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The Rasputin Coven


Aug 20, 2013
All around us
World and Notes - TinyThings

This is a thread intended for the World/Character building aspects of a Private story, run between myself and Nine of Heartz. We decided to make a thread in World Building to keep ourselves updated on progress, as well as giving us a good place to make edits to characters, as the story progresses. I, personally, also wanted to have a safe place for all of this information, not in a Conversation. Makes it easier to keep up to date, while not having to repost details (Since you can't edit old Conversation posts).

People are welcome to bring personal input and stuff, but this will really be, mostly, for the two of us. Since this is an open thread, people are of course welcome to share thoughts, critique or praise, but don't expect too much feedback. ^^

This world is heavily inspired by, and takes aspects from the World of Darkness universe.

The Rasputin Coven

Coven Description:
The Coven is thought to be a relatively small, 'non-Coven', to many of the other Vampire Covens in the Country. They do not even go by a name, being simply referred to as the 'Rasputins', or the 'Nosferatu', by others, while the members of the Coven, just call themselves family.
Vladimir Dracula Rasputin never really intended to start a Coven, but started a family, on the principal that even the ones left behind by other Coven's politics and antics, deserve a place to live. A place to feel safe. The main principal of the Coven, is the safety in numbers, and the strength in the shadows. The Coven keeps their dealings secret to most other Kindred Covens, seeing the strength in their independence and anonymity. The Coven has been growing in the shadows of others, taking in Kindred, left behind by others. The outcasts. Together, they've grown strong.

The Coven owns a massive piece of land in a Fictional United States, about an hour from an intentionally unnamed, fictional City. This is the image the Coven has to the outside world, but their real power lies in their underground network of Tunnels and caves. Their Caves expand all over the Major Cities across the State, some even reaching Country wide. It is a network ever expanding, and some members of the Coven are away for months, working in the expanding systems.

On the edge of their piece of land, lies Kastiel Rasputin. A massive Manor, serving as a living-space for many of the Coven's members, who prefers a House over a Cave. Around the Manor, lies several smaller buildings, working as a bit of a Community where their Human staff live and thrive. The human Community is kept unwise of the Kindred activity in the Manor and surrounding forrest by Mental Maniuplators and obfuscation.

The Castle is surrounded by a massive forrest, that expands all the way to a large Mountain Range. This forrest is very unoriginally known as 'Dreadwood', named by a less than creative human incurtion many years back, but it now fits the name pretty well. It is a dark forrest, thought to be inhabited by all kinds of monsters. A reputation the Kindred of the Coven maintain, by making it true. The grounds are protected by packs of Werewolves, conditioned by manipulative Kindred to follow orders, and attack all unmarked outsiders, keeping the Kindred safe during the day.

Kastiel Rasputin
View of Mountainrange behind Kastiel Rasputin​

Known Coven Members by Role:

Father (Ruler)
Vladimir Dracula Rasputin



Anne Moris D'Lorianne

Financial Advisor/Handler
Natasha Mi'serable Rasputin

Human Handler:
Miranda Sheerah



Aug 20, 2013
All around us
Characters and Notes - TinyThings

Main Character
Natasha Mi'serable Rasputin


  • Occupation: Financial Advisor to the Coven, Owner of the Bank chain: 'Strela Finansy', and a wide variety of other Businesses
  • Age: ???
  • Species: Kindred, Ventrue
  • Place of Origin: Slavic Tribes
  • Current Residence: Kastiel Rasputin
  • Personality: Playful, sly, seductive and manipulative
  • Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
  • Relations in the Coven: Natasha is generally liked in the Coven, for her playful, sly nature. She makes time for everyone, if they go out of their way to seek her out, but is often busy with her work, and don't generally seek others. Most things does tend to circulate her way, however, being the Financial Advisor to the Coven, and the one most would seek out for Loans, or financial advise. She enjoys the attention, being more than a little extroverted, and a part of her needs to feel validated. Useful. Wanted.
    Speaking of relations... Everyone knows, Natasha is almost always avilable, and ready to fuck... Can't be put any nicer, really. She is very sexually active, enjoys her body and the pleasure it can provide others, and the pleasure it can be provided by them in return. She doesn't hide this, and playfully laughs when being called names for it. She doesn't care. She likes it, and she's waaay too old to be told she's wrong for liking something.
  • Model: Mahafsoun

Side Characters

Vladimir Dracula Rasputin


  • Occupation: Father and Ruler to the Coven
  • Age: ???
  • Species: Kindred, Nosferatu
  • Place of Origin: Slavic Tribes
  • Current Residence: Kastiel Rasputin, Caverns
  • Personality: Violent, Serious, Protective, Cold
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Relations in the Coven: Vladimir is highly respected in the Coven. Every Kindred member of the Coven has been invited by Vladimir, personally, so everyone feels a connection with him, even if he is silent, distant and prone to violence. There is a certain amount of fear surrounding him as well, everyone knowing his word is law. If Vladimir doesn't want it, it doesn't happen. The Coven is, in theory, a Dictatorship, with Vladimir as the Dictator. People follow his rules, but. They are generally happy to. He makes compromises for some, and generally stays out of peoples business.
    To many, he is almost considered a father. Not the kind you might want, but the kind many of the broken people in the Coven needed.

