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A Song Of Ice And Fire/House Of The Dragon [Story-Driven, Short or Long-Term RP]


Sep 1, 2019
El Rey | EST Time Zone
So this is primarily a (bit shameless) request for CanonxOC pairings, except for other OCs that might fit particular role/storyline ideas. My top craving right now is pretty much any RP where I can write either of my HOTD era characters. The other pairing suggestions are fine, but just about anything HOTD related specifically with likely get an instant yes from me.

For OC and kink information, please look over the F-List profile I made. There are a few canons I'm interested in writing, but keep in mind that I'm primarily looking to write for my OCs.

Canons I write are
  • Theon Greyjoy - I love him so much and I think I'm obsessed enough to play him decently for anyone who wants to double.
  • Shae - I'd love to write her book version.
  • Sarella Sand - Westerosi Polly Oliver? Sign me up
  • Naerys Targaryen - If not for the laws of this land I would've killed Aegon IV with my bare hands
  • Viserra Targaryen - My blorbo
  • Aegon II Targaryen - My other blorbo
  • Heke - My third most disgusting blorbo

And pairings will go under a spoiler because it's a very long list. The majority of these pairings listed are be MxF with me playing the F, but I have two FxF pairings I'm interested in and am open to MxM suggestions
(If there's a '*' by the pairing, that means I favor it over the ones without. The more there are, the more I'm actively craving the pairing)

Canon x Canon
  • Aelor/Aelora *
This pair is a mixture of CanonxCanon and OCxOC. They're canon members of House Targaryen, but very little is known about them outside of being boy/girl twins and that Aelora killed Aelor somehow. That gives us a lot of leeway with how we portray them. I thought it'd be interesting if Aelora was the possessive and/or abusive one. I've got more ideas for them, just message me and let me know if you wanna discuss them.

  • Robert/Lyanna
My obsession with Theonwyn's dynamic has given me a soft spot for wild Stark girls paired with womanizing guys who mask their feelings with violence

  • Bronwyn/Older Nobleman *
Bronwyn's always flirting without even meaning to and that catches the eye of many suitors. Some young, some old. Some single, some married. I haven't thought of which nobleman it would be so it's open for suggestion.

  • Cassana/Male Servant
Maybe she has a secret "spy" providing any gossip and secrets he overhears, and she would generously reward him for it.

  • Bronwyn/Skinchanger
I want Bronwyn to learn how to warg better and if she gets some on the side while doing so then that's alright by me

  • Wren/Married Noble *
Or betrothed. Being taken in some way makes it interesting for her.

  • Aneisy/Khal
Not Drogo, but a different khal. Aneisy's character isn't bound to any particular timeline.

  • Nierye/Anyone That's Not Aerys
It'd be nice to give her a good endgame partner if she becomes more than a brief origin character

  • Ireyne/Merchant *
If Ireyne goes into prostitution to help take care of her siblings (some years before Illyrio takes them in), a rich merchant would have taken a liking to her. Viserys becomes upset when she begins to come home with jewels and less money and ends the affair, telling her that the man was a snake who would have sold her as a slave. The man's true intentions can be up to my partner.

  • Cassana/Squire **
Cassana seduces a young squire solely to gain basic sword training from him

OC x Canon
  • Theon/Bronwyn ****
Classic forbidden love with a heap of trauma thrown in. Some villain/ingenue vibes, at least before Ramsay happens.

  • Viserys/Ireyne **
For main verse Ireyne, but if you've got any ideas for Starfall Ireyne, let me know. They're essentially twins by fate. As a child, she felt her survival depended on his, and this provided the soil to grow what would end up being a very harmful and co-dependent relationship.

  • Petyr/Nida *
A girl from Naath who was taken by slavers as a teenager ends up working at one of Petyr's brothels. He quickly learns that she is more fluent in the Common Tongue than she had initially led everyone to believe and uses this to his advantage.

  • Robb/Ireyne ***
Ireyne Sand finds herself in the North, getting a job teaching a young girl, Sansa, high harp. But when the girl leaves for King's Landing, she picks up other responsibilities around the castle, one strangely being the task of 'comforting' the Warden of the North.

  • Petyr/Bronwyn ***
I just want some nasty Petyr creepin' tbh. I don't wanna step on any toes by stealing main character plotlines, but I am very tempted by the thought of him dying Bronwyn's hair auburn and calling her his daughter

  • Jon/Ireyne **
Two self-loathing bastards, one with mommy issues and the other acting weirdly maternal towards him? :unsure:

  • Ramsay/Bronwyn ****
A consequence of Bronwyn falling into the clutches of Petyr after he rescues two of the Stark sisters from King's Landing. Could tie into the Theon/Bronwyn pairing with some "cuckolding" undertones, but doesn't have to if my partner would prefer to leave it out.

