKNAME ) tab his sister has long called him vi, but otherwise virys doesn’t have any loving nicknames. only derogatory ones or “titles” that come and go with each new rumor that circulates about him.
»;█ ( AGE ) tab eighteen
»;█ ( BIRTHDATE ) tab june thirteenth
»;█ ( HEIGHT ) tab six foot four
»;█ ( EYE & HAIR COLOR ) tab steel bluetab platinum
»;█ ( SEXUALITY ) tab asexual—demisexual
»;█ ( BIRTH PLACE ) tab miami, florida
»;█ ( PROFESSION ) tab student on the verge of dropping out—aspiring musician
▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ * ( MY ATTITUDE ) x x
DEVOTED X x ) x very loving or loyal.
PROTECTIVE X x ) x having or showing a strong wish to keep someone or something safe from harm.
RESILIENT X x ) x (of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.
TALENTED X x ) x having a natural aptitude or skill for something.
COMPETITIVE X x ) x having or displaying a strong desire to be more successful than others.
COMPULSIVE X x ) x resulting from or relating to an irresistible urge, especially one that is against one's conscious wishes.
INTENSE X x ) x having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious.
CYNICAL X x ) x believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.
DANGEROUS X x ) x able or likely to cause harm or injury.
DISCONNECTED X x ) x (of a person) lacking contact with reality.
OBSTINATE X x ) x stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or chosen course of action, despite attempts to persuade one to do so.
UNSTABLE X x ) x prone to psychiatric problems or sudden changes of mood.
UNTRUSTING X x ) x not tending to believe in other people's honesty or sincerity; suspicious.
▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ * ( ALL ABOUT ME ) x x
»;█ ( FACT OO1 ) tab virys does not believe in love. in any capacity of the word: romantic relationships, sexual relationships, even familial relationships. the word “love” means nothing to him. he believes it’s more along the lines of a fake courtesy. but this is due to having never experienced it himself. his own mother wanted nothing to do with him. his father claimed to love him yet dumped him on the doorstep of his first marriage; clearly love isn’t real if his father started a second family—a second family that didn’t turn out to be much better than his first. his “stepmother” has never cared for him and his half siblings have turned home into hell for him. girls at school have only ever wanted him for sex, status or money—boys too. virys has never felt love and so clearly it doesn’t actually exist. love is the biggest conspiracy theory of the entire world.
»;█ ( FACT OO2 ) tab in addition to his strong reservation against emotional love, virys has trouble with sexual intimacy. that is to say, most things that turn on other boys his age don’t work on him. and they never have. believing that something was wrong with him, virys projected this sexual persona for several years until it became a large portion of his identity. he became obsessed with sex, wanting desperately to figure out why he was different and thinking that he could fix himself. that maybe if he could be normal that the rest of the broken pieces of his life might come back together. presently he’s fallen so far down the rabbit hole that it’s out of his control. he’s slept with enough people(cis girls mostly but not exclusively), to have earned him a manwhore reputation. yet at the same time his dissatisfied sex life has kept his standards high enough that he’s far from easy. he won’t sleep with just anyone, in fact these days he’s mostly only sexually active with his friend and drug dealer, madison harper.
»;█ ( FACT OO3 ) tab drugs were always a part of virys’ life. he was born to a rockstar father, passed along to an ex-groupie “stepmother”, and then raised among siblings several years older than him. he was exposed to the good, the bad and desensitized to the ugly earlier than most. and so it was only natural for him to pick up his own habits. virys has tried his share of party drugs and alcohol, most of it due to peer pressure from his older half brothers. and it was actually through them that he met madison—madi. but virys generally isn’t one for hard drugs, he prefers to just smoke. it helps ease his anxiety and relax in a world that has been out to get him since he was born.
»;█ ( FACT OO4 ) tab as you have probably guessed, following the stereotype, school is not virys’ strong suit. it’s not that he’s dumb, far from it actually. but he simply doesn’t care enough and his grades suffer for it. he is actually quite clever and quick to pick up on things, but skipping class to get high and blatantly not doing the work has left a large discrepancy between him and his classmates. as such he’s been balancing on the verge of failing out of school and his academic future is bleak.
»;█ ( FACT OO5 ) tab luckily for him, his interest in music, combined with his father’s fame, doesn’t require a degree for success. though it wouldn’t hurt to help combat the rumors and bad rap he’s accumulated over the years. virys has long been in a back and forth battle with himself over whether or not he truly wants to pursue music. it’s something he genuinely enjoys, and has the natural talent for. but at times he feels as though he is stuck in his father’s shadow and that his own demons will forever hold him back. there’s nothing quite as discouraging as being compared to another and told you’re not good enough solely on someone’s first impression of you. and that has happened so many times to virys, and it’s been steadily eating away at his self esteem and drive, leaving him unmotivated and depressed in regards to the one thing in life he truly enjoys.
»;█ ( FACT OO6 ) tab another less known talent of his is his knowledge of high valyrian. while not fluent, it is technically his first language and he’s at least conversational in it. he doesn’t know the grammatical terms for things (prepositions and adverbs—what?), has a hard time formulating sentences, and is much better at understanding others than speaking it himself. but he thought it would be an easy a to take the class upon seeing it was offered in his high school, however learning it ”proper” in a school setting had proved to be much more difficult than his experience of using it at home.
»;█ ( FACT OO7 ) tab another difficulty he’s had is with therapy. he’s had a few different diagnosis over the years, with various forms of treatment recommended ranging from simple counseling to complicated regimens. however virys has never stuck through anything long enough to reap any benefits or see any improvements. instead he self medicates and everyone else in his life gets to experience the ups and downs alongside him.
»;█ ( FACT OO8 ) tab the instability isn’t a new thing though, it’s been a constant in his life even before he was born. during an early ultrasound it was revealed that he was to be a twin, but by the next appointment his other half was gone. a phenomenon known as vanishing twin syndrome; and with it went his health. he had been sharing a placenta with his twin and after they were absorbed his tiny body suffered for a while while his mother’s body recovered and adjusted. he became a high risk pregnancy from that point on and his mother was advised against traveling and to be extra careful so as to not lose her remaining child as well. however his mother’s indifference towards him had already began. she was scared that she was losing herself and her own life as now all anyone talked to her about was her baby. as such she rebelled against the doctor’s orders and did as she pleased, and it was due to her recklessness that virys ended up being born in florida of all places. his parents were there for an event when his mother went into labor. despite being so small, virys’ birth was a long and complicated one in part to his already poor health, and it was also for that reason that the family ended up staying in florida with his mother’s sister for close to two months until he was finally cleared from the nicu. he struggled as an infant and that touch and go was likely a main contributing factor to why his mother rejected him in the end. rather than going full maternal over her sick baby, she went the complete opposite direction and if anything she was scared of him. scared of how fragile he was. scared she would mess things up. scared she would be a bad mother, and then combined with the fact that she never actually wanted this in the first place. but virys was blind to her aversion until he turned ten years old when she finally cracked, feeling like she had lost the past ten years of her life to being a mother despite how little she had actually been involved in his upbringing. the solution ended up being to send little virys up north to live with his father’s first family in berkeley, who virys had never met and knew next to nothing about.
»;█ ( FACT OO9 ) tab virys flew as an unaccompanied minor at ten years old, leaving his family behind to go live with complete strangers who wanted almost as little to do with him as his own mother. he went from being an only child to being the youngest of six and the age gaps only made the transition even more difficult. and while two of his siblings ultimately warmed up to him, it wasn’t enough to offset the abuse he suffered through at the hands of the other three and his new guardian: his “stepmother”. living in berkeley has been arguably worse for virys than los angeles was and his steady downward spiral is there to show for it. his two eldest brothers are the ones who have been the most dangerous, which, considering their large age gap definitely turns it from sibling quarrels to full on abuse. there is no reason for a nearly twenty year old adult to be smacking around a ten year old child as a means of stress relief and entertainment. his two half sisters were second oldest, both just a year apart from one another. but the close proximity of their ages did little to strengthen their own bond. one sister sided more so with their brothers, while the other took virys under her wing as best she could. he hasn’t always been receptive to her kindness, but she remains a constant support—the closest to a mother figure he’s ever had. his last brother is the closest in age to him and has arguably made the most efforts as far as bonding with virys. it’s not quite a two way street between them, his brother definitely tries harder and cares more than virys. but of all his siblings, he is the one virys gets along with the most.
»;█ ( FACT O1O ) tab you would think that with such large age gaps that virys would no longer be tormented by his siblings because surely by now everyone has moved out. but no, only his sisters have left the family home. one married and the other left during college and never came back. leaving virys with all three of his brothers as well as their mother. his oldest brother owns his own company and makes bank but has spent his whole life taking advantage of everything their father pays for in exchange for virys living under their roof. so he has opted to save every penny he makes and lives comfortably working from home. the second oldest stayed out of spite. “if virys gets to live luxuriously then so should i”. he’s been wildly unsuccessful at securing his own identity and has jumped careers several times already. he’s obsessed with virys in his own way, blaming the baby of the family for all his own failures. and then his third brother currently attends uc berkeley. he had originally moved out for the college experience, but he moved back home after virys had been subjected to the worst year of abuse yet. and that is how virys lives with four grown adults and most everything is paid for by his father.
»;█ ( FACT O11 ) tab while virys’ relationship with his birth mother would be classified as strained at best, his on and off relationship with father has been a toxic tortuous tease his entire life. virys has spent years fighting for his mother’s affection and then being disappointed every single time. while in contrast his father has openly made efforts to show his love, and it is instead virys who has trouble accepting it. living in near opposite ends of california has made it difficult to visit over the years, but his father has done his best whilst balancing his wife and rockstar career. unfortunately for him though, virys’ needs and expectations have always been higher than he is capable of meeting. as such virys’ feelings surrounding his father flip flop between striving to please him and then blaming him for everything wrong with his life. virys openly hates his father for all that’s happened to him, but his father has also been the one to treat him the best and they were close when he was a kid. the contradicting emotions leave virys in this constant state of “pick a door”. behind door number one is more emotional baggage to carry. but behind door number two is the chance of a nice memory that virys will cherish until eventually it gets torn to shreds the next time the first door opens instead. like the time he flew down to visit his parents, and his father ended up turning the return trip into a father son drive from la to the bay. they drove his vintage 1967 ford mustang fastback up from la together and his father then gifted it to him for his upcoming sixteenth birthday when they reached berkeley. then just a few days later one of his brothers assaulted him, likely jealous of virys’ better relationship with their father, and virys spent the evening of his birthday in urgent care. but rather than retaliating against his brother, virys passed the blame to his father for having returned him back to this living hell in the first place, thus shattering the good memories of their road trip and breaking their fragile relationship yet again.
»;█ ( FACT O12 ) tab virys is quite literally the epitome of the phrase “lonely in a crowded room”. he’s been surrounded by people his entire life, whether with his large extended family or due to his popularity throughout his years at school. but virys has struggled all his life to bond with anyone. at home he’s extremely isolated and unloved. and then at school, while he might not be everyone’s favorite, he’s still well known and socialized. but no one at school really knows him, neither does anyone at home. not truly anyways. virys’ closest connection to anyone would be the one he has with his pet, a female bearded dragon he named toothless. and while toothless might not be as affectionate or personable as a dog or cat might be, she has still served the same purpose of easing his loneliness and giving him something to live for. not that his entire life is held in the palm of her scaly foot, but having someone depending on him has given him a sense of importance in a world that had otherwise told him he’s worthless.
»;█ ( FACT O13 ) tab it should come as no surprise to hear that virys’ reputation includes violence, with a fine gray line between fact and fiction. the truth is that yes, virys has violent tendencies. and yes there is also most likely some truth behind any stories one might hear. but he is also a victim of exaggeration—that people blow things out of proportion and make assumptions when they don’t know all the details. a truth behind his violent nature though is that he is so numb to the physical pain that he’s unable to recognize his own body’s limitations. virys is so damaged at this point, emotionally, physically, or too intoxicated, that his pain tolerance is through the roof, and it actually puts him in a dangerous position. for instance being unable to distinguish the severity of an injury when he’s hurt. or not feeling any pain in his own hand when punching something…or someone…and so it’s too easy to just get tunnel vision and keep going, and going, and going….yes he’s beaten someone unconscious before. and yes his own hand was bruised for over a week afterwards.
»;█ ( FACT O14 ) tab unfortunately that numbness isn’t exclusive to physical pain. when his hurt and temper merge into one, virys reaches a point where he loses any sense of self worth or rational thinking—his self preservation drops below zero. it’s when he’s in this dangerous state of mind that it’s probably best to steer clear, but it’s also when he’s the biggest danger to himself. virys doesn’t exactly have a history of self harm, not intentionally at least. but when he reaches this point his brain short circuits and he’s unable to process cause and effect. he would boldly cross a busy intersection, walking as though expecting everyone to slam on the breaks for him. squeeze or smash whatever is in his hand without regard to the possibility that it could break and hurt him. and ever since getting his own car he has adopted a particularly dangerous habit of going alone for a drive. of going too fast and taking risks that could easily end his life if he so much as blinked at the wrong moment. he’ll drive until the adrenaline passes, until he comes down from the high and is able to feel things again.
»;█ ( FACT O15 ) tab his pain tolerance does come in handy though when it comes to his most obvious form of self expression: tattoos. he got his first tattoo at fourteen years old and it’s been an addiction of his ever since. most of them he got illegally, that is to say that there was no parental consent given nor were they done in a proper shop. the perks of having always hung out with an older crowd on account of his siblings and of having a famous musician for a father.
»;█ ( FACT O16 ) tab he’s not superstitious but virys is definitely a little bit-stitous. he reads into things and connects dots whether they’re related or not. his delusions turn nothings into somethings. it can be very difficult to reason with him if he’s mentally already accepted something as truth. virys would be the one to take it personally when something out of anyone’s control troubles him. to take it personally and then blame the other for it. had to cancel because you got a flat tire? in virys’ broken mind, if you really cared you would have found a way to get to him. or on the flip side, finding the tiniest of connections and viewing it as a sign that it was meant to be. like if you were to like the same music as him, it could easily lead virys into believing that you have an understanding of him, because clearly if you like the same music then you must feel similarly to him. virys really maxes out the phrase “point of view”. these delusions aren’t a constant. they come and go and there’s no telling when one will trigger, but they make it near impossible for him to maintain healthy relationships with other human beings when his mind sets these unrealistic expectations and creates false meanings behind others’ words and actions.
»;█ ( FACT O17 ) tab it’s pretty safe to say that virys generally doesn’t even try to make friends. not anymore at least. he was fairly social for most of his life, but the past couple years he has definitely closed himself off more and more. not that he’s been shunning the friends and connections he’s already made, but virys isn’t interested in making new ones. besides having to deal with his own demons, juggling his princely fame has taken a lot out of him. it was nice in the beginning, in fact virys used to love the attention he got at school in contrast to how hated he was at home. but the novelty has since worn off considerably. he’s found it exhausting having to balance the four sides that make up his life. as if it’s not hard enough being himself, having to also be the most hated, the most loved and the most unwanted all at once has taken a huge toll on him. and a large part of it all links back to his father being a king of rock. at school he is often put on a pedestal and fawned over. while at home he’s only tolerated because of the cash flow his existence comes with. and then there are his scattered interactions with the media who love to compare him to his father and turn his mistakes into headlines. luckily it doesn’t happen too often, living in berkeley has removed much of the pressure that comes with being born into music royalty. but he’s seen the articles written about him. the posts on social media. everything just further confirms that he wants nothing to do with people, and if he can’t change their wrong opinions of him then he’ll just give them what they want, he’ll be the black sheep they all say he is—the child born with horns.
»;█ ( FACT O18 ) tab it’s not uncommon for virys to go off on his own in attempt to get away from all the chaos that is his life. you’ll usually find him high. not just on weed, but literally as high up as he can get. his favorite spots to be alone are on rooftops, climbing the campanile, or to sit in his car along grizzly peak. there’s something calming and cathartic about being able to see such a large scope of the world—to escape from whatever claustrophobic bubble he’s been forced into and escape from all the rules, expectations and oppression that come with his life.

