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Goblin seeking adventure. (DM needed)


May 30, 2019
I have a Goblin Fighter made in 5e and am looking for a party to join/DM. She is a pretty standard looking goblin that comes from a shanty town settlement know as Goblin Town where she was once a guard, but now she seeks a life of adventure and treasure. More backstory can be provided if needed.

I would prefer a group, but 1x1 is fine as long as the DM can reply often and can balance combat for one player. I am looking for 70/30 roleplay/combat and a similar ratio for story and nsfw.

I prefer feminine (women, femboys, ect.) characters and slow burn relationships rather than spontaneous smut with random characters and enemies.

I can post several times nearly every day but I am most active on the weekends. If the DM would prefer set times to rp, I am fine with that but they must fit both of our schedules and must be consistent.

My main method to rp is through discord, but I am open to other platforms if needed.

I post roughly one or two paragraphs at a time depending on what the situation calls for.

If anyone is interested in DMing for me, PM me with the title (Goblin Needed) and a list of information about the game. This includes setting, number of players, schedule, method of rp, and any questions you might have.. If you are concerned about kinks, you can provide a list of those as well and I will see if I am okay with them.
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