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Having abilities sucks!


Her Hades.
Mar 30, 2020
The underworld

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In May of 1991, the first extra human was born. His name was Steve and he was born ... with wings. It was later discovered that he wasn't the first extra human being that was born but only the first where it was discovered directly at birth that he was different. Each of the so called extra humans were born in 1991, not one person in previous years or the years after ever had any ability. Until today, it has not been found out how these extra abilitys came to be or how they could be reproduced. As if nature one year decided to play a prank on humanity and at the end of the year nature had enough fun and decided to stop.

Over the following years, more people that were born in 1991 were recognised as so called extra humans or how persons with unusual abilities later were called, Extras. Some abilities were visible right after the birth of the baby but most were discovered months or years later. From all of those that were discovered, only a few survived due to the inability to control their ability or overestimating their ability. Those few that survived either had abilitys that didn't put them at risk or because they were lucky, like it was in the case of Paul.

Paul figured out that he was a extra human at the age of eleven. His friend, Scott, had been cornered by four guys from his school which were about to beat him when Paul felt that Scott was in danger. The feeling only lasted a short moment. One moment he was sitting at home, doing his homework and in the next moment he is next to Scott, facing the four guys. Sadly, having an ability doesn't mean to be invulnerable. After a short moment of confusion, the four guys beat up Scott and Paul, took the money from Scott and left. Scott and Paul returned home after the incident, both hurt and confused about what just happened.

Paul finally discovered that he is one of the so called EXTRAS, those that were born in 1991 and have a special ability.
20 years later

Paul closed the programm he used for work and opened his counseling programm, his only human connection that he had left. The monitor turned black and he heard the familiar mechanical voice coming from the speakers of his computer.

''Hey Paul, how are you doing today?'' He rolled his eyes, annoyed from the same question that he had heard over and over again for more than ten years and to which he replied always the same since he had cut all contact with the people he knew in the past.

''Wonderful, I am doing the same thing over and over again, day by day. I wake up, work out, do my job, cook something, watch some bullshit on TV and then go for a late night run when the streets and parks are dark and empty. Once I am back home, I shower and then go to bed, looking forward to do the same tomorrow again.'' he replied in a most sarcastic tone. He hated this counseling sessions as much as he was looking forward to them. It was his last contact to any human being that went beyond a simple 'Hello' or 'One coffee please with some milk'. He didn't knew the person on the other side of the monitor, never saw them and never heard their real voice. It was necessary. Knowing someone or caring for anyone else was dangerous for him.

''You know that you have no other choice Paul. If you like it to be alive, then you need to isolate yourself. Would you like to play a round of chess and tell me how your new project at work is progressing?'' ... ... *you have no other choice* ... *if you like it to be alive* ... But could this situation even be described as being alive? In the recent months the thought crossed his mind more and more often. He knew how dangerous it was to get in contact with people, to get to know them, to care about them, maybe even to love them. He will never forget how he met this girl online, befriended her and then woke up one night when he felt that she was in danger. A second later he found himself in her room, wearing only his pyjamas and saw how her stepdad took his belt of his jeans and began to hit her with it. His sudden appearance gave him the moment of confusion that he needed and this time he striked first, knocking the older guy out. After that, everything went downhill. Vanessa, the girl he got to know online looked at him for a moment, first relieved but then shocked before she began to scream. He ran out of her house and found himself in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenia. A 19 year old guy, only having his pyjama on him at the complete other end of the world ... ... fuck.

''No, I am not in a mood for a game of chess today. To be honest, I am not even really in the mood to talk today.'' Leaning back in his chair, he starred at the ceiling. ''A grey day today?'' asked the voice from the speakers, referring to their colour system that they had implemented for Paul to keep track of his mood. ''Yeah, very gray. If you don't have something that you want to bring up, then I would like to cancel our meeting today.'' For a moment the speakers were silent before the mechanical voice replied. ''Okay, take good care of yourself. Til next week.'' His monitor showed his desktop again, signaling that the call was over.