»;█ ( FACT O19 ) tab and in case you were wondering, yes the malfoy blonde hair is all natural. thank you pure valyrian bloodlines. he rarely cuts it, preferring it shaggy and borderline touching his shoulders. and so the times he has were either by force when he was younger, or during a mental breakdown. he has been convinced to trim it on occasion after it reaches his shoulders, most commonly at the hands of his older sister, but virys otherwise leaves it messy, blonde and long.​
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() tab ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ tab VISAERA CELTIGAR ⋮⋮
tab DATE — 061322 tab LOCATION — visaera's bedroom tab COMPANY — deric
tab tab tab ENGLISH tab tab tab HIGH VALYRIAN tab tab tab OTHERS (ENGLISH) tab tab tab OTHERS (HIGH VALYRIAN)

“Sephi?” Visaera lost herself in a memory. Of a fourteen year old boy with a head full of blonde hair so white it could be considered silver. She remembered that even at that age he was tall. Well, everyone has been taller than her since she was twelve, but still. This boy was much taller than many other students in their year. She remembered the first time she saw his eyes, so strikingly blue it stopped many girls in the halls. Visaera included despite having dealt with her own blue eyes her entire life. She remembered her excitement the first time she heard his name: Virys Targaryen. He was the first Valyrian she’s met outside her family. His name made every physical trait about him make sense, and from that moment, she wanted him to be her friend. After all—even though she was only half Valyrian—they had to stick together.

“Sephi.” She had a vague memory of the last time they hung out together. It was the lunch hour a month into the semester. By now Visaera had compiled her list of clubs and other extracurriculars thanks to Deric’s advice. And while she had a meeting for Key Club that day, she agreed to have lunch with Virys after not having seen him outside of their shared class. What Visaera wouldn’t know until much later is that this lunch would be the last time they shared a table together. From that moment on, she rarely saw him around the lunch area. As for his desk at their class? It lacked his presence just as much. By the time she realized they had a natural falling out, the first set of rumors about him started to spread around school.

Someone behind her cleared their throat sternly. A pause and then, “Visaera.” But the voice might as well be in a whole other room as the memory of last week played fresh in her mind. She stepped foot into Mister Luwin’s classroom absentmindedly brainstorming ideas for the first tutoring lesson even though they hadn’t even started yet. The High Valyrian teacher reached out to her earlier that week to ask if she would be available during this year’s summer school session to personally tutor one of his students. He enticed her with a summer internship opportunity, but if she was to be honest, she would have said yes without the chance to add another bullet point to her already impressive resume. She loved the language that much. But still, some extra volunteer hours didn’t hurt anyone, right?

