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Becoming His


Fallen From Grace
Feb 18, 2020
Kicked out of Eden
Astraya Rivera, Age 19, height, weight, physical description and the picture of her looking desperate and afraid. Letting out a frustrated laugh he looked at his Chief in the eyes, "Are you kidding me? You may as well stick me at a fucking desk!" He had been working the case for some girls caught up in human trafficking, the only one they managed to pull from the fire was a spanish girl who was spitting and biting like a feral animal. Now he had somehow been chosen to pick the girl with the most trama as a punishment.

In a show of rage he stormed out, the girl was sitting with a female officer and seemed to have calmed down enough to act human. He made a disgusted face and turned towards the exit for the garage. Behind he left his badge and gun in the center of the desk.

Sliding into his raven colored truck, Jason turned over his engine but he waited for the three taps to the driver door. He pressed the window button down and a small mouse looking woman grimbles, “She will arrive in three days. Please take her information and things with you. When she arrives you will take her to get things she needs. Thank you for your help in this matter.”

“This really is bullshit.” He knew that it didn’t matter what he said but still, he said what he needed before peeling out of the parking complex. The next thing he had to do would be the hardest, he would need to call Samantha.

The phone rang once and she answered, “Hello Master, how may I be of service?” She was flirting with him and he knew that typically he would entertain her playful tone.

“Our time has come to an end. Thank you for your devotion.” He sounded cold and almost cruel. The phone like went to dead silence and he almost disconnected.

“Have I done something wrong?” Her voice was shaky and it was clear she was holding back sobs.

“Not at all pet. I told you from the start, I do not have the ability to stay for long periods of time because of my work. You have been wonderful.” He meant everything he said to her. He did not care often for his play things but Sam was a sweet girl. He knew from the start, she needed more than he would ever give. She told him that she would be alright with that but he had known better.

“I understand. If anything should change I would..” she started but Jason intervened.

“It won’t. Goodbye pet.” He heard her start to bargain but then he disconnected the call. Growling he smacked the heel of his left palm against the steering wheel. Two and a half hour drive. Taking a deep breath he fought the urge to call her back.

To be continued…
The trip was long, tiring, but at least this time she was able to see out the windows. Not like when she was in that crate. Her heart began to race and her eyes shut tight. Five things I can control she thought the words in her mind over and over, Opening my eyes, that is one. Tapping my finger tips, that is number two. She paused unable to think of three more. Her thoughts were a mess so she used the two things she had managed to think of. The tightly shut lids released fluttering over the honey color of her eyes. Fake contacts which were used to hide the beauty of her real color. Even that was covered up, so few had her eye color, skin, and hair combination that it was pretty clear why they tried to normalize her. Would it always be like that? Even when they got to the safe house there was no guarantee she would ever look like she did. Before the kidnapping, before the grooming, the forced....

Swallowing back the bile, which threatened her fresh pajamas with its appearance, she decided to use another strategy which the therapists had been trying over the last several months. It was almost like I SPY, pick a color. It was fall so plenty filled the trees yet she landed on red. Red on an I Heart NY sticker on the back of a sports car which passed them. Then a minivan a few minutes later with a family sticker with a mickey and mini style characters. Three girls with red mini ears with a bow and two black mickey ears. Wow a big family. She wondered if they knew how lucky they were to have siblings. Not likely, everyone took siblings for granted.

A half an hour went by with this game and the honey colored eyes were now covered with the heavy caramel skin of her eyelids. Her creamy complexion was not what it once was. Dry from dehydration and lacking pigment in some areas from being malnourished with little to no exposure to light. Her dreams were always plagued with darkness. Always. They used to be filled with the men she liked to flirt with at clubs, and normal teen age hormone type things but after they took her there was no desire to be touched. A memory that presented as a dream continually was when they got her out of the storage crate.

Thinking this was a trick she bit into the flesh of the nearest body part she could find on someone. That and the way she clawed at the poor guy who was trying to help her, all the cops had been talking about her and that terrible moment. They thought she was feral, or perhaps insane. That made it hard to get out of a treatment center, but there she was. On the long road to her new house... that was a joke.

The car stopped and the movement made her startle a bit, it was pitch black and the officer with her got out of the car and locked the doors with her inside. Panic began to bubble up and then the front door of the large farm house opened. The man who answered was so pale he was almost neon in the darkness. Dark... Man.. Trapped... She could hear screaming. Who was screaming? Why was her hand hurting, blood... Blood was on the window. The officer and the man were looking her way they were getting closer. Was it getting darker? The man was yelling, he was angry.

The blackness came again....

To Be Continued.....
Pounding came to his front door. It was not time for him to get up, he was exhausted. The pounding became louder and he glanced at his phone, " Four in the fucking morning!" He had not been enjoying his dream but at least he was sleeping. Now he was never going to get rest again with a girl in his care. His sexual alignment always made being the protector easy. He always found purpose in this, but with something like this it was different. He would be more like a prisoner in his own house. Well his grandmother's house. The point stood firmly in his mind. If they thought for a moment that he would bow down to this girl there was another thing coming.

Another round of pounding on the door and he stood to pull on the running pants he had from the academy. They were comfortable and had the word police down one leg, Another pounding on the door made him ignore the shirt he hand laid out under the pants. Throwing open the door he let out an annoyed hello. "Officer Jason Robertson?"