Still starring at the ceiling, he moved his fingers along the short stubble in his face, thinking about if this was really all he could hope for in his life. A life without of any real human interaction? Is that all he could hope for? Standing up from his chair, he walked to the kitchen where he began to cook himself a meal.
The night was still young and refreshingly cool when Paul left the woods and ran along the small river while he listened to Van Halen's 'Why can't this be love'. The sound of a voice carried over to him just when the song finished and made him stop. When he pulled his earbuds out, he heard the voice again. ''No, I don't want that. Stop it Dan.'' The voice came from a nearby restaurant and Paul began to run towards the sound of the voice.

Once he arrived, he saw a guy that had trapped a girl between him and a car. Taking big steps towards them, he saw how she pushed the guy away and turned to the side before she made a few steps and crashed into Paul. He felt her soft body against his own while his eyes remained on the guy that had his back to him and was at least two heads smaller than Paul. Instinctively his right hand moved to her upper back, holding her against him, shielding her. ''Leave her alone.'' said Paul in his deep voice.

''And who the fuck do you think ...'' the guy stopped mid sentence after he had fully turned around and looked up to Paul. Swallowing hard, he made a step backwards when he looked for a second into the most stern eyes.

''Get lost.'' was all that Paul said before he saw the guy quickly jump into his car and drive away. A moment later he looked down on him and saw a pair of big green eyes that starred at him while he pulled his right hand back. ''Are you okay?'' he asked, the tone of his voice softer now and saw the girl nod slowly. ''Then I guess that you should let go of me.'' A smirk crossed his lips when he saw her realise that she had her arms around him, holding herself against him.

Taking a deep breath, Paul watched her take a step back. His eyes wandered along her body and he swallowed hard as his eyes crossed for a short moment her lavish cleavage. Her clothes were in place and there were no visible marks or bruises on her, which was good. Seems like he showed up early enough. ''Do you have a way to get home safely?'' Her eyes shyly looked up into his while she reached out with her fingers and played with her curly hair. ''Ehm ... yes. My car is right there.'' she replied and pointed to a black small car that had racing stripes on it which made him smirk. ''Good''
A day later

*God damn wannabe doms!* Would be her usual thought after what happened yesterday with this idiot Dan. Calls himself a dom on the dating app and thinks that he can do with a submissive girl whatever he wants. But somehow her frustration was not really that big this time. Not only because Dan wasn't the first Wannabe Dom she had met recently, it was much more because of him, Mr. way too tall. Ann smirked at the name and remembered how she looked up at him and saw the most stern eyes she had ever seen before she also saw a gentleness in them when he looked at her. The thing she remembered the most was also the one that made her wonder, how she felt so safe and protected right away when Mr. way too tall placed his hand on her back. But why? Why did she not feel trapped and instead the way she did with a total stranger after no guy in her recent past could make her feel this way? Remembering the moment from yesterday, a soft smile crossed her lips. Mr. Tree would be a good name as well.

But why did he have to leave so fast? As soon as she told him that her car was close, he turned around and jogged away. She couldn't even thank him properly or ask for his name. And she really wanted to. Not that she really needed his help, she could have introduced her knees to Dan's balls with no problem but she was still glad that he showed up, that he wasn't one of those that saw something bad happening and ignored it. This guy ... he was different from the guys she dated recently. This no bullshit area that he had around him gave him this certain kind of attitude. And when he then had looked at her ...

She couldn't help herself but to imagine how she would push his buttons just to get a reaction out of him. She imagined how he would pin her down on the bed or maybe rather against a wall, how his big hands would knead ... ... Ann shook her head, stopping that daydream. He was obviously not interested in her, probably didn't like her curves or her curls or whatever else it was that she heard in the past when another guy had ditched her.

Ann thought back to the moment when he looked her over, remembered his eyes, his lips and his throat. Due to her excellent memory, she could recall that moment as clear as if it just happened. She remembered his eyes that stayed for a moment longer than necessary on her breasts and how he swallowed hard. His reaction to what he saw didn't gave her the impression that he didn't liked what he saw. But why has he then just left?
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