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What do you collect?


Be excellent and party on dudes!
Jul 10, 2017
the land of redwoods and weirdness
Warhammer 40k miniatures, specifically the Space Wolves, Necrons and Harlequin armies.

Random odds and ends for crafting gear and outfits for Wasteland Weekend.

Tiny things to cook with. Like tiny wisk, tiny frying pan, tiny fork, and tiny cups for just an example.
Making tiny meals is fun.


Artist of Desires
Apr 14, 2021
United States
I collect about every TCG under the sun. My favorites are Yugioh, MtG, Vanguard, and Force of Will. I especially like Force of Will but it's so hard to find people who even know what it is xD Or convince my MtG obsessed friends to even try it. It's Magic with anime and some really fun gameplay tweaks that make it distinct and interesting. And did I mention the art and themes are gorgeous? A lot of the early sets have a Grimm's Fairy Tales motif that still continues into the game today while branching out into lots of Nordic mythology among other high fantasy stuff(elves, demons, vampires, etc.). If anyone here plays FoW, you're automatically cool in my book.


Oct 22, 2009
I don't collect anything. I've never really understood why people collect things, especially if they're things they don't actively use in any way. Sure I have plenty of video games and some comic books, but they're things I've acquired and used. I've recently tossed a bunch of stuff, because I don't really have much sentimental value in any of it. At best I have a fear of wanting to use it again at some point, so I don't get rid of some stuff.

So, why do you all collect the things you collect? What drives you to add another piece of your collection? Do you actively use the things in your collection, put them on display, put it away somewhere, or some combination?
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