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The Threesome - Tony gets into the swing of things.


Nov 5, 2013
A place in Wales that you can't pronounce
The woman lay on her bed, naked. A gentle breeze blew through the open window and across her chest. Her husband knelt between her thighs, his cock waving. She reached up and pulled him onto her, into her.

When he came, she wrapped her arms and legs around him to hold him close, reassuring him before the evening ahead. She hadn't cum, but he hadn't noticed. He often didn't, but she did not care; this afternoon was about him.

She rubbed his back gently, to sooth him, not to arouse him.

As his breathing settled, he asked her the question he had asked so many time before.

'How did you meet him? Tell me again.'
So Kim told him again, taking care to repeat the story exactly as before.

'We met at the conferences, a couple of months ago. I spotted him at registration. You know I've always been a sucker for guys with curly black hair, and there he was, a few ahead of me in the queue. I didn't get a look at his face then and I tried to find him at coffee but there were too many people milling about, so I waited until we were filing into the main room for the opening session and picked a seat with a view of the room. And there he was, on the other side, just a couple of rows back from me and he was looking straight at me.'

'Did you look away?' Shane knew his wife's answer.

'No, that would have made it obvious I was looking for him, but he didn't look away either.'

'So which of you broke away first.'

'I did, he had the message that I had noticed him. It was up to him now. I don't chase after guys, as you know.'

Shane knew.

'I deliberately avoided him at the coffee break, making sure I always moved away as he approached. Our eyes met just once and he grinned. He knew what I was doing and was happy to play the game. I didn't see him in the queue for lunch, but when I sat down to eat, he immediately sat down next to me, like it was pure chance, which I am sure it wasn't.'

'Who spoke first?'

'He did. But all he said was "Hi" at first, and then just casual stuff like "Are you enjoying the conference?" kind of thing.'

'And that was all?'

'Yeah, we split up into breakouts after that and I didn't see him again until the evening dinner, when I found we were next to each other.'

'By chance or design?'

'I don't know. There was a seating plan, but I don't know if he managed to get it changed. He was attentive at the meal, but didn't monopolise me. It was when we were having coffee that his knee nudged mine. I didn't pull away but didn't respond either. Just let it happen. Then is arm was across the back of my chair. I didn't respond, but didn't move away either.'

'So he was getting the message that you were OK with what he was doing?'

'Yeah. Did he try anything more?'

'Of course. The waiters were clearing the tables and obviously wanted us out, so he suggested a walk. It was a nice evening, so why not. We stayed in the hotel gardens, there were others about, and I kept a little bit away from him. When we stopped to look at the view, he put him arm round my waist. I turned and he pulled me close.'

'And what did he say?'

'Nothing, I didn't give him a chance. I just set out my position.'

'Tell me.'

'Tony, I said, I like you, you know that already, but I don't fuck guys I don't know, and I certainly don't shag at conferences. So if that's what you're after, it's been fun but it's over. On the other hand- And that was it, I didn't get any further, because he kissed me.'

'Was it good?'

'Yes, it was good, but not spectacular. And then he said that he had to leave the next day but could we keep in touch? I said yes and we exchanged numbers. You've seen his sexts. And mine.'

'And then he told you he would be in this area on business and asked to meet up.'

'And I said yes, but why not meet you as well. He didn't understand at first, but then he realised what I was suggesting and he said he'd not done that before, and I said neither had I, but we had talked about.'

'So what time will he be here?'

'Half past five. We can have a drink and some snacks and then move on.'

'Yeah.' He sounded half excited and half nervous.
The sound of tyres crunching on the gravel of the drive brought Kim to the door. She opened it as Tony stepped out of the car, dressed in a white t-shirt, tan shorts and sandals. He stepped forward and kissed her on the cheek, his hands resting on her hips.

'Kim, it's lovely to see you again. You're looking great.'

She was wearing sandal wedges and a white cotton dress. His fingers were searching for any sign of underwear.

'Likewise,' she replied, stepping back to break his hold. 'Come in and meet Shane.'

Shane stepped forward, dressed in grey slacks and a blue shirt. He extended his hand. 'Good to see you, Tony. Kim's been telling me about you.'

The men exchanged a firm shake.

'Good to see you too and thanks for the invite.'

Kim led the way to the lounge and handed out drinks.

'Help yourself to some snacks,' she gestured at the table, 'then we can sit down and get acquainted.'