The truth was that Visaera almost didn’t recognize her old freshman year friend. Sure, she had seen him around campus every once in a while on the way to one of her classes or a club meeting. But after that one class, they hadn’t shared another since. The rumors around school were that he didn’t bother trying in his classes. Whether or not he was actually passing the classes he did have was all just speculation. So when she walked into the High Valyrian classroom to find him sitting at one of the desks in the middle of Mister Luwin discussing summer school, she admittedly was not surprised. She was, however, disappointed. After all, he was the only pure blooded Valyrian in their high school. If there was anyone that should pass High Valyrian with flying colors, it should be him. And yet, as both teacher and student turned to watch her entrance, she couldn’t deny the truth.

“Visaera Josephine, are you even listening to me?”

Visaera blinked then turned to look behind her. The last remnants of her memory faded like smoke as her father came into focus. “I’m sorry?” Her father let out an exasperated sigh then walked around the kitchen island to stand in front of her. This was the first time in weeks she saw the man in anything but a suit and for a moment she needed to just stare at him to let it sink in. It wasn’t like he was wearing anything drastic. But seeing her father in a striped polo shirt and slacks was just…so casual. She tried to remember the last time they spent time together that didn’t involve him dropping her off at school before heading into the city for work. She ended up digging a little too far back.

“Are we present?” her father asked, concerned. “Everything well, honey?”

Without hesitation, Visaera smiled brightly at him. “Yes, everything’s fine. Just got a little lost in thought about the tutoring I’m starting on Wednesday.” She saw no reason to lie to her father. Her parents were aware that she was going to start tutoring High Valyrian this week. Of course, she didn’t tell them exactly who it was she was tutoring, nor did they exactly seem to care too much to ask. She assumed that it had everything to do with the fact that she was essentially going to get some kind of credit from this summer schedule. But also, the truth was that she probably wouldn’t have mentioned Virys at all unless they really wanted to know. She learned a long time ago that any mention of Aerys Targaryen—the famous king of rock—in their house led to some tense awkwardness that she didn’t understand to this day. She couldn’t imagine mentioning the rockstar’s son would result in anything better.

Her father nodded slowly at her response then looked down at what she was doing. “Your mom asked me to look for you. Said something about having sent you in here to grab extra bowls a while ago.” His eyes once again darted to the stack of glass bowls in her hands. “Would you like help?”

“Oh,” Visaera too dropped her gaze to the bowls. “Actually, that would be great. I, uh, also need help getting the rest from the top shelf. Saves me from having to dig out the step ladder.” Both father and daughter laughed. Because of course her mother would ask her to get things from the kitchen that were impossible for her to grab unassisted.

With two stacks of glass bowls carried between them, Visaera led the way out of the kitchen and into the backyard where a whole party setup was almost complete. The double doors of the pool house were wide open as a long rectangular table just barely poked out from over the open threshold. Said long table was draped in a deep purple cover with a silver runner spread along the middle. On top of the runner were platters upon platters of food. At the very end of the table pointed in the direction of the currently calm pool were a variety of drinks all in large glass bowls with matching ladles poking out to the side. As she walked over to the food and drinks table, Visaera watched her mother expertly assign and maneuver many of the catering staff to where she deemed them appropriate.

“Found the bowls. What are they for and where do you need them?” For the rest of the morning, Visaera helped her parents set up the rest of the party. Rows of tables were lined up along the expanse of grass to the side of the pool near the gate that leads out to the front. The lounge chairs that typically hid away in the storage unit behind the pool house were now lined up around the pool. All around Visaera was decorated in deep purple and silver. Not just the tables. Bundles of balloons floated in purple and silver as well as curly streamers. And then, stationed against the clean white wall of the house was the backdrop for commemorative photos. It was decorated with the same balloons, only this time they were shaped into an arch. Streamers curtained down the middle of the arch to cover the blank space. And floating strategically in the very middle of it all were giant silver balloons—one in the shape of a “1” and the other an “8”.

Visaera took one long look at her party while it was only the catering staff moving around preparing everything. In an hour’s time, all the decorations would be lost among the many guests she and her parents invited for today.

Shockingly, her mother seemed to pick up on that too. As she contemplated just taking a dip into the pool while she waited for her friends to arrive, her mother called out to her to take pictures at the photo booth area while the backdrop was in “pristine condition.” Well, it’s a good thing she was already changed for the party. As she walked over to her parents now standing in front of the backdrop, she smoothed out her sundress and fixed the thin strap so it rested perfectly on her shoulders. She was directed by her mother where to stand and how to pose, but soon enough she went a little silly and offered her parents some funnier poses that got a laugh out of both of them. Her heart felt lighter at the sight of her parents laughing and smiling. It wasn’t often that she saw them together because of the long hours her father worked. She was glad that her birthday offered such an opportunity for all of them to spend time together.

At least until the first group of guests showed up right on time.

While her parents moved about greeting and conversing with various groups of guests spread throughout the party, Visaera was currently perched on the shoulders of her best friend, Deric Tyrell, as they waded through the man-made waves thrashing across her pool. Their eyes stared with determination at the other pairing at the other side of the shallow end. All around them were cheers from their friends. With a final squeeze of her thigh, Deric pushed forward until Visaera was close enough to grab at the outstretched hands of her other best friend, Macy Arryn. As soon as her fingers locked with the other girl’s, a fire erupted in Visaera’s eyes as a singular thought ran through her mind: win.

Minutes later, Visaera was surrounded by cheers and laughter, as well as a nose full of water. As she resurfaced from the bottom of the shallow end of the pool, she shook her damp hair out of her face then wiped at her eyes. She immediately registered that almost everyone surrounding the edges of the pool were watching her, waiting for her to take her celebratory victory lap or something to mark her win. Instead Visaera simply flashed the brightest smile her lips could possibly manage as she swam over to one end of the pool where Deric was pulling himself out. She watched the water drip off his swim trunks and down his bare back. For the briefest moment, she thought she felt her heart flutter at the sight. Then he turned and leaned forward with his hand outstretched to her to take. Staring deep into his warm eyes, all that was left was the ever present comfort she always associated with him.

As soon as she was out of the pool, Deric already had a fresh towel in his hands ready for her. She thanked him with a wide grin as she took a step closer to him to accept the towel. Before she could even have a chance to grab it, he also moved in then wrapped it around her, as well as his arms. Wolf whistles, oohs and giggles could be heard all around them and Visaera couldn’t help but blush. Before long, it felt like every pair of eyes at the party were looking at her. Most especially the members of the Celtigar family that were currently in California attending on behalf of her grandparents. As much as she wanted to investigate this sinking feeling, she instead pretended like she didn’t notice and focused on Deric’s charming, but teasing smirk. Heart, meet flutter.

“Visaera!” It was amazing how well her mother could project her voice even from the other side of the party.

Visaera blinked away from Deric’s charming gaze then pulled away from his embrace. Their friends were all still around them throwing suggestive looks. After shooting a playful glare at Macy—who was making taunting kissing noises close to her ear—she turned in the general direction she heard her mother’s voice. Not even a second later, she saw her mother’s bright dress flow past various guests as she walked over to her.

“Your aunt and uncle are preparing to leave,” her mother explained after a brief once over at her soaked appearance under the towel. “Could you please dry up and change back into your dress? Your father and uncle would like to take a picture with you for your grandfather.” She didn’t need to say any more. With a quick nod, she took her sundress from her mother then politely excused herself from her friends. Instead of walking over to the open pool house to wash up and change, she decided it would be better to return to her room. It wouldn’t be a wise decision to simply rinse off the pool water from her hair and body to take a picture with her father and her uncle, especially since this picture would be immediately sent to her grandfather.

She worked as fast as she could to rinse off the pool water from her hair and body and then dry her hair enough to be styled. It was definitely not going to be the same curls she had at the beginning of the party, but cute waves would have to do. She was in the process of redoing her makeup when her eyes fell on her cellphone. She had left it upstairs once the guests started arriving. Considering she would be playing hostess and moving around the party a lot, there just seemed no point carrying it with her. Besides, she was certain there would be plenty of pictures sent to her by the end of the day for her to choose from should she decide to post on Instagram or Facebook. When she tapped the dark screen to wake it up, she was not surprised to find numerous notifications waiting for her. Text messages. DMs. Certain relatives on Messenger. And even a couple emails from previous teachers and advisors. All of them sent birthday greetings that she made a mental note to read and respond to once the party was over. After one last scroll through her notifications, she locked her phone to finish with her makeup.

It was already in her mind she was making her aunt and uncle wait. However, that didn’t stop Visaera from once more glancing down at her phone after putting away her lip gloss. She didn’t know where the temptation came from, but one moment she was focusing intently on her reflection so as to not smudge her makeup and the next she was recalling hooded blue eyes. Still so enchanting three years later. And then those eyes turned into a continuation of her memory from earlier in the kitchen. This time, she stood with Virys outside Mister Luwin’s classroom as they discussed scheduling for their upcoming tutoring sessions for the summer.

Honestly, the conversation sort of felt like Visaera was pulling teeth. She could tell instantly that he was not thrilled about the idea of tutoring, but they were already assigned to each other and they might as well make the most out of it. But, still, a part of her was a little bummed that he wasn’t as excited as she was to be…well…”reunited.” Could she even consider this a reunion with an old friend? After all, they barely said anything to each other outside of “hi” since their last lunch together back in freshman year. Did she expect they would utilize this opportunity to rekindle their past friendship?

