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Mx F or NB Seduce My Tiefling: A Lighthearted Smutty D&D Romp (Trans Friendly!)


Purah Brainrot
Aug 12, 2020
The darkest regions of your mind
Hiya, name's Breezi and I've been RPing for several years now. I got my start much like everyone else and probably did a ton of chat-based RPs. I like writing and reading, so know that's where I come from when I RP. I generally like stories more than anything else.

Writing Style
: Okay, so I like my partners to at least be able to do a paragraph with good grammar. I will not fault you for making a mistake here or there but I'd like a decent baseline of quality here. Detail or at least creatively writing around your lack of detail is something I appreciate. I also enjoy people who can be creative and not afraid to throw a little joke in here and there. I write mainly in third-person, I don't hold it too hard but if you don't, I might get thrown off a slight bit. Don't be worried about arbitrary word counts as much as the fact that you're saying something of substance. Are you moving the plot forward or not? That is the most important part of playing with me. Giving me something to bounce off of. I also think you ought to tell me if I'm not living up to any of my standards.

What Do I Bring to the Table?: Generally, I play switch characters, and although I am a switch I can't really just play any role. I just mean that it's very context-specific what I play and I don't like assigning roles to characters. I also think that I like to have some set-up before the smut unless there is a strong pitch for starting smutty.

Where and How Do I RP?: 9/10 you are gonna find me RPing here, whether that on the forums itself or in PMs. I might go to Discord for planning or organization but generally, I like RPing here as it gets me into the right mindset.

Other: One thing I like is good OOC talk, I can probably forgive a barebones pitch if you show me that you're truly interested in RPing with me. I want someone that's receptive to talking outside of character, pitching me ideas, joking around. I want to talk about these RPs a lot before we jump into them.

How often do I reply?: That can vary, I might be able to churn out multiple posts a day or I might not be able to do get one out for a week, really the best way to see what's going on with me is to ask. Just don't keep pestering me though, at least wait two days before doing so.

KINKS: F-list - Warning


Interested in an aasimar partner or a woman that is slightly chubby.



The pitch is that you'd play against my tiefling character, Thane. Thane is from a culture of tieflings that are nomadic and live isolated on the plains of some faraway continent. Their culture is not one with a written language, so he has no idea how to read. He worships a death god as a grave cleric, though it's a god of gentle death. Now in terms of looks, he's a lithe, almost feminine figure with long platinum-blonde hair and solid amber eyes. His horns are like markhor horns but shorter and he wears purple and gold robes. But the most important part of him is that he's a complete virgin and unaware of sex. He doesn't know much about it. He knows about it, he knows about the urges. But what to do and how to deal with it? The boy is clueless. That's where the pitch comes in. I don't have solid plots beyond the character himself but that's the fun part. We can make up things about it, we can play around with him with one woman or him with many, or maybe even with a man. (I'll be trying to branch out here, it's not entirely a realm I'm comfortable with) It could be more focused on romance or it could be focused on smut. All I ask for is a solid pitch!

He could be GM'd or played through a traditional plot, he could be paired with an older character or a character his own age, as long as it's fun to play.

And if you want something with more heart in it, Thane is a loyal boy, even if he doesn't quite get sex, he will be someone that tries his best to please his partner. He's not dumb, he's just naive and very earnest. He might not understand modern culture, he might not even know how to read but he certainly opens up doors for fun plots.
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