Tony drew alongside Kim and fondled her ass as he admired the display of food on the table. Shane studiously looked the other way, while his wife moved around the table with Tony following. All three finally made it to their seats, carrying their food and drinks. Shane occupied his favourite chair, and as agreed earlier, Kim led Tony to the sofa where they settled at opposite ends. She curled her legs under her and smiled at both men.

'So,' Tony began as he swallowed the last morsel of his sausage roll, 'when did you guys last do it, have sex, I mean?'

'This afternoon,' Kim told him.

The visitor looked slightly surprised. 'Fine, sure, that's OK by me. Your prerogative, I guess.' Then recovering he continued, 'Looks like that gives me first shot this evening.' He slid along the sofa and began to stroke Kim's thigh under her dress. 'Just checking if you're going commando this evening,' he grinned across at Shane.

'Not so fast,' Kim moved Tony's hand firmly but gently away. 'As the only lady present, I claim first choice. So why don't you guys get your kit off and I can compare what's on offer.'

'OK,' Tony rose to his feet, peeling off his t-shirt to reveal a chest matted with black hair. Kim gasped and Shane's heart sank. His wife had a thing about hairy guys, which he definitely was not. He unbuttoned his shirt and cast it aside; his wife was already acquainted with his body after all.

'Come on, Tony,' Kim's voice was teasing, 'time to show us what you're packing in those shorts.' Tony obliged to reveal a soft cock that just peeked out from more black hair. 'Don't worry,' he grinned, 'it's just waiting for its first view of the hostess.'

Shane turned his back as he removed his trousers, only facing Tony again when he was stark naked. He could not match the visitor's body hair, but these was no need for a ruler to know that his cock was much longer and thicker.

Tony didn't seemed phased.

'May I now be allowed the privilege of seeing my hostess?'

He approached the sofa reaching out to her, but Kim slid from under his arm and stood facing the two men.
Kim backed away from the guys and begin slowly to gyrate, moving her hips to some music that was playing only in her head, twisting, turning, closing her eyes so that she could not see the men watching her.

Occasionally, she would raise her dress, up her thighs, a little higher each time before she let it fall again. occasionally, she would pull her dress low over her tits, a little lower each time before she pulled it up again.

Opening her eyes, she held Tony's gaze as she ran her hands slowly over her body, lingering over her ass, her tits, her crotch.

The rhythm increased, squatting with her thighs spread, bending low so that her dress fell open.

She was watching Tony, reading his reaction to her movements, directing them only at him, as she revealed one tit and then the other, cupping them in her hands, squeezing them, pinching her nipples. Then she spun, turn her back on him, lifting her skirt to reveal first one buttock that another.

Suddenly, the dress was around her ankles, and she turned to face him, letting him see her body as she walked slowly towards him. She glanced down, apparently casually, and looked at his half mast cock. A slow, obvious sideways glance told her that her husband was rock hard and at full mast. Tony did not miss her meaning.

'What's the problem?' she asked as she ran her fingers through his chest hair, 'Don't you like me, Tony? Don't you want me? Do you need me to help you?'

Tony was red in the face.
'Of course, I want you,' Tony's voice was louder than necessary. 'I've wanted you from the moment I saw you at the conference.' His hands reached out and mauled her tits.

'It's just that …' Kim's eyes fell to his cock, which was still only at half mast if that and then across to Shane's that was like a soldier on parade.

Tony's response was to grab her by the ass, pull her close and knead her buttocks, grinding his hips into her.

Kim did not respond.

'What's your game?' Tony pushed back and glared from Kim to Shane and back again. 'What have you done to me? It was the drink wasn't it? You spiked the drink or put something in my food.'

Kim shook her head.

'No, Tony, you haven't been drugged. We all drank from the same bottle – you saw me pour it – and you picked your own food.'

It was true.

'Look, Tony,' her voice was soothing, 'if you're not ready, that fine. We're just here to have some fun, that's all. Shane can come with me first, he's ready, aren't you darling?'

Shane did not need to answer. It was obvious that he was ready.

'No,' Tony's voice was louder than ever, 'no, he's had his turn, I'm going to fuck you.'

'Can you give you a hand, maybe that would help.'

Without waiting for a reply, she took Tony's cock and began to rub it vigorously, as she pulled him backwards towards the sofa. It was soon stiffening and a smile spread over Tony's face.

'Yes, yes, that's it, that's good, I'm ready, let's go.'

Kim was lying on the sofa now, with Tony kneeling between her thighs, but she did not stop. And soon Tony was moaning. 'No, stop, wait, not so fast, no, no, NNNNNNNOOOOOOO.'

