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Accepted Characters

Player Name: LRDGRat
Name: Richard Nailor
Age: 42
Picture Reference: NSFW 1 - NSFW 2 - NSFW 3
Top Kinks: Creampies, Cowgirl, Doggystyle, In-Nature, Nudism
Hard Offs: Things with 0 interest.

Personality and Background: A single father, its been a struggle for Richard. His busy job and raising his daughter alone has taken up all of his free time, so the group for Single Dads has been a god-send. Its helped him deal with his thoughts and feelings. The meetings have helped him unwind and realize that he is not alone in the world with the situation, and thats its okay to look at other women - and daughters.

Part of him is a little scared that his daughter will be sleeping with another man. The innuendo about the sleeping arrangements has him on edge. At the same time, he is also quite excited to see which girl wants to sleep with him - and getting back on the 'horse' so to speak has never felt more appealing.

Additional Information:
Player Name: Zavaya
Name: Charlotte Nailor
Picture Reference: NSFW1 SSFW Safe for work
Top Kinks: Humiliation and violence
Hard Offs: Poop and wee

Personality and Background:
Charly is a wild child. She's been posing for adult magazines for a year now, having tricked them into believing she was 18 years old already. Occasionally uses drugs and often uses too much alcohol. She likes to party and be wild but at the same time she has this urge to be tamed. To be shown the boundaries and rules and given the discipline that nobody has ever shown or given her.

Additional Information: She's definitely a read redhead although the only proof is found on her head.
Here's what i have so far:
Player Name: HannibalBarca
Name: Bryan Fleming
Age: 43
Picture Reference:




Top Kinks: Risk of pregnancy, age gap, sizeplay, incest, mild BDSM, D/s, M/s
Hard Offs: Piss, scat, gore, vore, blood

Personality and Background: To be filled out in conjugation with Spouse/Partner for some continuity.

Personality and Background: Owner of a small company devoted to building one-seater, high-performance turboprop planes. Not rich but well-off, Bryan has had the opportunity to spend more time with his daughter and give her the best, including time with him. He's been married and divorced three times, and doesn't seem cut out for long-term relationships, so he's adopted more of a playboy attitude. His wandering eyes do spend a lot of time on his friends' daughters.
Player Name: Salis
Name: Claire Walsh
Age: 16

Top Kinks: Cowgirl, doggy, handcuffs, sexy/slutty clothing, public sex, outdoor sex, lingerie, skimpy outfits/bikinis, rough sex
Hard Offs: toilet play, intense humiliation/degradation

Personality and Background: Claire turned into quite the flirt as she entered high school, enjoying the attention she gets from boys. She's very eager to begin exploring the world of sex, though since her dad became single she's put that behind her and spent a lot of time around the house to help him out. She loves her dad dearly and loves that the club seems to have boost his spirits after her mom left them, and she's enjoyed spending time with the other girls.
Player Name: InitiateInspiration
Name: Amber Fleming
Age: 16
Picture Reference:


Top Kinks:
Risk of Pregnancy, Risk of Getting Caught, Giving Oral, Doggystyle

Hard Offs: Non-con, Gore, Blood, Violence

Personality and Background: Bryan Fleming's only daughter, she's a sweet, loving, attentive daddy's girl. She's a bit of a tomboy who loves anything in the outdoors. She loves to hike, fish, camp, and she enjoys sports. She's captain of her High School soccer team. She also loves hitting the gym whenever possible. She loves to flirt, and can be a bit playful at times.

While sexually active, she's very picky on who she hooks up with. She's more likely to give a boy head than let him fuck her, as she tends to lean toward older boys rather than guys she goes to school with.
Player Name: Crypticsecret777
Name: Thomas "Mac" MacGregor
Age: 50
Picture Reference: Casual, Pre-retirement, Consultant
Top Kinks: Sensuality, exhibitionism, in-nature, aftercare
Hard Offs: Scat, anything belonging to excretion that belongs in the bathroom,

Personality : Mac has spent a significant portion of his life focused on his career as a cop. He is loyal, dedicated, and a 'work horse' when it comes to the job. However, Mac has always struggled with depth of relationship and emotion. He is a kind and caring gentleman, especially focused on community service. He feels insecure and ignorant of building a relationship with his daughter, and is aware that his aloofness my be sending unintended messages. There is an awkwardness in suddenly having a young adult daughter, who could easily be a blind date with how little he knows about her. He finds support in retired colleagues and a small group of single fathers he has connected with since the death of his first wife.

