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Roshambo Revenge - victory is declared

Sep 21, 2013
'What's that down there?'

The friends sighed and tried not to follow Karen as her curiosity led her down the side street.

'Why does it always take twice as long to get anywhere when you're with us?' Charlotte had spoken loud enough for Karen to hear, but if she did, she took no notice.

'Blue Moon something,' Dawn said, squinting to focus on the sign.

'CB,' Christine supplied, 'Blue Moon CB.'

'CB?' Jenni was puzzled. 'What's that?'

None of the girls knew, or if they did, they didn't say.

Karen, having led them off piste, lost interest and wandered away. Jenni had to run to catch them up. But by the time she did, she had memorised the name of the Club's website.

The following Thursday, at 8 pm, she would be back, alone.
As soon as Jenni was back in her room, she logged on to the website. Every Thursday at 8 pm was Roshambo Challenge. She Googled Roshambo and her eyes glowed. They glowed brighter when she read on. Customers were invited to challenge the club's resident champion – Bella.

Well, she might be Bella in the club, but Jenni had met her before and had a score to settle with her, and what better way to do it.

Come the following Thursday, she made her excuses to her friends, dressed in thigh high pink socks, light blue hipster pants, dark blue short flounced skirt, and tight white blouse with no bra, and off she went, arriving early to make sure she got a table near the raised dais where the challenge took place.

At 8 sharp, the lights dimmed and a spot light followed Bella to the raised floor. She passed within feet of Jenni. Dressed only in tight jersey shorts and sleeveless t-shirt, both in dark green. Bare footed. Yes, Jenni had been right. This was her former gym mistress, the cause of years of torment and humiliation. Know on the staff rota as Ms Pauline Smethwick and to her students as Paulina the Hun.

When the announcer made the call for anyone to take the challenge, Jenni rocketed from her seat and, without waiting a formal invitation, jumped up to confront her former tormentor. The women stood inches apart. Bella was puzzled at first, but she stared harder and then grinned.

'Well, if it isn't little Princess Jennifer, all grown up.'

'All grown up and ready to whip your ass,' Jenni spat back.

'Why don't you go back to your seat and we'll have a drink and talk about old times?'

But Jenni would not be put off.

'Accept my challenge, unless you're afraid you're getting too old to compete with a fit youngster like me.'

Bella shook her head.

'This game isn't about fitness, it's about endurance and pain tolerance. Are you ready for that? Have you ever done this before?' Jenni stood her ground. 'OK,' Bella signalled her acceptance to the announcer, 'I accept Princess Jennifer's challenge, but,' she added quietly to her former pupil, 'don't expect me to go easy on you. I've got a reputation here.'

The announcer's voice rang around the club.

'Ladies and gentlemen, Bella has accepted the challenge from Princess Jennifer. As usual, the competitors will check each other for padding and protection.'

Jennifer had not expected this and wasn't sure what to expect until Bella thrust her hand up under her skirt and clawed her crotch.
Jenni gasped as Bella's finger probed and prodded her crotch, pressing on the thin material of her hipsters to feel for any padding, and then slyly slipping under the hem to touch her lips. Bella held her gaze as she explored, trying to judge Jenni's reaction. Finally, she withdrew and waved a moist finger in the air.

'Looks like our Princess is ready for action,' she announced before stepping back.

Jenni looked uncertain of what to do until Bella prompted her.

'Come on, it's your turn now, see what you can find in my pants, if you're interested, that is.'

Jenni hesitated but finally stepped forward smartly and clawed Bella's plump labia that formed a thick bulge in her shorts. Bella gasped, more from surprise than pain, and grinned. 'Go on, have a good feel while you're there.' Jenni took her time, but kept her hands outside the shorts until she eventually released the club champion.

The announcer's voice came over the sound system.

'Usual format, a kick, a knee and a punch from each, victory if either fighter goes down and stays down. Opening kick is challenger's privilege.'

Bella took up a solid stance, legs spread, hands behind her back. Face set. Body braced.
Jenni didn't know what to do. Why should she? She had never done this before, not even seen it for real. She'd seen girls hit in the crotch on TV or in the movies, sure, but that was fake, make believe. This was different. Where should she aim, how hard? Did she need to take care not to cause any permanent damage? She didn't want that, only to inflict pain, and humiliation, yes, public humiliation of her former teacher and club champion. And a crotch is so personal, Jenni understood that.

She hadn't realised the effect this would have on her. It was only when she felt Bella's finger probing around that she realised that she was wet. Aroused. She'd never expected that. It was just a physical thing, though, not sexual. She had no sexual interest in this woman, never had had any. She had wondered whether the gym teacher was interested in the girls, or some of them, because of the way she watched them and her eyes followed their bodies as they developed from teenagers into women.

The audience were waiting. Some were serious, regular members of the club. Others, the casuals, were more rowdy, especially a hen party of middle aged women who were clapping in unison to encourage Jenni as she moved towards Bella, still unsure what to do.

In the end, she did the only thing she could do, lashed out, aiming between those muscular thighs that stood rock still waiting, ready for whatever happened. Her foot lashed out, contact was made with the arch of her foot. There was a flash of pain up her leg and she stepped back.

