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Eternity Waits for All- The Demon and the Key


His Persephone
Feb 18, 2020
The land of the dead.

"A healthy cry!" Sister Angela was attempting to brighten the mother's mood. She had not wanted this child, she had not known this child was even in her, and now she lay there in the back of an ambulance with a nun who she had only met a week prior. The nun had known she was pregnant before she even did, a purpose was given to her that she did not ask for and as she saw the child the world began to fade, "Name her Meadow Rain." That was her last request before she died. The nun cried for the woman but as they arrived to the hospital she made her way from the ambulance and into the car that was waiting for her.

"Father Michael I presume?" The man nodded at her question and began the long journey to the new place where the nun would be called to live in private with the girl. He did not speak to the young nun, she was alone now. Isolated at the young age of twenty one. Assigned to raise this child and keep her safe and hidden as well as she would be able to. She buckled the sweet sleeping girl into the car seat in the back of the black sedan. She sat in the back and whispered to her, "Meadow Rain, I am sorry about your mommy. I am here for you now and I...."

The priest spoke in a voice tainted with disdain, "Her name is Lilith as it has been since the dawn of time. Just keep her alive and hidden Sister, that is your only function. Otherwise you and the vessel she came from as without use."

"That Vessel had a name, and so do I. Remember Father, you are just a driver. I am the caretaker of the single most important being living right now. I am called by the Pope himself. You are the one who is disposable and her mother was chosen by God himself. Do not disrespect her. Her name will be Meadow Rain if I so choose. Don't you think the demons hunting her will have caught on that the one they will be looking for is called Lilith?"

"I have no more to say to you daughter of Eve." He said with disdain.

"Yes Neanderthal, I am sure you can't muster up anything else intelligible." The nun let her pointer finger tap softly on the sleeping child's nose. She would be raised with love this time, not like all the times before. Angela was determined that this new faction of nuns would be devoted to the job of protecting and raising every incarnation of this special little girl. Not like before. She could not bear to have another written account of how brutally the girl was killed. No... Today would be the last time she would come into a world where men dictated her name.

"Her name, please! I have to know it before you pass!" A young nun pleaded with a woman who was close to her last breath. Her nerves were shot and the girl was crying and premature. Sickly looking as her mother had pumped her full of drugs as she was growing inside her mother's womb.

"Ann, after my mama." Were her last words as her fingers brushed across the screaming child's dark hair.

"Lilian, after my sister. She has her hair." The woman had a rare cancer which was said to be taking her within days of the girl being born. For the first time in history an Angel spoke to this mother and her faith was strong. She found the sisters from his guidance and informed them that the last girl was going to die soon from being so sickly. This time the mother lived with the little girl and the sisters and the girl said the funniest thing to her, "Thank you for being my mommy." This was the only time the girl knew death was coming and who her mother would be next.

The pregnancy had been beautiful and Lilian had her mother for the first six months of her life despite the original odds. When her mother died the sisters all wept as her final words were to her daughter, "Thank you for letting me be your mommy."

It was said that this incarnation died five years after from a broken heart. She remembered her mother and missed her too much despite how young she had been when she died.

"Sister Ruth..." A nun who had not yet taken her vows called an older sister who lived in the Sisters of Eden convent. "There is a baby here!"

She was left in a basket like Moses had been sent down the river in. "Well bring the child in! The storm is rolling in and we can call the authorities later!"

The child was asleep and a note was tucked into the basket, *I can't have this baby. My husband will kill her, he would only settle for a boy. Please do not try to find me, she will not be safe.* Ruth examined the letter and reached down into the basket lifting the child. On the side of the baby's exposed ribs there was a birthmark. One she had seen years before as well. "Call the Mother Superior."

The younger nun ran quickly towards the convent sanctuary and knelt beside a sister in her seventies, "Mother superior, Sister Ruth asked me to get you. A child was found at the door with a note."

"What is the child's name?" But the startled and confused look on the younger nun's face was all the answer she needed. "Wheel me to them please dear?" The sister lowered back into her wheel chair and when she was brought to the child she smiled and held her arms out, "Welcome home Meadow, I am so happy to see you again."

Present Day...... to be continued....
"Come on Meadow! Stop being such a stuck up good girl! Trent is into me and if you don't go out with his friend I am going to stuck with ANOTHER night of bromance shots and stale wings and pizza." Beth was her roommate at the university since freshman year. It had been a very trying journey with her as her idea of living the best life was sleeping with teachers to get passing grades so she could stay in school and sleep with the football team at the all boys school.

"Beth, you realize that we have finals tomorrow and on top of that I hate blind dates that result in some sweaty jock drooling all over me." But Meadow knew she was not able to say no to her pouting friend, "FINE but if I fail you have to explain it to the sisters." Beth was the only person who did not shy away from the fact that Meadow was raised by nuns. In fact, despite her over all obnoxious state of being, Beth was the only friend she had ever managed to have. Everyone else was always afraid of her the second they found out where she lived.

