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Brief encounters - with the fellow guest

Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
'It's getting chilly,' I whispered in my husband's ear, 'I'll just fetch my jacket.'

He handed me the key to our room and I set off into the hotel.

The signs were confusing and I took a wrong turn and found myself outside room 1694 instead of 1649. I had only just realised why the key wouldn't work when the door opened.

The man standing there was dressed in grey slacks and a light blue shirt. His eyes flicked over me, checking me out, even someone who had never been with another man since I had first dated by husband could tell he was stripping me.

I was about to apologise and leave when he reached out and drew me into the room. I didn't resist. Within seconds, he had guided me to the bed and was unbuckling his belt. I lay back, pulled up my skirt and pushed my panties aside. He took me, no preliminaries, just mounted me, riding hard. He didn't last long, neither did I.

I collected my jacket and we went downstairs together. That was his idea.

'No one will be suspicious if we are open about being together,' he'd said

He had obviously done this before and he was right.

We walked into the garden and no one paid us any attention. He went his way and I walked over to my husband. I was sure he would want to know what had taken so long, but he never mentioned it.
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