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Super Powers (The Boys)


Jul 7, 2017
"A supe terrorist or serial killer..." A police sergeant muttered. "And now the city expects us to protect a reporter?" The sergeant walks to the rear of the building and checked on the officers in the alley and the 2 plump cops nodded at him. He looked up at the fire escape and it was empty and did a radio check and a sniper on the roof waved at him.

"This is a waste of the city's resource, and if it is so dangerous, why not send a Supe?" The sergeant complained and he heard muffled moans behind him. He turned around and saw a black figure choking the plump cop and the other cop was lying on the ground. The sergeant reached for his gun and the black figure snapped the cop's neck in his arms and rushed over and disarmed the sergeant. Covering the sergeant's mouth, the sergeant was pulled close. "Where is the reporter?" A man whispered in the sergeant's ear. "Ninth floor..." The sergeant said and the man tightened his grip on the sergeant's neck and the sergeant pawed helplessly and went limp.

"Armored cop on the roof..." A voice said and a police officer in heavy police armor was grabbed and choked silently. The sniper wearing a cap, armed with a rifle turned and saw man in black suit choking an armored cop and the man stomped on his face and the sniper's skull was crushed. "Used too much strength..." The man said and with a quick jerk, he snapped the cop's neck and proceeded down the stairwell.

An old cop heard a knock on the door and opened it. There was a man grabbing the cop at the front door. "I don't want to kill your friend. I just want the reporter... and all of you can live."

"Jeez..." The old cop muttered and reached for his gun and the man grabbed a pen from the choking cop's pocket and threw it into the old cop's eye and he collapsed. The cop at the front door was lifted in the air and his boots kicked silently as the man entered the house and as the cop went limp, the man laid the cop slowly to the ground and went to the kitchen and saw a fat cop.

"Any other cops here?" The man said and grabbed the cop's throat and lifted him off the floor. The fat cop pointed outside and he saw 2 cops on the ground. "Is that all?" The man asked and the fat cop nodded. "Thank you..." The man said and tightened the grip on the fat cop's neck and he kicked silently in the air and went limp.

The man entered the bedroom and saw the reporter sleeping and walked over and grabbed his arms and slowly dislocated every limb. The reporter screamed in pain as the man took his time and maimed him in a slow painful death. He took out a phone and recorded himself ripping out the reporter's dick and shoving it into the reporter's mouth. There was blood everywhere.

The man slowly washed up and left the apartment.


Earnst got a call about the incident and went to meet with the Mayor and many other city officials. "Vought has the ability to deal with such things, when it is against Supes, we will only have more bodies. This is a serious matter and we may have a Super terrorist in town. Reinforcements from Vought can help patrol and keep the city safe. We need to build back the confidence in the people." Earnst said and everyone in the room nodded.

Earnst returned to his limo and called Vought. "The city bought into our protection, we have funding and can officially get some superheroes to come over to kick some ass, and be paid for it. This will bring good PR for Vought and it is no longer charity."


Jul 7, 2017
"Get him out of here..." A police commander shouted as 2 of his armored cops were carried away by paramedics. "That fucker is heavily armed, and there are explosives in there." The police surrounded an abandoned building as suspected terrorists are cornered inside. There are hostages and so far a dozen cops are sent to the hospital.

2 cops looked into the rear exit of the building and shined the flashlight inside. "We are supposed to guard the door, not go in..." The pudgy cop said and as he turned around, he saw his partner grabbed with a dagger to his throat. "No funny moves or your friend gets it..."

The cops were escorted into the building and they were cuffed and placed beside 3 other policemen. The men in army fatigues gagged the cops and moved outside to ambush more cops again. A motorcycle cop spotted a police hat on the ground and signaled his partner and approached. The man in army fatigues waited silently for the cops to pass him before he dropped down on the cops. He turned the cops over and punched their throats. With a few quick punches, the cops went limp and they were dragged into the building.


Jessie arrived and sniffed the air. "Gun powder..." She said and walked into the command truck and rubbed her breasts on a round cop with thick mustache. "Hello there..."

"Oh great, you're here!" The police commander said. "A few of my men just went missing, and the situation is getting worse. These guys have very big guns."

"Don't worry," Jessie said, "I got this."

"The guns went through our class 3 armor!" The commander said.

Jessie smirked and had a cocky look on her face. "I got this."

Jessie walked towards the building and a gunshot was heard as a sniper shot her in the head. Her head tilted up and she looked annoyed. "Ok, I felt that..." Jessie muttered as she rubbed her head and felt a little dent and she rushed into the building.

She entered the building and as she opened one of the doors, a shotgun blasted her in the chest and sent her into the wall. She got up and saw a hole in her shirt. "Fuck, I just bought this..." She ran back into the room as she heard someone running away and she chased a man into a stairwell and as she entered, another man ambushed her and slashed at her neck with a sword. The sword contacted her neck with a loud clang and did not penetrate her skin. She turned around and grabbed the sword and looked at the shocked man who started stabbing her with a dagger.

"No, if your sword did not work, stabbing me with a dagger repeatedly will not work too," Jessie said and grabbed his head and tossed him into the wall, knocking him out. Another man in army fatigues returned with a shotgun and fired continuously at her, shooting her in the head and arms. She grabbed his gun and squeezed the barrel, bending it. "My turn..." She said and grabbed the head of the man and smashed it into the wall, crushing his skull.

She entered a room and saw the cuffed cops and 3 more men in army fatigues. "Hold on, this is for the fans..." She said and laid down her camera and recorded it live. The men shot at her with assault rifles and she took a few rounds before reaching them and she shoved the rifles of 2 of the men through their chests. The remaining man turned and ran and she pounced on him and broke his spine. The man twitched in pain and she picked up her camera and placed it in front of the man's face. "Smile for the camera..." she said and stopped the recording. "Ok, now for the after-the-camera stuff." She said and stomped on his head.

Looking at the cops, she grabbed an older cop and sniffed him. "Ahhhh... smells so good." She said and looked around. "No more terrorists." She checked on all the cops and they were still alive. "Hostages saved. Those were not even supes."
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