  • History: The only history about Vladimir Rasputin, is the History shared verbally between the ones who knows it. Strangely, all records of his past has been whiped away, his very existence wanted a secret, weather by him or others.What people would be able to gather, was his involvement in the great Nosferatu Cleansing. Some prestigious Covens would say he was the main cause of it. That it was his fault. Those close to him, would agree. He, would agree.
    The Nosferatu Clan once ruled a large part of Russia and Romania, lead by Vladimir Dracula Rasputin. He ruled with an iron fist, and didn't adheer to any code, other then that of his own. He, along with his brothers in arms, Raided, Pillaged and Slaughtered, unchecked, earning him the title 'Vlad the Impaler'. His cruelty was widely known, both towards his enemies, but also his subordinates, and even his closest family.

    Eventually, a Coven made of primarily Ventrue; The Apple, said that enough was enough. Rasputin had mostly made enemies, and had very few allies, when the Apple started their Crusade, and all of these enemies came together. Vladimir's final Bastion, Kastiel Vy'treck, however, was an entirely different nut to crack. It was besieged for many weeks, the extensive tunneling of the Nosferatu making it practically impossible to break through the walls, Siege weapons being torn down from bellow ground.

    It was Vladimir's oldest son, Igor, who turned the tied against his father. His betrayal guided a small group of soldiers under the Castle walls, allowing them to open the gates, and the purge began.
    The Apple would not be satisfied with Vladimir's death, however. He was forced to watch, as the Ventrue began a cleansing, slaughtering Nosferatu far across Russia and Romania, starting with his Son, two of his daughters and siblings. When the slaughter finally died down, Vladimir was stabbed through the heart with a steak, drained of his blood, and tossed in a chained, wooden coffin. The coffin was sailed to the middle of the ocean, and tossed off board.

    How Vladimir returned, no one knows. Since his return, however, he has made it his new mission, to bring the remaining Nosferatu back together. In the many Centuries he'd spent locked in a coffin, drained of blood, he'd learned his lesson. There had to be rules, for his kin to survive.
    Now, Rasputin's Coven thrive, gathering in power as everyone looks over them, ignoring their existence. The cleansing had official been siezed many years ago, but in many places Nosferatu are still killed on sight. The Nosferatu know what suffering means, like no other creatures. Family, is not something they got to have. Until the return of Rasputin. Now, they have a family, and they take in the rejects, other Covens refuse. Give them a chance at a home. If they decline, they are let out. If they threaten the family, they are torn appart. Vladimir, has become no less ruthless. But he's learned that love isn't foreign to him, when losing everything he had, before his eyes. Now, he only seeks to protect his family, and the ones he hold dear.

    Woeth those, who try to pull a trick like the Cleansing again. The Impaler's wrath knows no bounds anymore. He survived exile, and returned no less merciful to his enemies. Kindred would be wise, to not underestimate this man. :. Marie De Lafayette, Countess of Romania
Arkhan Rasputin


  • Occupation: Vladimir's Advisor
  • Age: ???
  • Species: Kindred, Nosferatu
  • Place of Origin: Slavic Tribes
  • Current Residence: Kastiel Rasputin, Caverns
  • Personality: Cold, Queit, inteligent
  • Sexual Orientation: Asexual
  • Relations in the Coven: Arkhan is known as the silent Advisor to Vladimir, as well as everyone's emergency call. Arkhan has the ability to connect with the minds of other Kindred. This lets him know their exact position at all times, should he chose to look. It also allows him to see through their eyes, or feel their emotions and physical situation. Everyone considers Arkhan more of a quite Uncle, than anything like a friend. He doesn't generally converse with other people than Natasha and Vladimir, except when Melding with their minds. He'll talk to you, but just as soon leave.


  • Occupation: Coven Muscle, Musician
  • Age: Aproximately 239
  • Species: Kindred, Bruha
  • Place of Origin: Paris, France
  • Current Residence: Kastiel Rasputin
  • Personality: Quirky, Anarchistic, Straight Forward, Unafraid, No Limits
  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
  • Relations in the Coven: Not everyone enjoys Jazz' antics, but everyone deals with it for his services. Jazz is a part of the Coven's Muscle, being one of the strongest, and most capable fighters among the Vampires. Don't expect him to sit down and talk tactics, that's Arkhan's Job, but when something needs breaking, Jazz is the first to call.In times of peace, and when no Muscle's needed, Jazz spends his time at Raves, more often than not, starting them. Currently a DJ himself, and formerly the Guitarist in a Punk-Rock band, he knows his way around anarcistic tunes.
Anne Moris D'Lorrianne

  • Occupation: Coven Muscle, Musician
  • Age: Aproximately 240
  • Species: Kindred, Gangrel
  • Place of Origin: Paris, France
  • Current Residence: Kastiel Rasputin
  • Personality: Aggressive, Protective, Straight Forward, Anarchistic, Loving
  • Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
  • Relations in the Coven: Anne is, much like her brother; Jazz, not everyone's cup of tea. She's loud, unfiltered and prone to aggression. She says her mind, and unlike her brother, doesn't drown out her mistakes in drugs. She is not afraid to apologize if she feels like she went over the line, but also isn't going to let others tell her were the line is.
  • Model: Melissa 'Malice' Jones
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Aug 14, 2013
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Characters and Notes - NoH

This post is reserved for NoH's character dossiers - WIP.

