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The Breaking of Karen Black - Karen takes her revenge on Chloe


Nov 5, 2013
A place in Wales that you can't pronounce
Chloe Taylor waved to her twins as their father’s car drove away from her home for their fortnight together. As soon as it was out of sight, she locked the front door and jumped into the seat of her car, taking the opposite direction from her former partner and their children. Twenty minutes later, she was reversing her small Fiat into the tight parking space behind a Georgian house in a quiet residential suburb.

The file for her client lay on the table in the room that she used as a dressing room. She recognised the photograph as soon as she opened the folder. She studied the face for a while, before scanning the standard questionnaire.

Gender: Female

Age: 48

Marital status: Divorced

Work status: Employed, professional, senior management

Orientation: Heterosexual

Sexual style: Dominant and aggressive

Sexually active?: Yes

Fantasies: Lesbian, submissive

Nothing unusual so far. There followed a list from which the client could select to indicate what they expected from their visit. It began with Mild Titillation and ended with A THRASHING under which was a box labelled: Tell us something that isn’t on the list. The client had written: Break the bitch - if you can.

Finally, there was the list of boundaries as Chloe called them. Things she was not allowed to do. Her client had not ticked any of the standard items, but she had completed the box for other comments: NO facial damage.

This sounded like it would be fun.

Chloe stepped out of her sandals and stripped off her t-shirt and jeans. Along the wall was a bank of lockers, each bearing a name. She unlocked the one bearing the name AMELIA and removed her outfit. Only when she was dressed did she walk to the mirror to check her transformation into Mistress Amelia. High heels, fishnet stockings attached to suspenders hanging from a corset that pushed her small breasts up and out to the point where they seemed that they would burst out if she took a deep breath. All black, except for a dark red thong that drew the eye to her crotch and the white thigh tops above her stockings. He tucked a pubic hair out of sight, then turned to check the back view. Yes, seams straight, details were important. Like that stray hair.

A buzzer warned her that the front door had opened. Her client had arrived. Time to apply her makeup.


Nov 5, 2013
A place in Wales that you can't pronounce
Chief Constable of the West Anglian Constabulary hung her uniform in the wardrobe in her office and checked her appearance in the full length mirror on the inside of the door. She smiled in satisfaction at her appearance– she was always pleased with her appearance. She smiled too in memory of how satisfied her Deputy had been with her as she stripped her uniform off at the start of their regular Thursday lunchtime meeting. Which reminded her to check that she had successfully removed the semen stain on the leather sofa where she had ridden him. It always amazed her that a powerful orgasm left her elated and him exhausted. Satisfied in multiple ways, she put on her dark blue linen dress, purchased on her last trip to Venice, stepped in her heels, and strode out of her office.

She looked neither left nor right, did not meet the gaze of any of the officers she passed, although she was aware of them looking at her, some openly, others discreetly, yet others furtively. Depending on their proclivities, they admired the slight bounce of her breasts, her shapely calves, or her strong thighs, or the swing of her hips or, for those viewing from the rear, the rise and fall of her buttocks. Truth to tell, the dress was one size too small, but all the better for displaying her body.

As she climbed into her black SUV, she wondered how many of her officers were now diverted from their duties as they wanked off in memory of her passing and the fantasies that would enliven their activities with their partners that evening. She entered a postcode into her Sat Nav and drove out of the car park. It took her to a Georgian house in a quiet suburb, but Karen continued driving until she was three streets away. There she parked and walked back.

Her instructions were simple. “The door will be open for your arrival, shut it behind you, go through the blue door to your right and read the instructions on the table. Do as you are told.”

She heard a click as she approached the door and saw it swing slightly open. As soon as it had responded to her gentle push, she stepped inside and, leaning against it to close it, she checked for the blue door. It was only a few steps away across the hall. Karen strode over, her heels clicking on the marble floor. inside, she found a short notice on the table: “Strip to your underwear, knock on the red door, and then obey Mistress Amelia.”

It took her only a few seconds to step out of the dress and hang it on a rail. She stood in front of the mirror and checked herself again. Not a classic beauty, and not as fit and muscular as she had been when she had joined the force. But she looked good for her age and still attracted attention, not just from men. Strong thighs in black holdups, pink panties that were cutting into her crotch – she eased them with a forefinger - and bra that allowed her breasts to bulge out.

She was about to knock on the door when a thought struck her. She checked the instructions again. no, shoes were not underwear. She took them off and knocked confidently on the red door.


The tone was crisp but not severe. She did as the instructions told her and entered.

‘You’re late.’

