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Aug 3, 2015
The Camping Trip

The Single Dads club was on its first official outing.

A small group of Single Dads and their Daughters had taken to the trail head earlier in the day, going on a group camping trip. It was Friday, and they'd be spending the weekend camping in the Wilderness - a way to unwind and get away from their daily lives. The scenery was beautiful, of course, and their campsite was located next to a pristine mountain lake. They'd be able to go swimming in its cold waters and filter the water directly to refill their waterbottles. It would serve as their base camp, while on Saturday they could go off hiking where ever they wanted. They would hike back out on Sunday, two nights in the Wilderness.

Of course, there was a bit of tension in the air as they set up camp. While the fathers were beginning to relax and crack open the first beers, the daughters were up to something - something the fathers were not aware of. As the tents went up, a suggestion was made - for the daughters to swap tents, so they wouldn't have to sleep next to their own fathers. This was met with mixed results but it was soon agreed upon - the girls would pick their tent buddies.

A fire was soon roaring once the tents were setup, each one spaced out to form a tirangle between them, the fire in the middle, affording each tent a level of privacy though any sort of loud noises would be heard by all. A meal of baked potatoes and steak was cooked on the fire and as the night deepened, the air began to grow colder. It was decided it was best to go to bed - the hike had been tiring and there was still a lot to do in the morning.

First Night Pairings:

Dad 1 - Daughter 2
Dad 2 - Daughter 3
Dad 3 - Daughter 4
Dad 4 - Daughter 1

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Name: Richard Nailor
Location: Richards Tent
Tagged: Open, Claire Walsh

It had been a solid 2 hour hike into the wilderness to reach the lake from the parking lot. It reminded Richard just how long it had been since he had actually gone camping on his own. It wasn't something he did nearly as often as he would like but maybe this weekend would help light that spark under him to get more active again. He had been reminded several times on the hike - and while eating their baked potato dinner - that his little girl wasn't so little anymore and nor were any of her friends. There had been a simmering tension in the air once they had set up camp, none of the girls committing to a sleeping arrangement yet.

Charlotte, his daughter, had made it very clear that she wouldn't be sharing a tent with him this weekend. The innuendo and suggestion in her voice made it sound very much like she planned on doing more than just 'sleeping' with her tent-fellow. The way the other girls were acting, he had the feeling that everyone was going to get lucky tonight. Not that he'd really complain if he was being honest - he hadn't thought about dating in years, ever since his Wife left, let alone having sex. They were all friends here of course but that would certainly take it to the next level.

He had set his tent up beside a bush that would help protect it from the wind, slightly away from the other tents for a bit of privacy. He didn't know if there were any snorers in the group, so he hoped that if there were the distance would help alleviate listening to that all night.

He washed up before bed at the nearby stream that ran down to the lake. It was a lot easier collecting fresh water from it than going down to the lake at any rate. He splashed some on his face as well before retiring to his tent. He stripped down to just his boxers before sliding into his sleeping bag. Sure, he might have gone to bed a little bit before everyone else, but he was tired. But his heart was racing, wondering which girl would be getting into his tent with him.
Name: Mac
Location: Personal tent
Tagged: Open, Amber Fleming

The tent had been pitched, dinner had been served, and night had fallen upon the camp. In typical fashion, Mac had chosen a spot which allowed him to survey the other locations. He paid no attention to the other camper's activities, simply defensive preference in keeping with his old 'preserve and protect' mentality. He, himself, lay propped up on his forearm beside the oil lantern deep within the comfort of his tent. In his hands was a well worn copy of Frederick Niche's 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra,' one of several philosophical reads he had tasked himself with keep his mind active with his new found free time. Between pages, he carefully kept tabs on the girls who were appeared to be laughing and chatting as they typically did when they were together. He was pleased to see Kat, his daughter, so cheerful and had been sometime since he had seen her in such a casual gathering of friends. It was troublesome to see how much his career kept him from the more important things of life.

Mac had overheard rumors and whispers about trading up sleeping arrangements as it was 'weird' to sleep with their biological fathers. Although he was concerned about the idea, he felt there was little he could do, especially since his own daughter was an adult and no longer required permission. He was also among friends, a group of single father's all dealing with the losses in their own way. They may not have been the motley crew he would have put together himself, but outside of colleagues they were the closest thing he had to a support system. He chuckled to himself, shaking his head in disbelief of his own life circumstance. He pressed his hand firmly against the book, forcing the spine to relax so that the pages would rest openly to read as he caught a glimpse of the next textual morsel, "I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses."

