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Joy Ride: A Remake (Contains Snuff)

Jul 7, 2017
One of my new hobbies is remaking movie summaries from Wikipedia:

This one is inspired by:

Joy Ride (2022)

While traveling from Hanford, CA to Colorado Springs, CO to pick up her boyfriend Vince Walker, Lilly Barber takes a detour to Salt Lake City, UT on the way after she learns her sister Felicity has been hospitalized from a work place accident. Having learned she was pranked by her sister, Lilly reluctantly allows Felicity to tag along for the trip. While checking into a motel in Rock Springs, WY, the sisters encounter a irritable businesswoman at the check in desk. Later while having dinner at a diner, the sisters flirt with a truck driver nicknamed Rusty Nail and pretend to be interested in a threesome with him. They give Rusty the irritable businesswoman's motel room number before heading back to the motel after dinner. When Rusty arrives, the sisters overhear an argument and sounds of a scuffle are briefly heard.

The next morning, Lilly and Felicity learn that the businesswoman was found dead in her room with her breasts removed. They pack up and leave the motel without mentioning they know identity of the businesswoman's killer. Back on the road, the sisters argue over their decision to give the wrong room number to Rusty Nail. When Lilly receives a text message, she ignores it because it came from unknown number. Later after stopping at a gas station outside Fort Collins, CO, the sisters see a truck similar to the one being driven by Rusty Nail and drive off in a hurry. They eventually come to a dead end with the truck driver stopping behind their car. The driver turns out to be a kind stranger trying to return items the sisters left behind at the motel.

Believing themselves safe, the sisters arrive in Colorado Springs to pick up, Vince and head back to Salt Lake City to drop Felicity off at home. The sisters tell Vince what happened at the motel and the three drive all night to reach Salt Lake City. When they get to Felicity's house, the sisters head to bed while Vince joins Felicity's husband, Carter for drinks at a neighborhood bar and grill. The two guys decide to prank the sisters and stage their own abduction. Unaware they are being pranked, the sisters are shocked when they receive text messages from the phones of Vince and Carter showing the men tied up and gagged.

Believing it is Rusty Nail whose taken the men, the sisters become scared and consider going to the authorities. Rusty demands they go to a nearby park, strip naked and go skinny dipping in the fountain until they are arrested. The sisters agree and are shocked when a bunch of people show up to film them in the fountain with their cell phones and drones. Embarrassed, the sisters go back to Felicity's house where they receive another demand. This time they are told to go to a neighborhood bar and pick up a stranger to give him a threesome. Again agreeing to the demands, they are shocked when Carter's boss is the man they are asked to pick up.

David, Carter's boss tells the sisters he received a message to wait at the bar for a couple girl's to hit on him and if he slept with them, he'd receive $1,000. The sisters kick him out of Felicity's house after giving him lap dances and blowjobs. He finds $1,000 in his car after being kicked out of the house and goes home very happy. Not sure what to think anymore, the sisters receive a third demand on their phones and drive out to the address they were given. Finding a box, the sisters carefully open it only to discover the breasts of the businesswoman along with the cocks of Vince and Carter inside. Screams are heard as a scuffle ensues, Rusty Nail has got himself a couple new toys for the night.
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