Harper Anita Grey

Screenshot 2021-05-02 153705.png

Dossier Information
  • Age: 26
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Face Claim Model: Gaia Weiss
  • Species: Human
  • Gender Identity: Female (Cis)
  • Sexual Orientation: Lesbian (Chapstick Lesbian)
  • Place of Origin: Georgia, United States
  • Current Occupation: Freelance Media Editor | Artist (Painting)
  • Personality: Shy, Daring, Honest
  • D/s Alignment: submissive w/ brief Switch moments
  • Role within Rasputin Coven: Blood Doll owned by Natasha Mi'serable Rasputin
  • Vehicle: Yamaha Supersport YZF R3 Motorcycle
  • Established Relationships:
    • Frankie Ann Grey-Holsten: Little Sister
    • Derrick Holtson: Brother-in-Law
    • Mi'serable: Lover | Owner
    • Oracle: Friend | Blanket
    • Julia Greene-Schneider: Childhood Friend | Ex-Girlfriend
    • Nora Munoz-Alvi: Former Boss | Ex-Fiance
    • Dion Alvi: Former Boss | Abuser

General Timeline Notes
* Harper is currently 26 (almost 27)
* She graduated from high school at 16
* She went to art school 16-22
* She dated Nora Munoz-Alvi 18-23
* Dion's attack took place 3-4 years ago

Background Information
Harper is the oldest of two siblings, named after her Grandfather. Growing up in a small farm town in Georgia, her family was very ignorant, racist, and homophobic. This caused a large wedge to form between her and her father when she became a teenager. Refusing to participate in "normal" activities for teen girls like her little sister Frankie amplified the tension, leading to Harper becoming more withdrawn and depressed over time.

To express her autonomy, Harper cut her hair off in an act of defiance, dying it so she was no longer blonde. She began to dress in boys clothes, further angering her controlling father and provoking bullying by her peers in school. To protect herself, Harper began to carry a butterfly knife and has loved them ever since. She used the blade as a tool to scaring off potential threats, which resulted in less locker room bullying.

Her childhood friend, Julia, was the one who told Harper she was gay at age 10. Julia supported Harper through this difficult time, also being gay. They ended up dating in middle school in secret, until Julia had to leave for art school. Remaining close, Harper strove to follow in Julia's footsteps. This escalated Harper's desire to leave home.

After turning 16, Harper graduated from high school two years early by doing an accelerated learning program. She applied to multiple art schools and won a scholarship that took her to the city of this story. She began to live as her "real self" as a gay woman and artist, flourishing into a confident young woman. She grew her hair back out, stopped dying it, and embraced a grunge look to add a gay image to her feminine appearance.

She met Nora Munoz-Alvi while in art school, working for her company (Guerrilla Media Design) as an intern. She attended a company Christmas party her first year working there, and participated in the festivities even though she was underage. While intoxicated in the bathroom, Harper was approached by Nora. Their love affair began that night, with Nora initiating their sexual relationship. Over the years, the sexual fling turned into a more emotional one, due to Harper's desire for a meaningful relationship. Nora was quick to agree, showering her young lover with praise and adornment to further build her up.

Their relationship continued for over 4 years before tensions began to build. Nora's husband, Dion, grew resentful of their dynamic. While having an open marriage with Nora, it was not open beyond a sexual element. During the remaining year of Harper and Nora's relationship, Nora began to ostracize Harper, turning their relationship into a toxic mess. Harper rebelled against Nora, challenging her to make a decision on who to be with. This escalated the situation with Dion, sending him into a rage one night after hours at Guerrilla Media Design. He physically and sexually assaulted Harper, slashing her wrists with the broken mirror and leaving her for dead. A janitor discovered Harper, resulting in her life being saved.

The resulting concussion and traumatic brain injury had a lasting impact upon Harper. She permanently changed, having to re-learn how to speak. She also struggled with disassociation, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. While she does not consciously remember the details of her assault, she attempts to compartmentalize what was done to her by refusing to read the police and medical reports summarizing what happened.

Multiple failed suicide attempts stain Harper's years since the incident, leaving her fractured broken, trapped in a life she struggles to want. She pursued forums on the dark web, diving into a new form of suicidal ideation - allowing someone else to do the job for her. This led to her descent into the abyss, resulting with her giving her life to Natasha Mi'serable Rasputin, her personal Reaper.

Mercy Grace Hospital | Patient Record 21035 | Harper Anita Grey

Patient 21035 (referred to as Ms. Grey henceforth) was admitted to the Urgent Trauma Emergency Room at Mercy Grace Hospital by Ambulance on the evening of June 16, 2017. Ms. Grey was unresponsive to attempts to communicate due to blood loss. Ms. Grey was rushed into the Trauma Wing and underwent lifesaving surgery. It was at this time that next of kin were contacted, Mrs. Grey-Holsten, of her sister’s injuries.

Ambulance staff reported the suspicious circumstances surrounding Ms. Grey’s injuries to local authorities. The attached summary at the end of this report apprises their findings.

When Ms. Grey awoke, the medical staff on duty alerted local authorities, as requested. After being interviewed by police, she stated she was unable to identify her attacker and had limited memory of the incident. Ms. Grey suffered a Grade 3 Concussion, with MRI confirming that she suffered from a moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Medical staff informed Ms. Grey that evidence of a sexual assault had been discovered during her full exam post-surgery. Emergency contraceptive was administered but no DNA was discovered within Ms. Grey. She later attempted to remove her sutures but was caught by nurses. Ms. Grey was placed in observation for 10 days to monitor for self-harming behavior. After Ms. Grey passed all psychological evaluations and showed no sign of self-harming behavior, she was released into general care for the remainder of her stay.

Ms. Grey remained at Mercy Grace Hospital until July 10, 2017. She was discharged and provided with a schedule of follow-up appointments. A trauma psychiatrist was assigned to her for 6 months to assist with her rehabilitation effort due to her TBI and assault.

