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Dating a Vipress is Hard Work

Tinkerer Nadia

Bullied by Dingus Lords
Sep 28, 2016
Dating A Vipress is Hard Work
By: Drone Nadia​

"Fucking shitty job…"

Jason was done. Fuck this shit, he was quitting tomorrow! He was going to go down to the office and throw himself out a window before he worked another day at the news station.

Ugh. he wasn't. Jason sighed as he pulled his old car into the driveway, his work laptop with him. He had a long weekend of editing ahead of him, the boss coming down hard on him to edit a segment from scratch, despite it being done perfectly.

Ugh. He stumbled into his apartment, his frown refusing to go away. It was just not the same at home these days, it was more like a second office than anything else. Dropping his briefcase and laptop bag on the kitchen table, he sighed as he opened the fridge.

"When will she come back from her parents…"

Checking his phone, he grabbed some leftover pizza and tossed it in the oven, his calendar saying next week. Ugh. That long?

Jason could really use her warmth right now.

In truth, he could use a lot of her other skills. His girlfriend was meeting her parents to set up the wedding, as Jason had technically upgraded his girlfriend to a fiancée, but she was getting permission from her parents.

Lamia culture was strange. She had sent him a video of her wrestling with her mother over it, some kind of ritual battle to "prove her conviction." Or something. He didn't get it, but apparently, she won, so they were to be married.

Still, seeing his girlfriend use her tail to pile drive her own mother… and to think the woman could Suplex her own daughter…

Jason was not sure if he should laugh, or be worried.

In truth, he loved her. Jasmine was the kind of girl that always had your back, and who would be a great mother. She worked in law enforcement, having bulletproof scales making her assent to the local police force. He did worry about her, but she was not exactly serving in a dangerous part of Canada.

He even found her to be beautiful, where some might be afraid. She was a large woman for sure, easily twice his size. Her body was completely covered in scales, her body soft but not like how skin is, the plates of her body a dark brown and black. Her forked tongue and large jaw were something that took more getting used to then most, kissing her still a little awkward when she could swallow your whole head that is to her unique jaw structure. Her arms were pretty burly too, though her hands were pretty soft after she started using hand lotion.

Either way, he groaned. He missed her badly, but what could he do? Jason sat down at the table and figured he should at least text her.

Maybe that would get the loneliness out of his system.

Hey babe. How is my special danger noodle?

He usually gets an answer quickly, but he supposed she was busy. Oh well.

He never imagined he would fall in love with a Texan Vipress. He didn't mind Lamia or monster girls, but...Texan? She was just what one might imagine too. Liked to eat foods covered in sauces, was particular about how meat should be grilled, was always shouting when excited...being from Ontario, it was a bit of a culture shock.

Either way, he was grateful. She was the light of his life, and although his parents were still getting used to her, he was already fond of her quirks.

He did ask her to marry him, after all.

Jasmine was going to be another week, Jason feeling his exhaustion catch up with him. He was so tired that even eating his pizza was starting to sound like too much work, the man taking it out of the oven and forcing himself to eat it.

Stupid boss, maybe Jasmine should wrestle him!

Ha. He would pay to see that balding jerk get tossed around a ring, but that was perhaps too cruel for even him. He could still remember the time Jasmine whipped him with her tail last October when he tried to scare her.

Ugh. Now he missed her even more. He checked his phone, no reply given...a shame, but he supposed it was for the best he went to bed. Jason figured editing now was just going to make him crave the sweet release of death, and honestly, he was so tired that he would just make mistakes.

He finished eating, then flipped onto the large pile of pillows that Jasmine and he called a bed. Lamia didn't like mattresses, they preferred a huge pile of pillows, usually scented, to cuddle around and coil up Into. Took getting used to it, but he honestly loved it. Then again, he usually used her tits as a pillow, so few men could call that a big loss.

He didn't bother undressing. He did kick his socks off, but after that, he was out cold.



It was hot, for late September. He was hoping that the weather would get a bit more bearable, but this shit was just so...ugh...he shifted to get up and turn on the air when he found it impossible to do so, something heavy on top of him.

"C'mon, Jaz...get off…"

Oh wait...she wasn't here. What the hell?! He was about to panic when instead he felt...ohhhhhaahhhhhh!

His cock just went from soft to rock hard as a burning heat surrounded it, the 25-year-old man thrusting his hips upwards involuntarily. Oh fuck…

His cock was coiled up by a thin, strong tongue, a hot mouth having captured his quickly expanding penis inside. Was he dreaming? He had to be.

Jason moaned, half asleep and feeling sluggish as that mouth kept his shaft captured inside its heat, the tongue stroking along his now 8-inch hard cock from tip to base, no sign of mercy in sight. The saliva was thick and sticky, just like the venomous…

Oh, God.

"Jaz..?" He asked, but was denied the ability to speak as whatever was on him coiled tightly around the poor young man, something scaly and dark shushing him. He tried to reach out but his hands were pressed to his sides, totally trapped.

