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NBx Any Feminization Stories


Sep 29, 2020
Hi! I’m new here but have been role playing for a few years. I’m excited to meet some new partners here for some fun stories :)

As you can tell from the name, most of my ideas revolve around feminization, be it forced, through trickery or blackmail generally.

I don’t have an f-list (yet), but my primary kinks are:
Forced feminization (obviously), lingerie, high heels, bondage, spanking, sex toys, body modifications (plastic surgery, piercings, tattoos), cuckolding.

My limits are gore, poor hygiene (bad smells or unkempt pubic regions), bathroom play and non-human characters. I’ve tried furries, elves and the like and just don’t get into it.

Here are some plot concepts, but feel free to send me any ideas you may have, or even twists on these ideas!

Trapped and Trained (link is first chapter of story)

My favorite erotica story, I’d love to play out at least the first few chapters. Can do our own spin on it as well.

Sissy Finishing School
MC is an unruly 18 year old boy, constantly getting into trouble and it’s only a matter of time before he either hurts himself or someone else. Or maybe MC’s family is politically important and needs to hide MC away somewhere as to not ruin the upcoming campaign. Either way, he’s sent away to a ‘correctional’ school where he’ll learn to have proper, feminine manners... with a special knowledge in how a sissy pleases her eventual owners. YC could be a therapist or teacher at the school, someone in charge of MC’s training and responsible for the proper sissy he becomes.

Body Swap
A well known Dom (MC) in the porn industry inadvertently swaps bodies with his routine sex slave on set. Known for his rough and kinky sessions, they now find themselves switching roles for their newest series of films. YC now has the big swinging cock and gets to inflict her (his) revenge on MC, now the slutty submissive who loves being fucked rough.

In the spirit of the season, I’m craving some Halloween plays:

Halloween Prank
Tricking guy into going to a kink club as a crossdresser. Maybe MC lost a bet and has to go, realizes after a drink that his friends aren’t showing. Maybe the drink was spiked by YC, who has his/her eyes on MC. Or maybe MC is being hit on by an aggressive guy and YC comes to the rescue... only to show that he/she is much more dangerous than the guy chased away could have been. “Here, put this collar on, it’ll keep guys away, and maybe sit on my lap...” sort of thing. Constant suggestions, maybe too much to drink and MC finds himself tangled in YC’s web? Open to ideas.

Stand In Model
MC applies for work at one of those pop up Halloween shops. All that is available is a costume model since the girl who was supposed to show up bailed. MC takes the gig, even after being warned it’s for feminine costumes and requires wardrobe changes every two hours, constantly walking around the shop to help customers and drive sales. MC definitely has the slender, feminine body for it and finds himself constantly being groped and hit on, perhaps even fucked/raped in the back room. Could also work at an adult store/sex shop.

Xchange Pill (not currently accepting)
Its been used in erotica for a while, but essentially a pill that can be consumed and will change your gender. The duration depends on the potency and quantity you take, as well as the high sex drive that comes with the change. Could be something like MC wrongs YC in some way. Perhaps co-workers or even something like college students. YC slips a potent version of the pill into MC’s lunch, enough to feminize him for a few days to a week. Could go through the feminization process, then maybe YC blackmails MC to keep him as YC’s feminized toy.

Mistress’s Camshow Sissy
Perhaps back in the online personals days where MC foolishly pays to meet a dominatrix. Little does he know that YC is trying to grab hold of the market share of viewers interested in sissies, and what better way than to take an unsuspecting, slender man and turn him into her sissy bitch on cam over the next few weeks?

Careful What You Wish For
Something along the lines of a diabolical genie granting one wish to a man. For example, if he says he wants to have sex every day, he wakes up the next morning as a knockout blonde pornstar with shoots every day. If he says he wishes to have his tongue in a pussy daily, he wakes up as a cuckold sissy that works at a brothel licking cream pies out of pussies, etc. Rough idea but can fit a lot of different scenarios
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