He tried to pull away, but it was too late, he had shot his load over Kim's chest.

'Shane,' Kim's voice was urgent, 'quick, I'm ready.'

Shane pushed Tony away and took his place. As he looked down on his wife, there was a broad grin on his face.
Tony could only watch as Shane pumped Kim long and slow, listening to Shane's breathing harder and harder and Kim's moans, which soon turned to groans as she thrashed and called out her husband to finish her quick as he could because she was ready to blow.

When Shane finally pulled out, the dregs of his cum dribbling onto the carpet, Tony was sitting slumped in a chair with his head in his hands.

'Come on, mate,' Shane squatted beside Tony, 'it's only natural you were nervous, especially if it's your first time.'

'I wasn't nervous,' Tony snapped, 'it's that bitch of your wife, she made my cum too soon.'

'Come on,' Shane sounded irritated, 'you can't have it both ways. First you accused her of spiking your drink so you couldn't get hard and now you're accusing her of making you too aroused.'

Tony was shaking his head. 'I'm off,' he suddenly announced, looking round for his clothes.

'No, please,' Kim intervened, 'don't go, we're only just getting started. It's only natural for you to, well, have problems when you saw Shane. But size isn't everything you know.'

Tony pushed her away.

'What are you implying, that I'm not big enough or something? Is that why you invited me, just to let Shane show off?'

'No, that isn't why we invited you, you know why we asked you, because I was attracted to you at the conference and you were attracted to me, remember. Look, why not come upstairs with me, just the two of us, have some fun while we both recover. Come on,' she took him by the hand and led him away.

In the master bedroom, she went around flicking switches so that the room was lit in soft warm light. Only then did she turn to Tony with a serious expression.

'Tony, please believe me, I have not been trying to embarrass you or humiliate you or make you feel impotent or inadequate, nothing like that. I would never to those things to a man, never. I'm not like that. I'm sorry I got a little too aggressive downstairs, but the sight of all that body hair, it's a fetish of mine, I just couldn't restrain myself.' She began running her fingers through his hair, searching out and teasing his nipples. 'Now let's talk about your fetishes. Which position do you prefer? Normal, doggie, anal, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl? Your choice.'

Downstairs, Shane was sprawled on the sofa with the TV, on mute, showing the feed from the camera in the bedroom. He waited for the right moment to make his entrance.
Tony relaxed, mollified by what Kim had said.

'Sorry,' he mumbled, 'guess it's because this is my first time.'

'As a threesome?'

'No, no, I've done threesomes before, but always with two girls. I had no trouble with that, although it was tiring by the end.' He grinned. 'Look, why don't you pick what position you prefer. I'm very flexible.'

Kim didn't reply, but began to stroke Tony's chest, closing her eyes as her fingers played with his matt of hair, burrowing deep and then twisting and pulling at strands. She seemed lost in her own thoughts, as she worked steadily down to his navel and then across his belly. Tony bowed his head and began to nibble at her neck, biting occasionally and eliciting a sharp 'ouch' of pain. His hands roamed over her ass, slapping, gently at first, then when she did not protest harder. Kim pressed against him.

'You like it rough?' He was obviously checking how far he could go.

Kim smiled up at him and nuzzled his neck.

'How rough?'

She dragged her nails down his chest, digging into his skin, snagging at his hair and pulling some out.

'As you rough as you want it.'

'And just how rough is that?'

Her slap caught him across his cheek as the words left his mouth.

He slapped her back, harder, leaving a red mark on her cheek.

She stared at him defiantly.

On the TV screen downstairs, Shane could see Tony's cock, hard and throbbing as he took his wife by the throat and pushed her back onto the bed.
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Kim didn't resist, just lay there with Tony's hand on her throat as he knelt between her thighs. She started defiantly, challenging him.

'Go on,' she finally spoke, 'you know what you want to do, show me what a man you are, give it to me like you would have if I'd let you come to my room at the conference. Like you probably do it to all the woman you pick up, fuck, and then dump.'

'What the fuck are you talking about?' Tony was puzzled, his cock was sagging a bit now.

'I know your type, there is one at every conference, they pick on a woman, make a fuss of her, seduce her and then disappear the next morning. And who knows what happens in the night, because they are too embarrassed to admit it to anyone afterwards.'

'You're talking shit, bitch. Is this part of it, part of the game you like to play? Am I suppose to play along, is that it?'

But Kim didn't answer.

Her gaze was cold now.

Tony let go of her throat, pushed her legs wide, and began slapping his semi-rigid cock on Kim's pussy.