Ambulance Call Transcript
  • 11:45 PM Ambulance Dispatcher: Emergency Medical Dispatch. This is Janette. What is the nature of your emergency?
  • 11:46 PM Caller: Oh god, she’s dead. I think she’s dead! Help! Please send help!
  • 11:46 PM Ambulance Dispatcher: Who is dead? Can you tell me what happened?
  • 11:47 PM Caller: It’s one of the interns. She is on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood. She’s face down. Oh god! There’s broken glass everywhere.
  • 11:47 PM Ambulance Dispatcher: Sir, take a deep breath. Can you see if she is breathing?
  • 11:48 PM Caller: I’m afraid to touch her... Please, you must send help!
  • 11:48 PM Ambulance Dispatcher: Where are you? What is the address?
  • 11:48 PM Caller: Guerrilla Media Design! 258 Maple Lane...
  • 11:49 PM Ambulance Dispatcher: Alright. Police Units and an Ambulance are being sent. They should be there in a matter of moments. Sir, can you please check to see if she’s breathing?
  • 11:49 PM Caller: Oh god - I will try...
  • 11:51 PM Ambulance Dispatcher: Sir? Are you still there?
  • 11:52 PM Caller: Oh god, she moved! She moved!!! HURRY!

Summary - Police Record: 2017-6-16.Paulston-PD.GreyH.DD-AS
Due to a potential fatality, police were notified by Emergency Ambulance Dispatch that a potential homicide may have been committed at Guerrilla Media Design located on 258 Maple Lane. Upon arrival at the scene, two officers entered the building. Medics were already on scene, administering lifesaving procedures. Once the victim, Ms. Grey, was secured and removed from the scene, a formal investigation was conducted.

There were clear signs of a physical struggle at the crime scene. The mirrors of the bathroom were completely shattered, showing signs that Ms. Grey had been thrown against them. A medical examination verified glass was discovered within Ms. Grey’s wounds upon her back and wrists, matching that of the mirrors found within the bathroom. There was also a mass of blood, indicating that Ms. Grey had been drug after being stabbed. Authorities believe she was caught by surprise by a blitz attacker within the bathroom.

The witness who discovered Ms. Grey was questioned and provided a solid alibi. The security firm tasked with securing the building were also interviewed and asked to provide all security footage. Upon review, no one was seen entering or leaving the building around the suspected time of the attack. However, the security firm acknowledged a known gap in the security system. The rear stairway into the building has no camera coverage and does not require badge access to enter. A generic six digit pin allows access to the stairwell, which is commonly used by the residents of the building. Due to the high traffic in the area, no fingerprints were successfully recovered from the door handle and pin pad.

The colleagues of Ms. Grey were interviewed but none seemed to be aware of any previous domestic disputes between Ms. Grey and a potential unsub. They did vocalize Ms. Grey’s change in behavior over the past several months, including moodiness and a loss in job performance due to an ongoing affair with the company’s co-owner, Mrs. Munoz-Alvi. Upon interview, both Mrs. Munoz-Alvi and Mr. Alvi stated they were not in the building at the time of the attack. Financial records backed up their statements, verifying their alibi. Mrs. Munoz-Alvi did inform authorities that Ms. Grey was an infatuated intern, like many others the company had hired, and that their alleged affair was office gossip. Mr. Alvi confirmed that Mrs. Munoz-Alvi and Ms. Grey were not involved with one another.

Due to Ms. Grey’s inability to identify her attacker and having a lack of physical evidence to identify the intruder, no unsub was identified. Administered sexual assault kit failed to obtain DNA from Ms. Harper. The case remains open, should new evidence be discovered.

Therapy Records - Harper Anita Grey

July 2017 - January 2018: Trauma Rehabilitation Psychiatrist - Patricia Langley

  • Seen for: TBI | Assault Trauma
  • Reason for Therapy: Rehabilitation therapy due to physical assault and TBI.
  • Prescribed: Anti-Depressants | Anti-Anxiety | Sedatives
  • Findings:
    • Patient required speech therapy due to the TBI she sustained. After three months, patient regained her ability to communicate correctly but no longer possesses the southern US accent she had prior to the attack.
    • Provided six months of cognitive behavioral therapy to assist patient with PTSD outbursts.
    • Worked with patient to address increasing anxiety, nervousness, and paranoid delusions. It is believed these are being escalated due to the PTSD of the assault.
    • Patient shows no recollection of the assault, both physical and sexual. What knowledge she possesses appears to be rehearsed from discharge documents. There is clear evidence that patient is suffering from dissociation.

April 2018 - July 2018: Psychiatrist - Madie Sinclair
  • Seen for: PTSD | Depression | Suicidal Ideation
  • Reason for Therapy: Failed suicide attempt (Overdose of sedatives)
  • Prescribed: Anti-Depressants | Anti-Anxiety
  • Findings:
    • Patient attempted suicide after failure to re-integrate into society after severe assault in July 2017.
    • Assisted patient with relocation efforts to low income housing.
    • Worked with patient to address flash-back nightmares that are leading to sleep disorder, panic attacks, depression, and self-harming behavior.
    • Recommend follow-up therapy to discuss potential diagnosis for unidentified mental conditions that may have developed in patient due to TBI injury.

September 2018 - November 2019: Councilor - Jane Piper
  • Seen for: Suicidal Ideation
  • Reason for Therapy: Failed suicide attempt (Attempted hanging)
  • Findings:
    • Patient is struggling with disassociation, depression and suicidal ideation resulting from an assault that occurred in July 2017.
    • Worked with patient to identify alternative methods for dealing with depression, such as group therapy, volunteer work, and volunteering at a youth advocate facility.

