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Seeking a DM for Deliciously Dark Plays (1 on 1)

Lord DreamCrusher

Primal yet Intelligent, Savage yet Sophisticated
Feb 17, 2018
United States
I've been craving another system style game or two lately and I'd very much like to satiate my love for playing monstrous characters once more in a manner that doesn't shy away from more carnal or violent appetites. To be fair, I don't have any real hard requirements in regards for a story line as I tend to be rather flexible. Plus I'd like to leave room for prospective DM's to pitch their own ideas or to collaborate with me further. I certainly want a story of some kind, though it doesn't necessarily have to be too complex considering that many monstrous characters aren't known for their intelligence.

3.5 and Pathfinder are more most comfortable systems but I'm open to other ideas if you can pitch me something that sounds interesting. In general I shy away from systems that are too simple for my tastes such as 5e but there's a fine line of too complicated that I think is unappealing as well such as 4e or Riddle of Steel. I'd potentially be up for something like a CYOA as a baseline if you had any in mind but again I'd want the actual gameplay to use a ruleset involving dice rolls and the like. Freeform can certainly be fun but the randomness of not knowing the results in advance adds to the excitement in my opinion. Gameplay would take place here, on Bluemoon, either through thread or PM depending on your preference.

As for particular characters/races I'd like to play? Well I lean more towards large-sized species with rippling musculature but I do/have played plenty of variety in the past. Troll, ogre, t-rex, centaur, minotaur, werewolf, deathclaw (Fallout), just to name a few. At the moment I'd say that I'd be hankering to play a troll with acid breath in the concept of Throgg from the Warhammer universe but that's not really set in stone. I could also be convinced to play something slightly smaller such as an Orc or a Beastman (Warhammer Fantasy) if we mesh well and come up with an interesting idea. If oviposition is your thing then I might be able to play some kind of insect or tentacle monster though I've no experience with writing the kink myself just yet.

The final important detail I can offer is that I'm looking for darker themes in such a game. I know it's a lot to ask, many people aren't interested in such topics, but please don't reach out to me if you are not at least comfortable with all of the following; Anal, Humiliation, Degradation, Non-con, Roughness, Torture, Watersports, Excessive Cum.

If anyone has read all of this and is still interested then feel free to shoot me a PM. I'd love to hear from you and hopefully work something out. :)

EDIT - Make sure to check the first page of this thread for more information. I have some plot and game concepts in the second post.
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