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Brief encounters - with my husband's best friend

Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
"Brett's just been telling me he's always fancied you."

That was Craig, my husband. Brett, his best mate, had arrived while I was taking a shower, a post-coital shower as it happens. Craig had grabbed me for a quickie when I came in from work. A quickie that became a marathon. A marathon that left me in need of a good wash. Which is why I was wearing only a bathrobe and a towel around my wet hair.

"Really?" I assumed Craig was joking.

"Craig." The way Brett hissed my husband's name told me this had not been a joke. It was a warning not to say any more. But Craig did not listen.

"He says your buttocks look like two Sumo wrestlers in a sack."

"Not very original," I was trying to move the conversation on. He has a point, though, I have got a big ass.

"Why not have a go now, Brett. I don't mind; she drained my balls just before you arrived."

"Craig." It was my turn to hiss a warning that he should change the subject.

"Are you serious?" I could hear the thrill in Brett's voice. "Really, you don't mind?"

"Sure, you two get on with it. I'll just watch, if you don't mind. Who knows, buddy, I may be able to give you a few pointers."

"Hang on," I protested, "don't I get a vote here?"

But it was too late. Brett was already on his feet and pulling at my robe. It fell open, exposing an untidy patch of pubes.

"Fuck," Brett was almost salivating at the sight, "you never told me about this, mate."

Which made me wonder just what Craig had told Brett.

But there was no time to wonder, because Brett was pushing the robe over my shoulders.

"God look at those melons." His hands were groping my breasts. "I've always wanted to get my hands on these, ever since I saw you in that sun dress last year."

I only wore the dress once. It got ripped when Craig couldn't contain himself any longer.

"Come on, Brett, let the lady see what you've got, get your kit off." Craig was beginning to direct proceedings from the touch line.

I'd seen Brett a lot, but mostly he had been stretched out on our sofa, watching a game on our TV and drinking our beer. I could not suppress the gasp when his t-shirt came off.

"You never told me about this, Craig," I echoed Brett's words from earlier. "How could you keep your hands off this when you're sharing a shower?" I ran my fingers through the thick black hair on Brett's chest and traced the black line over his paunch and down to his belt.

Craig went red in the face, but Brett grinned and clamped his hands on my ass, pulling my body against his. "You like that, do you. A real man's chest, not like Craig's?"

I could almost hear the steam coming out of my husband's ears, but this had been his idea, so he had only himself to blame.

"Yeah," I purred, "a real man's chest, but what about the rest? What have you got down here?" My hands pushed between us and rubbed his crotch. He immediately began to unbuckle and push down his jeans to reveal a cock unfolding itself from a forest of black hair that covered his belly.

"Well," I was speaking to Brett but knowing Craig would hear, "this is something else Craig has kept quiet about." I took his cock in my hand and felt it twitch and grow as I pulled hard on it.

"Careful, lady, careful, give me a chance." It sounded like Brett wouldn't be lasting long. Now that was something I couldn't fault Craig for; he could go on indefinitely, too long sometimes.

"You want to fuck my ass?" I probably knew the answer. "A big ass deserves a big cock."

Brett spun me round and pushed me against the back of the sofa, which left me facing my husband as his best friend rubbed his cock along my crack. I held his eyes as I spoke to Brett.

"Take it easy at first. I'm not used to anything that big. Take it easy. That's it. Is it too tight for you – Craig can fetch some lube if you need it." But Brett didn't need any lube. "How does it feel?" I prompted Brett to add to the commentary. "Tight," he offered, "hot and tight. Oh fuck, so fucking tight. What about you, how is it for you?" he gasped as he began pumping me. "The best thing," I watched my husband as I answered, "the best-of-all thing is that I can feel something. With Craig, it's just like he's got a finger up there." My comparison spurred Brett on and he was soon building up his speed and the power of his thrusts, so much so that he was almost pushing me over the back of the sofa. My tits were hanging and swinging and swaying, and Craig's eyes were swivelling around as he watched them, maybe taking his mind off what was going on behind me.

Truth was, I was getting bored. Anal is OK for a bit of fun, but it doesn't get me off. There's only one sure-fire way to get me rocking and that's with a cock throbbing inside me.

"Hey, big boy, time to swap around so I can see that magnificent chest of yours."

He obeyed immediately . I like that in a man, instant obedience – and I rolled over onto the sofa, landing on my back with my legs spread wide. Brett climbed between them, but then paused.

"Something wrong, lover?"

"It's, well, the thing is, I didn't come prepared for this. Do you have any condoms?" He blurted it out at last.

We didn't. Why would we need them? But I appreciated his courtesy.

"I don't think we need to worry about that, do we, Craig?" I spoke to my husband, but my eyes were on Brett. "We all friends, after all."

Brett's face lit up. "Really? You're sure this is OK. Bareback, I mean."

As he manoeuvred between my thighs, Craig spoke up. "You'll find it rather soggy in there, buddy. I'd have mopped up afterwards if I'd known you were coming."

If Brett noticed, he didn't comment, just slid right on it as I reached up and stroked his chest, twisting and pinching his nipples. There was no way I was going to cum, certainly not before Brett, but I put on a show for his benefit, and Craig's of course.

"God, Craig, you should feel his balls. They're so heavy; they're banging my ass. He's got a massive load onboard. Want to come and feel them?"

Craig said something, but it was pretty indistinct.

"Come on, Brett, let the bitch have it. Fill her up with that thick rich cum. Flood me out, come on, come on."

And he duly obliged. Huffing and puffing, with a long groan. I thought he was going to punch the air when he'd done. Instead he hovered over me, with a broad grin on his face. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him down to give him a long kiss.

"I'll get us some beers." I saw Craig out of the corner of my eye, shuffling off to the fridge. When he came back, Brett and I were still kissing.

"Thanks, that was really great," Brett and I had broken apart now and he had taken his first slug of beer.

"My pleasure," I told him, "any time. That's right isn't it, Craig?"

But it seemed that Craig did not hear me. He looked lost in his own thoughts.
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