“I know we agreed to meet Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but do you mind if we have our first meeting on Wednesday? It’s my birthday on Monday and I already have plans,” Visaera asked Virys, scrolling through her Google Calendar to double check her schedule for the following week. “Or, I mean, we could also meet Friday—”

“Me too.” When did his voice get so low and…hoarse? If she didn’t already believe the rumors about Virys using drugs, hearing his voice would have to force her to believe it. When she looked up at him, whatever read on her face must have urged him to continue with, “It’s my birthday too…on Monday.”

“What are you doingggg?” Visaera groaned to herself. “You already greeted him in advance last week.” And yet she continued to pick up her phone to open Instagram. As the son of a famous rockstar, it didn’t take too long to find Virys’ profile. Plus, despite their different friend groups, they had enough mutuals at their school to make it just a little easier for her.

She contemplated her next move. Should she follow him now that she found his account? It wasn’t like it was private so she didn’t have to follow him to view his posts. But at the same time, they were friends once so it wouldn’t be too out of character to follow him. And, besides, his follower count far surpassed hers thanks to his father and his overall popularity. She suspected having one more follower notification would go right over his head.

Then again…would she care less if he ignored the fact that she followed him?

Maybe she’ll bookmark that thought for another time. For now, she had one important thing to do that required finding his Instagram account.

Instagram DM
Rytsas Virys! LOL xD I figure you’re probably too busy rn to see this but I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Hope 18 is going great for you so far and see you on Wednesday!

The nerves immediately plummeted to the pit of her stomach the moment she pressed Send. Why was she so nervous? She was just sending a birthday greeting. It was the nice thing to do after finding out about a person's birthday. Especially when said birthday was exactly the same as hers. Until now she found herself so excited over this detail. Just, what were the odds?

But she didn’t have much time to stress over the possibility that Virys would see her message in the next few minutes. She jumped from the knock on her door, not having realized until that moment how focused she was on watching if Sent would change to Seen. As her heart raced, she called out to whoever was on the other side of the door to come in.

She watched as Deric slipped inside then closed the door as quietly as possible. Her brow arched curiously. “Did they send you up here to check on me? I’m almost done, I promise,” she explained while she quickly locked her phone.

Deric chuckled and ran a hand through his hair nervously. “Sort of…. Not really. I was hoping that we could have a moment alone before you had to go back downstairs.”

Visaera stood from her desk to walk over to him. “Everything okay?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah, of course,” Deric said quickly, offering her a reassuring smile. And there went the fluttering heartbeat again. Sometimes Visaera wondered if Deric Tyrell knew how much his charm affected her. “I just, uh—We just haven’t gotten to spend much time together today. Which, yes, I know it has everything to do with the fact that it is your birthday party, but still ....” He reached for her hand.

Visaera’s fingers instantly tightened around his hand. As she took another step closer, she felt herself being consumed by him. From the way his towering frame radiated with such comforting warmth to the calming effect his scent had on her. She could just feel her fluttering heart slow back to normal with each deep breath she took of his cologne. He must have washed up as well.

“I don’t know if I told you this already,” she started shyly through warm cheeks. “But I wanted to say thank you for coming today. I know you still have some things to do back at Yale before you’re back for the summer.”

Deric let out a low chuckle. “I wouldn’t dare miss your birthday. Besides,” his other hand wrapped around her waist, pulling her flush against him, “next year, you and I won’t have to coordinate schedules to celebrate your birthday. Because by then, we’ll both be at Yale. Just like we planned.”

Visaera fought to keep the smile on her face as she gazed up at her best friend’s warm eyes. For as long as she could remember, it was her and Deric’s dream to attend Yale together. They sacrificed too much to stay committed to this long term goal. They both knew that in the end, if they were patient enough, it would all be worth it in the end. However, she realized recently that her sight of their endgame was slowly growing dimmer and her gaze wandering. It wasn’t looking in another particular direction. It was more that she was losing that drive she once had imagining what her college future would look like once all her hard work finally earned her that acceptance letter.

Recently, she questioned if she still even wanted Yale as much as she thought she did her whole life.

Unfortunately, this was not something she could easily share or talk about with others. She definitely couldn’t tell Deric. Between the two of them, he has been the most patient. He was the one that suggested that they remain just friends despite the obvious feelings between them. It couldn’t have been easy for him to go to Yale for the past two years while holding onto a promise that was made with someone that was two years his junior. Even now, staring up at his happy expression, that eagerness to see the fruits of their labor was looking right back at her.

She also couldn’t talk to her and their friends about her indecision. Almost all of them were very much aware of the promise she and Deric made regarding defining their relationship. But unlike she and Deric, they were all impatiently waiting for the endgame.

She definitely couldn’t tell her parents. If there was anyone that was just as eager for her to finally get into Yale, it would be her father. It was his dream to have her attend his alma mater long before she was even born. And as much as she would like to think her mother would be the one person to understand, she also feared the small chance that she might not.

“Before we head back downstairs, I wanted to give you your gift.” Deric’s words cut right through her thoughts. When she once more focused on her present surroundings, Visaera watched him step away from her arms to reach into his front pants pocket. He pulled out a small black velvet box and immediately her head spun with ideas of what could possibly be inside. Her mind was reeling so much she overlooked when he outstretched said mystery box to her. She was barely able to recover and take it before it became a few more seconds to awkward.

Her hands were shaking and she didn’t know why. It wasn’t like she was expecting him to suddenly go from zero to a hundred just because it was her birthday. She just turned eighteen after all. And she still had one more year of high school. Still, Deric has never given her jewelry before. Not even when they were kids and the only jewelry she cared about involved colorful beads.

“Are you gonna open it?” She could hear his own nervousness in his voice.

With a shaky laugh, Visaera looked down at the small black box and opened it with bated breath. As soon as it was revealed what was inside, she gasped.

Although the Tyrell family was commonly known for their chain of grocery stores across the west coast and their growing monopoly on produce, they could also be recognized by what many in their world would call a sigil. Growing up with the Tyrells, she has seen plenty of members of the family with similar jewelry. The women typically wore necklaces or bracelets while the men exclusively wore a ring. Even Deric started wearing his ring after he started at Yale.

Now, apparently, she was being welcomed to wear one as well.

Visaera stared wide eyed at the gold rose pendant hanging oh so delicately against the background of black velvet. For something that was so familiar to her, looking at it while it was in her own hand made it feel foreign.

She looked over at Deric, taking in just how visibly nervous he was while watching her. How was it that even when he was so nervous he still looked so handsome? “Deric, are you sure?”

Deric blinked, but quickly recovered with his ever present smile. “I know we’re taking things slow, but I mean, we’re so close now. I figured, what the hell. We know what we want, and have known for years. We can bend the rules just a little bit.” He stepped closer again, closing the distance between them with one large step. Visaera inhaled deeply. “I was also thinking…” He was now staring only at the pendant resting between them. “Maybe when I come back for the summer we could…talk? Re-evaluate things?” He paused, lifting a surprisingly delicate finger to brush across the cold metal. “Only if you want to, of course.”

This was a lot to process. For nearly four years, Visaera conditioned herself to wait for Deric. Despite her growing feelings for him, she agreed to his suggestion that they take things slow because she believed he knew what was best. And if there was anyone that stuck to a goal, it was him. Now, he was asking her for the possibility to reconsider their years worth of plans. And if there was any indication that let her know he was being serious, it was the fact that he was asking her to wear his family’s sigil around her neck from this moment forward.


Her gaze slowly raised back up to his. As a mixture of emotions raged war inside her, she clung to the only solid ground she could reach. She was shocked by the simultaneous sensation of the cold from the pendant and Deric’s warm touch, but it was enough for the thoughts to quiet just enough for her to finally smile up at him.

“Can you help me put this on?”


Mar 17, 2022
The Island of Eroda

() tab ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ tab VIRYS TARGARYEN ⋮⋮
tab DATE — 061522 tab LOCATION — berkeley public library - central branch tab COMPANY — visaera
tab tab tab ENGLISH tab tab tab HIGH VALYRIAN tab tab tab OTHERS (ENGLISH) tab tab tab OTHERS (HIGH VALYRIAN)

”Make sure you keep it down today, your brother has meetings all afternoon,” Initially it was unclear whether Virys had heard the warning as he continued on through the kitchen towards the refrigerator, all the while softly humming along with the music blaring out of the AirPods hidden beneath all his silver hair, ”Virys.”
He didn’t so much as glance in the woman’s direction, Virys—” She had reached out, probably intending to hold the refrigerator door shut until he acknowledged her, but instead her fingers slipped down the handle until they landed on Virys’ hand and finally his bright blue eyes narrowed on her from under his mess of a mop hair. It was apparent from the look on her face that she knew she fucked up. She had gone too far by physically touching him, even if it had been by accident. But she was the adult here. She was his parental figure and guardian and she would be damned if she backed down against the youngest Targaryen, ”You—”

Virys pulled his hand free with such force she nearly bit her own tongue in surprise and the two stood locked in a staredown for a moment with only his music as proof that time itself hadn’t stopped. As much control as she had over him and his life, Virys’ step mother—she wasn’t really even his stepmother but it was the closest fit for their relationship— was all too aware of how easily he could overpower her and ever since he surpassed her in height several years back she had grown more timid at standing up against him when they were alone.

