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The Story Continues ~ Traveling to Strange Planets


Jan 4, 2013
Foreword: Alright, well, I'm going to give this a try. I've been dieing to write for years, go figure when I found myself mentally able to write after work and not just the weekends, it became a LOT harder to find writing partners.
Well, you know what they say when you talk to yourself, No better or smarter company! So Here I am, finally trying to write.
This one is going to be a continuation of a story I've worked over in my head involving the Traveler and one of my more "memorable" companions of his, although let's be honest, she's pretty basic just like Rose from Doctor Who.
This story will take place after what I've done in my head so far, and is the first proper adventurer with their new companion. If anyone is actually interested in learning about them or their previous adventures, maybe I'll share them one day, but it's not much.
I would kill to have a long term RP playing this guy but I swear the idea is cursed or something. I want to think I'm just paranoid but you won't convince me of it!
Deep in the far reaches of the galaxy, there resides an ancient planet, it's once great city now abandoned, the circuitry still strong, but yet it remains silent and cold, undisturbed for untold centuries if not more. That changes today, when the ancient ring, more ancient than the city itself, began to stir to life once more. One by one the lights turned on, until with a great blast of energy, a portal stabilized, a strange and mysterious man stepping through it.
He was quite average to be honest, or so he seemed. Five ten, brown hair, well shaped jaw, good looking but quite undistinctive in any feature. He dressed simply, a long leather trench coat covering jeans and a t-shirt, his shirt black in color save for the large smiley face across his chest, and he still wore his hiking boots, fresh swamp mud on the toes.
He took several steps from the portal, glancing around with a low whistle of interest, before turning to glance back at the portal as a young blonde woman stepped through it, her face bright red and flustered as she adjusted her clothing, grumbling and avoiding eye contact with the man. She dressed in bright colors, a vest and shirt, light pink, with white boots and a knee length skirt she was now regretting, her silver chain with charms on it still hanging around her hips.
"That's the second time! This better not keep happening!" The girl huffed annoyed at the man.
"Quite odd indeed, you must just have bad luck." The man responded with a shrug.
"Bad luck my ass!" She grumbled as she walked past him, as the third member of their party finished coming through the portal. This one was dressed in what one could only call ancient roman armor, although the materials of his armor were far different than anything we would know, the colors of the cloth and paint were clearly a jade green, as he was until just an hour ago, a guard to the Jade Empress.
"What does she mean, second time," he asked annoyed, glaring at the first man.
"Don't worry about." The first man responded as he turned to head deeper into the strange new city.
The second man shook his head, and hurried to catch up with the young woman. "I'm sorry I let that happen, I should have been focused, but this friend of yours is beyond frustrating!" He said exasperated.
She stopped, and turned to kiss him on the cheek, bringing a small smile to his face. "It's alright, at least you hurried to cut me loose, while he just wanted to watch!" She said as she once more glared at the man in the coat.
He however, was already quite a ways ahead, staring around at the strange city temple, amazing at the intricacy of it all. "Amazing! Simply Amazing! Is this stone? Metal? I've never felt anything like it. And the walls! The circuitry is built right in! Absolutely incredible!"
"Is he always like this?" The man asked the young woman.
"No idea, yours was the first planet we visited together. I'm just as confused as you are." she replied, the two of them hurrying to catch up.
"You know," He said as the two caught up to him, "You'd think there'd be people around, the gate was situated in a clear and open location, there would certainly be someone attending to new travelers, but it's so eerily quite this place must have been abandoned a long time ago, and yet, not a speck of dust." He said, grinning ear to ear. "How perplexing."
The city stretched out for miles, the architecture insinuating it was all built at once, the black walls seemed to be solid pieces except for the exposed circuitry and lights, which seemed to mostly be an aesthetic choice of the ancient builders. It was designed much like the ancient temples we've seen, but far more hi-tech than anything you or I have seen. Some buildings were square pyramids while others were straight and reached for the skies, there was hardly a pointed roof to be found. Even the roads seemed to be of the same materials, and there wasn't a single seem to be found, as if it was all just one solid piece of stone or metal, shaped into a single connected city. Only the doors seemed to be made of a separate piece, with so obvious way of opening them, and the windows were too dark to see through, at least to those outside.
The trio wandered for nearly an hour as the Traveler marveled and rambled about this ancient place, a fire ignited in the archeologist blood his parents birthed him with, his excitement of discovering such a place was palpable in the cool day's air.
"So what do think this place was?" The girl asked.
"And what do you think happened to everyone? There's no signs of bodies or... anything... anywhere." The guardian added.
"Great questions that I have no answers to! The Traveler responded excitedly. "My only guess is some strangle aliens may have come down and consumed all organic life, including the bones, and then simply left. I wonder if it's worth exploring the rest of the planet, there's always a chance life continues elsewhere, but this sure is strange."