'UH,' Bella grunted at the moment of impact, and staggered back. She stood like a statute for a few seconds before grunting again, then letting out an explosive gasp and shaking her head a couple of times. She gulped in air and threw her head back, her hands resting on her hips. Another shake of her head and she bent from the waist. Then she turned, walking away, then back, stopping and bending occasionally. When she was facing the audience, those close to the stage could see her grinding her teeth.

The hen party cheered, confident that Jenni was on the way to victory. 'Prin-cess, Prin-cess, Prin-cess,' they chanted.

Older hands at this game were not so sure. Bella liked to put on a show. Maybe to entertain the audience. Maybe to mislead her challengers. Maybe to conceal how she was really feeling. No one really knew, but they knew you couldn't trust Bella, not entirely.

Bella finally stopped pacing and turned to face Jenni. It seemed she was ready to take her turn at kicking, but suddenly she squatted and began jumping up and down, thumping her feet hard each time. Finally she rose, slowly, as if it were an effort and stood as if in a trance, composing herself.

'My turn now, Princess. Spread those thighs wide. I'm sure you know how to do that. Nice and wide. That's it. Close your eyes if you want to.'
At first, Jenni thought Bella had pulled her kick.

At first.

All she felt was a slight jolt in her crotch.

And the audience had gone silent, they must have because she heard no noise, nothing at all.

Then she began to shiver, like the floor was vibrating. Ever so slightly at first, then more and more, until she was definitely shaking, trembling.

Suddenly, the pain burst through the fog of her brain. All at once she heard the noise of the audience, gasps, groans, cheers. Later she would be unable to describe the pain, except to say she had never experienced anything like it.

She was aware of a scream, but did not register that it was her.


Her knees gave way and, as she collapsed to the floor, a pain like a knife but into her vagina, into her womb and deep into her belly, causing her to double over as she fell to the floor. Her hands went instinctively to her crotch, although she knew there was nothing they could do except protect her.

'NOOOOOooooooooo,' she moaned as she rocked back and forth.
No one watching could be sure how badly Bella had been by Jenni's kick, but everyone could see how badly affected Jenni had been by Bella's. She managed to get back on her feet, but she was unsteady as she walked, or rather stumbled towards the champion. She would have to take her weight on one leg while she delivered the knee into Bella's crotch and there was every chance that she would fall over.

Jenni knew enough about female anatomy to know where the most sensitive parts of her genitalia were and that the best way to cause the maximum pain would be by aiming the point of her knee at Bella's clit. But doing that under a glaring spot light, when she still felt sick, was difficult, even with her opponent dressing in skin tight shorts.

All she could do was give it her best and hope for the best. She did both.


Bella's grunt left no one in any doubt that Jenni had landed on her door bell.

'DING DONG, DING DONG, DING DONG,' the regulars in the audience chorused. They had seen her reaction before.

But they had never seen what happened next.

Bella collapsed with a thud onto her ass, pulled her knees up, and began to rock, back and forth, groaning.

Either she was putting on a spectacular show or she had been genuinely and badly hurt.

The crowd fell silent, unsure if they were witnessing the defeat of the champion.

Eventually, Bella rolled her over and got herself up on one knee. With her back to Jenni, she gulped lungfuls of air and breathed hard to control her pain.

'Yes, yes, come on, come on,' she could be heard encouraging herself to fight back, but she was still down on one knee.
Bella was trembling as she approached Jenni. Whether in shock from the kick to her crotch or in anger, no one in the audience could be sure.

'Look at you,' she spat in Jenni's face, 'you're dressed like a slut. Which is exactly what I would have expected. You behaved like one at school, where you spent most of your time flashing your pussy at the guys or your ass at me.'

She gulped in two deep breaths through gritted teeth.

'And now you have come here to torment me. Well this is where the grown ups play, and you're going to feel what it's like to have the point of my knee crack your clit right down the middle.'

She gave Jenni no time to absorb the threat. After years of experience, her knee found its target by instinct, still accelerating as it made contact, catching the young woman unawares and unprepared.

This time there was no delay before this second layer of pain cut through her body. She could believe that Bella had done just what she had threatened and broken her clitoris.

'AR-G-HHH,' she screamed as she collapsed forward onto Bella and slit to the floor in a heap.

Bella did not move, just stood with her opponent at her feet quivering and sobbing. A weaker woman might have felt sorry for the young woman's plight, but Bella did not. She was already preparing mentally for the punch that her former pupil would soon be delivering, provided she could get back on her feet.
Everyone in the audience knew both women were suffering. Old hands or curious visitors, they could see that Bella had shed her arrogant strut and was now noticeably shaken by the young woman's attacks. And if Bella was shaken, Jenni was stirred, her innocence lost with a kick and a knee, as she learned the reality of busting.

The crowd was mostly silent as they watched and assessed which woman would ultimately prevail, their gaze shifting from the champion trying to compose herself for the final attack and the challenger trying to summon the energy to get back on her feet. No one doubted that both women had the courage and the will, the question was did they have the strength.