Early retirement had been the worse-best decision he could have imagined making in his life. Part-time work in private security had allowed Mac to experience life from new perspectives. He was even afforded new pleasures and delights. The crisp evening air of the forest, the earthy aroma of soil, the soft rippling of water, and orchestral chorus of insects, amphibians, and other forest creatures were grounding him back to a human experience long forgotten. City life and a career fighting villainy had removed Mac from much of his internal feelings, especially the more pleasant ones. There were a few other, more negative, emotions that also lingered without the distraction of work; one of which was loneliness and intimacy.
Name: Bryan Fleming
Location: Bryan's tent
Tagged: Open, Charlotte Nailor

Bryan's group of buddies was an escape from the usual monotony of his daily life. While he ran a company, it wasn't a reason for being for the man. He was good at what he did-he'd had an interest in flying, joined the Civil Air Patrol, then the Air Force, and spent twelve years as a tanker pilot. The thrill of flying was something special, and he'd completed a degree in aeronautical engineering after retiring from the military to focus on designing single-seat recreational craft, something he'd turned into a profitable company. But running the company wasn't as exciting as flying the planes. He had an adrenaline deficiency for sure, what with that and...other activities he enjoyed.

He lay on his side in his own tent, listening to the girls back by the fire, and smiled. His own daughter was among them. They were an interesting group of females. Even at their age, he couldn't help but be attracted to them. Aside from flying, women had been one of Bryan's pleasures for years. That insatiable desire had brought each of his marriages to an end as well, and now he'd sworn off getting hitched, knowing that his wandering eye would eventually throw any relationship into chaos. So what Amber had relayed to him about tonight had immediately piqued his curiosity as well as his hormones. She'd not been very specific, but had only mentioned that the girls didn't want to sleep in their fathers' tents--probably a very teen-girl-ish thing about dads not being cool and such. He and Amber got along wonderfully, but he couldn't blame her if her little group of friends had influenced her to adjust her own sleeping arrangements. Besides, that would mean one of his friends' daughters would be sleeping with him that night, and that was more than all right with him. It would give him a chance to get to know one of them better...not to mention do a little flirting out of sight of her own father. And if he knew his own daughter, there was a good chance she'd flirt with whatever dad she ended up in the same tent with. He knew she was sexually active, but he doubted his little girl would go that far...he'd only seen her date boys her age. As for himself...well...he'd have to see how things went with the girl who ended up with him. He certainly wasn't going to refuse if she showed any interest...
Name: Charlotte Nailpr
Location: Bryan's tent
Tagged: Bryan

Charlotte could really appreciate the great views during the day. It made the trip worthwile for her but when the girls had suggested to swap fathers, something Charly had never considered but wasn't against at all, her brain kicked into gear again. She didn't know the motivation of the girls to suggest it but she was sure as hell getting ideas. How far would her own dad go with whoever ended up with him and how far would Bryan, Amber's dad, go with her?

The tents were spread out relatively far but if this was going to be a sexual thing, the redhead teen made sure that everybody would hear her along the way. She had some voyeuristic streaks, something her previous boyfriends never could quite handle but then again, they were boys. Bryan was a man.

So when it was time for bed, she darted into Bryan his tent and flopped down on the floor next to him.


She gave him a goofy smile.

"I'm Charly, you know that already and I'll be sleeping here tonight."

She began to take off her shoes.

"But you already knew that as well."

With her shoes off, she began to unpack her bag, throwing some things like her phone, ear plugs and some lotions on the floor of the tent.

"You wanna go straight to sleep? Or shall we do something else... like..."

Charlotte put her finger on her lip as if pondering something while giving Bryan a flirty smile.

"Listen to some music? Play some games? Talk about Amber? You name it mister..."
Name: Claire Walsh
Location: Richard's Tent

Claire had been a bundle of jittery, nervous energy since the idea of the tent swap had first been proposed among the group of girls. It was such an exciting idea she found it hard to concentrate on the hiking and camping aspects of the trip. As the girls found out their tent partner for the night and started to break off to their respective tents, she wished them luck and stepped quickly over to Richard's.