Beth jumped up and down, her perfect implants jiggling right next to Meadow as she kissed her cheek over and over, "Thank you!!! I promise you will be in the wedding!"

She said that every time a new guy tossed his way into her sights. Who could blame them? She was tall and slim with perfect eyes and she came from money. Her nose job and breast implants were graduation gifts from her mother when she graduated high school. Meadow would have pleaded for a breast reduction as a gift but she was both blessed and cursed with the natural mounds of creamy olive skin, "Now we need to get your eyebrows, hair, make up, and attire ready."

"What exactly is wrong with me..." Beth just looked at her and she shut up. Yep she was a train-wreck at the moment.

Four hours later they were walking towards a beach bonfire where a large group was gathered. Music was playing and almost everyone was paired off. She almost asked Beth what the need for her to be there was when Trent smacked Meadow's rump before groping Beth from behind. "Excuse you!" Meadow began but Beth looked at her with those bright blue eyes. She rolled her eyes and went to sit on a log waiting for her forced date to show up. No doubt another frat boy who would try to pressure her into all sorts of things. Sitting in the sand looking out at the water she waited for him, thankfully she seemed to be getting stood up. Just when she thought she would be able to return back to her studies she spotted the slimy looking, unhygienic, friend of Trent.

Brandon waddled over to Meadow, his pants sagging in a way which put her into a foul mood right away. "Hey sweet thing." He wet his slimy lips which had the dirty looking line of a poorly taken care of mustache hanging into his mouth. Meadow shuddered and nearly gagged. "Come dance with me baby." He was moving with thrusting crotch lead motions. "I wanna feel that sweet little ass on me!" Beth was looking at her pleadingly.

"Oh um, Sorry I don't dance." But Brandon did not take no as an answer. He backed her towards the water and gripped her shirt. When the strong waves pulled at her the white linen top ripped into his hand. Her torso was exposed but worse the water had gotten her. It was dark and the water was confusing, she could feel the greasy bastard withdraw from the situation even though she clearly needed help. No one even noticed her predicament, it was like she was cursed to be invisible to people. Finding the sand under her toes she made her way back to safety.

"Oh shit! Azzy do you have the medical kit with you?" Another young girl who was not her friend saw scratch marks down her leg where shells had cut her. She knew shorts had been a stupid idea, let along a matching white linen set. It was soaked through and the deep purple undergarments were able to be seen, as was the flesh they did not cover.

A medical student leaning against a jeep talking to several girls, he looked bored with their attention and even less interested in helping Meadow. "I am fine thanks." She stated as she began to walk towards the car she had come with Beth in. "Beth I will be in the car." It was clear she was angry with her friend. Azzy was still bored, that was until he saw the ribs of the plump busty girl. A bright red sideways crescent across her right ribs. A mark he would know anywhere.

"I found her." He whispered the words to himself and suddenly he was oozing with concern and charm. "Hey! Wait.. Please let me look. If it has anything stuck in your wounds they could get infected and I simply can't let you die from this." It sounded like a light statement but it was in fact so much more. If she died he would be hunting all over and fighting with other fallen to find her. She had been placed in his lap, the only of his kind to have never cared if he found her. She meant he would be able to go home. Meadow ignored him though and kept walking towards the unlocked car climbing in to have a good cry.

Azzy was only a few moments behind as he grabbed the medical kit. "Hey if I climb in there with you all kinds of rumors will start. How about you come out here and I will get you all fixed up. I have a top you can use."

Meadow let out a snorted laugh, "You realize your shirt is not going to fit me. I am way bigger than you and you are like two feet taller than me."

A smirk formed on his sharp angled face, the wind catching the long dark strands of his hair that came to his waist at the longest point, and his eyes caught the moonlight in such a way that they looked like a honey colored amber. Something about him calmed her, like warm honey milk. His skin was a rich color, Middle Eastern perhaps? It had different tones than her own. Meadow came out of the car and stood cross armed over her chest.

"First thing is first," His voice had a sweet but deep tone to it, base for sure. He pulled his shirt off revealing the scar torn flesh under the black shirt, He pulled it onto Meadow with ease. It was snug and hugged her breasts in a way which awoke a hunger he had not felt in a long time, He tightened his muscles just enough to make it seem like ti was due to the cold rather than to lure her into his clutches.

Meadow was looking down and blushing but unaware of the lean strong tone under the removed shirt, "Thank you for helping me like this. Medical supplies for students aren't cheap. Please let me pay you." But Azzy was busy cleaning her wound. She hissed in pain as he lifted her onto the hood of the car to get a better look at the leg.

"How about you repay me with a date?" He said the words with a grin, "You can even decide what we do and everything" He would get her alone and he would kill her and open the seal to his home again.

"Well I guess that would be alright. The school is holding a festival soon. We could meet up." Meadow was ready to be done as he wrapped her leg.

"Good, I will come pick you up at dusk next Saturday." Meadow blushed but agreed to his request. Why though? She never agreed to dating!

