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Map & Locations -🌎


Nov 16, 2018
Your Dreams
Thread is open for submissions of towns, dungeons, shops, or any type of location beside full regions.
This could be something you already RPed, or if you are feeling creative and want to add things for others to RP in the future!

GM Notes: Feel free to shorten names. Generic names were picked for the sake of ease. - Map can be used for inspiration, but go ahead and add your own elements. - Location details may be updated as we RP. - You can add locations and features to the hub or other regions that benefit your RP. - Player Levels are just a recommendation. Feel free to still have business in other areas despite levels. I have no plans on being very strict. - May add photos for each region at a later time. - Each region as a 'dungeon' to explore as well as secret bosses.


Click for larger view.
  1. Evercrest [Hub/City]
    • Where all the hottest shops, taverns, cafes, smiths, enchanters, prison, healing center, and inns are located here.
    • Most players live in Evercrest.
    • No monsters.
    • Known for the King’s Castle; Hartford Castle
  2. MayLeaf Plains [Fields/Forest] - Lvl 1-10
    • Beginner friendly location.
  3. Scorching Flatlands [Desert] - Lvl 10-20
    • Careful! These lands are known for their believable mirages!
  4. Oozing Marshland [Swamp/Barren Wetlands] - Lvl 20-30
    • Many players have reported getting stuck in slug. Tread carefully!
  5. Hungry Jungle [Jungle/River/Temple] - Lvl 30-40
    • Aggressive beasts.
    • River known as the Misty River.
    • Temple known as Tiger Claw Temple.
  6. Crystal Beach [Seaside/Port/Undersea] - Lvl 40-50
    • Small location; Ships available.
    • Mysterious whirlpool, huh?
  7. Forgotten Lands [Mines/Boneyard] - Lvl 50-60
    • Abandoned dwarf mines & boneyard
  8. The Pit [Volcano/Lava lands] - Lvl 60-70
    • Watch your step! The floor is lava!
  9. Silver Top [Mountains/Icy Tundra] - Lvl 70-80
    • So cold! Damage taken if not dressed properly!
  10. Corrupt Lands - Lvl 80+
    • Damaging smog and dangerous monsters at every turn!
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