July 2019 - October 2019: Trauma Rehabilitation Psychiatrist - Patricia Langley
  • Seen for: History of TBI
  • Reason for Therapy: Verify previous TBI damage had not become more severe due to concussion from motorcycle accident.
  • Prescribed: Anti-Anxiety
  • Findings:
    • Patient is still suffering from disassociation, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, and suicidal ideation after assault in July 2017.
    • Patient admitted motorcycle accident was a failed suicide attempt.
    • Worked with patient daily, referring to Siddhayatan Tirth & Spiritual Retreat as an alternative follow-up option to therapy.

October 2019 - November 2019: Siddhayatan Tirth & Spiritual Retreat
    • Seen for: Miss Grey is in constant crisis. This is impacting her ability to function as a normal member of society.
    • Reason for Therapy: Miss Grey was referred to our facility after repeated failed suicided attempts resulting from severe trauma in July 2017. She has moderate/severe PTSD which was not being treated effectively with modern medicine methods.
    • Findings:
      • Miss Grey remained at our facility for six weeks.
      • She repeated many of the classes and drastic improvement was seen in her overall mood and mental wellness.
      • Miss Grey was a pleasure to have at our facility and has returned multiple times to since initial visit to participate in retreats.
      • She is considered to be one of our facility's success stories and has not attempted suicide since her visit.

Frankie Ann Grey-Holsten

Screenshot 2021-05-03 102038.png

Dossier Information
  • Age: 23
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Face Claim Model: Morgane Polanski
  • Species: Human
  • Gender Identity: Female (Cis)
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Place of Origin: Georgia, United States
  • Current Residence: Nashville, Tennessee United States
  • Current Occupation: Freelance Media Editor | Artist (Painting)
  • Personality: Kind and Assertive
  • Established Relationships:
    • Harper Anita Grey: Big Sister
    • Derrick Holtson: Husband

Background Information
Like Harper, Frankie is named after one of her Grandfathers. They are the last of the "Grey" family line, which prompted their father to pass on their legacy with their names.

Frankie was similar to Harper in regard to wanting to leave home, but it was due to a different set of circumstances. Hating growing up in a farm town, Frankie was determined to make something of herself. She moved to Nashville with the dream to become a singer but quickly had that hope crushed. Working odd jobs, she eventually met Derrick and everything in her life began to improve. Now she works on selling real estate around Nashville, utilizing the hot housing market to make herself quite comfortable financially.

Her relationship is strained with Harper due to the dysfunctional relationship she had with their parents. They did not reconnect until after Harper was hospitalized, being the 'emergency contact' found on a post it in Harper's wallet. That is when she learned of Nora and the events of Harper's adult life. Injecting herself into Harper's life, Frankie tries to keep tabs on her older sister through letters, texts, and occasional visits.

Estivalia Romanov | Esti Roma

Screenshot 2021-05-02 164228.png

Dossier Information
  • Kindred Clan: Ravnos
  • Human Life:
  • Age: 151 (Born Winter 1870)
  • Eye Color: Hazel (Vuman) | Crimson (Vampire)
  • Hair Color: Brown | Highlighted
  • Face Claim Model: Bridget Satterlee
  • Gender Identity: Female (Cis)
  • Sexual Orientation: Fluid | Pansexual | Polysexual
  • Place of Origin: Konstantinovichi, Russia
  • Current Occupation: Bounty Hunter | Courtesan | Professional Dominatrix
  • Personality: Calm, Calculating, Sadomasochistic, Secretly a Softy
  • D/s Alignment: Dominant | Rarely submissive
  • Place within the Coven: Hunter | 'Domesticated' Serial Killer
  • Vehicle(s)
  • Favorite Things: Vodka, soft blankets, pretty girls, pierogi, aerobatic silks, knives.
  • Established Relationships:
    • Bertrand: Ghoul | Blood Bound
    • Beever: Best Human Friend | Former Colleague | Ex-Lover
    • Natasha: Best Undead Friend | D/s (Dominant when in private)
    • Vladimir: Employer | D/s (submissive when in private)
    • Oracle: Handler & Friend | Play Partner (occasionally Dominates with Anne's permission)
    • Celine: Blood Doll & Lover (rocky relationship)
    • Jazz: Rival
    • Harper: Acquaintance | Grease Monkey "Bro"
  • Alternative Residences:
    • Apartment in City
    • Flat in Russia
    • House in Canada on Beever's property

Human Background Information
Born in the winter of 1870, Estivalia Konstantinovna Knyazev was the first bastard born to Anna Kuznetsova (young danger) and Konstantin Nikolayevich Romanov (Grand Duke Russia). Ostracized by her father's 'true family', she remained with her mother and siblings in their own dacha near his Royal estate. She lived a happy childhood until her father had all his bastard children with Anna ennobled, prompting her to be betrothed to a distant cousin as a young girl. Due to the age difference between the two, it was agreed that the marriage would go through when the betrothed reached age 25, allowing Esti to grow to a child-bearing age.

In 1880, Estivalia attend a travelling circus with her father's 'true family' and her own. Estivalia was separated from her family as she wandered through the circus and went into distress due to an incident that frightened her. One of the circus workers found her and consoled her. The two bonded immediately, prompting the circus performer to make her a promise. "Return when you are older, on the last night of our performance if you wish to be done with your royal life." Estivalia nodded and followed the man as he led her back to her mother, handing her off. Then, four years later in 1884, the circus did Estivalia. Waiting for the performer where they had met, Estivalia waited with a small bag of her things hidden beneath her skirt. She was met by the same worker, being nearly the same has he had been four years prior. She was asked again if she was done with her royal life, and she said yes.

Estivalia Konstantinovna Knyazev was never heard or seen from again, living her new life with Khalil Absolut, the knife thrower who was her liberator.