There were a dozen words bubbling just below the surface, waiting for Virys to unleash on the woman, but in a rare display of self restraint he instead stayed silent and wordlessly returned his attention to the refrigerator, opening it with his right hand and then releasing the door to reach inside with the same hand. His left remained semi-uselessly at his side encased in bright neon pink from palm to just below his elbow.

Shutting the door, now with a yellow Gatorade in hand, Virys glanced back to his step mother seemingly ready to say something until heavy footsteps landed in the doorway behind him and a huge sense of dread welled up inside leaving him frozen, his body and mind indecisive between a fight or flight response, There’s the birthday boy!”

And there was the reason his left arm had been stuck in a cast for the past month. Virys could literally feel his step mother’s posture shift, standing up taller and growing brave with her son’s presence joining them in the kitchen. But Virys could no longer afford to waste any of his energy or attention on her and he instead turned so his back was to the refrigerator and his eyes trailed across the room to land on his older half brother, Daeron.

Most days Virys would put up a fight to defend himself, whether just verbally or physically if it came to it. But today he really just wanted to escape to his room to wait out the hours until his friends from school came to pick him up later tonight for his birthday. His grip tightened on the Gatorade, his feet bracing to either stand his ground or to be ready to push off and run at any moment, ”Finally eighteen, huh?”

Virys watched on with caution and was quick to catch Daeron’s subtle movements as he approached, casually rolling up his sleeves with each step as though preparing for something and wanting to get them out of the way. He was the only one to ever truly make Virys nervous, a fear response from the years of inappropriate and incessant bullying. With just about anyone else Virys was bold, cocky and impulsive. But when it came to Daeron he was honestly afraid. It wasn’t quite the same fear as one would experience with say an abusive lover or parent. After all Virys never expected anything nice to come from Daeron, ever. But what little self preservation he had left was completely devoted to protecting himself from the pain and torment his brothers put him through. That wasn’t to say he always cowered away. Virys quite frequently would push back and inadvertently escalate incidents; as shown by his fractured wrist. But he had only just woken up, hadn’t eaten, hadn’t smoked and didn’t have it in him to stand up to his family right now.

He had chosen flight.

As Daeron continued speaking, Virys stepped to the side, intending to escape through the second kitchen door to the side. Even though it was further from the stairs than the other door, it was a better option than trying to push past Daeron. Only Virys’ response time was so delayed right now that before he could process what was happening, Daeron was grabbing him by the front of his oversized hoodie and raising his other hand in a fist: birthday punches.

”Daeron, stop it!”

Virys’ mind and body finally managed to sync back together just in time and with both hands he shoved hard against his half brother’s chest to push him away, then bolted the second he felt his hoodie slip free. His heart was racing as he fled from the kitchen, literally sprinting through the house and taking the stairs two at a time. All the while hearing Daeron’s footsteps just paces behind him. Upon reaching his room he dropped the Gatorade, letting it hit the floor and with lightning quick speed that came from years of experience he grabbed the portable door lock that he kept hung on the back of his door: fitted it to his door and slammed it shut, sliding the metal keeper into place and then backing away as Daeron finally caught up to bang on the door with his immature taunts.

Virys’ music was still going in his ears but he could no longer hear it over the blood pulsing in his ears and his chest heaving to catch his breath, Fuck...”

It didn’t take long for Daeron to get bored and move on, but Virys’ eyes remained locked on the handle of his bedroom door even after he heard Daeron’s heavy steps down the hall. Once upon a time ago he had a normal lock on his door. It was later removed out of “concern for his well being” after locking himself away to the point the fire department were called in one too many times to break down the door. And so after years of living on edge and people barging into his room, Virys had purchased a portable door lock off Amazon earlier in the year and it was now the only way he felt safe in his own room.

And even though he knew Daeron was just toying with him, he still didn’t trust to risk it. Some days they could coexist. Some days they were at each other's throats. And then there were days like today where Daeron, a full grown adult, felt the need to torment him like a childhood playground bully. Only the thing about bullies is that everyone always says they just do it for attention and a reaction and that they’d get bored if you don’t respond to them. But that wasn’t the case when your bully frequented the gym and had the money to keep his home mini bar stocked, and Virys was very familiar with how quickly a joke could escalate into a dangerous situation. Like the “birthday punches” he nearly received downstairs. That was an activity for close friend groups. But coming from Daeron, there was no telling how far he would have taken it if left unchecked. And right now there was no one here to take Virys’ side.

His sister Saera, well, his half sister—they were all his half siblings actually, she had been his biggest protector growing up. But ever since she had left for college several years ago, there was a noticeable spike in Daeron’s behavior.

Their older brother Aegon left him alone for the most part these days, but turning a blind eye to the abuse was just as bad as partaking in it. And not to mention he had done his share when Virys was younger, and bullying a child was arguably worse than a giant of teenager who was fully capable of defending himself.

His other sister more so sided with Aegon in that she never cared for him but she was not active like Daeron or her mother in targeting him. Nor did she still live in the family house.

And then there was Jaehaerys. They were only a couple years apart in age and Jaehaerys had always made it a point to be welcoming to Virys. He was always patient with him and never held his temper against him when Virys was unable to control himself. He was never as successful as Saera at fending off his abusers, but he was always the first one to check in on him after an incident. Saera would be the one to talk him off of figurative ledges and Jaehaerys would be there to piece him back together when he jumped anyways.

But even though both Saera and Jaehaerys had since left home for college, Jaehaerys was the only one Virys was upset with for his choice. Maybe it was because they were closer in age. Saera always felt more maternal while Jaehaerys was like a best friend. Or maybe Saera escaped his wrath because at the time she left he still had Jaehaerys living at home. Whatever the exact reasoning was it no longer mattered, the damage had been done and felt irreversible at this point.

After Jaehaerys moved out for the full college experience, life at home intensified for Virys tenfold. As showcased by his fractured wrist and the fact he had to literally flee to his room. And it hadn’t taken long for Virys to associate it with Jaehaerys’ absence. This had been an especially rough year for Virys but after breaking his wrist in April, Jaehaerys had promised he would move back home. Only it was too little too late for Virys, and rather than feeling relieved to have his brother back, Virys had instead been using his brother as an outlet. Someone to pass all the blame to.

Presently Jaehaerys wasn’t even home, Virys did not know where he was but just the fact that he hadn’t tried to interject himself into the scuffle downstairs told Virys that he wasn’t here and that knowledge just further fueled his anger. What was the point of promising to move back home for him, if he wasn’t even going to be here when he needed him!?

Finally picking his Gatorade back up, Virys easily twisted the cap off as he moved to the far wall where the massive 300 gallon tank that housed his best friend was set up: Toothless, his bearded dragon. She did not rush over to the glass to greet him the way a dog would, but she did lift her head from sunbathing under her heat lamp and offered a long slow blink when he got close enough. Virys chugged a good portion of his drink right off the bat having just woken up within the hour and feeling his dehydration weighing him down. But after recapping the bottle he traded it for the small plastic enclosure bustling with live crickets and moved to the top of the terrarium to slide back the lid. This movement got Toothless’ attention and she was quick to climb down from her favorite rock in excited anticipation of food. He reached into the crickets with his bare hand, grabbing one and lowering his hand into Toothless’ home to hold it for her to take. Virys hand fed her a couple more like this, holding her wriggling prey still for her. But after a bit he instead dumped the rest of her daily portion in to let her hunt as she pleased.

Now that she was fed, it was time to take care of himself. He should have grabbed food while he was downstairs but it was too late now and Virys had no intentions of leaving his room after what just happened. But maybe he had some snacks around here somewhere—he took another long sip of his Gatorade on his way over to his bed.

But upon sitting on the edge, Virys did not even try to find snacks squirreled away in his bedside table. Instead he defaulted to routine and lit a blunt in hopes of slowing his mind back down to Earth’s speed and heavy gravitational pull. He would definitely be starving later, after all he had slept in till noon and hadn’t eaten anything since dinner last night. But for now he would survive on his yellow Gatorade and the creative juices that his high poured into his tortured soul.

Time was completely lost on Virys the longer he sat in his own personal cloud of smoke. His phone was still out but his AirPods had been abandoned amidst the mess of sheets after their battery percentage finally hit zero. He was listening intently to his Voice Memos, playing the same melodies and excerpts of lyrics over and over again as he tried so desperately hard to figure out what it was about the pieces of this song that left him feeling so unsatisfied. But just as an idea crossed his thoughts his eyes shot up at the distracting notification as Jaehaerys’ name appeared in bold in the banner at the top of his screen.

He immediately swiped the notification away without reading the preview and resumed smashing his thumbs against his phone’s keyboard as he tried to type out all his words into a Note before they could escape his memory. He had already been interrupted once when Saera called him earlier to wish him Happy Birthday, he couldn’t afford to be distracted twice and definitely not by Jaehaerys of all people.

It was too late though, the spell had been broken and the magic was gone. With a frustrated sigh he dropped his phone onto his bed beside him, lifting his head to gaze aimlessly out at his room. It looked very much like a child had been dumped in a chic, minimalistic, high end mini mansion. Which was exactly what had happened eight years ago when Virys first moved to Berkeley. By now there was a bit more of his own personal flair, mostly in the form of clothes and empty bottles and cans strewn about. He didn’t have any achievements or happy memories to put on display. He wasn’t invested in any fandom or bands enough to hang posters nor was he much of a collector to have anything like Legos or Funko Pop.