Jenni rose to her feet at the third attempt, and stood on trembling knees as she tried to compose herself. Everyone knew that her best hope was to put her former teacher out of the contest and deny her the chance to come back with a devasting final punch to end the contest.

Bella stamped her feet and spread her thighs as she waited, blowing hard to settle her nerves. Jenni stumbled forward and then made a sudden rush, dropping low to deliver a rising punch from as close to the ground as she could.

She gave it all she had, every ounce of her remaining strength, aiming at the plump labia.

'Fuck you,' she screamed as her fist made contact. 'Fuck you,' she screamed again as Bella staggered backwards.

She stayed on her feet and look down at her opponent with a gloating look.

But her triumph did not last when the announcer's voice announced: 'Free shot, Bella moved before the blow landed. The challenger has a free shot – kick, knee or punch at her discretion.'

Neither woman could believe what they had just heard, nor could the audience.

This was one of those occasions when you would have heard a pin drop.
Regulars would argue for long afterwards whether Bella had moved, but the decision of the announcer was final, right or wrong.

Jenni was bewildered at first, but quickly realised that she had another chance a free shot. She was inexperienced, but she had learned already the power of a well-placed knee, which would not require the strength of a kick or a punch.

'Knee,' she called out, 'knee. I'm going to crack your clit, Paulina, snap it in two.'

That got the audience cheering, but it took all Bella's will power not to tremble at the prospect of the punishment her former pupil now had the power to deliver. All she could do was wait and, most important of all, not move a muscle. She did not know the plans that the management had, whether this was to be her final night as champion, but she knew she could not endure another shot after this one.

She tried to look nonchalant, but to the audience and to Jenni she looked like the proverbial rabbit caught in the headlights of a speeding car.

The challenger worked slowly forward, breathing deeply as she had seen the champion do. She stopped only a few inches away and prepared herself. She brought her knee up, as fast and as straight as she could, and applied as much power as she could until she felt contact. Even then she kept going, grinding as hard as she could into Bella's crotch before stepping back.

Bella rocked briefly, before sliding down onto her knees with her hands flying to her crotch and then, after swaying gently, she crashed face down on the floor. there she lay, her body shaking. Those closest to her could hear her sobbing.

Was this the end of the champion's reign?
Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, Bella pulled her hands out of her crotch and used them to force her shoulders off the floor. Her head was still hanging low, perhaps to conceal the agony on her face or the streaks from her tears. To the audience, it felt like an eternity for her to get that far. Maybe it just seemed that way or perhaps the announcer wanted to drag out Bella's final defeat. Or was she allowing her extra time to recover? No one would ever know. The announcer was inscrutable.

Eventually, Bella made it to her knees, although still bent over with her head down. She eased herself down onto her heels and pushed her back straight. Everyone could now see the lines on her face that told of the pain that was still wrecking her body. And tears were still seeping from the corners of her eyes. She wiped her hand across her face, but it did nothing to conceal the ravages that Jenni's knee had caused.

'Final blow,' the announcer's voice finally came through the speakers. 'Challenger prepare to receive the final punch.'

Jenni was learning fast. She moved towards Bella towering over her, forcing her either to retreat or to punch with reduced power from close range. She must have known that Bella would be fighting to retain her status in the club.

Suddenly, Bella rose to her feet in what must have been a supreme effort, glared at her former pupil, took one step back and let fly.

This wasn't busting any more. This was a fight. An alleyway brawl.

Maximum power, minimum skill, no tactics.

Bella's fist pistoned into Jenni's crotch, smashing between her thighs like a train entering a tunnel.

The power propelled her backwards, the pain shook her spine, and she fell backwards, her head hitting the floor with a crack.
Jenni finally stirred, raised her shoulders and shook her head. She eased herself onto her elbows, before rolling onto her side and jackknifing over the crotch, and letting out a long loud moan.

'God-d-d,' she groaned, suddenly noticing the audience and realising where she was.

Victory for Bella depended on whether Jenni could get back on her feet. If she could, it was a drawer, but that was not enough for Bella, who was used to victory. Nothing else would do. Despite the pain wracking her own body, she paced up and down behind the younger woman, waiting for her ultimate victory.

Jenni seemed to make an enormous effort, summoning all her energy to launch herself back onto her feet. She managed to get her feet under her and lift herself off the floor, only to flop down again with a thud and double over coughing and spluttering. She thumbed the floor with her fist and drummed her feet, whether in frustration or in desperation to will herself upright was not clear.

Occasional cries of support came from the audience, interspersed with shouts to stay down to save herself from any more punishment. Two more attempts failed as ignominiously as the first. Bella was looking towards the announcer, but she did not call the victory. She seemed to be allowing the challenger every chance to succeed in displacing Bella as champion, although no one there believed she had the courage and strength and determination to replace her.

One final effort failed, with Jenni landed hard on her ass and burying her head in her hands.


Defeat, admission, submission.

The announcer's voice suggested disappointment as she praised the challenger for her courage and determination.

Bella walked around the audience, accepting their somewhat muted applause before returning to the assist Jenni to her feet.

Would she take her back to her seat or would she lead her to the dressing room?
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