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Fx Male A Dark Request (WIP) NSFW!

Yellow Brick Road

Aug 5, 2020
Hi there!

My general request thread!~

I'm Yellow, and I made this thread for my darker interests. If you are faint of heart, I've got a much friendlier thread linked above. The images linked here might be too dark for some, and will definitely not be safe for work most of the time. I cannot stress enough that this is not a thread for faint of heart ideas. If you are sure this is what you want, make sure to put 'dark' somewhere in your intro thread. I get a lot of "saw your request thread" messages, and I'd like to be sure before I pitch a hella dark idea at some unsuspecting mooner.

My F-list!

Potential pairings:

Serial KillerxVictim/s
Abusive PartnerxAbused SO
Jealous Best FriendxGirl Next Door
StalkerxInternet Personality
StalkerxGirl Next Door
Corrupt CopxPetty Criminal
Evil AdventurerxUnlucky Heroine
"Hero"xDefeated Villainess
NoblemanxPeasant Girl

NSFW Gallery of plot inspiration images. TRIGGER WARNING! Violence, Non-consent, blood, and others. NOT for the faint of heart.

Plot Bunnies

The Hero's Prize: After overcoming countless hardships and terrible losses, the hero finally defeats his nemesis and saves the world. However, the journey has been long, and fraught with perils. Our hero has suffered greatly at the hands of those who served this vile temptress. And now, with her at his mercy, he decides to exact a more sinister sort of revenge. Themes include Non-Con, Torture, Bad Ends, Possible Breeding, Sexual Torture, Violence, Murder

The Dark in the Light: A witch hunter stumbles across an undocumented threat. Deep in the forest outside the Blood Bogs, a little village harbors a vile witch. They claim she is a healer and that she has cured their sick and keeps monsters and curses away. Knowing better than these filthy peasants, the hunter decides to dispatch the witch on his own terms. The church needn't know about her at all, much less the ordeal he intends to put her through in the name of the Light. Themes include Non-Con, Sexual Torture, Torture, Bad Ends, Violence, Magic, Murder

Your Biggest Fan: A young content creator starts to find moderate fame from her relatively generic content. Makeup tutorials, reviews of celebrity fashion, and bubbly streams make up the bulk of her creations. While they are passable at best in quality, she still manages to pull enough views to keep up the fight. However, one day she makes a mistake, posting a video confession to an anonymous crush. A young man sees this video, and becomes convinced she is addressing him, since he sent her gifts on more than one occasion. What starts as a fascination spirals into an obsession, and he begins to do everything he can to meet her in person. He will have her, regardless of the consequences. Themes include Stalking, Kidnapping, Sexual Torture, Bondage, Non-Con, Bad Ends, Violence, Obsession, Objectification

The Campus Strangler: Smart, handsome, and financially blessed, a young athlete enjoys the high life on campus. He isn't all looks, however, as he also spends a good deal of time tutoring freshmen and helping out at the local community centers. The perfect mix of charitable and successful. The perfect cover for a very active serial killer. How many young women will he claim before the authorities realize that their target is hiding right beneath their noses? Themes include Murder, Stalking, Kidnapping, Torture, Sexual Torture, Non-Con, Violence, Breath Control, Bad Ends, Episodic

Everybody Loves A Yandere, Right?: At the end of a convention, a young man finds himself getting 'lucky'. The cosplay contest winner had taken an interest in him, and she had spent the entire convention flirting with him in a not so subtle fashion. She was cute, funny, and she loved all the same things he did. It was a complete shift from what he was used to. Which, unfortunately for him, was the problem.

When the convention ends, the man leaves the city and heads home, where his girlfriend waits for him. He thinks his one night stand with the cosplayer is the end of that, just another fond memory for him to reflect on in the post-con afterglow. The girl, having bypassed his lock in his sleep, doesn't agree. When he gets home, he finds himself in a nightmare scenario. Not an hour passes without a threatening message popping up on his phone. The cosplayer had taken photos and videos of them that night, and now she was threatening to throw his whole life out of order if he didn't do exactly as she demanded.

He thinks the endgame is just a bit of extortion. Pay an amount, obtain his freedom. She sees no reason to change his mind, but that's not her goal. She wants him. To her, his slipping away in the morning was the ultimate betrayal. She would be the only girl in his life. And all of the black mail and threats were just a means to an end, keeping him looking at a screen so she could make her way to his home. When she did, she'd teach that bitch a lesson about stealing her man. Themes include: Stalking, Violence, Cheating, Femdom, Non-con, Dub-con, Coercion, Kidnapping, Murder

Barebones Bunnies
A young adventurer finds herself in over her head as she hunts a pack of 'wolves' for the local farmers. By the time she realizes that she's been misled, the rope draws tight around her ankle and sends her hurtling upward to a fate most unfortunate.

A special response officer shows up to yet another containment breach. This time, however, she's not the only one trying to capture their prey.

A colony ship crashes into a planet after losing navigational control. A passenger awakens to find her pod has landed square in the center of an alien forest. The denizens can sense her fertility, and they are willing to fight over the chance to use her as a nursery.

Two years into an endless night, and a young survivor does what she can to avoid the leeches that roam the street. They'd like nothing more than to catch her and use her like a juice box, draining her into submission so they can use her to create more of their nightspawn.

Every night the dragon puts on the same show. He wakes her up. He dresses her in fine silks and fancy gowns. He wines and dines her, uncaring of her emotional or mental state. Then, in a fit of monstrous rage, he takes a new form and violates her brutally. She made a deal, and until the egg decides to take root in her, she has to endure his torment.

The Windego was a legend. A monster of the fleshgait type, and clearly a thing of myth. There was no way a monster was grabbing unwary wanderers in the forest at night. She was certain of this, right up to the moment her head hit the ground and the dragging began. Incredibly fast dragging, at that.

A doll sits in the corner of a wizard's hut. After breaking in and slaying the wizard for his "crimes", an adventurer stumbles across her. She is actually a golem, and, though she's made of porcelain, magic makes her softer, and animates her body. He had treated her as a daughter, but to the triumphant adventurer, she's just another part of the loot.
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