"Mmmmmmgggrrrrrrrr…" the creature atop of him purred as it milked his vulnerable cock, his shaft barely being teased by the tongue, but the saliva was...fuck!

He burst.

Thick cum shot into the waiting jaw, his 2-week old load spraying the inside of the hot cage it was trapped inside. He had promised to not jerk off while she was away, but this strange wet dream had just ruined that promise.

Crap, she was going to be so mad.

Either way, he was trapped. The mouth greedily swallowed his load, the young man panting as he was denied freedom from the insane pleasure, the mouth moving to properly suck.

Fuck! Oh, fuck! Jaz had always teased him about her venom, how it could reduce any man to tears with how amazing it would feel on their cock…his dream was making his fantasy of what it might be like come true, as all his pleas with her to let him try it had been denied.

"When I get back from home." She said as he saw her off at the airport.

Seems his lonely, horny brain didn't care. He thrust into the mouth, imagining it was her as he felt an unnatural heat flow over his cock and testicles. There was a soft hiss sound, the vibrations of which saw his dick explode inside that mouth again, the man crying out in pure pleasure.

Oh, God! Slight vibration was making him cum! He had cum already twice, the milking maw swallowing up his seed just as greedily as before. His sticky love was not even half as vicious and slimy as the saliva he was getting treated to.

The mouth was softly gliding up and down his cock, as if it knew anything more intense would see him cum shamelessly from just the softest of touches. He panted as his now hair-trigger dick was finally released from that mouth, the young man panting as his cock cooled in the autumn air.

"Fuck...hah...what a dream…"


He cried out as his cock erupted, a lance of cum shooting all over as the wet dream resumed. A single finger had flicked his tip, the impact enough to make him explode all over what he was sure was the face of his captor. "Fuck! Stop! It's too good!" He cried, but it was not a request his dream would comply with.

The creature giggled softly at his reaction, the soft voice speaking to him finally. "I told you. It kicks harder than I can."

That voice…

Finally, he was able to see what was going on. He was mostly awake by now and realized his dream was very real. "Jaz?! But-"

She giggled again, her soft, beautiful voice ticking his ears like her hand did his cock, as she softly stroked him. "I lied to you, I'm sorry baby. I wanted to surprise you, so I came home early. Let me make it up to you…"

She suddenly started to fap his cock at milking speed, her hand going wild as she dragged it up and down his defenceless dick. Needless to say, he cried out as he held on for dear life, his fiancee watching as his semen was surrendered after only a half-minute of this.

"Oh! My venom seems to be stronger than I remember. I turned you into a poor little cum slave." Her tone suggested that was her intention, her lips hissing in that way she did when she was pleased.

"Mercy...I...I will be milked dry if-" "that is my intention."

Oh no…

Her lips returned, capturing him again in that ungodly heat. She was cold-blooded, so it must have been her venom that made her mouth feel like an inferno. She was no longer sucking him gently or with care, her lips loudly slurping up and down his impressive but currently bullied dick like nothing else, her tight lips sealing around his cock while her forked tongue coiled him up again and jerked his poisoned length.

Jason was not used to her being like this. Jaz was more the type in bed to always worry she was being too rough, determined to make him comfortable and safe. Right now? She was throating him like he lived to feed his cum to her, the human male crying out as he gave her yet another creamy filling.

"I'm gonna die!" He shouted, the lamia squeezing him, having coiled him up to prevent escape. His cock screamed for more as he screamed for mercy, shooting again almost immediately after the last orgasm.

She was voracious. Jasmine gave him no breaks, instead only becoming more aggressive as she buried him into her lips. Jason was way too tired for this kind of sex and yet his body was keeping up, shooting thick globs of semen into her waiting throat as she ruthlessly sucked him off.

He lost track of time. She didn't do anything but suck him now that she had started, the insatiable Vipress gulping his semen over and over again, until his cock finally shot a watery, useless load.

He was done. His cock was done. He wanted to tap out, her lips finally slowing down to a soft, relaxed pace. He had cum...what….fifteen times? Maybe more...he was covered I swear, his work clothes in dire need of dry cleaning after such an assault. He could only imagine what his pants would be like to give to the laundry company…

She released his cock from her cruel lips, licking it clean as she retreated. Oh was over.

Jasmine didn't free him from her grasp, the black and brown scaled body so smooth and warm. He panted as she let him finally be free, looking to see her yellow eyes glowing in the darkness, her snake-like jaw closed.

"..." She looked at him, her scaled face so...neutral. What was she trying to do now?

"...are you mad?" She asked, the man groaning. "You dumbass. No, I am not."

Her jaw opened into a sort of smile, as she finally let him go. "Were you not going to let me go until I forgave you?" He asked, as she moved her body so she was now snuggling against him as opposed to keeping him coiled. He ran his hand over her scaled head, as she shamelessly nodded to his question. "Yup."

Oh boy.

Still, he kissed her softly on the side of her large jaw, her hands hugging into him. "You really are a danger noodle." He said as he flicked her on the head, the large serpent giggling. "Damn right I am."
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