On the way she glanced over to her own father's tent, she remembered they'd picked it out together at the store just a few weeks ago. She wondered what he'd think of her for what was about to happen. Hopefully he'd be too preoccupied with Katerina to care. Claire was sure the older girl would be more than enough for him.

Stopping outside Richard's tent she hesitated a moment and knelt down to untie her shoes. She was definitely stalling now, taking a deep breath she called out "Hey, Mr. Nailor! knock knock, I'm coming in in just a sec." she worked her shoes off and took a deep breath before putting on a flirty smile and sticking her head into the tent, her own sleeping bag in hand. "Good evening how a-" she stopped when she saw him in the sleeping bag, frowning slightly "Wait are you already going to bed?"
Name: Bryan Fleming
Location: Bryan's tent
Tagged: Charlotte Nailor

There wasn't much time to react when Charly came into his tent. She was a pretty one--all the girls were, really--but she was also something of a wild child, from what Richard had told him. He wasn't concerned--anyone who'd served as an officer in the military was capable of handling a teenage girl. Honestly, her energy and flirtatious personality was appealing to him.

In boxers and a t-shirt, a battery-powered lamp lighting the tent interior reasonably well, Bryan smiled through Charly's youthful babbling before replying. "Music, games, or talk about Amber? Why not do all three?" He reached down to his phone, thumbing on a track, then propped himself up a bit higher on his elbow. "I haven't played truth or dare in a while...I wonder if girls your age still do. So how about it--we could tell a truth about Amber, or...take a dare. You in, Charly?"
Name: Charlotte Nailpr
Location: Bryan's tent
Tagged: Bryan

Truth or dare? Did this man really believe youth still played that? Sure it would be fun to see how far Amber's dad would go when the things really heated up. Would he for example tell everything she would ask about his daughter? Or ask her to get naked? She would do it, obviously but wouldn't it be wrong for a dad to ask that to his daughter's friends? It was a very interesting conundrum, one she was sure he meant the way she felt it. Flirtatious.

A sly smile formed on her lips.

"That sounds like great fun, Mister Fleming. But I really don't want to be confined to this tent. Not yet."

She quickly began to put her shoes back on, showing some of her skin of her back as her t-shirt raised slightly as she bent forward.

"Let's go for a walk? We can do truth or dare as we walk?"
Name: Amber
Location: Lake & Tent
Tagged: Open, Mac

Amber loved camping. It was one of her favorite things in the world. She adored everything about the outdoors. The sounds, smells, and sights. She was very much a tomboy who enjoyed playing sports, and working out. She was a big boots, short skirts kind of girl who wasn't shy about how good she looked. She was well aware that her body was far more developed than most girls her age, and that men often took notice. She liked the attention.

Being a daddy's girl, Amber frequently went camping with her father, Bryan. He was the sweetest, kindest, most loving father she could have asked for. But she knew that getting older posed some...challenges for him. She'd caught him looking at her in ways other men looked at her. And while it never made her uncomfortable, she knew that sleeping together might be too much of a temptation now.

While the dad's got the tents set up and figured out the sleeping arrangements Amber was out by the lake. The water was so warm and perfect. She was in a pink and black bikini that little to hide her figure as she swam around and relaxed, just enjoying being out in nature.

After about an hour she decided to make her way back to the campground. She got out of the water and dried off, wrapping the towel around her before heading back over. Her father informed her that she'd be staying with Mac, and she made her way to his tent.

Going inside the tent she smiled over at Mat as she pulled off her towel, revealing her curvy figure to him. Her ample backside hugged the bikini bottoms and showed off her ass. "I hear you're my roommie." She said with a smile as she got settled.
Name: Richard Nailor
Location: Richards Tent
Tagged: Open, Claire Walsh

It had to be Claire, didn't it?

Despite her young age, she had the body of a woman. It was hard not to notice. She was trouble, he had always thought. That sort of body would draw the attention of all guys, of all ages. There would be a line of them looking to get into her panties. And she'd have to navigate herself through it all. He had always nervously looked at her during meetings and other events. He didn't mean to stare, but it was hard not to.