From 1884 to 1895, Estivalia trained with the circus. Studying aerial acrobatics and contortion, she quickly fell in line with Khalil's vision for her growth and development. During a performance in Russia, in 1895, Estivalia was caught by Khalil watching the members of the Romanov family in the audience between performances. Leaning down to whisper into her ear, he asked her a poignant question: "Are you done with your royal life?" Estivalia immediately answered, a defiant look in her eyes. "You must be mistaken, for I am gypsy."

That night, Khalil embraced Estivalia before his Sire and the supernatural creatures within the circus. Reborn as Esti Absolut, she was immortalized at the age of 25.

Kindred Background Information
Like many Ravnos Esti is a criminal, has a severe addiction to danger and suffers from the urge to roam. If she remains in a place for 7 nights straight, it begins to wear on her sanity. This prompts Esti to often sleep elsewhere to counteract the madness that would consume her.

She roamed with the gypsy circus across Eastern and Western Europe from 1884-1930ish. Then, during the Second World War, her circus "Coven" was captured, being sent to death camps. Managing to escape capture with Khalil's assistance, she escaped death but lost everyone she had grown to know and love. Suffering from her loss, Esti began being a vigilante. She killed soldiers transporting prisoners to death camps, leaving destruction in her wake as she became feral. When stalking a truck of German youth being sent to a training camp, Esti stumbled across a young boy no more than thirteen being sexually assaulted by a soldier. Killing the man outright, she attacked the truck and killed the drivers, freeing the children inside. She used her feral form, hideously covered in blood, to scare the children off so they would flee to safety. Screams filled the forest as they fled, but the young boy remained at the truck. Her snapping jaws and glowing eyes did not frighten him, his small hands reaching for the tattered dress she wore. That boy was quickly taken in by her, ghouled with a sip of blood to heal his injuries from the assault. From that point on, Bertrand became Esti's sanity.

As years passed, Esti grew less and less feral, Bertrand keeping her grounded to her humanity. She travelled with him, passing off as mother and child. Eventually, Esti was forced to allow Bertrand to age and become a man, reversing the ghouling over several agonizing months. Once he was the age of a man, she resumed the act, keeping him trapped forever young.

Late in the 1960's, Esti and Bertrand came to the United States due to the increasing publicity of the the Zodiac Killer. This birthed her obsession with hunting serial killers, finding it a twisted game of amusement for her danger lust.

Then, the Final Nights came. Already loners, they were ostracized and were able to avoid much of the bloodshed caused by warring clans. Once things settled, Esti heard and felt the call of something stronger...more deadly than herself. Guided to the call through her morbid lust for danger, she discovered the Rasputin Coven and met the Nosferatu Vladimir. Agreeing to his offer for a 'home', Esti joined the Coven approximately 15 years ago. Now a 'domesticated serial killer', Esti lives beneath the Coven's laws, carrying on her work while protecting this surrogate home she emotionally struggles to connect to.

Roalf Bertrand

Screenshot 2021-05-03 225622.png

Dossier Information
  • Age: 96 (Born 1925)
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Face Claim Model: Laurence Coke
  • Species: Human | Ghoul
  • Gender Identity: Male (Cis)
  • Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
  • Place of Origin: Germany
  • Current Residence: Rasputin Coven
  • Current Occupation: Esti's Assistant | Personal Guard
  • Personality: Serious and Calm
  • Established Relationships:
    • Estivalia Romanov: Blood Bonded

Background Information
At the age of thirteen in 1938, Bertrand was taken from his home and loaded onto a transport to a German youth camp, in accordance with the laws passed in 1936. He resisted the soldiers, protesting and crying for his family. This resulted in several beatings in an attempt to 'correct' his behavior. Eventually leading to more aggressive abuse, Bertrand was shipped off in a truck for northern Germany. During a rest stop, the vehicle was attacked by some kind of beast. Bertrand remained still as the creature eviscerated the soldiers who had been transporting them and chased the other teens off. The monster frightened him, but he refused to flee. Instead, he reached for the tattered dress hanging from it's body, whispering 'thank you'. Those words changed his life forever.

Passing themselves off as mother an son, Bertrand followed after Esti wherever she led them. He hid in burrows in the forest as she killed Nazi soldiers, watching the savagery of her rage. With each year that passed and he remained a child, he studied her and learned how to protect himself due to his immortalized youth. Eventually, the time came where Esti knew they had to make a choice, to release Bertrand from his childhood form or keep him trapped within it for eternity. Over many agonizing months, Bertrand struggled with the process of removing his ghouling.

After growing into a young man, he lived his life as a human for several months as he weighed the decision to resume being Esti's ghoul or to live beside her as a feeder. At the pique of his physical prowess and attractiveness, he approached Estivalia with a knife in his hand, ready to make his choice. He cut her, bringing her blood to his lips, becoming her ghoul once again with the whispered promise: "I will guard you during the day, until the end of our days, Schnucki."
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Supplemental "Guest" Characters - NoH

This post is reserved for NoH's supplemental characters that are not actively being used.