"No the damn Easter Bunny." He was rude to them. Few people knew him as anything more than a hot headed annoyance but he was very good at his job.

"Cute." The female officer said brushing his comment to the side. "I am here to transfer care of Astrid."

"For fuck sake, can't even read her name off the paper rook? Astraya. Her name is...." Screaming. She was screaming. He brushed past the female officer and made it to the car in time to see the young lady in the back faint.

“Open the car.” He barked the order at the officer between gritted teeth. The woman did what she was told and he yanked the door open moving quickly to get her out of the car. Her down was limp but she was breathing and her heart rate was good. His hands felt so large and rough compared to the delicate flesh of her neck.

He dismissed the other officer and adjusted Astraya on him like she was a toddler he needed to put to bed. Spreading her legs over his waist and using one of his long arms under her backside to keep her secure he carried her like a koala. Bringing her inside was easy enough and he could feel her breathing.

Slowly he lowered himself onto the dark grey microfiber of his recliner and laid back pulling the plush tan blanket her had specially made for his height over the both of them. It was not long before sleep pulled him in and he fell into rest mode.

Seeing pain woke him before the first rays of the morning could. He had been asleep less than an hour and he felt his skin tear and a warm stinging on the inner side of his left forearm. Before he could even get himself in check his right hand was buried in the tangled mess of curls and he was growling.

“Release.” He said the command like it was in his nature but she bit harder. A primal instinct in him took over and Jason yanked her head to the side and bit into her. The space where her neck and shoulder met was enough of a pain source that it made her gasp and yelp. The act was against any protocols but when she released him he was bleeding.

“Son of a…” He tossed her down with the blanket and left her there to clean his wound.
When Jason came back to the room she was wrapped in the blanket rocking back and fourth. He brought her a circular ice pack with frozen gel beads inside, it was made to simulate peas. “Put this on your neck.” But she did not respond and that only made him take a deep steady breath.

He was not a fan of being disobeyed. Kneeling down he lowered to her level and guided her head to the side placing the ice pack. “Look, I get you have been through a lot. I get that you may not even want to be here.” He hated trying to comfort people. He was bad at it, but he continued, “Those are the breaks though kid.”

Astraya flinched when the cold hit her but she still did not speak and her pulse was going too quickly. When he turned to her with the ice pack and put it on her. She smacked his hand away but he gripped her wrist and growled through his teeth. He had about enough of her behavior in the last several moments. “Listen here princess. You are here to be protected, that’s it. That is my job. To keep you safe. You will do as I say and we will get to the end of this. Then you never have to deal with me again, until then you will respect me. And you will not be hitting or biting me.”

He got up and started going up the steps towards the hall way which was dark from how late it was, “I am going to bed. Try not to kill yourself. You can figure out which room is yours when you are done being a brat.” The dark hallway engulfed him as he disappeared. Dumbfounded Astraya just sat there looking at where he went away to. Could she run away? Could she escape?

Astraya went out the front door and wandered through the acres of land that separated them from the rest of the world. After an hour she walked back to the house chilled to her core. She needed a hot bath. Blankets or something to warm herself. Astraya wandered through the hall until she opened a dark bedroom with an empty bed. It was large and the bed was a four post bed. It was soft and the blankets were warm.

Her eyes fluttered shut and she was nearly asleep when she felt the bed sink on the other side. The scent of cedar and a rich musk so masculine and enticing. Astraya froze as she felt the covers lift and the bed move. Suddenly she felt warmth and his naked body pressed to her. The realization that he was not alone in his bed made him jump and she screamed when she felt his soft member pressing against her ass. She screamed and sat up slapping him.

She went to get out of the bed and he grabbed her forcing her onto her back. His face was inched from her’s and he pinned her there, “You will stop hitting me!” He said the words taking her wrists pinning them. “You were in my bed!”

”I didn’t know!” She said crying out and trying to fight against his strong hold. She bucked her hips trying to get free but that just made him push between her legs and suddenly she was grinding against him. The accidental teasing made him growl again and he got out of the bed leaving the room and slamming the door behind him. This girl was going to be the end of him!

To be continued….
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Searching his clothes in the laundry room he found his sweats and a hoodie from his time in the academy. He needed release. He needed something that would slow the adrenaline and worse the arousal from him feeling her warm soft body against him. He normaly kept himself in line, it was something he was accustomed to when girls were trying to get out of a ticket or any number of legal issues. This was different.

The air outside was freezing and taking in gulps of the early December air made his muscles tighten as he started running. This was not going to go well for very long if he saw her as a woman and not just another number. So he fought through the desire, through the need, and he knew this was not going to be enough. The run would only last so long and his mind was in placed which he could not indulge in.

Astraya couldn’t sleep. She had easily pushed the poor man out of his bed and slapped him on top of that. His body was hard against her, He was thin, his limbs long and tightly formed. His body was amazing and she felt like his hands were made to hold onto her every curve. Swallowing she realized she owed him an apology. Standinng she wrapped herself in the warm grey blanket he kept on the best and she looked for him. When she saw him it was through a window in the back of the house as he prepared for another lap around the ridiculous perimeter around the huge house.

To be continued…..
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