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Only Time Will Tell (Harry Potter Roleplay) Character Thread


Jun 23, 2018
Oh, this sounds like fun! If you're still taking players, I'd love to join in!


Name: Charles Ross
Age: 18
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 5th

Personality: Kind-hearted, creative, and eminently distractable. Charles is a daydreamer who harbours some quiet insecurities about himself and his place in the wizarding world. He studies a bit harder than he really needs to to make up for it; the thought of O.W.L.s at the end of this year stresses him out.
Wand: Red oak, phoenix feather, 13 inches. Quite flexible.
Quidditch: Not in previous years, but Charles loves to fly and intends to try out for Chaser this year. He spent his summer working in Diagon Alley to afford his own broom.
Family: A Muggle mother in Edinburgh.
Patronus: Charles has never summoned a Patronus.
Pets: None

- Standard 5th year classes
- Study of Ancient Runes
- Divination
- Care of Magical Creatures


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Apr 3, 2022
Not yet, op just posted in the interest check


May 3, 2014
A work in Progress, pending the OPs approval.

Name: Mina Augsburg

Nickname: Professor Augsburg to students, "Augie" among her friends.

Age: 32

House: Hufflepuff

Year: Teacher


Personality: Hard working and loyal, she is also intense and protective of those she cares about and any students in her charge. She can also be quite loving and nurturing, sometimes showing more affection than she should.

Wand: Cherry, Centaur Tail Hair, 9-1/4" long

Quidditch: Was a Beater in her day.

Family: Muggle born.

Brief Backstory: Mina spent a year as a captive of the death eaters before escaping to do her part to defeat them. She doesn't much like to talk about it but she learned much of her expertise the hard way. Worked as an Auror before coming back to Hogwarts to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts

Patronus: Honey Badger

Pets: Elf Owl (about 6" tall) named Twizzles

Other: Mina is bisexual

Subjects: Defense Against the Dark Arts
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