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Closed Come Play With Me - (Futa-x-Futa FxF FxFuta) Now With Pictures! (Updated 5/28)

Closed - no longer seeking


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Sep 2, 2013
Hello all, I am slowly getting back from a hiatus. Personal issues took me away from the site and I'm slowly getting back into playing. If you are a former partner and want to continue playing please send me a PM. Thanks!

(I had to delete quite a bit of my thread. I will regrow it over time so if you have any questions please ask.)

This thread will be as simplistic as possible. I will not be posting pairings or plots. Instead I will first post my kinks and you can insure we share the same interests. No matter what my kink list shows, I have more than what's showing, so if you're curious about something just ask.

Second, I will post pictures of characters I like to play as or against. If any pictures catch your interest please send me the picture and any ideas you may have. If you don't have any ideas I will gladly suggest a few based off your own interests. I want this to be as simple as possible but in no way does that mean I am a lazy player. I will give you as much as you give me and as detailed as one can get. I just want the journey to the roleplay to be as easy as possible for my partners.

The rules...

  1. Do not leave me hanging, let me know if you will be taking a break or gone for an extended amount of time. (More than a week)
  2. I expect a full paragraph as a minimum per reply.
  3. Come to me with some sort of a half assed idea, don't just say hi or ask if I want to role-play. You are on a role-playing site, of course I want to.
  4. I prefer real life pictures over anime and descriptions.
  5. I prefer a futa girl in a role-play but it's not a deal breaker.
  6. If you are male, please know that I have nothing against you, but I prefer not to play with males.
  7. If at any time you are not enjoying the story or want to change something, just message me. Seriously, act like an adult and communicate instead of just vanishing.


Pictures! (Assume NSFW)

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten
Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty
Twenty-One Twenty-Two Twenty-Three

The next section is new, I'm going to start posting starters I've created.

The starter below is similar to the movie Starship Troopers. The human race is under attack and society is more militaristic. My character is a new recruit and your character is for you to create.
Become A Citizen
"Well, no turning back now, either I make it to the end of my enlistment or die. Can't really decide on which would be better, not like a lot of people get out of the military without some sort of scarring, emotional or physical. I mean, I'd probably look pretty hot with one eye, maybe a robotic arm, oh, maybe a slash over my eye, that'd be pretty cool."

These thoughts echoed from Lita LaRoca, one of many new recruits for the human military. Or the Federated Human Alliance as it was called, a universal alliance of all humans to battle the alien threat. To most, they saw the new recruits as accelerated Reaper Meeters. Dumb humans that signed up for a cause that got them express-shipped to the afterlife.

Lita wasn't exactly excited about this chapter of her life, but at the age of 21 and spending most of her life in and out of foster care she's really had nothing stable in her life. The only thing that was ever certain was change and having her hopes dashed. The best thing to come out of such a life like hers was all the skills she picked up along the way. She had lived the last few years with her grandfather and like many, he was former military. He had taught her how to work on anything with an engine and any weapon that could possibly come across one's hands. Lita was good with her hands and had served the purpose of working on vehicles for a living. But unfortunately, working on vehicles wasn't the type of job that gained your citizenship. The cost of constantly renewing her Visa was getting too high and she wasn't accepted to other colonies where she needed to do work. Colonies usually set their own laws under the umbrella of the Federated Human Alliance, and some were more strict than others when it came to accepting non-citizens, some taking a Visa and some, the more 'patriotic' not taking them and only accepting those that have served their fellow humans.

"Here it comes..." Lita muttered as her hands reached out in front of her, taking hold of the seat in front of her as the ship connected with the space station. The ship shook, which seemed kind of fitting as that shaking meant Lita was at the point of no return.

While others stood up Lita stayed in her seat, she knew damn well what was about to happen and her grandfather had warned her.

'Do NOT stand up when that ship docks.'

Those words echoed in her head as she remained seated and put her hands in her lap. She brushed off a stray hair from her thigh before looking up towards the front of the ship. Lita was 6'2, tall in general but especially for a female. Or, in her case a Futanari, a woman who sported both sets of sexual organs but overall looked feminine. She had squeezed her shapely hips into a pair of black cargo pants with a matching tank top. Both articles of clothing clung to her form and a matching set of bra and panties, green in color adorned her bottom half. The panties were specially designed for someone like her. Her tattoos, or some of them were visible with the outfit she wore. Her multi-colored hair stood out among the standard browns and blondes, but she knew that was going to come to an end and she really wasn't looking forward to that.