He looked up at her from his position in his sleeping bag. It was a rectangular one, designed for a couple. He had thought he'd be sharing his tent with his own daughter and sharing the larger bag had seemed to make sense back then. It was one less sleeping bag to carry, so less weight and bulk over all. He could certainly scrunch it up - in fact, folding it double under him would make sleeping on the ground a bit more comfortable - or Claire could share it with him. It covered him up to the neck.

"I had a long week of work." He responds, not that it was terribly early. The sun had set already and the darkness outside was deepening. "And, well, I am not in the shape I used to be. I was going to go for a morning swim once the sun rises tomorrow, so figured going to bed a little early wouldn't hurt."
Name: Claire Walsh
Location: Richard's Tent
Tagged: Richard

She kept frowning for a moment, briefly glancing over her shoulder in the direction she figured the other girls were. This wasn't quite how she figured this was going to go...then again she really wasn't sure what she actually expected. She shook her head to clear her thoughts, stupid she thought to herself you're going to have to put forth some effort. Claire looked back at him and smiled, unrolling her single person sleeping bag next to his, making one large, cushioned surface on the floor of the tent between the two and slowly crawled forward to lay on her stomach, crossing her arms to rest her head on as she smiled at Richard "I guess the hike was pretty rough today, but I was hoping we'd get to stay up a bit more know... get to know each other a little better."

She'd was wearing a pretty tight fitting t-shirt as well as some almost scandalously short denim shorts, he would have gotten a good view of her curves as she'd sat at the entrance to the tent and crawled over. She'd certainly grown up fast. Laying on her stomach like she was he'd see the rise of her cute bubble butt up in he air beside him. "I mean if you had such a long week of work and a hard hike maybe there's something I can do to to help you relax?"

Deciding to end all subtlety she suddenly pushed herself up "But if we're going to bed let me get changed out of this shirt, it's all sticky from the hike today." she reached down and fidgeted with the hem of her shirt a moment before pulling it up and over her head, revealing the lacy black bra she was wearing underneath. She was on her knees, sitting back on her heels as the redhead looked down at Richard for some sort of reaction, her cheeks turning red
Name: Richard Nailor
Location: Richards Tent
Tagged: Claire Walsh

He had certainly enjoyed every moment he had walked behind Claire, staring at that perfect ass. Of course, he tried to avoid doing so as much as possible, but that could really only go so far in the end. It had been an awfully long time since he had been intimate with anyone - was there really any harm in looking? He was far from the only man who had been checking out the teen. He was also pretty sure girls even checked her out too.

He was certainly happy she was in his tent. He'd maybe catch a glimpse or two of her changing. Of course, he wasn't expecting her to pull her top off in front of him like that. He couldn't help but admire her bared midriff and of course those full breasts. "I...uh...what did you have in mind?" He suddenly felt a bit hot, blood flowing down to his loins.

Under the blanket, he couldn't help but slid his hand over his groin and tug his genitals through the boxer briefs he wore. He wasn't sure if taking her top off had anything to do with relaxing or not - it certainly had him higher on edge if anything.
Name: Derek Walsh
Location: Campsite
Tagged: Kat, @crypticsecret777

Derek had skillfully set up his tent. He had overheard some of Claires conversation with some of the other daughters so had a slight inkling of what might go on during the camping trip. So instead of bringing a sleeping bag, he had brought blankets instead. He was fully expecting the warm press of a girls body to be keeping him warm each night so wasn't too worried about getting cold at night. Not that it would get all that cold at night - it was the summer time after all and the nights were quite pleasant.

He watched his own daughter crawl into the tent of one of the other men - his eyes lingering on those tiny shorts that clung to her ass. He almost wished she was crawling into his tent. He shook his head to clear the incestuous thoughts of his own daughter from them, turning back to look at Kat - the sole remaining girl as everyone else seemed to pair off. While the sun had set it was a little too early for him to be thinking about bed.

He slid his arm around Kats waist instead, leaning in towards her boldly. "Since we're sharing a tent...why don't we wash up a little first? Maybe come take a dip in the lake with me?" He suggests. He had heard Amber state how nice the water was - the girl had taken a quick dip while everyone else had set up camp and started on dinner. Of course, Derek had a very special sort of swim in mind.

