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The Vampire Hunters Mistake (LunarWolf and GuardianAngel)

It was a rather strange thing to see happen, the moment her legs seemed to give out on her from exhaustion, was about the same time that Chrissanth was crumpling to the ground in a dead faint.
Romeo who came out during the battle went right to Chriss and carefully picked her up “keep an eye on her until Shayne gets her should she lose control only he will be able to control her
This had the guards giving a nod of their head although they didn't dare try and get close to her at that point in time.
"its ok everyone is safe" Romeo settled her on the bed and then covered her up he wanted the doctors to watch over her till she woke up to make suer that nothing happened to her
Chrissanth did seem to hear his words although didn't wake up at all. It was very clear that she was in a ton of pain and the doctor was commenting that if she continued to overwork herself as she was, that her ribs weren't going to heal. In fact the fractures were going to end up getting a lot worse if she kept it up.
Romeo nodded "Ill speak with her when she wakes up to make sure she knows that she needs to take it easy and not over do it."
"Please don't be upset with her though for this recent act. Those rogues.... They overpowered a number of the royal guard. They were a lot tougher than usual. Honestly if it hadn't been for those two hunters... who knows how far they would have made it into the palace." a soldier spoke from where he was laying, a soldier that had gotten injured and his injuries were being tended to. One that Chrissanth had actually swooped in and saved the life of.
Romeo walked over to him and took his hand "I would never be mad at her for defending this palace nor would I be mad at any of you for not being able to hold them back as you are right they are stronger then normal"
The soldier was giving a nod before he was just letting out a breath of air and falling back onto the bed, so that he could get some rest.
The doctor was stating that they would all be well soon enough and with that said he was going back to tending to them. It wasn't long before a messenger was arriving from Kyle's mansion with a message for Romeo and Shayne from the doctor that worked there, giving information about Circe.
Romeo took the letter and then looked it over the color draining out of his face when he did. Romeo then headed out to find and show Shayne so that he knew the condition of Circe and how close they had come to losing her
Shayne was in his office talking over a plan of action with a few of his doctors about the wounded, yet it wasn't long before a maid was announcing that Romeo was looking for him.
Romeo walked in thanking her and walked over to Shanye handing him the letter as it laid her Circes condition when she had arrived and how old all the injuries were and that they had been healed as well
Shayne was just looking at the letter for a moment in time before he was frowning as he looked at it. Yet much like Romeo his own facing was paling when he read about how severe it had been.
"I am so glad the bastard is dead or I would kill him" Romeo was more then a little pissed over the letter but seeing that she had been healed and was no longer at risk had him relaxing some
Shayne was just nodded his head before he spoke, "She is my own sister and.... I never knew about any of this." Yet again she had never told him about what happened when he wasn't around, she kept it all to herself.
"she didn't tell either of us Shayne but we lucked out wiht her going to Kyle's home they were able to help her" Romeo looked over to the large pillow on the ground wiht Rose sleeping on it
Shayne was just shaking his head before he spoke, "She was afraid to tell us. Especially if the king ever found out that she had said something."
Romeo nodded his head "its true while I am glad she is better now I feel horrid for her she shouldn't have had to go through all of that"
Shayne was giving a nod of his head before he spoke, "Knowing her condition.... I'm almost afraid to know how long she would have had to survive had she married the bastard she had been arranged to."
"not long according to the letter one strong blow to her hear would have killed her" Romeo looked back at Rose when she let out a whimper and he watched her shift "she is going through the memory stage isn't she" all new borns learned about their sires through that process it helped build trust but no all newborns remembered when they woke up
Shayne was just looking for a brief moment in time before he was stating, "Perhaps. I'm not sure to be honest." Being that he had been born a vampire, he hadn't gone through that change at all.
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