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Fx M or NB (some) Atypical My Hero Academia Requests


Dec 18, 2019
Hello! I really enjoy the My Hero Academia universe and would like to RP against some of the adult characters.

I'm fine with OC x OC pairings in the MHA world.
If we double, I will consider playing a canon for you. (Not really my preference.)
OR we could do an RP heavily by MHA world, but not actually in the MHA world.

Quick Reference on Me:
  • I prefer engaging stories; not just excuses for smut
  • 3-5+ paragraph length
    • I will probably write more than that 3 paragraphs.
    • Partners are not obligated to mirror.
  • ditch-friendly
  • able to take on multiple characters
    • will share secondary characters to make the story progress
  • PM only
  • don't make dialogue 90% of your post
  • My main thread for more info (please check it out!)

My Rules On Characters:

If the character is canonically under the age of 21, I don't want to play against them.​
No class 1-A, 1-B, or anyone under 21.
I'd prefer characters be at least 23, in roleplay.​
I will accept aging up if characters are already adults in canon.

Some Characters I'm Interested in Playing Against:

Hound Dog (I'm sorry, but I find it hilarious that he's UA's Guidance Counselor.)
Some Characters I Can Play:
For fxm pairings or mxm pairings

Inko Midoriya​
Fuyumi Todoroki (Endeavor's daughter)​
All Might​
Eraser Head​
Midnight (maybe)​
idk just ask?​
Counselor - Can be a counselor for UA, for pro-heroes, or rehabilitated villains.
Powers center around sensing emotions and emotion manipulation.

American Investigative Consultant - Called to Japan to track down a villain group
Powers involve being able to see "memories" on anyone or anything she touches. Can also tap into heightened emotions of the memories, as well.
Unnamed idea #1
Powers involve being able to carbonate any liquid. Including blood inside a body.
Chaotic good, edging toward chaotic neutral at times
Could be a villain in the sense they're trying to change society for the marginalized

Unnamed idea #2
"Musical Theater" powers.​
Not sure how well she'd work in an RP, honestly.​
Basically is able to make people dance or move when she sings to certain songs.​
Needs the music accompaniment, though.​
Will probably make others if none of the above fit a good OC RP. Maybe someone quirkless.
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