He was wearing hiking pants and a hiking shirt that helped wick away the sweat. He wasn't planning on changing into his bathing suit either. The safety of the darkness was going to let him come out of his shell a little - he hope Kat would be just as accommodating.
Name: Claire Walsh
Location: Richard's Tent
Tagged: Richard

Claire bit her bottom lip as she noticed her play at getting her shirt off worked, Richard was definitely checking her out. It was a bit of a brute force method but she wanted to see if she could pull this off without chickening out, getting past the point of no return. Wearing her tightest shorts all day was one thing, this was going to the next level. Her eyes briefly flicked over his sleeping bad, she thought she caught a hint of movement around where she figured his groin would be and her heart skipped a beat, this was definitely working.

She laid down on her side next to him, making sure he still got a nice view of her chest and propped her head up on a hand. "Oh I don't know..." she reached down and unbuttoned her shorts with her one free hand, but didn't make any further move to remove them. "What kind of things do you like to do to relax? You said it's been a long week of work, come on. It's beautiful out here, we're not supposed to be thinking about work or school or whatever, I'm not." she smiled at him "I'm not that tired yet, so I'm up for anything."
Name: Richard Nailor
Location: Richards Tent
Tagged: Claire Walsh

He almost wished it was darker out, that it was too dark to see her fully. But the sky still held some light to it, a cloudless sky, and even in the tent there was enough light to see clearly every inch of skin she was putting on display. Her thought she was going to take her shorts off too, but she stopped with them undone. Richard was starting to realize exactly where this was headed. Was jumping back on the horse with a teen girl who wanted it really a bad thing?

He nervously swallowed the lump in his throat and bit on his lower lip briefly. What if he was reading her wrong? But was that even possible, with a girl willingly stripping in front of you? He knew he should have turned her down, said no - her father was probably within 100 ft of them right this moment - but it was hard to say no with the way she looked at him, the way she presented her body.

"Why...why don't you take those shorts off and get in here with me? Its been a long time since I, uh, cuddled anyone and I've always found that to be...relaxing."
Name: Mac
Location: Personal tent
Tagged: Open, Amber Fleming @InitiateInspiration

Mac caught a glimpse of the young woman as she approached from the river bank. She was wrapped in a towel from he waist down, and she appeared to enjoying her time with the girls out in nature. Her smile, confident appearance, and competence with the outdoors were additional attractive features beyond her physical appearance. He lay comfortably in the tent, still eyeing the open pages of his book. He was no longer reading, his mind concerned with sleeping arrangements, his own insecurities, and his strong desire to not disappoint his daughter....yet again.

It was long before her feet entered his immediate peripheral vision. His breathing became unsteady and anxious tingling shot throughout his body. He had been in life and death situations all his life, but this was a very new threat...a circumstance for ongoing assessment. He was about to look up, when the towel dropped into vision, covering the feminine feet before him. His eyes lifted, his brow following suite, as he took in legs, thighs, hips, belly, breasts, and face. At the end was the beautiful proud and confident smile he had seen all afternoon.

"I hear you're my roommie."

Amber's voice was soft and pleasant on the ears. Mac, himself, was at a loss for words to respond. Years of experience had taught him to maintain a standard facial affect, one that was purposeful and serious. It took effort to shift from 'CCF' or 'chronic cop face' as his daughter had called it. Locked on Amber's face, he closed the book in his hands, pressing the cover firmly shut.

"I've heard that too," he replied, his tone matter-of-fact. "Please, make yourself comfortable," he added as he passed spare blankets to Amber. He couldn't help but watch as the beautiful young woman, dressed in a spectacle bikini, settle in across from here. However, the 'doer' personality engrained in him pushed him to stay active and attentive to needs. "I...will...let you get settled in. Feel free to go through anything you may need, I promise you its in there." He got to his feet and nervously stretched his shoulders, swaying his head from side to side inhaling deeply.
Name: Bryan Fleming
Location: Bryan's tent
Tagged: Charlotte Nailor

The girl was playful and aggressive, which he liked, and super easy on the eyes. He nodded. "A little bit of the night life, without the city around, huh? I'm good with that."

He stood up, not bothering to put on anything. Boxers and a tee was good enough, and they were next to the water, so the ground would be fine to walk on barefoot. A girl like Charlotte...she wasn't going to be a tough nut to crack. The question probably was just how much trouble they'd get into together. He walked past her, giving her ass a little slap as she tied her shoes. "Not squeamish about a little physical contact, are you?" he asked, smiling after. Opening the tent, he stood there, holding the flap up for her.
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