Karen was surprised, as she was sure she was not. Instinctively, she lifted her wrist to check her watch. She was just wondering if she should have taken it off – it certainly wasn’t underwear – when the slap stung her left cheek.

‘How dare you doubt my word. If I say you are late, you are late. Is that understood?’

‘Yes, I understand.’ Karen had been caught off guard, a shock to someone who was always so much in control of herself and others.

Another slap, this time on her right cheek.

‘Yes, what?’ Amelia snapped.

‘Yes, sorry,’ Karen was not sure what this woman expected, or required.

A backhander this time, just a blue of movement before her head spun.

‘Yes, sorry, Mistress Amelia.’ It was a guess, but the correct one. Or maybe there wasn’t a correct one and the only point was to put Karen in the wrong.

‘This is not a good start, Karen. You arrived late, you doubted my word, you failed to apologise, and you failed to address me correctly, twice. You will be punished for that before you leave – and for any other infringements.’

Amelia stepped back and studied Karen, who wondered what she would find fault with, because she was sure to find something that she did not like. Tempted to ask if anything was wrong, she thought better of it and waited.


Nov 5, 2013
A place in Wales that you can't pronounce
‘I don’t like pink.’

Karen wasn’t sure how to react. Should she apologise or ask what colour Amelia preferred? But it seemed that Amelia didn’t expect a response, because she sank onto her haunches, spreading her thighs wide as she squatted, her face in line with Karen’s crotch.

Amelia looked up just as Karen’s eyes were focused on the patch of red that marked her crotch. She bunched her fist and punched Karen in the belly.

‘How dare you stare at me like that.’ Again the fist smashed into Karen.

‘Never do that again without my permission. You will always look straight ahead, at all times, no exceptions. If I want you to look at me, I will tell you. Is that understood?’ Her question was punctuated with another blow.

‘Y-y-e-e-s,’ Karen stuttered, ‘Sorry, Mistress, sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.’

Amelia seemed to ignore her response.

‘You’ve had sex today, haven’t you.’

‘Yes, Mistress, yes I have, at lunchtime.’

‘How dare you come to me dressed like this. Your crotch stinks and your pants are stained with semen and piss. Take them off, immediately.’

Karen obeyed, swaying ungainly as she balanced on one leg then the other, trying to keep her gaze straight ahead. Amelia snatched them from her hand.

‘Where did you fuck?’

‘In my office, Mistress.’

‘Who with?’

‘My deputy, Mistress.’


‘I was on top, Mistress.’

‘You disgust me. How could you be so thoughtless? Suppose I had wanted to eat your pussy. Did you think of that?’

‘No, Mistress, sorry.’

‘Well, we’ll see how you like it. Open your mouth.’

Karen obeyed and Amelia stuffed the offending article into the open mouth.

‘In future, you will wash before you visit me and put on clean underwear, unless I tell you otherwise. Is that understood?’

Karen nodded and mumbled, expecting criticism for not speaking clearly. But none came and Amelia wandered around her, inspecting her body closely.

‘You look ridiculous wearing just a bra. Take it off.’

Karen obeyed and Amelia ripped the garment from her hand before smacking her tits from left and then right.

‘Nice, still not sagging despite your age. I bet your deputy enjoyed having those melons dangling in his face.’

She was right; he did and he enjoyed biting them too which he knew sent Karen wild as his teeth dug into the tender flesh of her nipples.

‘You are the worst client I can remember.’ Amelia shook her head in mock dismay. ‘I thought you were going to be fun when I read your file, but now I know I was wrong. I deserve to be punished myself for being so stupid. I expect you’d like that, wouldn’t you, Ms Black. You’re probably imagining whipping my ass at this very moment. Well, let me tell you, the only one is going to take a whipping is you. Go and bend over that chair.’


Nov 5, 2013
A place in Wales that you can't pronounce
Karen had been beaten before. Her father had been partial to using a slipper and later a belt to punish any transgressions until Karen reached an age when she finally stood up to him and threatened to smash his balls if he ever did it again. He didn’t.

So she knew what to expect when she bent over to take Amelia’s beating. She selected a broad strap and laid her first stroke dead centre across Karen’s ample buttocks. Hard enough to make her jump. The next landed on her right buttock, the third on her left. The next strokes higher up towards her hips, then lower down, and finally across the back of her thighs. As stinging stroke after stinging stroke inflamed Karen’s soft flesh, she bit hard onto the pants that were still rammed into her mouth, glad that they prevented her crying out, which she knew would only attract more punishment.

