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Director's Cut - Episode 5 in which Elliot helps Grace get into character - with a strap


May 29, 2017
'What?' Jenny exploded. 'You're having me on?'

'No,' Luke thought he had just made it absolutely clear to her that he was being serious.

'So, that means April, May, June,' Jenny counted the months on her fingers, 'July and some of August. Knowing how film schedules work, that probably means all of August. Which is five months, which is almost six months, which is half a fucking year, or half a no fucking year. How am I supposed to cope with that, just tell me that.'

Luke sighed, his partner had not been listening.

'No, it's me who can't have sex. No intercourse, no wanking, no handjobs or blowjobs. But I can do anything that will satisfy you, like we did that time when I'd done my back in, remember?'

They both grinned as they remembered, but Jenny was not convinced.

'Yeah, that was fun, but it was only for three weeks and you were able to get off.'

'I'll make sure that you don't suffer, promise.'

Jenny kissed him, hard.

'You're so sweet, darling. But seeing that it isn't April yet we had better get some shagging in the bank right away.' She was stripping as she spoke. 'And then you can tell me exactly what happened at your meeting with the director this morning.'

Luke ducked his head to suckle her tits, but he had no intention of telling her everything that had happened when he met the director of the film in which he was going to star.


May 29, 2017
‘Luke, hi, thanks for coming and congratulations, I expect your agent has already texted you the good news.

Toni, the director, rose from her chair and walked across the room.

‘Yeah,’ Luke was over the moon at securing a role in a major film against one of the leading actress of her generation, ‘it’s a big honour, I’m looking forward to meeting Grace.’

‘Luke, you’ve got the part, if you want it, but I just want to clear up something first.’ Luke began to worry, he had understood that the part was his. What was this something that needed to be cleared up. He waited. ‘You’ll have seen a clause in your contract requiring you to comply with all reasonable demands connected with your character.’ Luke hadn’t seen it, but he nodded anyway. ‘Well, I thought it only fair to you to know what that means.’

‘OK, sure, Jenni, go ahead, I’m sure you won’t want me to do anything unreasonable.’

‘Right, fine, so this is the deal. The film, as you know, is about a young man who is comes out of gaol and is sent to stay with his aunt who runs a farm and the tensions that develop in their relationship, especially the sexual tensions. The whole film is an exploration of these unresolved feelings in a potentially taboo relationship.’ Luke knew that. How could he not know it after reading the script? ‘Well, we thought, that is Grace and I both thought that to add realism it would be best if you both abstained during filming.’

‘Abstained?’ Luke was beginning to get a hint of what she was talking about, but didn’t want to make a fool of himself.

‘Yes, from sex, from any form of sexual fulfilment. If you had no sexual satisfaction during filming, it would add a depth and intensity to your performance since that is how your character would be feeling. We’re going to shoot in sequence so that your personal feelings and those of your character will be in sync. Do you see what I mean?’

‘Yeah,’ Luke saw what she meant. ‘And just how long would the filming last, I’m thinking of my partner, you see.’

‘Well now, you are free to provide your partner, Jenny isn’t it, with as much pleasure as she needs. It’s just that we don’t want you to cum at all during filming. As to timing, well we’re going to film during June and July with some wrapping up stuff in early August.’

‘That sounds reasonable,’ Luke tried to sound more convinced than he was.

‘And obviously you’ll need to start with some er tension already, as that would be your character’s experience as well, after all he’s been in prison. So we thought maybe abstinence for a couple of months beforehand. With rehearsals starting in May, perhaps nothing from the beginning of April.’

Shit. Luke had no idea how that was going to feel. He’s not abstained for anything like that time since his mid-teens. He wondered how Jenny would take the news.

‘Yeah, well, Toni, that will certainly add a certain depth to my performance.’

‘It’s OK if you want to edge, or get Jenny to edge you, in fact that would help, just so long as you don’t cum.’


‘Well, er, right. I’d certainly look to go ahead with the role.’

‘Excellent,’ Toni sounded relieved, ‘so the role is yours. I’ll tell the contract people to get it finalised and signed.’

