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Fx Any Zazutobi's Request thread (New Anthro Craving)


Mar 22, 2021
Hello my fellow degenerates. Thank you for visiting my thread and seeing a list a bit of my brain on display. Been roleplaying for a fair number of years so I have some experience but always open to learning new things and implementing new ideas into my own style. That being said I do usually prefer a third person perspective when it comes to rp's, English is my first language so feel free to rag on me if I make mistakes. All characters will be at minimum 18 but preferably in their twenties. I can play dominant or submissive or switches for rps. I dont really care what the gender is behind the screen as long as you can portray the gender you want to play in the rp. Now onto the meat and potatoes of the thread.

(All links are NSFW to some degree.)

NEW!:Found a comic I liked that inspired a fun idea. A pair of anthro sisters running a Japanese themed small bar that plays as a slice of life. But after the bar closes, those customers still there might find the sisters open to more risque requests. Though its more like they encourage the customers they like to stick around so they can have some private time with them. Looking for a partner to play one of the sisters and some customers, and I will do the same. We'll play customers against each other's character and some joint scenes as well. But its a slice of life so there will be downtime, set up, and more casual scenes as well. Open to playing against male,female, and futa customers so bring your creative spirit to make some fun scenes.

Up for a Warhammer 40K rp in part inspired by the recent announcement of a Rogue Trader CRPG. Want to play as the Rogue Trader themself alongside a crew of various people. From an Eldar Banshee, Tau Fire Warrior, to even a Female Space Marine. UP for playing multiple characters but only as long as my partner is as well. Looking for a mixture of DMing where we come up with storylines and adventures for each others characters. Dealing with pirates, isolated human colonies, and the forces of Choas (Chaos). Shoot me a PM and we can figure things out and come up with a fun story for a more casual bit of fun.

Up for playing a Goblin or Dwarf Adventurer. Looking for a DM for the adventure, dealing with monsters, bandits, and so on and so forth. Heres a couple of images to stir the imagination.


Just got a craving for some fun fandom rps. Not gonna say I have any real plots or stories but I do have some images for some inspiration for the characters. So shoot me a pm if it peaks your interest and we can figure out a short scene or maybe something more long term

Could get into playing an ORC lady. Heres some samples of orcs id like to play. 1,2. One idea I had was of two cultures clashing. MC the daughter of the Warchief is married to a prince or perhaps princess to solidify an alliance that has only recently been forged and is tenuous. These two dive into their very different cultures finding things they like and dislike. Though the Orcish culture is very much going to be open about sex and sexuality. Passing partners and sharing lovers being common and almost expected.Good with it being an FxF or Futa situation where MC or yours is packing something extra. Also down for my orc lady getting married or becoming a concubine to a smaller male. A goblin or Vulpera for example.

Star Wars
Star Trek
Hazbin Hotel
Helluva Boss
Mass Effect
Brand New Animal
Final Fantasy

Kinks id like to see (But not required):
Sex Toys
Semi-Public sex
Object Insertion

Kinks I refuse:
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