Amelia’s arm was aching, but she was not going to stop or even slow down. She had had trouble with the law when she was a teenager and remembered all too well the arrogant attitude of the officers who had dealt with her contemptuously. She was putting all her resentment into the punishment that she was being paid to deliver to the senior police officer whose ass jumped with every blow.

Every stroke was harder than the last, each faster than the one before, the blows crossing and criss-crossing each other so that the raw nerves had no chance to recover. Amelia was breathing harder and harder, feeling her arousal growing, knowing that she could not last much longer.

‘On your knees, bitch.’ Her command took Karen by surprise, but she straightened up and sank to the floor. Amelia approached and thrust her crotch into Karen’s face. The red of her pants had darkened as her juices flooded out. ‘Look what you’ve done,’ she snapped and slapped Karen hard across her face.

Karen’s face was streaked with the tears from the pain of her beating and her cheek was stinking from the slap, but she put her head back, pulled her pants from her mouth, and laughed. Amelia stared in astonishment as Karen rose and confronted her.

‘Not much of a Dom are you, you’re not worth what I paid for you. I told you I wanted you to break me and you failed, completely. You’re the one whose broken. Look at you, just look at yourself, trembling and desperate to get yourself off.’ Her hand clamped onto Amelia’s crotch and pulled her closer. ‘My feedback on you isn’t going to be very good. Next time, I expect someone who is up to the job.’

With a final twist of her fingers, Karen released Amelia and made for the door.

The linen of her dress grated across her sore flesh as she walked back to her car and she was glad that Amelia wasn’t there to see her ease herself gingerly onto the seat of her car. She sank back into her seat and sighed with relief. That had been worse than she expected. Maybe she had made a mistake to taunt Mistress Amelia, but it had been her way of protecting herself from further torment.

As Karen drove away, Chloe was on her knees, her fingers rubbing furiously at her throbbing clit and her teeth biting her lip. That police bitch was right, she had failed, this time.


Nov 5, 2013
A place in Wales that you can't pronounce
Karen was third on the agenda for the management meeting.

Subject: how to proceed.

Alan wanted to replace Chloe with Belinda. ‘She’ll get this bitch back under control,’ was his opinion.

Samantha agreed, but did not want to undermine Chloe. ‘Replacing her would be a huge blow to her confidence. Word will soon get round.’

‘How can it get round?’ James wanted to know. ‘Chloe isn’t going to broadcast it and Karen isn’t going to tell everyone that she had the shit beaten out of her while she was gagged with her knickers that were stained with her deputy’s spunk after she had fucked him in her office.’

Jenny took the point, but had an objection. ‘Several people have already seen the recording of that session and it won’t take long before our competitors hear about it and take advantage. But we have to take a commercial approach to this. If we let Belinda lose, that will be the end of Karen as a client. If we send Chloe back, we’ll milk Karen for more sessions. If Chloe suffers, well that’s business.’

Money carried the day. Chloe, aka Mistress Amelia, would take the next session with Karen.

‘Karen will trash her,’ was Alan’s prediction. ‘You’re throwing her to a wolf.’


Karen arrived on time for her next appointment and swept through the first room without bothering to read the instruction. She threw the red door open and stormed in. Chloe, who was not yet fully prepared to face her client so soon, stared open mouthed as Karen strode across.

‘So, it’s you again, is it.’ Karen was in full senior police officer mode. ‘Going to try again, are you.’

Before Chloe could prepare, Karen had grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm into a painful lock, forcing Chloe across the room to the table where she had her instruments laid out. Karen snatched up the riding crop and forced Chloe over the back of the chair that Chloe had used to beat her.

‘NO, STOP,’ Chloe tried to convey authority, but her words were hollow and were cut off by the first blow across her buttocks. The thin red thong afforded no protection as her flesh stung.

‘If you can’t take the pain, you should find another occupation,’ Karen was laughing at the helpless Domme as she rained blows onto her soft exposed flesh that was turning redder with each stroke.

Chloe kicked and struggled, but the blows kept coming and she couldn’t not break free from Karen’s expert arm lock. The assault only came to an end when Karen threw the crop aside and stepped back, grinning as Chloe struggled off the chair, trying to hide the pain that was etched on her face.

But Chloe was not finished. Furious, she threw herself on Karen, knocking her to the floor. She dropped with her knees onto Karen’s shoulders, pinning her down as she pulled her thong aside.

‘You’ll have to do better than that if you’re going to get the better of me, high and mighty Miss Chief Constable. This is what I think about you.’

Karen had no time to respond before the stream of hot piss hit her in the face.
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