'Hit me again if you want,' Kim's voice was barely a whisper. 'That's what it takes isn't it, to get you hard, to get you off.'

Tony began rubbing his cock furiously.

'That's why you couldn't get hard downstairs,' Kim continued, 'that and…' she let the words drift away.

Tony stopped. 'That and what?' he spat.

'That and seeing a man whose well hung and confident and capable of controlling himself until he satisfies his woman.' This last bit wasn't actually true of Shane, but Tony wouldn't know that.

The backhand came out of nowhere, full force, and caught Kim on the right side of her face. She grunted but didn't protest, just let her eyes drop to where Tony's cock was now stiff as a rod. She was braced for his forehand that hit her left side, but still couldn't suppress a grunt.

But Tony didn't care, he was hard now. He forced Kim back onto the bed, push her thighs wide and sank into her.

'Now,' he lowered his face over hers, 'now I'll show you how a real man fucks.'

Which was when Shane walked in.
Tony didn't hear Shane come in, wasn't aware of his approach, until Shane spoke.

'Mind if I join you, guys?'

'Fuck off and play with yourself,' Tony turned his head in surprise, but Shane was right there behind him.

Shane's hands were on his shoulders now, strong hands, more powerful than Tony would have imagined. Controlling hands. He was trapped between husband and wife.

'Don't be like that, mate,' Shane's hands were massaging Tony's shoulders. 'This is a threesome remember.'

'Not that kind of threesome,' Tony complained, although he knew his words would have no effect, because Shane's hands were now moving around him, stroking his chest, just like Kim had been earlier.

'Don't stop,' Shane whispered, 'Kim was enjoying what you were doing. You two carry on.' His hands were on Tony's belly.

'No, stop this, I'm not like that.' Tony was getting desperate to escape, but Shane's hands were on his hips now and he could feel his cock pressing against his buttocks. Pressing between them.

Tony clenched his buttocks, but Shane's pressure was relentless.

'Wait, stop, let's take some time out here.'

'Ignore him, luv,' Kim spoke for the first time, 'he's enjoying it, I can feel how much harder he's getting.'

Shane did as his wife told him, taking his time, enjoying overcoming Tony's resistance.
Tony's face was puce as he struggled to free himself from the trap the husband and wife had set for him. But his efforts were to no avail. Kim had her legs tight around his waist and Shane's cock had now penetrated deep in his bowel, with his balls banging on the back of his thighs.

'Stop, get the fuck off,' he shouted, trying to throw Shane off his back. But all his efforts just buried Shane more firmly within him. And his squirming was setting Kim off.

'More,' she shouted at her husband, 'more, he's as hard as a rod, God you should feel him. Go on, fuck him, fuck him hard, lover.'

Shane obliged, ramming hard into Tony, pushing him deeper into Kim.

'How do'ya like that, boy,' he whispered in Tony's ear ever time he came close. 'You can do me later, and Kim too if you want, she's always ready for a bit of anal.'

'NO, NO,' Tony was shouting now. 'NO, I can't take any more. Just let me go.'

'Let you go?' Kim was laughing in his face.

'No way, we've only just getting started,' Shane was taunting him from behind. 'Just don't cum yet, because Kim's not ready and you've let her down once already. You hold on till she tells you, OK?'

The worst of it, Tony had to admit, was that this was the most fucking arousing experience of his entire life. But no way was he going to admit this, not to anyone, ever.
'His cock is throbbing,' Kim announced, slightly breathless from thrusting her hips upwards to swallow Tony's cock.

'His ass is tight and hot,' Shane retorted. 'He's got a tight grip on my cock, like he doesn't want to let it go.'

'Stop, please stop, just let me go.' Tony had no expectation of being released, but he felt he had to try.

'Don't cum, darling,' Kim was talking to Shane now. 'We'll make him suck you off when he's finished me.'

'Damn, yes,' Shane replied and Tony moaned as he felt Shane's cock twitch in anticipation.

Shane's fingers were on Tony's nipples now, teasing them gently, feeling them stiffen.

'Push him harder,' Kim voice was high pitched now, 'push him into me, go on, go on.'

Shane obeyed, ramming hard into Tony's buttocks, forcing him deep in Kim's cunt as she thrust back. His mouth was close to Tony's ear. 'Ass fucker. Sissy boy. Kim will drain those balls and then you're going to lick your shit off my cock.'
Kim was gasping, pushing hard, taking Tony as deep as she could, as Shane pushed from behind, forcing him in as Kim ground her clit harder and harder to get herself over the edge.