The two looked at each other. Was Luke imagining it or was there something else that Toni wanted to discuss? She laughed.

‘You got off lightly. You remember the film, what was it called now, I forget, but the one where Grace’s character kicked the guy who was trying to rape her in the nuts. Well, she insisted on doing it for real, with no stand in for him. What with rehearsals and retakes, she kicked him a dozen times. Not all on the same day, of course.’

Luke grimaced. ‘Yeah, it sounds like I have got off lightly.’

‘There’s just one other thing, Luke.’ He had been right. ‘It nothing that will affect you being offered the role, that’s in the bag now. But you’ll have seen from the script that there are some scenes – the shower one especially but also some in your room at night – when you’ll be nude. Now, obviously we don’t want to embarrass you or anything like that, and we can do a lot with camera angles and costume could make up some sort of prosthesis if necessary, but I was just wondering-‘

‘You mean you want to measure me up? Is that what you saying?’

Toni nodded. ‘It’ll just take a moment and there’s no one else here, no hidden cameras.’ She looked around the room.

‘OK,’ Luke wondered just what the director was hoping for, ‘I’m OK with that, I suppose.’ He dropped his jeans and Toni stood back and moved around to view him from different angles.

‘Yes, well,’ she sounded serious, ‘that’s pretty much what I’d expect for a flaccid penis, but of course in the film you’ll be packing a lot of er tension, so I’d be looking for something a little less, how shall I say, static.’

‘Sorry,’ Luke could not believe he was hearing this, ‘you wanted to see what I am like aroused, is that what you’re saying?’

‘There’s no need to be nervous,’ Toni dropped to her knees, ‘let me see if I can help.’

Five minutes later, she rocked back onto her heels and wiped the back of her hand across her mouth.

‘Whoar, Luke, well I think we won’t need a prosthetic enhancement for you.’

‘Look, Toni, I’m sorry, I really am, I tried to keep, well I didn’t mean, I tried to stop.’ He stumbled to a halt.

‘WOW,’ Toni ran her hand through her hair and took a deep breath, ‘no need to apologise, Luke, none at all. We’re both adults after all.’ She took another breath and rose to her feet, shaking her head. ‘Phew.’

‘Is there anything else?’ Luke hardly dared to ask. His jeans were still round his ankles.

‘No, Luke, no, nothing at all and thanks for being so understanding. I’ll see you for rehearsals in May then.’

Luke left, wondering how to break the news to Jenny and what other surprises Toni might have in store.


May 29, 2017
‘Yee -ooowww-whooo-ohohohoh-no

‘Wait, yeah, more, now harder, sink those teeth in-


‘It’s cumming, here it cums, man the pumps, this baby’s flooding’



Grace clamped the director’s had between her thighs as juices pumped out of her pussy.

Toni prised her star’s legs apart, gulped in air, ran her tongue round her mouth, and removed a curly black hair from between her front teeth.

‘You’ve already got a good garden developing there, luv.’

Grace raised her arms to display thick black patches.

Toni grinned. ‘You never do things by halves do you?’

Grace scrambled forward and licked her juices off the director’s face. ‘That’ll be the last one for me until the end of filming. Thanks for the service.’

‘Always a pleasure. How’s Elliott taken the news of your abstinence?’ Elliott was Grace’s ‘current husband’ as the media put it. She’s had more than she had won Oscars.

‘He’s worked out that anal is still OK since it doesn’t turn me on. He reckons one hole is as good as another.’

‘Luke’s partner hasn’t taken it well. It seems she kinda addicted to cock. I’ve told him that she can do what she wants to his cock, just so long as he doesn’t cum. In fact, the more she edges him the more frustrated he’ll get. And at his age he’s horny most of the time anyway. Not like us.’

Both women laughed.

‘Actually, I’ve been thinking,’ Grace face has lost its post-orgasm glow and was now serious. ‘Since both of the stars are abstaining, maybe you should too, so that you have a better understanding of the forces you are directing.’

‘No way, Grace, no way, I’m not being paid enough for that.’

Grace brought her face close to Toni’s and gave her a lingering kiss.