So, I came up with the idea of this ancient city, aaaages ago and, honestly. I STILL have nothing. NO IDEA what to do with this part of the story. What do they find? I don't know. maybe some useful tech.
SPOILERS! theres no life in the city so nothing to fight, or anything like that. Mostly just an adventure of archeology and learning about some ancient civilization. Don't know what to do with that though. So I may skip ahead to another planned idea, the reveal of his immortality to these two.
The Traveler isn't always very forthcoming with imformation.
The question is, between this adventure and that one, how many places should they have visited? HMMMM. could always do the doctor who thing and fill those in later. *shrugs*
I think I'll just do snippets here, I miss writing but it's so hard to focus.
I often get a lot of my inspirations just from a picture of a nice lady. Some well drawn scene, pictures in general. And the traveler is an immortal, a man who will live for a very, very, very, veeery long time. His story is one of many immortals, many different kinds. And since he will live for so long and travel so much and meet so many people, he will have many loves. But to this day, I have only three absolute romances in his life.
In no yet to be defined order, there is the fellow archeologist, a woman he meets who discovers an ancient artifact that summons an insane storm and was buried by the ancient civilization who created it. A storm hits, they find shelter in an old log cabin, and keep each other warm by what little fire they have. They solve the issue, he invites her to leave, she settles her affairs, and they go on for a long time until an ancient temple offers her the job of a life time. They were passionate lovers and still see each other once every few decades but their lives went separate ways.
Before her I thought of a dangerous playmate. He fights the Aetherem, an evil empire that conquers across the galaxy unknown to the Galactic Defense until he raises alarm. Led by a powerful group of people, each leading their own empire, they are dangerous immortals with fearsome powers who use the gates and spaceships to conquer distant lands. One particular empress attempts to seduce him know how powerful he seems to be, but he turns the tables on her and her people are ready to kill her for all she's done. However he finds her to be one of the most beautiful women he's ever seen and he's been around for awhile. So he gives her an ultimatum, stay and die, or come with him and do as he says for no less than fifty years, and he will spare her. All this in a curious attempt if he can teach one of the evilest of the Aetherem to do good and give up her old ways. I never decided where this one would end.
Finally there is I think one of the most fitting companions of all for him, although that's hard to argue against the fellow archeologist, she just seems so right. I have thought of this one the least, but this woman here makes me think of 1970s London, doctor who. I don't know much about her, I'll have to explore the character more, but they meet in an old town on a distant planet where she lives in a city uncannily like classic Beatles era 1970ish London, as far as my silly American brain can understand it.
(I really really hate how this scene played out. it just feels so awkward and forced, like the character is trying too hard to be silly. 90% of the time he writes himself and I love it, but this.... The over all idea is fine, Him sitting out in the rain where he sits every day, waiting for her to pass by, that's fine. But how he approaches her and asks her out and the dialogue, it's just so painfully awkward.)
(I don't know if I'll ever rewrite it but, meh. I just wanted to make it as public as this story that I'm not proud of this scene, at all.)
(I do like the mystery of the moved dirt hill though. )
It was simply a rainy day, much like any other day in this city, or so one would assume. There was no reason to expect otherwise. Christine was out on the town on her day off, umbrella out as she walked past that same cafe shop she walked past every day. Hardly anyone was sitting outside, and those who were were under the awning, except for one man, that strange peculiar man. He was there every single day at the same time, reading the newspaper and sipping at his white 'chocolate' chai tea, every time she walked past. She didn't know how long he had been doing this, but she had first noticed him a month ago when he smiled and waved at her, sending a peculiar feeling through her. She had hardly spoken to him, but he had claimed he was simply on vacation, and was not working anywhere in the city. How nice must that be to be able to afford a month's vacation or longer. He always struck her as strange, but this? Sitting in the rain with a soggy newspaper? Sure it was simply a light sprinkle, this was no downpour today, but every time it had rained before he had been under the awning.
She had nothing else going on, so with a shrug she walked over to confront this crazy man. "Are you daft? it's raining out!" She exclaimed as he was sipping his tea.
The man looked up, and smiled. "Ah, Christine! You look lovely as ever! I was hoping you'd pass by today!"
"What? I pass by every day. I always see you on my morning walk to work, why would today be any different?" She was visibly confused.
He simply smiled, and stood up, pulling coinage from his pocket as he finished his tea and placed it on saucer with the cup. With a swift motion he shook his coat, knocking most of the rain off of it, and bowed slightly to her. "If you do not mind, I'd like to accompany you on your walk."
Christine blushed slightly, this was a first. "Well, I..." She stuttered, suddenly feeling shy. "I'm not working today so I suppose that would be fine... But I don't even know your name good sir!"
"Ah, yes. A name. Name's are important aren't they?" He said, and looked to think for a moment. "I suppose you could call me Hartnell... Hmm, that seems a bit old though, does it not. Perhaps.... Yes. Tom. You may call me Tom, or Thomas, if you prefer, your people do seem quite posh and British after all."
Christine looked at this man like he had two heads, what was he going on about? Was he mad? Touched in the head? She shook her head and nodded. "So your name is Thomas Hartnell?" She asked.
"Well, yes, but actually no. It's complicated. I forsake my name a long time ago, complicated, messy business you see. Those days are behind me now. So Tom will do." He said, his face still bearing that friendly smile but his eyes, his eyes showed an old pain that betrayed him.
Christine was starting to wonder if this man was safe, but he seemed so genuine in his mad ramblings, why not take a chance. "Alright, well, Thomas..." She said, and started to walk. "You may accompany me, but no funny business understand?"
Thomas smiled big as she gave him permission, and followed after her, hopping over the small fence with one hand on it as she walked out the game. "My dear lady, I would sooner die than allow any harm to come to you, I certainly would never bring it myself!" He said, walking alongside her, just slightly under her clear umbrella.
"So, what then do I owe for this sudden desire for my company? You have hardly said a word to me before."
"Are you an inquisitive mind? I have recently learned of a cave near hear, under the Rolling Hills. I think there's something really cool buried deep under ground here, and it would explain why the dirt doesn't match the rest of the area but it does the lake near the other city."
"But that hill has been there since before this city was founded! That's a lot of dirt to have been moved so far!" Christine responded curious at his discovery, what indeed could be hidden under there?
"Yes, fascinating isn't it? Surely there's a reason why they dug out all that dirt, certainly it wasn't just to bury something, certainly they wouldn't have carried so much to build a hill as well." His eyes twinkled with excitement, there was nothing he enjoyed more than discovering secrets and locations, especially secret locations!