'I'm cumming,' she screamed, 'all over his cock, Shane, I'm cumming all over his cock. Get his balls for me, get his balls.'

Shane obeyed, forcing his right hand down Tony's belly and pushing past Kim's crotch to take hold of Tony's balls.

'Got 'em, Kim, I've got them.' Shane was squeezing them.

'Kiss him,' Kim was rocking from side to side now.

'You heard the lady,' Shane's right hand continued to massage Tony's balls, as his left hand twisted his head towards Shane. 'Kiss me boy and don't pretend you don't want to.'

'No,' he moaned, 'no, please, I don't want to, you know that.'

But Shane lips were on his now, his tongue forcing them open.

'He's cumming,' Kim's voice seemed to come from another room, as if she was talking to herself.
Tony came. Powerfully. He didn't want to cum, he desperately didn't want to. He was ashamed to respond like this with Shane's cock up his ass and his tongue in his mouth. He tried to cover his embarrassment with some comments to Kim: 'Fuck, Kim, you're so hot, that was great, really great, I hope I haven't flooded you.' But he did not sound convincing, even to himself. Shane met Kim's eyes, which twinkled in amusement. He eased himself free from Tony and turned him round. Kim's hands came round from behind, stroking and scratching at Tony's chest while Shane's cock probed his belly.

'No – look – guys, it's been fun but really – I need to, have to, I'm expected.'

But no one took any notice of his mumbling attempts to get away.

Shane ran his hands through Tony's hair.

'It's OK,' his voice was soothing, 'you'll be fine, you are fine. Just put your arms round me, hold me like you want to, and then kiss me, like you want to.'

Tony hesitated but slowly reached up and stroked Shane's hair, bring his face closer to Shane. Shane made no attempt to meet him or make it easier for him. He just brought his hands down and rested them on the other man's hips.

Their lips were less than an inch apart now.

Tony's eyes were closed, but Shane was watching him intently.

When it happened, it was all in a rush. Tony opened his eyes and moved, fast, as if he was afraid that Shane would get away. He slipped his arms round his neck and pulled him closer, pressing his lips on Shane's and finally probing into his mouth with his tongue.

Kim withdrew and mopped her wet thighs on the corner of the sheet. She moved to one side, leaving the camera with a clear view of the two men kissing, caressing, and rubbing their bodies on each other.

As Shane began to ease himself away, Tony tried to pull him pack but Shane persisted leaving Tony with a puzzled look on his face, until Shane pressed him by the shoulders, forcing him onto his knees.

Tony was now facing Shane's crotch. He knew what Shane was expecting him to do.
Kim was behind Tony, on her knees, her face close to his ears.

'Go on,' she whispered, 'you know what to do, you've had it done to you often enough. Lick his balls, suck his cock, taste your shit.'

Tony did not move, neither did Shane, nor did Kim.

'You know you want to,' Kim whispered again. 'You know how it was felt to have Shane's cock up your ass. And I know how you reacted – your cock was in my pussy, remember. But that wasn't what made you cum, was it? It was that big man's cock, ass fucking you.'

Still no one moved. Tony looked around desperately, but what for exactly even he was not sure.

'You know what it's like to be a woman now,' Kim's voice was persistent in his ear. 'You are a woman, so behave like one, do what they do.'

Now someone moved. It was Kim. She pushed Tony, her hand on the back of his head, easing it forward towards the twitching cock.

How would he respond.
Tony shivered at the expected sensation as his the tip of his tongue made its first contact with the wrinkled skin of Shane's scrotum. He would have pulled back had it not been for the long sigh that he heard from above him as Shane pushed his crotch forward. Soon Tony was lapping vigorously over the whole surface of Shane's balls.

It took him a while to realise that he was now the one in control. He could deliver or withdraw the pleasure from Shane, which he began to do, obviously at first, but then with more subtlety. And, the idea came to him all of a sudden, Shane was not just vulnerable to having his pleasure spoilt. What if he were to take the balls into his mouth. He could torment Shane by biting his precious kit. Once he had the idea, he didn't hesitate, giving Shane no chance to pull back.

'Shit, hot shit,' Kim's voice was close to his ear. He felt her hot breath as she reacted. 'Bite him, go on, bite him. Get your teeth into his balls.'

Shane was tense now, unsure what would happen.

And then another idea came to him. He put his hands on Shane's buttocks and worked his fingers into his crack, until-

'Damn no,' Shane cursed him.

'Damn, yes,' Kim laughed as her own fingers probed Tony's ass.
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