Derek Beever

Screenshot 2021-05-04 111316.png

Dossier Information
  • Age: 53
  • Eye Color: Grey
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Face Claim Model: Jay Harrington
  • Species: Human
  • Gender Identity: Male (Cis)
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Place of Origin: Alaska, United States
  • Current Residence: Neighboring City | Alaska
  • Current Occupation: Co-Owner Mystique Gun Club | Private Security Operative | Former Special Ops
  • Personality: Firm, Serious, Fair
  • Favorite Things: Cigars, Grilling, Whiskey, Explosives
  • Vehicle: Dodge Ram TRX 1500
  • Established Relationships:
    • Esti Roma: Best Friend | Colleague | Ex Lover
    • James Allen Austin Jr.: Mentor | "Uncle"

Background Information
Beever has been married three times. Each marriage failed not due to bitterness, but due to his obsession with work. He has two children that he has a strained relationship with. Beever served with James Allen Austin Sr. in the Gulf War (early 1990's). He is "Uncle Derek" to Austin Sr.'s three children. He is the co-owner of Mystique Gun Club, which is where he spends most of his free time outside of work. He still owns property in Alaska, and is known to go there throughout the year to "escape" from life.

In the late 1990's, Beever had finished his service in the US military. He was hired by a private security firm tasked with "providing relief" overseas. Their work was actually recovering smuggled weapons being trafficked illegally. He was assigned as the lead of a US based unit that was assigned to work collaboratively with one based in Europe. He met 'Roma', his handler and liaison with the foreign team. The two served together actively for seven years across Europe and the Middle East, taking on highly risky missions in the dead of night and avoiding detection from US and UN forces.

A perfect weekend: Hunting fresh game, throwing it on the grill, smoking cigars, passing around a bottle of whiskey, and blowing shit up.

The "Boys"

James Allen Austin Jr.
Neil Aaron Dobson "Sarge"
Javier Virgil Boyd
Occupation: Active Military - PrivateOccupation: Private Security Operative | Former Police OfficerOccupation: Private Security Operative | Former Panamanian Public Forces Officer
Age: 21Age: 42Age: 30
Species: HumanSpecies: HumanSpecies: Human
Place of Origin: New York, United StatesPlace of Origin: CanadaPlace of Origin: Panama
Personality: Immature and GoofyPersonality: Rough and ToughPersonality: Smooth and Tough
How He Joined the Team: 'Uncle Derek' insists he be around 'real men' to have a positive male role model.How He Joined the Team: Old hunting buddy of Beever's.How He Joined the Team: Recruited by Beever.
Role within the Coven: N/A due to being active military.Role within the Coven: Tactical Consultant (?)Role within the Coven: Tactical Consultant (?)
Personal Background:

He's the youngest of three children (sisters are Mary and Annie). He enlisted into the US Army the age of 18 to be a patriot like his father, who died attempting to evacuate the Twin Towers in 2001 (he was a first responding fire fighter).

Austin is constantly being ripped on by "The Guys" for his immaturity and goofiness. He plays it up to be more lighthearted and make the most of life, knowing first hand everything can change in the blink of an eye. He looks up to Uncle Derek like a father, and often gets bailed out of 'jams' by him.
Personal Background:

Worked as a police officer for 20 years. He is an outdoor survivalist enthusiast. He has a cabin in the rural bush of Canada. He hates technology and prefers to be off the grid whenever possible. He loves his 1990 Ford Bronco.
Personal Background:

Never got over his first love, so he struggles with maintaining romantic attachments and is a bit of a loner. He prefers to work than socialize with 'civilians'. He has a pet betta fish named Josie, who is commonly mistaken for his wife.

Khalil Absolut

Screenshot 2021-05-03 101211.png

Dossier Information
  • Kindred Clan: Ravnos
  • Embrace: 1720's
  • Death: 1941
  • Eye Color: Blue-Green (Vuman) | Crimson (Vampire)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Face Claim Model: Adam Wallace
  • Gender Identity: Male
  • Sexual Orientation: Fluid | Pansexual | Polysexual
  • Place of Origin: Middle East
  • Former Occupation: Circus Gypsy | Aerial Performer | Knife Thrower | Forger | Thief
  • Personality: Firm, Calculating, Nurturing
  • Favorite Things: Whiskey, Knives, Daisies
  • Established Relationships:
    • Esti: Childe
    • Circus Master: Sire
    • Unnamed Human Contortionist: Lover

Background Information
Born in the middle east to a slave girl. Spent most of his youth as a human living as a slave. He was thrown in prison in his late teens due to thievery, set to be executed. After escaping prison, he fled north. Stumbling across a gypsy circus camp, he offered to work for scraps and slept beneath wagons to avoid being captured.

He started using his skills as a thief to bring money into the camp while patrons were distracted by shows. Eventually began to perform as a knife thrower, learning aerial acrobatics under the tutelage of the Circus Master. At 24, he fell during a performance and broke his back. The Circus Master healed his injuries by ghouling him for one month. At 29, he earned his embrace and shed his human name, becoming Khalil Absolut.

Nora Munoz-Alvi

Screenshot 2021-05-03 151442.png

Dossier Information
  • Age: 37
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Face Claim Model: Camila Alves
  • Species: Human
  • Gender Identity: Female (Cis)
  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual | Polyamorous
  • Place of Origin: Brazil
  • Current Residence: Neighboring City
  • Current Occupation: Freelance Media Editor | Artist (Painting)
  • Personality: Hot and Cold
  • Established Relationships:
    • Dion Alvi: Husband
    • Harper Anita Grey: Ex Girlfriend | Ex Fiance

Background Information
Nora immigrated to the United States under a work visa. Working as a model for years, she caught Dion's eye in the New York fashion scene. They began a hot affair that was tumultuous for years. Eventually Nora agreed to marry Dion, settling down and working on establishing her own media company. Utilizing Dion's funds to start the Guerilla Media Design, her talent developed the company into the successful business it now stands as.