In fact, apart from Toothless, the only thing of personal importance to him was the guitar in the corner—now two guitars. He had been gifted a new one by his father for his birthday but Virys had yet to even open the case to look at it.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, or wasn’t excited for it. Virys’ curiosity was dying to investigate his present, but he was also stubbornly upset with his father at the moment and it felt like he was the weaker of the two of them if he gave in and accepted the guitar. But as his eyes landed on the black case his fingers literally twitched at his sides wanting to wrap around the neck and strum the strings—oh but his left hand was still out of commission…except when had that ever stopped him from doing anything? Mind over matter: it wouldn’t hurt if he didn’t think it did.

But Virys’ mind was both his biggest strength and his biggest weakness. The amount of focus he could dedicate to one thing and his ability to block out distractions was incredible. But at the same time his mind played endless tricks on him. His mind lied to him and led him astray so frequently that he couldn’t even trust his own thoughts. Yet Virys also listened to those very thoughts despite any amount of rationale or reasoning for him not to. He consistently trusted his own untrustworthy mind over any and everyone else’s which was why he was currently staging a strike against his birthday gift despite Saera having spent a solid twenty minutes trying to convince him to stop overthinking it all and just enjoy his new guitar.

He needed to get out of here.

Virys picked his phone back up, his eyes heavy from the affects of how long he had been smoking—”Oh shit…”
One look at the time on his lock screen told him he had been sitting here for far longer than he had been aware of or had originally intended. Had his friends been trying to reach him at all? It had been a couple hours now since he had woken up, surely there were updates on their ETA to come take him out for his birthday.

Once his Face ID registered he was in fact himself, Virys opened up Instagram and went straight to his DMs. Yes he was ignoring all his notifications that flooded his account. He didn’t know most of the people who liked and commented on his posts, after all they were a result of his popularity and not of his friends. His DMs weren’t much different but it was at least easier to sort through and filter out—

Rytsas Virys!

He did a double take at the message he had clicked into. None of his friends knew High Valyrian, and the fact that this thread only had the one message told him he had opened the wrong one. This was not one of his friends…

But rather than exit back to find what he was looking for, Virys instead glanced up to the sender’s handle. Visaera. All at once his interest piqued in a way he wasn’t used to. It was like experiencing a new movie for the first time and being completely captivated. He could hear Visaera’s bright voice in his head as he continued on to read through her message, going back and forth whether her greeting had a pleasant ring to it from the smooth velvety Valyrian language or if it was obnoxious how his name undulated into a sad attempt at a rhyme.

It instantly dropped him back to the memory of sitting in their High Valyrian classroom when she walked in and the weird mixture of emotions that had rushed through him at the time. Honestly, Visaera had been one of the last people he expected to ever see again. It wasn't like they had parted on bad terms, but they had parted all the same with next to zero contact afterwards and they both flew in such completely different circles now. But seeing her again and standing face to face it almost felt as though no time had passed since he had last seen her. As disconnected as he felt from her, it also felt right to have her at his side again. It wasn’t like they were even that close before, but her sudden reintroduction to his life left him feeling as though…almost as though he had missed her.

It was a strange feeling, and one that ended up consuming his thoughts for the rest of the day, even after finally meeting up with his friends.

Hands ran through his hair, nails skimming his scalp in a soothing fashion before moving on to trail down his neck, over his shoulders and down underneath the front of his shirt. But even with Madi’s hands running against his bare chest, a subtle cry for intimacy, Virys did not falter. His lips still moved as he silently read through the lyrics in front of him, body unphased by her touch and mind far away lost in his own thoughts and memories.

“Hey Mads, can—can you sing something for me real quick?”
“You want me to sing?” He nodded, ”Like, your song?”

She moved from her place kneeling behind him on her bed so that she instead sat at his side. Virys passed her the receipt he’d been writing on with lyrics scribbled in his mismatched handwriting, his finger pointing to the lines he was requesting before swiping on his phone to open Voice Memos with the intention of recording Madi’s voice. His hopes and expectations were growing with every passing second as she read over the lyrics in silence, but this creative side of his was more similar to that of his angry one in that he was still impulsive and did not usually think things through. He was just riding on Madi breathing life into the words that had been stuck in his head like a mantra, and going into this with that mindset was just asking for failure.

”...Virys, what is this?”
He didn’t respond, glancing down to the piece of his soul she now held in her hand and then back at her, ”Okaaay…then how does it go?”
”Just sing.”
She stared back at him, a little taken aback by his response as though she was trying to figure out if he was being serious or if she was just missing something. But no, Virys was dead serious. He didn’t have a demo to play for her or even a melody to share—that was what he was trying to find right now by using her, ”...I seek you out...”

“...flay you alive…”

“ more—”


It wasn’t right. This wasn’t what played in his head over and over. But he couldn’t put his finger on what was wrong, or missing. All he knew was that it wasn’t right.

Madi’s fingers trailed over his forearm, almost as though knowing it was in her best interest to soothe him before he could escalate. Was he upset? She didn’t know. He didn’t even know. But she knew she didn’t want to find out, especially not on today of all days, Hey,” He had taken the receipt back and his eyes were locked on the words until she was able to pull his attention back to her, ”Do you still wanna dye your hair?”

They had planned this weeks ago. After he had expressed interest in coloring his hair—literally any color just so long as it was no longer Valyrian blonde—Madi had offered to do it for him. The cherry on top of her birthday present. So she had gone out and bought the hot pink dye at Sally’s and the plan was to color his hair, go meet up with their friends, and then probably come back for birthday sex. Although with Virys, even the best made plans were forever up in the air as there was no telling what might trigger a change of mind, ”Yeah.”

Even with gloves on to protect her nails from the dye, Madi’s hands through his hair still had a calming effect that had Virys melting into the chair they had brought into the bathroom. Whatever the darkness was that had taken him earlier over his song, it was gone. He was back to his default tranquility, the side of him that people were so quick to overlook as they solely associated him with violence. He really wasn’t like that though. He wasn’t an angry person and he wasn’t out looking for trouble. Virys was actually quite easy going and very thoughtful once you got to know him—it just seemed like there were so few now who could recognize that of him. It felt like the more his social bubble expanded the less people understood him. Whatever happened to when his friend group was just him and a select couple of individuals? Before Madi and the other girls he slept associated with now, there had only really been one girl in his life—besides his sisters—and life had felt so much easier back then.

His blue eyes were staring out at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. Madi had left him to run downstairs while his hair processed, but being left alone meant that he was at war with the voices in his head and it didn’t take long for that calm persona to unravel like a frayed sweater as his mind wandered back to images and memories he had stored far away with no intention of ever revisiting. Such as Visaera: the one girl from his past that he had gotten along with so seamlessly before his life became so chaotic.

At the time, three years ago, he hadn’t noticed they were drifting apart until it was too late. And even then he didn’t mourn their friendship. In fact it barely even crossed his mind. He wasn’t sad to lose her as a friend. He didn’t feel that he was above her at all in his new friend group. He didn’t look down on her at all. She had just become a stranger to him. A stranger that shared his image.

Seeing her enter the classroom, he had felt his heart stop in a similar way to one anticipating something. But what had he been expecting? For her to suddenly resume her place at his side like old times? It was pretty clear from how she had interacted with him as well that she wasn’t exactly interested in that. Virys had felt the new distance between them as they spoke. A weird combination of being comfortable with one another but unsure of where to safely draw the line. They were different people now, and Virys hadn’t had a problem with that until now as he watched his own reflection slowly morph until Visaera was smiling back at him in the mirror. That cute, cheerful smile of hers that could easily end world hunger if only people could survive on happiness alone.

Somewhere in his high enhanced calm, his heart skipped a beat, and it was that disruption to his daydreaming that made Visaera’s image in the mirror begin to distort. It was like watching paint run as all the colors that made her slid down the reflective glass. The last to go was the bright blonde of her hair and with it’s disappearance revealed his own hair that had begun to accept the dye and was visibly turning pink. That skipped beat returned, halting all thoughts and emotions for a half second before his heart began to race in a near panic.

Virys stood up so abruptly that the chair fell back, his hands—his one hand and the exposed fingers on the other, went straight to his hair and began running over and through it in an impulsive and desperate attempt to stop it from changing colors. The hair dye of course ended up all over his skin and looking back into the mirror it was clear that he had done nothing as far as removing the pink. The blonde was nearly gone and the image of Visaera in his mind along with it.

Most of the rest of his birthday was a blur to him. Madi had returned after hearing all the commotion and she ended up assisting in shampooing out as much of the dye as they could. They managed to get it to a soft pastel pink which was the best they could do without bleaching it back to normal, and Madi assured him several times that it would continue to fade with every shower. They met up with their friends afterwards to celebrate his birthday—aka an excuse to go smoke and drink and stay out all night. Virys woke up the next day back in Madi’s bed with their clothes abandoned on the floor and only a few blurry memories to go off of. With the clearest being a haunting reminder that he was to meet with Visaera the next day.

And that reminder ended up following him all day long.

Part of him was absolutely dreading it. He didn’t want to sit and practice his mother tongue. He didn’t need to! He spoke it well enough already, after all he was raised speaking it. But his grades and Mr.Luwin would say otherwise. Apparently native fluency and textbook fluency were two very different things.

But another part of him was curious—intrigued by Visaera’s reappearance in his life. And it was that part of him that had him entering the library on Wednesday.

He was late, of course. Not terribly so, but he had lost track of time on his way here in his smoke cloud and thoughts. Plus he had stopped at Starbucks.