[I shall take a break here and come back to it, now that I've set these two up. I expect a long and lasting relationship with these two. I feel she should be his final love, the one he settles down with, so to speak.]


"So then, where are you from?" Christine asked as they walked down the old street. Here she was trusting this strange and bizarre man and she knew nothing about him, all he had given her was a false name and the knowledge that he was not from around here.
"Not anywhere you would have heard of." He answered swiftly, his eyes off in the distance as he kept constant note of his surroundings.
"Try me." she asked again, leaning forward as she quickened her step to get a good look at this face.
"... Offworld. I don't talk about. it" He said quickly, glancing off away from her as he tactically avoided eye contact.
"Why not?" She asked again, raising an eyebrow as she moved to step further ahead.
"... You know, these trees are rather interesting," He said pointing at the ones at the edge of the city, "Did you know that they *insert fun fact about color or smell or squirrels here*?" He said, attempting to change the subject to dodge the question, one he would never answer.
"You're avoiding the question. Why?" She asked, stepping in front of him only for him to swiftly move around her as if she needn't have even tried.
"Keep pressing." He said coldly, "And I wont show you the cave."
"Fine." Christine said, rolling her eyes. "Keep your secrets... Old man..." She added, and hurried to catch up after him.


Bodies pressed hard against the wall, his hot breath heavy on her neck as she held onto his coat, pulling him close. A hand slid down her stomach, reaching for the top of her pants and with a snap, the button popped open. There was no waiting for the zipper, it was already going down and even before that was down there was a yank on her pants. Just enough for deft fingers to slide over her lacy panties, eager fings finding and stroking her aching flower, they teasingly stroked her petals before sliding up and finding that glorious spot. A gasp was elicited from her quivering lips, soon followed by a growl. The hungry lips that nibbled at her neck were pulled to meet hers and a dance of tongues was performed, an insatiable hunger of two people who had gone far too long without.


"Two thousand?! Did I hear you right? Two thousand?! You can't be serious! There's no way you're that old!" Christine gasped in shock at the man next to her, the both of them covered by nothing but a thin white sheet after a very passionate night.
"Older really, probably by nearly a century, I try not to keep track." He said nonchalantly.
"That's impossible, you barely look thirty!" She gasped, and playfully pushed his shoulder.
He laughed, and nodded. "Why thank you, you're too kind." He said, and moved in to kiss her softly on the lips.
Christine returned in kind, and smiled at him. "And why would an ancient being such as yourself find interest in someone as simple as me?" She asked him, curious why her of all people.
"You're pretty, and comfortable." He said, and rested his head on her shoulder, looking up at the ceiling. "I've tamed a crazy empress, a wild and evil woman. After her, nothing gets as exciting." He said listfully. "My whole life is nothing but excitement. Always some danger, some kind of threat. That's not what I want in a lover." He said and sat up, gazing into her eyes. "You're like the comfort of home, but you still stand out from the crowd. You have spunk but you live a quiet life. It makes it hard for me to decide. Should I bring you with me? Can I do that to you?"
"Bring me with you? What, through the gate? To alien worlds?"
"Yes. I can't stay here forever."
"I... I don't know..."
He put his finger to her lips and shook his head. "Not tonight. Not tomorrow. I will give you years to think about it. I told you, I'm on vacation. There's something about this town that just feels... Right." He said.
She smiled, and scooted close to him and rested her head on his shoulder. "Okay."
He smiled, and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Okay."
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