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Story-Focused Prefix for filtering


Sep 4, 2013
So this is basically two suggestions. One is to add a story-focused prefix for when you're filtering the Request Thread section. So basically, if you're looking for at least a 60-40 Plot to Smut split, you would add that prefix to your RT, and people would see your RT when they filter things that way.

The second one would be the ability to add multiple Prefixes. So that you could have the FxF or FxM prefix and also the story-focused prefix. Advance things so that people looking for a story don't have to wade through sweaty filth all the time.

The Goodman

Filled with a brilliant madness
Oct 12, 2017
Yeah, tags would be better. I was on another forum with Xenforo and they had over 20 colored title prefixes. It looked awful. Just this long rainbow jumble of everything their thread was about, from pairings to genre, it was hard to look at a thread title and figure out if it was what I was looking for. I think if the tags here were more popularized, it would help the search function.
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