Background: Mac was born into a family with generations of police officers. Without question, he signed up for the academy after graduating secondary education. Shortly after completing academy training, Mac married his high school sweetheart, the true love of his life. The first few years of their marriage was difficult, as Mac dedicated much of his time to his work. Pregnancy and the birth of his son was a game changer. More time at home with the family created positive changes in their marriage. The dream came to an end when Office Mac responded to an severe accident in which his wife and son were dead on scene. The driver was high on narcotics. With support of supervisors, the union, and peers, Mac was encouraged to maximize bereavement leave. He took hoped a plane and visited relatives in Scotland, debating on whether starting a new life in a new location was a good idea. However, duty called and Mac returned and focused all attention on his job. At his request, he transferred to the narcotics division, hoping to spare others from the dangers of drug use as he had experienced with the loss of his wife and son.

Sex became the drug of choice, since alcohol and narcotics were off the table. He was a natural for undercover work and had plenty of spare time without family or significant household affairs. Several years undercover and even more gunshots, knifings, and moderate flesh wounds, Mac took an interest in more supervisory focused work. Additional education and training, he was able to share wisdom from years of work in the field and better prepare younger detectives and criminal informants of the work they would face on a day to day basis. In this position, he worked on a joint task force with Human Trafficking and busted a significant crime ring hustling people and drugs from across all seas and borders. It was there he would meet a younger woman from Eastern Europe who had been abducted as a young orphaned teenager. Over several years, their relationship grew and she became his second wife. Although both were content in their marriage, both lives separate lives. The birth of their daughter activated anxious and depressive thoughts from his past and Mac dedicated more time to his job. The relationship and system was enabling until his wife fell ill to cancer and died soon after. He was left with a burdensome career and a young daughter. Relying on school, daycare, and babysitters; Mac did not have the time to build a strong relationship with his daughter. As his daughter neared the completion of secondary education, and changes within the police force were becoming burdensome, Mac switched to private security to ease into a hopeful early retirement.

Additional Information: N/A
Player Name: Crypticsecret777
Name: Katerina 'Kat' MacGregor
Age: 18
Picture Reference: Studying, Casual, Beach(NSFW)
Top Kinks: Voyeurism, naturism/nudism, oral (giving & receiving), Being the center of attention.
Hard Offs: Scat, restroom stuff, non-con, rough/dom,

Personality :
Kat grew up desiring a relationship with her father father and seeking his attention. Although present for award ceremonies, birthdays, recitals, he was absent from her life a majority of the time. He was quick to give affirmations and praise for achievements; but just as quick to attend to his job. She was always told that her father was a hero, with may duties and responsibilities. She always questioned why he wasn't one of them. She was an erudite student, talented soccer player, and amateur artist. Exposure to art drew her interest towards the human figure, especially the feminine body, which encouraged her to explore her own. As puberty began to develop her own feminine frame, she observed how much attention 'a little skin' could attract. It even worked on her father, even if it was accompanied with a scolding about 'appropriate public attire'. Alone after school, Kat could be found lounging around the house with her sketch book; sometimes without clothing. She enjoyed the freedom nudity afforded and enjoyed pushing social etiquette, sometimes venturing out on the patio and soaking some sun; thrilled at the thought she could be caught.

Background: Kat is the second child of an esteemed police officer and familiar with keeping appearances. She was afforded all a girl would want or need, except her father's attention. She loved her father, and each year grew more and more frustrated with his absence and neglect. Puberty, however, became a self-empowering evolution in regards to her own identify as a woman and her ability to demand attention from boys and men. She was amazed at what boys and men would do for a little 'peek' at a woman's body. Throughout high school, he payed close attention to the history of women and their role in society, in addition to studying feminine figure in art. It was clear that nudity, sex, tease were powerful forces in a woman's world. After school, she and her girlfriends often tested the waters during their study sessions. Nudity was a regular occurrence, as well as welcomed sexual experimentation. Nudism and voyeurism also became the object of fascination as she discovered it was possible to be the center of attention without having to to provide physical service. Having applied to college on scholarship, Kat has been considering 'webcamming' as a supplemental source of income.

Additional Information: N/A
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