She had boots on and that was it, she didn't pack a bag, didn't bring anything with her. She sold everything she owned since her grandfather told her everything she would ever need would be supplied by the military. He warned her that anything personal she brought with her would be tossed and to only accept what was given to her. She hated the idea of what she had to wear, but he at least told her that once she was established that she would be able to buy things from the commissary. He also said, and with great emphasis, told Lita to keep her bunk clean and neat, and to never leave her locker unlocked. In a way she had been prepared for this experience, not only by what the old man told her, but by how strict he was when it came to daily life with Lita.

The more she thought about it she wanted to thank her grandpa for getting her ready, but hopefully, when she got some R&R or at least a phone call, she could talk to him and give him that thanks. For the time being Lita looked ahead and waited, the yelling was going to come, it had to, they had to break down the new recruits now and establish that power.

Below are my kinks, they're not set in stone, just ask and I'll let you know if I'm up for it.

Anal Sex (Giving)
Anal Sex (Receiving)
Anal Training
Anal Virginity
Cock Slapping
Fingering (Vaginal)
Gaping (Vaginal)
Genital / Nipple Piercings
Intelligent Characters
Internal Cumshots
Multiple Orgasms
Muscular Characters
Nonsexual Piercings
Sex Toys
Sexual Exhaustion
Sexual Frustration
Tattoos / Body Art
Throat Penetration
Trans Females
Vaginal Sex (Giving)
Vaginal Sex (Receiving)
Vaginal Virginity
Age Differences
Anal Fisting
Anatomically Correct
Ass to Mouth
Clit Play
Cum From Mouth / Nose
Cum Marking
Cum Milking
Cum on Clothes
Cunnilingus (Giving)
Cunnilingus (Receiving)
Cut Cocks
Drug / Alcohol Use
Excessive Precum
Excessive Semen
Fellatio (Performing)
Fellatio (Receiving)
Fingering (Anal)
Fingers in Mouth
Flexibility / Contortionism
Gaping (Anal)
Human Cocks
Large Asses
Large Balls
Large Breasts
Large Cocks
Magic Users
Older Characters
Oral Fixation
Oral Sex (Giving)
Oral Sex (Receiving)
Oral Virginity
Original Characters
Prehensile Cocks
Premature Ejaculation
Pussy Worship
Realistic Cum
Rimming (Giving)
Rimming (Receiving)
Shooting Precum
Shorter Characters
Size Differences (1-3 Feet)
Skinny Characters
Slime / Goo Characters
Sloppy Seconds
Small Breasts
Small Cocks
Soft Cum Facials
Stomach Bulging
Swallowing Semen
Taller Characters
Thick / Sticky Cum
Tribadism / Scissoring
Younger Characters
Age Progression
Age Regression
Animal Anatomy
Anthro Characters
Barbed Cocks
Body Hair
Canon Characters
Cervical Penetration
Cum Bath
Exotic Cocks
Fangs / Sharp Teeth
Heavily Excessive Precum
Heavily Excessive Semen
Knotted Cocks
Large Tails
Multi Genitalia
Multiple Breasts
Potions / Injections
Prostate Play
Pubic Hair
Tail Pulling
Teeth Play
Twins / Clones
Uncut Cocks
Underage Characters
Unusual Semen
Vaginal Fisting
Anal Prolapse
Crotch Sniffing
Cum Enemas
Cum Vomit
Facial Hair / Beards
Food Play
Hard Cum Facials
Hyper Asses
Hyper Balls
Hyper Breasts
Hyper Cocks
Hyper Fat
Hyper Muscle
Hyper Vaginas
Macro Asses
Macro Balls
Macro Breasts
Macro Cocks
Mega Macro
Natural Musk
Rubber / Elastic Characters
Size Differences (Micro / Macro)
Superheroes / Villains
Trans Males
Unintelligent Characters
Vaginal Prolapse
Very Fat Characters
Very Lithe Characters
Very Muscular Characters
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