Living fairly independently from Dion due to his 'work' overseas, Nora is fairly autonomous and seems more colleague-like toward her husband to those outside of her marriage. She is known to take on lovers freely, as per an agreement she shares with Dion. Harper was the first and only person she went 'steady' with in all of her extra-marital affairs. Her motivation for remaining in her marriage has yet to be discovered.

Dion Alvi

Screenshot 2021-05-03 151735.png

Dossier Information
  • Age: 55
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Face Claim Model: Flamur Ukshini
  • Species: Human | Ghoul
  • Gender Identity: Male (Cis)
  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual | Swinger
  • Place of Origin: Pakistan
  • Current Residence: Neighboring City
  • Current Occupation: Photographer | Media Consultant
  • Personality: Professional, Possessive, Jealous
  • Vehicle: Audi TT Coupe
  • Established Relationships:
    • Nora Alvi-Munoz: Wife
    • Kindred Owner: Unknown

Background Information
Immigrating to France as a child, Dion became a photographer and pursued his love for theater and the arts. He has travelled all around the world working on various media productions and serves as a creative consultant for multiple companies. Not much is known about his personal interests because he is very driven and focused on pursuing his work with the arts.

Julia Greene-Schneider

Screenshot 2021-05-04 000039.png

Dossier Information
  • Age: 28
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Face Claim Model: Noémie Lenoir
  • Species: Human
  • Gender Identity: Female (Cis)
  • Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
  • Place of Origin: Georgia, United States
  • Current Residence: Berlin, Germany
  • Current Occupation: Sculptor | Art Journalist
  • Personality: Cocky and Aristocratic
  • Established Relationships:
    • Piper Schneider: Wife
    • Harper Anita Grey: Ex Girlfriend

Background Information
Julia was accustomed to being discriminated against, due to being African American being raised in a predominantly white farm town in the 'boonies' of Georgia. She befriended Harper in elementary school, after they were partnered up as 'reading buddies'. They were inseparable as friends, and Julia was who told Harper she was gay when Harper was 10 years old. They began to date in secret at the age of 13 (Harper) and 15 (Julia). They continued their relationship until Julia left for art school in New York at the age of 17, leaving Harper behind to finish up high school.

They remained strong friends up until Harper began to date Nora Munoz. After that, their relationship became strained, going from talking weekly to monthly, then once a year. Julia met Piper in 2015 and they were married in 2017. They live in Berlin with Piper's family to continue the family business. She works as an art journalist part time and continues to sculpt.

After Harper's 'incident', she attempted to reconnect with Harper after Frankie informed her of the situation. Harper pushed Julia away, unable to maintain any type of bond due to her mental instability. Julia still sends Harper cards on the holidays, and the occasional email, waiting for the day when her friend will return.
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General Plot Notes - NoH

This post is reserved for NoH's plot notes for brainstorming/collaboration on future plot elements.

Girls Gone Wild: Harper & Frankie Edition

WIP Details:
  • Frankie will come into town to check in on Harper, demanding to know what is up because she has gotten a notice that her lease expired (she was the cosigner).
  • They will end up talking, with Harper confessing to "everything":
    • Doing well, getting a girlfriend, making friends, moving in with said girlfriend, etc.
  • Frankie will drop her SPOILER news.
  • Frankie and Harper will go out to drink their feelings under the table and celebrate.
    • Mi'serable and Jazz will crash in on their fun.

Hunt Gone Wrong: Esti & Bertrand

WIP Details:
  • Esti will accept a hunt directly from Vladimir.
  • When she arrives, she is ambushed by another soldier (amped up on drugs) and attack dogs.
  • She will scream for Bertrand, forcing him to intervein. He will kill the man beheading Esti and flee the scene with her as she bleeds out all over him.
    • Have her go into stasis?
    • Have her feed from Mi'serable the night before, which is how she 'survived' the attack?
      • This would further solidify their friendship, and give Esti an opportunity to break down crying with Mi'serable.
  • Bertrand calls/texts Oracle as he races back to the Manor, begging her to get as many blood dolls as she can because Esti may be dying.
  • This will lead to Esti's emotional breakdown and depression.
    • She will remain in bed while she heals and struggles with her self worth.
    • IF she remains for more than 7 days: this goes against her need to roam, so her sanity will begin to warp/deteriorate instead of improve.
      • Someone may have to physically remove her from the manor at this point.
  • Create a tie in to Dion and the Kindred he serves/is ghouled to.
    • Perhaps the drugs being used by humans were created by another Coven?

Gallery Showing - The Crimson Series: Harper

WIP Details:
  • Harper will work on her paintings, but there will be a few that she begs to remain private because they are meant to be a surprise.
    • Julia will contact Harper after she uploads a picture of one painting to tell her that Nora has 'tagged' it and is trying to publicize her work.
      • This will cause Harper much anxiety, forcing her to have a small breakdown. Mi'serable (or someone) should find her having a panic attack.
  • Harper will reveal the paintings she has been working on in secret at an art gallery Mi'serable owns.
    • Frankie and Julia need to attend the showing.
    • Nora will come with one of her clients and observe the entire event, eventually approaching Harper..

Sweet Sweet Revenge: Harper vs Dion & Nora

WIP Details:
  • Harper decides to take revenge on Dion and Nora, attacking his car at their home to lure him out.
    • Mi'serable will watch from a hidden place, or join in actively.
  • She will go with the intention of doing to Dion what he did to her, minus the sexual assault.
  • Harper will suffer a life threatening injury, overpowered by Dion's ghoul strength, forcing Mi'serable to choose to let her die or ghoul her for a month (???)
    • Harper will beg for her life, sobbing that she doesn't want to leave Mi'serable or the Coven yet.
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