Pausing in the entryway to the large study area, Virys’ height gave him the advantage when it came to surveying the room in search of Visaera. Though his height combined with her lack of actually made locating her fairly difficult initially. He had such a large scope of the room that it was almost like having too much information and being unable to narrow it down. And then with her being so small it was easy for her to be hidden from view—even if by accident. But once Virys did catch sight of her, she was suddenly all he could focus on and he mentally kicked himself for not noticing her sooner. How did he not see her right away? That blonde hair that had haunted him on his birthday—their birthday.

Her DM remained opened and left on read. Not entirely intentional on Virys’ part. It was more so one of those “replied in his head but didn’t actually send anything” moments. And then coupled with how loud it usually was in his head…her birthday wishes had quickly plummeted on his priorities. But they hadn’t gone forgotten and Virys’ fingers fiddled with the little white paper pastry bag in his left hand as he approached the table she sat at.

It didn’t seem like she had noticed he was here yet, ”Hey—” Immediately someone at a nearby table aggressively shushed him, but Virys turned his head towards them so fast and the look he shot would make them think twice about doing that again “You shh,” It was a very childlike reaction, immature for someone who had just entered the early stages of adulthood. But one look at Virys made it abundantly clear he meant it in a bit more of a threatening sense than just being a brat as a child would have.

“I’m not even talking that loud,” He wasn’t exactly talking to anyone directly, more so complaining to himself. The hoarseness to his voice did little to mask the hostility, but as he turned to face Visaera his expression softened almost immediately and his whole demeanor visibly settled down, “Hey, sorry I’m late,” His voice even dropped, though it arguably was still above traditional library level, ”I uhh…actually I only came to tell you that I’m not gonna do this tutoring thing,” Virys’ right hand pulled at the neckline of his hoodie in such a way that could almost be classified as a nervous tick, ”I just didn’t want to leave you sitting here waiting and uhh…”

“Yeah…sorry. This is for you though...happy birthday.”
The pink cast extended—the white interior now tinged pink from his hair dye episode—holding out the white Starbucks bag with the pink birthday cake pop that he had stopped to get on his way here.
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Happiest Place on Earth

() tab ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ tab VISAERA CELTIGAR ⋮⋮
tab DATE — 061522 tab LOCATION — diner tab COMPANY — virys
tab tab tab ENGLISH tab tab tab HIGH VALYRIAN tab tab tab OTHERS (ENGLISH) tab tab tab OTHERS (HIGH VALYRIAN)

It was the million dollar question on Visaera’s mind: Will Virys show up? As she walked up to the library entrance, she couldn’t help worrying that he wouldn’t. After all, her birthday message to him was still on Seen a couple days after she sent it. If that’s not an indication that Virys Targaryen was not interested in any association with her—whether as a reunited friend or simply as his tutor—then she had no idea what would.

Still, she rode her bike all the way to their agreed meeting spot at the off chance and sliver of hope that he would show.

As Visaera made camp at an empty table, she glanced down at the time on her phone. She was ten minutes early for the tutoring session. This was fine. It offered her the chance to give her lesson plan a final review before Virys hopefully arrived. Of course, that reasoning didn’t stop her from looking up from her laptop to glance around the floor just in case he too showed up early.

He didn’t, of course. She saw no glimpse of his bright blonde hair among the dark neutrals of the library.

Wait, no, he wasn’t blonde anymore….

As her Macbook started up and loaded the home screen, Visaera skimmed over her phone until her overall curiosity brought her back to Instagram. Just like the last two days, there was only one message in the DM thread between her and Virys: hers. But she expected this after having seen and been disappointed that there were no new notifications on Instagram outside of the continuous likes her new post was collecting. She ignored these notifications for the time being and instead tapped on Virys’ profile picture to load his page.

Unlike her, there was no birthday post on Virys’ page. He had, however, apparently posted on his birthday through his Stories, but her overall anxiety at the prospect of him knowing that she watched it overpowered that day’s curiosity. But that act of cowardice left her with an ache to know what he did on their special day. It could almost be considered FOMO without actually knowing what she feared missing out on.

That FOMO-esque feeling didn’t last long though. And now, two days later, Visaera didn’t know why she insisted on continuing with the torture. Yes, torture. Because while she resisted watching his Insta-stories from his birthday, she did get a glimpse of his activities through tagged photos from the friends he did spend it with. More specifically, she found out how he spent his birthday through a girl named Madi. If it weren’t for the things she heard about Virys in connection to his history with relationships, she would have suspected this Madi girl to be his girlfriend. Which, despite knowing that couldn’t be true, made her stomach twist sickeningly deep in her gut.

The corners of her lips turned down as she stared at the first photo from the birthday dedication post on Madi’s page. It was a blurry photo, but it was obvious that it was taken the night of Virys’ birthday. Although there was a lot going on in that one photo, her bright blue eyes couldn’t turn away from the matching blue eyes looking right back. Yes, she was aware that they weren’t actually looking back at her, but that was the thing about Virys. His gaze, whether or not he was looking at you, was just so piercing. She stared into his hooded gaze. It was similar to how they looked when they first reunited, but even she knew that he was probably under the influence in some way.

Then her gaze lifted to another part of him and her frown deepened. Visaera recalled the first time she noticed the change. How her heart stopped for a split second then felt like it was being crushed in a tight fist. She remembered the disappointment that consumed her as she looked upon the pink hair that replaced the silvery locks she had been imagining throughout her entire birthday. Now, days later, she could feel that disappointment still lingering in her chest looking at the soft pink strands. Would this pain feel worse when/if she saw it in person? Did she even have the right to feel that way? After all, they weren’t friends. She definitely had no right to have an opinion on the decisions he made—

"Hey." Visaera’s heart just about jumped right out of her chest. Eyes wide, she panic swiped out of Instagram before looking up to the source of the greeting. Only, Virys wasn’t looking at her. Instead he appeared to be glaring daggers at another table. When she turned in the direction he was looking at, she barely caught the culprit in the process of looking back down at whatever book was on the desk. She definitely missed something, but decided against asking what that was as she turned back around to look up at Virys. At that very same moment, he looked down at her and…she felt…odd.

First, she was right. Her disappointment reared up inside her chest as she took in his soft pink hair. Don’t get her wrong, he pulled it off well despite his hard exterior. But as someone that initially befriended him because of the Valyrian blonde hair, she stubbornly could not accept that he would do something to cover it. His blonde hair was one of the things about him that kept her looking at and for him these past three years; even though their friendship had ended long ago. Even if nothing came out of catching sight of him in the halls at school, just seeing his silvery blonde hair bouncing above the sea of passing students was enough. Now— Visaera bit the inside of her cheek to stop the frown from appearing.

But if she thought she was done being disappointed, she was greatly mistaken.

Her chest tightened listening to him. Of course she expected this. As hopeful as she was about their summer tutoring, she also knew that this was Virys Targaryen. She heard enough to know that not even she could convince him to commit to tutoring if he couldn’t even bother going to class.

Or…maybe she could? Convince him, that is.

As she stared down at his outstretched hand, she couldn’t fight back her frown any longer. When did he get the cast? She hadn’t noticed it last week when they spoke briefly outside Mister Luwin’s classroom. Then again, if she remembered correctly, he was wearing either the same hoodie or one similar to the one he was wearing now. So the sleeve must have covered it at the time. Now, however, there was no ignoring it. A part of her wanted to ask what happened, but a voice in the back of her mind pulled her back. It reminded her rather tauntingly that she had no right to ask. She wasn’t his friend anymore. And thus, it was none of her damn business.

“Um…” Well, that felt pathetic. For someone that was well known for being articulate, words were escaping her as she stared into those diamond eyes. Okay, maybe her ability to word wasn’t entirely gone. After all, her mind was reeling with ways to describe his striking blue eyes. Comparing them to diamonds was one. In fact, it was his eyes that gave her the strength to look away from the cast and what looked like his form of a birthday gift.

Still, she had to say something.

After taking a deep breath, Visaera reached for the white pastry bag and offered Virys a bright smile. “Thank you. This is so sweet.” She opened the bag, her smile widening at the sight of the pink cake pop. “I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything….”

There was silence between them as they both struggled to find anything else to say. But this silence only lasted seconds before Virys announced that he was going to leave. After all, he came all this way to let her know that he wasn’t staying nor did he have any intention of coming back.

Then again…he did come all this way instead of…say…letting her know in a reply to her message on Instagram.

“Hey, Virys. Wait!” While she hadn’t exactly raised her voice too much, her outburst still earned her a few shushes and pointed stares. But that hardly bothered her as she reached a hand out to Virys’ arm to stop him. Even though he took only a few steps away from her, she still needed to jog to catch up to him.

There was an instant surge of warmth that trailed from the dark fabric of Virys’ hoodie to her fingertips. It sucked the breath out of her lungs momentarily and she couldn’t help staring at where they were connected. A part of her was tempted to tighten her grip on his arm, wondering if that sudden surge would strengthen. But while this came as such a shock to Visaera, it also felt strangely…familiar? No, that wasn’t it. Of course, it wasn’t like they hadn’t touched each other when they were friends. Only, she definitely did not recall ever feeling this kind of warmth just from touching his arm. But there was nothing foreign about the feeling. It didn’t confuse her nor did it scare her. All she could think was how much she wanted more of it.

