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Fx M or NB Calling All Switches!

Pastel Ghoul

your friendly neighborhood ghoul
Oct 17, 2018
So I’m back again but this thread is for something a smidge more specific!

A little about me:
- Can write anywhere from one to several paragraphs, depending on my partner and what the situation calls for.
- I try to reply at least once daily; if our replies are spanning several paras, it may take me longer.
- I only write in third person.
- All characters must be 18+.
- Ditch friendly. A heads up is nice, but I know not everyone cares to do that and okay.
- I don’t have a specific plot to smut ratio I’m seeking, but I would like for there to be some plot to be present. Give me drama! Fluff! Angst! Love triangles!
- I prefer writing in PMs.
- Please know sometimes I get sidetracked and forget to respond to messages or write a reply. Poke me!

What I’m seeking:
For once in my life, I’m dying to take on a dominant female or futa role (since I’m okay with playing either futa or female I dropped it in this section). Preferably against male characters (femboys or big beefy dudes, all are welcome). Better yet, I would love to play a switch against a switch in this situation! Also, if I’m playing a female, please be okay with pegging. I don’t have any particular settings or pairings I’m craving, but I’m open to modern, fantasy, and supernatural things. I do however have a soft spot for vampires.

Some favorite kinks:
- Jealousy/Possessiveness
- Creampies
- Cockwarming
- Rough stuff all around
- Dirty talk
- Degradation
- And so many more, just ask if I’m up for it!

Some not-so-favorite kinks:
- Snuff
- Vore
- Scat
- Non-con (Dub-con, such as blackmail, is fine)
- Incest

If you have any interest in what I’ve listed here, please PM me!
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