‘Just remember,’ she pulled a couple of inches away, ‘it will only take one call to the producer and you’ll be looking for another job.’

Toni was used to threats like this from stars, and Grace was famous for sacking directors. But she also knew how to deal with them.

‘Yes, darling, I’ll be looking for another job, but you’ll be looking longer for a new director. Who’s going to take that on when it means no sex for months while watching you and Luke steaming around the set like demented sex fiends?’

Grace shrugged; she knew Toni was right. It had been worth a try, but it had also given Toni an idea, an idea that she would keep to her herself until the filming was over. Meanwhile, she checked her watch.

‘There’s still plenty of time for another session. Luke is probably packing some final shags in. Why not do the same?’

Grace lay back and closed her eyes.


May 29, 2017
‘Luke, this is our first rehearsal and I want to spend some time talking about your time in prison, your character’s that is. Have you had any thoughts about it?’

‘Well, Toni, it’s all been left vague, deliberately I suppose, just hints here and there. I don’t know what it was for or for how long I was incarcerated. I see it as background to explain why I’ve not been sexually active lately.’

‘Yes, well, speaking of sexual activity. How are you both getting on with your enforced abstinence?’

Luke put his head down, as if embarrassed to discuss the subject.

‘It’s not something we’re used to, I have to admit. Surprisingly, it’s been easier for me than Jenny, probably because I have a purpose in it. I’ve been touched by her reaction actually. I’ve made sure she doesn’t miss out, obviously, but she still feels the loss of being able to give me satisfaction. I hadn’t realised how much that meant to her. To both of us actually.’

‘Right, well hopefully this experience may bring the two of your closer.’ Her tone changed and became brisker. ‘Now, your time in prison. It’s been left vague, that’s right, but that’s for the audience. It can’t be vague for you, because it affects your behaviour, your character’s behaviour. So tell me, have you given any thought to the man-on-man sex while you were there?’

‘NO. No, I haven’t no. You hear rumours of course, but well no-’

‘I think we have to confront this, Luke. I see it as a major influence on your character and how he relates to his aunt. Be honest, you’re a handsome guy and that is going to attract attention. All the more if anyone gets a glimpse of what you’ve got stacked away in your shorts.’

‘You think so?’

‘Sure, I do.’ Toni moved closer to Luke. ‘Those bodybuilders down the gym will soon be taking an interest. Bumping into your, rubbing against you in the corridors or the queue in the canteen.’ Toni pushed her body against his. ‘Feeling you up, discreetly,’ her hand slid behind him and fondled his buttocks, ‘or not so discreetly,’ the hand slid round and grabbed his balls, causing Luke to flinch.

Toni advanced on him, forcing him back until he collided with a table.

‘They’re big guys. Spend their days pumping iron, building their muscles. They’re pumped full of testosterone. Maybe steroids too, our gaols are awash with drugs. On heat and eyeing up the talent, talent like you’re packing.’ Her fingers had unfastened Luke’s jeans before he had time to notice, pushing them over his hips, down his thighs.

‘Have you ever had your ass fucked?’ Luke shook his head. ‘Not even in college? In the changing room or shower, a brief encounter?’ Luke was silent. ‘A big guy, muscle bound, horny, thick cock, looking for a tight ass, black cock, looking for a pretty-boy cunt. That’s what they call them, did you know that?’ Luke shook his head, unsure of where this was leading.

‘You need to get some experience to really appreciate how it feels. I could have a word with one of the guys handling the lighting if you like. I’ve seen one checking you out.’ She stared at Luke’s panic stricken face. ‘Well, maybe not, but I’ve got the next best thing.’ She reached to a bag on the table and pulled out a strap-on dildo. ‘Turn round, pretty boy, let daddy show you what it’s like.’

Luke tried to push away but was trapped between the director and the table.