She eventually released his arm when she finally looked up at his expecting gaze. “Sorry…” Her cheeks flushed, but she fought to keep eye contact. If there was one thing she knew, she was not going to be very convincing if she didn’t hold his attention.

“Listen, um, I appreciate that you gave me a head’s up about tutoring. It definitely did cross my mind that you might not show at all and, well…” Her hand reached for the rose pendant around her neck, fiddling with the golden petals to gather some form of courage. “Since we haven’t talked in years, I understand if you feel like you don’t owe me any kind of commitment to this. So, again, I do appreciate that you came all this way to let me know. And for the cake pop, of course!” The quick addition of her repeated gratitude for his “birthday gift” earned her another round of shushes. Again, she ignored them all.

“But,” she continued, dropping her hand to once more focus solely on keeping eye contact with Virys, “you also did come all this way. You could have easily just let me know on, like, Insta or something. I definitely gave you the chance to.” She let out a small, nervous laugh as she pushed her hair back.

By now, Virys was not only looking at her expectantly, but with a subtle hint of impatience. She definitely needed to wrap this up quickly before she lost him.

“So, I was thinking, why not just do this one session today? It’s not gonna take long, I promise. And, if Mister Luwin asks about it next week, at least you can tell him you did attend this week. And it won’t be a lie.” She once more offered him a bright smile in an attempt to bring this home. “Please?”

Visaera led the way back to their table with the biggest smile on her face. She tried to hide her excitement when Virys took his seat across from her, but as their eyes met once again, her smile only etched itself deeper onto her face. While on the outside she tried to keep her appearance as calm and collected as possible, inside she was a fit of excitement. She couldn’t believe she managed to convince him to stay after all—even if it was just for one tutoring session.

“Well, like I said,” she started, sliding her finger across the trackpad to wake up her Macbook, “this won’t take too long. I thought that it would be a good use of our time if we spent this week, or just today I guess, fine tuning what exactly you need help on with High Valyrian. Luwin told me that you’re a native speaker, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t about to waste your time with concepts you already know.” As she spoke, her fingers flew across her keyboard as she pulled up a Google Forms page.

Once the Forms page was fully loaded, Visaera turned the laptop around so the screen faced Virys. His facial response alone told her everything she needed to know: he was neither impressed nor thrilled to be taking a proficiency test right now. “I promise it’s not even that long! I mostly pulled questions from your final exam and tweaked some of the statements. A couple are of my own creation, but I did have Luwin look it over to make sure that they were correct. Not that I had any doubts.” She giggled at her quick moment of self-confidence.

This was the sole reason why she decided they should meet at the library today for tutoring. Of course she knew that teaching a foreign language in a library was not ideal, but she figured that a quiet environment would help him concentrate better on the proficiency test than, say, a bustling coffee shop.

Visaera tried her best not to stare the entire time Virys was taking the test. When she wasn’t trying to distract herself with her phone, she stared at the white Starbucks pastry bag now folded beside her purse. If it weren’t for the fact that eating food wasn’t allowed inside the library, she would have enjoyed the treat while she waited. But even his kind gesture was not enough to hold her attention and before she knew it, she was staring at whatever part of Virys that caught her attention first. Sometimes it was his cotton candy pink hair—all the while pushing back the disappointment that still clung to her heart whenever she looked at it. Once or twice she looked at his cast, again wondering what caused it. There were a few theories that felt like they could be a possibility, but she didn’t feel confident enough to ask considering her only merit was all the rumors she heard about his past violent incidents.

The longest she ever looked at him though was when she watched his mouth. His thin lips quietly mouthed along with whatever statement he was reading and there was just something about it that looked so…enticing. But, wait, no. His lips weren’t as thin as she thought she remembered them to be. She also caught herself wondering if they had always looked so soft in person. Then, when her mind moved into memory territory, she zoned in those memories on those lips. Like their first lunch together during their first day of freshman year. She couldn’t exactly remember what they were talking about, but he was on some subject that involved tugboats. Amusement pulled at her lips realizing that his way of saying tugboat was honestly quite cute—back then at least. Would it still look and sound cute three years later? Now that his voice was lower and hoarse from years of smoking and drugs. In fact, would he even be caught saying “tugboat” in public?

“Here.” Just like earlier, she internally jumped in a panic at his sudden attention on her. Her heart raced, cheeks flushed once again as if caught doing something she shouldn’t. Between staring at an Instagram post he was tagged in and watching his lips silently mouth High Valyrian, it did kind of feel that way.

“Oh, great, thanks. Um,” Visaera pulled her laptop back to her then turned it to see the screen. “I can take a look at your answers now. It won’t take me long. Unless you’d rather I look at it later and just, like, message you my notes?” It didn’t surprise her when he mentioned that he didn’t care. But she also picked up in his tone that he was ready to leave.

“Okay, well, um…I guess I can look at it later. Which means we’re done for today.”

Much to her surprise, Virys waited while she packed up her things. She half expected him to be out the door long before she even mentioned that they were done for today. However, the surprises only continued when he kept in stride with her the whole way to the exit and then as they walked over to where she parked her bike.

After stuffing her bag in the basket hanging across her bike handles, she was about to say her goodbyes to Virys when he beat her to the punch. Hearing him say goodbye dampened any and all excitement she felt just a moment ago. Why did the thought of him walking away now seem so upsetting? It wasn’t like he wanted to be at this tutoring session in the first place. But…maybe he didn’t mind it too much if he went through the effort of walking her to her bike.

Visaera struggled to push back the possibility that maybe, just maybe, he felt similar to her and was not ready to part ways. Even if he was the one that initiated goodbyes first.

In truth, Visaera wasn’t ready to watch his back walk away from her. There was no more three years later for them. If Virys walked away now, she just knew that she would never see him again. With just one more year of high school left for them, they were destined to once more be strangers passing in the hallways. And that was when Visaera knew she didn’t want that.

Even if she wasn’t going to get him back as a friend, she wanted to at least hope that if he saw her at school, he would acknowledge her. Hell, she would even take just having him look at her at school if that was all he was willing to give her.

“Virys!” she called out, stopping him mid-sentence. Once again, she held his gaze despite the storm brewing inside her from his intense gaze. His eyes really were so piercing.

“Um, you don’t, like, have any plans now, right?” He confirmed that he didn’t, or at least that was how she interpreted his shrug of a response. “Do you want to have lunch? Like old times?” It took all of her might to not kick herself for saying something like that. As if he cared much about their one month’s worth of lunches together—even if she apparently did. “What about walking over to the diner down the street? My treat, of course!”

There was silence between them once again as they walked toward the diner. Visaera’s efforts to think of topics for them to discuss were unsuccessful. As they were such different people now compared to three years ago, she struggled to find a way to connect with him. Everything about his life was either too intimidating to ask about…or honestly too personal. It’s not like she could ask him about his smoking and drug habit…no matter how curious she was about how it started. So what exactly could she talk about? The weather? Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. La—

Virys again broke the silence. But this time, it was in the form of a question that he must have been thinking over. He asked about her relationship with High Valyrian. But she picked up that he was asking more than just her level of fluency.

Visaera mulled this question over for a short distance, but she eventually got her answer after they crossed the street.

“You’re fluent yourself, right? Like, you’re able to hold a conversation and all that?” Virys simply nodded.

Visaera smiled up at him. How was it that despite having been friends for a few months three years ago, it never occurred to them that they could bond over their mother language? Well, maybe this could be her chance at a do over…even if, again, it doesn’t result in friendship.

“I have spoken High Valyrian all my life,” she started, her voice soft but also heavy with emotions. “My mother spoke it exclusively to me when I was a baby. And, you have to keep in mind, my mother has no Valyrian blood in her. I’m Valyrian on my father’s side. She learned the language when she was around our age because she loved it and she wanted to pass that love on to me. And I’m glad she did.” Visaera stopped so that a woman walking her dog could pass them without getting tangled in her bike.

“It is a beautiful language. It exudes such power and authority. Like, you can take on the world or something! The strength of each word demands attention.” The diner was fast approaching now and Visaera surveyed the exterior for a spot to park her bike. Even though she was no longer looking at Virys, she continued. “I also hold a lot of pride being fluent. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but my father’s family is mostly just Valyrian by name only. Almost all of my relatives have no interest in knowing their own mother tongue. They don’t see how it could benefit them. All they care about is the Celtigar name and what it can do for our family.”

When they stepped into the diner, Visaera broke back into English to inform a passing waiter that needed a table for two. Since it was after lunch, the diner was not too busy. There were some tables with people dressed in suits, but for the most part, many tables were empty. So they were seated fairly quickly.

As Virys slid into his seat across from her, Visaera once more just quietly watched him. Something about them sitting together for lunch with a table between them felt so familiar, even after all these years. Not exactly in the nostalgic sense, but more so that despite their natural falling out, they could sit together like this and it wouldn’t feel awkward. Well, that was how she felt. She wondered if he felt the same. Actually, she hoped he felt the same.

After skimming over the menu a couple times, Visaera looked back at Virys. They didn’t make eye contact this time because he was so focused on his menu.

Regardless of whether or not she had his attention, she had to say what has been eating at her since he first told her he didn’t want to move forward with tutoring. “I hope I’m not overstepping or something, but I hope you reconsider your decision to not continue with tutoring. I’m…honestly kind of excited about this? Not just because I’m getting tutoring hours and all that. But, like, I think it would be so fun revisiting a language we know so well in the scope of an academic lens. Learn why some words are the way they are instead of just knowing that they are what they are because we were simply told so.”
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