To be continued.
"This is totally bizarre! Everyone was sure that Azzy was gay or something. Sure he is always around girls but he has never touched one! I even tried and he...Well he just wasn't to my standards I would guess and he knew that." Beth was complaining about the date proclaimed on Meadow's time. But at the end of the day Beth was jealous. Every female wanted Azzy and his charm and good looks had not been lost on her. Meadow was not staying in her lane and Beth knew what was going to be best for her friend.

Meadow was used to feeling out of place but Beth dressing her was a nightmare. It was like she was trying to make her look undesirable. Thick blue eye shadow, red lipstick, and her hair looked like the nineties version of Britney Spears, or worse... baby spice with the hair of scary spice. Meadow sighed and she proclaimed. "I am not going! I didn't even ask for this!"

Meadow went to sit outside at the opposite door where she was to meet Azzy while she was sure Beth was making some excuse for her to not go out with him. Maybe he would take Beth, she was sure to ask him if he wanted company. Headlights illuminated her sitting on the bottom step of the building. "Hey, Beth tried to take our date. Did you mean for that?" The voice called and she made a point of walking towards her leaving the car running. His long fingers were out stretched and reaching to help her stand as he looked at her, "What are you wearing?" He was frowning clearly dissatisfied with her appearance.

Meadow looked down about to cry, "Um Beth was trying to help me get ready but despite her best effort this is what I came out looking like." She shrugged trying to convince herself it had not been something done to tear her down so much that she would not go on the date.

"Wow...I knew she was a crappy person but this takes the cake." Without hesitation he tugged her hand and pulled Meadow to the car opening the door for her before going around to get into the driver seat.

"Where are we going?" She pressed into the seat and watched as Beth came outside to find her getting into his car. "I mean I didn't really even agree to a date."

A smile spread on his face and he just drove for a long minute before he spoke, "Well how can I take you on a date when you feel so out of sorts? No. First we get you ready and then we will go to dinner. Following dinner I will take you to a movie and we will close the night laying on my trampoline looking up at the night sky until you decide if you will be sleeping in my bed or your own. I have feeling it will be mine." His smile was so confident.

"Uh...Why would the night end with me in your bed exactly?" But he just smiled at her question.

They pulled up to a salon, it was attached to a boutique which resembled the face front of a Victorian shop but filled with things only Gothic people would wear. "Shall we?" Not that he gave her a choice when he got around and let her out before walking her to door entering with importance. "Sparks, I want her ready for a night out. You have an hour." He said before handing her off to a woman with more peircings than she had ever nseen, This woman was going to dress her and then another was looking at who would be doing her hair and make up so they could work faster.

To be continued....
Meadow was not a fan of being poked and prodded, hair pulling and being laced into a corset bodice was not her idea of fun. The end result was pleasing as she looked at the finished product despite the unpleasant process. Her lips were outlined in black with cherry colored core and her eyes were smoldering in their Smokey frame. Her ample breasts spilled to the top of the off shoulder top made of crushed velvet. Her waist was cinched with a thick leather strap, black wrapped around the rich red velvet. The tight black denim hugged her at her hips and thighs making her curves stand out instead of being hidden like her typical attire.

“Stunning.” Azzy stepped behind her, he towered above her as she looked in the mirror. His perfect features seemed inhuman but more than that, his energy was almost tangible. He was powerful and commanding in how he was looking at her. His stance and proximity made her cheeks flush and her heart race.

“Why did you do all of this?” Meadow searched for motives in his kindness. Now her eyes shifted to the floor.

Azzy moved between her and the mirror placing the knuckle of his index finger under her chin to tilt her head to look up at him. “Because you were treated cruelly because of me. Because someone else was envious of the attention I planned to give you. Now, they will see their efforts were fruitless.”

Leaning down to her level, Azzy looked as if he would kiss her. Her teeth caught her bottom lip and his body drew closer for a moment and he pressed his lips to the top of her head on her hair before moving away from her to pay.

Watching him walk away, Meadow took another moment. Her heart was racing, she felt like a mouse in the crosshairs of an owl. The difference was, when he called to her to join him she did not run away. Instead the soft tap of her heeled boots went willingly towards him.

Azzy took her hand and placed it in the bend of his arm and suddenly she wished her heels were higher. That she was taller, that wish crossed her mind until they got to his vehicle and he opened her door and helped her in. His hands moved on her hips, up her waist and then over her upper thigh briefly as he got her into the black keep. His car was pristine and clean as if it were his pride and joy.

Getting in he buckled and looked at her briefly before turning over the engine. He turned the dial to raise volume so that the music filled the quiet. “So what is Azzy short for?”

“Azriel.” His voice took on a slight accent when he said his name. He seemed uncomfortable for a moment but that did not deter Meadow from
Her next question.

“Your parent’s names you after the angel of death?!” Her eyes went wide and then he laughed.

“Something like that princess.”His grin was wide as he was impressed that she knew who he was even if she thought it was just a name. Angel of Death, yes that was what he was known for. Too bad his name was not a beautiful meaning that spoke to him as a lover.

To be continued….
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