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Unholy Resurrection


Jul 7, 2017
A few cultists were in awe as the bones and bodies slowly regenerated; hours later, fully formed humans were lying where the remains were laid. "We shall bring upon a new era to usher in a new beginning. With our champions with us, we shall overcome!"

The champions were all disoriented. They were confused as the cultists seemed very respectful to them and gave them a lot of attention and cared for their needs. They were slowly introduced to the new and strange world, as some were dead for decades and others for more than a few hundred years.

Caval being dead for more than 40 years had a hard time initially learning the new technology but after a few weeks, he was more comfortable and the cultists sent him to retrieve some artifacts from rich collectors. Caval had no problems breaking into houses and stealing things. After going to several homes, Caval started collecting weapons he finds in these homes, interesting punch daggers, swords, and crossbows.

"The world is burning and humanity is coming to an end, we will amass more comrades and prepare for the end to usher in a new beginning," A cultist said. "I need your help to get an Ebony mask from a museum, but be careful, the security is tighter than all the other houses that you visited and modern weapons can be very deadly."

Caval smiled. "It is not like I haven't died before."

Caval walked to the guardpost and opened the door. The guard looked at Caval and Caval grabbed his neck and twisted it, snapping it easily. He looked around and pressed a few buttons and unlocked the door to enter the museum. Using a coin, he left the door ajar and looked around, avoiding the camera, and followed the map given to him to find the security room.

"Guards..." Caval said as he spotted 2 security guards and waited in ambush as they walked by. Looping wires around their necks, Caval strangled them briefly and dragged their bodies to the shadow and changed into their uniforms, and walked towards the security room. There was only another old guard inside where Caval covered his mouth and snapped his neck. "Easy..."

Caval walked around the museum and looked for the Ebony mask and eventually located it. He broke the glass display and took the mask but an alarm sounded. "This is not good..."

He quickly exited the museum but a few police cars arrived and the cops were already at the exit.

"Come this way officers..." Caval said and ushered 2 policemen into the museum and moved behind them. Grabbing their heads, Caval smashed the heads together and dragged the limp cops to the corner and exited the museum. He walked to a fat cop and covered the cop's mouth and choked him. The cop tapped him helplessly and Caval snapped his neck. He looked around and saw a sergeant in a police car and approached. He opened the car door and punched the sergeant's face and he went limp. Caval quickly dragged him into the trunk of the police car before 2 motorcycle cops arrived. "These cops look like they are my size..." Caval said and approached the cops as they stopped.

"Nice boots..." Caval said, grabbed the helmet of the first cop and snapped his neck.

"Holy..." The other cop shouted and reached for his gun but Caval punched his throat and pulled him close.

"Sleep..." Caval said and choked the cop as he tapped helplessly as he could not breathe.

"Ok, a few different uniforms..." Caval said and dragged them into the police car and drove off. "Mission complete got the mask."


Jul 7, 2017
Khutulun was rather disoriented in the strange world. The humans seemed less skilled and more fragile than before. After a few months to get used to the time period, Khutulun tagged along some cultists to perform some missions. She was not interested in the mission, but simply tagged along for the kill.

She met several others who were resurrected and did not want to interact with them much as she was simply fascinated by technology. She requested for her own phone, custom weapons and armor, but as the cultists do not have enough budget, she had to find ways to make more money. At first, she tried robbing the robbers and end up killing several thugs. Then gangs were involved and she ended up killing the gangs. It turns out that some of the gang members were drug dealers and she found a large pile of cash and a fixer to get her custom clothing with armor and fancy weapons.


Khutulun was on the street and saw a shifty guy exit the alley and looked around before hurrying away. She looked in the alley and it was pretty dark and she decided to search for thugs. As she turns the corner, she could smell marijuana and approached 2 men. "What do you..." A one of the man asked her a question, she took out her dagger and slit his throat. The other man was shocked and drew his gun but she stabbed him in the eye and killed him instantly. Khutulun searched the men for cash and proceeded through the door.

"Where's everyone?" A man asked and walked to the main hall and saw 9 men limp on the ground. Kuntulun took out a wire and looped it around his neck as he drew his gun but the man only managed to fire off a few rounds before his neck was snapped.

4 men armed with uzi rushed to the room and Khutulun grabbed the first man as a human shield and tossed her dagger into the eye of one of the men. The others were shocked and they fired towards her, killing their friend and Khuntulun rushed towards them and tackled them to the ground. She snapped one of their necks easily and grabbed the last man and gut him like a fish.


Police arrived at the gruesome scene where more than 20 gang members were massacred. The safe was looted but the drugs were not taken. All the cash are gone.


Jul 7, 2017
"Bracelet, dagger, and bits of armor?" Caval muttered as he looked at the exhibition in the museum. 4 cultists entered the exhibit and placed various items and the bodies of the security guards and performed rituals. Caval put on the security uniform and walked to the entrance and guarded it as the rituals continued. Caval saw lightning strike the building and all the alarms went off and he did not know how to stop them. He waited for the cultists to exit but no one came out and within 10 minutes, the police arrived.

Caval let 2 policemen enter the museum. "Yeah, some lightning strike, and our alarm system went down..." Caval said and escorted the 2 policemen around. "Only 2?"

The rear cop had a garotte loop around his neck and he was strangled. The other policeman was kicked in the head and he collapsed. Caval dragged them into the toilet cubicle and went to the gate again and saw 4 cops now. "Shit, they are multiplying!"

Caval let the 4 cops into the museum again. A plump cop with thick mustache entered the toilet and Caval quickly followed behind him. The plump cop was choked silently and dump in a cubicle and Caval drew his dagger. He slit the throats of 2 cops and grabbed the remaining sergeant. "I've killed enough cops today, tell the others to leave..."Caval said placing the dagger to the sergeant's neck and sniffed his collar. "Ahh... old cop smell..."


A large man exited the room with the cultists and the cultist introduced Caval to Genghis Khan.

"So, you are Genghis?" Caval said. "Im a Big fan!"

Genghi Khan was still a little disoriented. "Don't worry big guy... it will get better." A cultist said.
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