‘Look, really, Toni, this isn’t necessary. I’m an actor, I can think myself into-’

‘No, you can’t, that’s the point, to be true to the part you have to bring something of yourself, of your own experience to it. And I’m here to give it to you.’ As she spoke she wrapped the straps around her waist and thighs, tightening them to how the strap-on secure. ‘It’ll just be the two of us and no one will ever know. Not like in the prison where there’ll be other guys watching queueing for their turn. Not like in the prison where everyone will know that you’re that big guy’s woman.’ A firm grip spun Luke round and pushed him over the table.

‘No, no, stop please, no, ooh, oooh, shit no.’

‘How does that feel, Luke? I’m only using a medium dildo, we don’t want to cause any damage now, just give you a feel of what it is like.’

Toni thrust slowly. ‘Getting a feel of the sensation now aren’t you? Not bad is it? This is how a woman feels when a guy fucks her, have you ever thought about that? That’s what you are now, a woman, and that’s what you’ve been all those months, years even, in that prison. Not a man any more.’

‘Yeah, I’ve got the message, Toni, honestly, I understand.’

The director pulled away.

‘That’ll be enough for today. I don’t want you cumming with the excitement.’ She ran a finger over the tip of Luke’s cock and licked the pre-cum. ‘So how do you feel when you come face to face with Grace, your aunt.’

Luke was pulling up his jeans and trying to restore his dignity. ‘I er guess I’m hoping to get to feel like a man again, away from the people who knew where I’ve been and what’s happened.’

‘And how do you feel about Grace? Come on, be honest, you’ve seen her on screen often enough. Do you find her attractive, sexually?’

‘No, to be honest, no, I mean there’s the age difference and she is, well, rather butch.’

‘True, she is rather butch, but a lot of guys are attracted to that, women too. But for you, doesn’t she perhaps remind you of the guys you’re trying to get away from? Is her attraction to you going to bring back those experiences, just at the moment when you need to re-establish your masculinity. You need sexual release and she is the only woman around, but she is just the one whose attention is going to make you feel less of a man than more of one.’

Luke nodded. He was beginning to understand the full depth and complexity of the character he had to portray.

‘And,’ he fumbled for the words to convey the tangle of thoughts in his head, ‘on top of that she’s my aunt. So many conflicting feelings that I have to resolve.’

Toni wiped the dildo and held it out to him.

‘Here, take it with you, let Jenny have a go so you get the feel of what it’s luck to get fucked, physically and more importantly mentally. Let me know how you get on.’

Luke hesitated and then reached out.


May 29, 2017








With each blow Grace’s tight buttocks shuddered as the broad leather strap landed across them. Each blow harder than the last, each one coming a little faster than the one before, leaving less and less time for the pain to subside.

She was stretched out on the bed, her legs together but her arms spread wide. It was her husband, Elliot, who was wielding the strap. He paused briefly to ease his shoulder.

‘What have you stopped for?’

‘Sorry, my arm was aching. Are you sure you want me to go on?’

‘Of course, I’m fucking sure.’

‘And this is for your character development, not just some new fetish you’ve heard about?’

‘Yes it is. Didn’t I tell you? Which part did you not understand?’




‘Shit, yeah’

Elliot recalled the conversation.

‘I want you to beat me, with this strap, really hard, give me a good thrashing.’

‘But why?’

‘It’s my character, in the new film. What made this woman cut herself off from the world, and from men? Something went badly wrong, because she is highly sexed, I’m sure of that.’

‘Bringing something of yourself to the part as usual,’ Elliot grinned.

Grace ignored him. ‘My idea is that she was caught on the farm by a biker gang, who abused and raped her. I need to understand the pain she endured, which has left a lasting impression on her.’

‘If I hit you too much with this strap, it will certainly leave a lasting impression.’


‘God, that’s so good, keep going, keep going.’

‘Are you sure you can take this?’

‘Just try me, fucker, just see if I break.’

The blows rained down, quick and hard. Her cheeks were red now and her nails dug into the bedding.

‘Go on, GO ON, just don’t let me cum, that’s all, don’t let me cum. Whatever you do – no, stop, quickly, no more, I FUCKING SAID NO MORE.’

The blows eased and then stopped.

Grace looked over her shoulder at her husband and at the large damp patch on his shorts.

‘That was good, Elliot, we’ll try it again tomorrow.’
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