  • Joffrey/Bronwyn
I've had someone suggest this and it kind of sounded interesting, but I honestly have no idea how it might go. Likely some creepiness while she and Sansa are captives in King's Landing.

  • Tyrion/Ireyne *
This could work for either of her verses, but I had the House Dayne one in mind specifically. It'd be a classic Opposites Attract pair.

  • Cersei/Bronwyn *
Cersei distrusts Bronwyn and keeps a close eye on her only for strange feelings to arise

  • Aerys/Nierye *
Well, Ireyne's gotta be born somehow🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Theon/Ireyne **
Theon thinks the Dornish bastard is prudish and in dire need of being put in her place. A verse where she's present when he and the other ironborn take Winterfell could also be interesting👀

  • Robb/Cassana **
Despite the initial physical attraction, a clash in personalities and Cassana's immaturity would make for quite a difficult betrothal

  • Domeric/Bronwyn *
I think it would be interesting if Bronwyn was betrothed to the true heir of Dreadfort. If he still dies under suspicious circumstances, this could be added background for the Ramsay storyline

  • Willas/Bronwyn *
Willas Tyrell is quite a bit older, but I have a headcanon that he'd be naturally shy, even more so because of his leg brace. Bronwyn being...much less shy in comparison, would be interesting

  • Young Griff/Cassana **
As the last Baratheon, Cassana struggles to hold on to her ancestral home but is eventually overthrown by the Golden Company and alleged son of the man her father despised

  • Theon/Aliandra **
The fierce reputation of the Ironborn piques her interest, and she craves new experiences, possibly to her own detriment

  • Robb/Aliandra
Something similar to the pairing above to a lesser degree

  • Alicent/Wren *****
Alicent subconsciously projects her past feelings for Rhaenyra onto the young woman and she surprisingly reciprocates

  • Daeron/Daenora ******
Major Cersei/Jaime vibes. Daenora is toxic and weird with all her brothers, but especially her twin.

  • Aegon II/Daenora ************
Daenora has had aspirations of being queen since she was a child, but if this dream were ever realized she may find dealing with her hedonistic husband more than she can handle

  • Jon/Bronwyn **
It's kinda like Jonrya if Arya wasn't too young

  • Dalton/Daenora ***
Dalton Greyjoy is swayed to switch sides during the Dance with a marriage between him and Daenora. A love/hate hate/hate relationship ensues

I'm open to small-scale AUs. In fact, let me list a few AU ideas I have.

  • Greyjoy's Rebellion never happened: At least not during Robert's Rebellion. Theon stays in Pyke with his family and is betrothed to the oldest Stark daughter, Bronwyn. She may be sent to the island and become a ward to get to know her future husband, almost completely reversing the original roles. Oooor she's betrothed to Maron and messes around with Theon behind his back.

  • Ireyne Sand of Starfall: The dragonseed is smuggled into Dorne and lives as a legitimatized bastard of House Dayne. This Ireyne isn't timid but still holds some pious views from her time at the Sept. She's often pensive, rarely smiling outside the company of close friends and family. Consequently, she's considered very uptight and humorless.

  • No Golden Crown: Ireyne's reoccurring dragon dream of her brother being turned to gold by a man with the head of a horse is disregarded for years. She even begins to think they hold no weight until Viserys makes his deal with Khal Drogo, re-igniting her anxiety over the prognostication. Viserys unsurprisingly doesn't listen to her warnings in the main verse, but in this AU, he would. Basically, that was all a long-winded way of saying "Viserys Lives AU."

  • The Last Wolf: Following a series of tweaked canon events, Bronwyn is the last (or one of the last) remaining Starks. The death of another great house seems imminent until Petyr Baelish offers a proposal for marriage, citing that she could pass the Stark name onto her children in a marriage with a lower-born man.

  • Heir To The Seven Kingdoms: Robb is alive and earns himself a seat on the Iron Throne, but with power comes increasing pressure to produce a viable heir.
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Ireyne's eyes are supposed to be lilac, but look lavender in the illustrated pics. Which somehow isn't even a canon eye color, but let's please just ignore that because I think it's a prettier eye color

I added another Robb/Ireyne modern AU idea
Trying to decide if I should add another collapse dedicated to pre-ASoIaF and minor characters on the F-List page or if I'm already pushing it with the amount I have listed now
My brain has shat another idea for a cliche Baratheon OC so I'm planning to eventually officially demote Charlot to a minor role and give her spot to a new girl
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