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Mx Female Celebrity R-rated movie try outs!


Jul 11, 2020
Hi, ladies!

Would anyone be interested in playing an up and coming celebrity who is conflicted between selling their body in exchange for fame and wealth? I'd really like to play a director who pushes actress' limits. They are basically making an R-rated movie that is very sex themed, but not a full-on porno! That's when the auditions start! It can start off with a topless audition. Then gets more and more daring and extreme. Until she finds herself being the director and/or producer's BDSM sex toy. Bonus if you are comfortable using dirty pics, as I have a lot of fake celebrity nudes!

As of right now, the hottest female celebrities for me are:

Taylor Swift
Katie Cassidy
Piper Perabo (20'sand 30's)
Madison Beer
Katherine McNamara

If you want to use a different face-claim that's cool with me.

Thanks for looking!
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