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Mx Any Wanting to explore Nudist Themes || NSFW ||


Jan 13, 2009
[Disclaimer] The gender of the writer behind the screen does not matter to me, it - I just care about finding compatible writing partners. The only thing that matters to me is I always play as the male and play against a female in RP

Welcome to my Thread! Thanks for taking a look-see, this is what I can offer you and I hope you find something that tickles your fancy!

As far as how much I can offer for post length, my standard is two to three decent-sized paragraphs, more if there's enough content to pull from and add detail into. How often can I post? I have a lot of free time on my hands, but I do have my own separate hobbies that take my time and other things that come up to make me AFK but I try my best when I can post. Also, I have a wide range of kinks and I try to do my best to keep both sides happy, I enjoy discussing future possible scenes and brainstorming ideas for the plot with inspirational images.

Please be literate and know how to use a spelling/grammar check. I'm not too hard to please, give me something to work with, and try to give detailed content. Please put your mind to it as I try to give my best as well.

ONLY RP on THREADS and DISCORD (PM me for Contact info)

To me, PLANNING doesn't stop when the story begins. I'm looking for continuous and constant planning throughout the whole RP. I do understand that some people just don't have the time for that, it only means we're not compatible. What I want is someone who equally enjoys delving into the story in-character as well as out-of-character. Let's banter about what is going on, point out what we like and possibly dislike in any given post, throw out wild ideas into the table and play what-if scenarios that won't necessarily make it into the main story.
Communication, people. We all know how that is important in life, so I don't understand why so many people simply go silent as soon as the story begins. Let's talk about the story, shall we? Not only our schedules.

Nudist // Nudism Themed Plots/Pairings


Core Themes: Rawness(Not limited to but including ZERO MAKEUP), Vulnerability, Deep Emotions, The Obvious Nudism, and Extreme Comfortable // Casual attitude of being nude around other(s).

The Plots:
[ Incest Focused Mostly UNLESS You Find A Fun Alternate Relation To Use While Using The Core themes ]

Two bored Siblings | Brother and Sister, living in a Nudist Community small-town environment, not a whole lot to do around in the house and limited things to do outside of the house with very few peers their own age in the town. (Altered Version of Original Concept I had to fit the Theme. Further Plot Details Open to Discussion)

Road Trip!



Generic Pairings-


Incest: Bro/sis, cousins (( We can do open brainstorming spitballing ideas and see what else we may like to do! ))

Female friend x Male Friend

What I'm Looking For:

A writer with the passion who is not afraid to write a story with a unique challenge, no clothing barrier for sexual tension. I understand this is very difficult for many I imagine to want to do this style, and your "need" for clothing to whatever personal reason you may have, also not gonna lie, I may even still want "some" clothing still in the RP but only for very specific // certain reasons/times of the year.

I've wanted to explore this theme for a long long time but seldom people are open to the theme for what different reasons they have like I said already above, but for me I actually like the writing challenge it brings because there is no clothing barrier for sexual tension
and Ive been wanting to do a RP plot with a family of nudists but main focus of sibling(s) and/or cousin(s) and write around that core theme.

Guidelines | Rules

Biggest thing I ask of you, Please have the courtesy of letting me know why you're no longer interested or if will be away for a long period of time. I am very understanding and patient as long as long as you fill me in and not go silent for a weeks amount of time at a time.
Far far too many times I've had people go MIA without a single word of whats going on, I dont need details or a life story, just give me a TLDR and we'll be okay!

Communication is top key!
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