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Mx Female Some Pokémon Cravings (NSFW images and gifs)


Jul 30, 2020
Indianapolis, Indiana
This is a revamped Pokemon thread. I am willing to play either role, but I will always play a male character and you will always play a female character. Each thread involving a Pokemon will be written from the POV of me being the trainer.

Hard No's:
2. Rape/Non-Con
3. Dub-con
4. Bathroom play (scat, piss, etc.)
5. Vore
6. Basically anything that involves pain

I'm pretty vanilla, except when it comes to a few things. One of them being Pokémon, obviously.

Have a look at what I have to offer :)

We have known each other for basically our entire lives. We grew up together. I got you when I was a small child, and now we're living in our own place together. Sure, we've made other friends but have always considered each other best friends, family even. One night, as we're relaxing and watching tv, one of us hits the remote accidentally and the channel changes to one of those adult movie channels. The movie that is on is one involving a Pokemon the same species as you and their trainer, going at it after a hard fought gym battle. I go to change the channel, but you stop me. You make it obvious that you want to do with me what the movie is showing. This leads to us having sex, and me confronting feelings that I've always had but have tried to keep down.

I got you from the black market because you were bred to be used by people. And I was willing to pay for you. And I want my money's worth. So I use you, day after day. You don't like it, but I continue to do it. I'm not rough, I don't hit you, I don't abuse you or yell at you. But, you don't want to do this. You want it to stop, and being a Pokemon you can't tell me to stop. So you sit there and take it. Until one day, I reach for you and you cower away and run, trying to hide so that you don't have to endure it. I find you, but instead of abusing you, instead of using you, I apologize. I start taking care of you, like you see trainers do. I stop using you. In fact, I start treating you as if you were my wife. I pamper you, I spend more and more time with you. One day, I take you out and far away. We're traveling for days. Then we end up at a church in a small town. We go through a ceremony, a wedding ceremony.

(I'll allow for Pokemon to be able to talk here as a normal thing, as anthro Pokemon are already very human-like)

The porn industry has seen a boom recently with the legalization of porn featuring Pokemon, a once taboo and illegal part of the industry. I've filmed quite a few movies since this was legalized, but those were all jobs. Strictly business. With you, however, I feel a connection as I'm balls deep inside of you. I meet up and talk with you the day after the shoot, and we have a nice day together. We do this a few more times before we decide to become a couple. And, of course, as we're both in the porn industry, we're able to distinguish between business and pleasure. Which is important, especially when some guy is shooting his seed inside of you and some Pokemon girl is gobbling down my cock.

It's a Pokemon/human hybrid high school. I'm the quiet kid that keeps to himself and you're the delinquent Pokemon, getting into fights and causing general trouble for the teachers and staff. One day, I look in your direction and you catch me. I quickly look away. After class, you hold me up against my locker and say the words that change my life forever. You say that I'm your boyfriend. After the last class of the day, you push me against my locker, take my phone from me, put your number in my phone, and drag me along with you. I don't resist, as you're much stronger with me. You take me with you to your friend's activities, and they make fun of me. You threaten them every time they do it, and fight anyone that dares to even push me. Still, you're aggressive towards me just like the day you made me your boyfriend.

So, you lost a battle and don't have money to pay. You expected to suck me off or to get pounded for about 3 minutes. But, instead I say for you to be my girlfriend. You ask if I'm serious, expecting this to be a joke. I say I'm completely serious. You're dumbfounded, but agree as you can't see the harm in it. We meet up daily, to talk and train against each other. We warm up to each other. Then, you invite me over to your place. We go, and we get busy. This happens on an almost daily basis, too. It ends up becoming our place after about a month.

I work at the Pokemart across the street from your Pokecenter. I usually get the night shift, so I'm often the cashier when you get off work and go shopping. We talk every time you shop, as you're talkative and I want something to distract me from the otherwise boring night. One day, you don't come and I don't see you enter or exit your Pokecenter. I find it weird, but chalk it up to you taking a vacation day. But, you don't return for a week. I get worried, take a week off myself, and wait around the Pokecenter for a week. You finally exit one day, and are surprised to see me. We get to talking, and I find out that you live at the center itself. You show me around to your place at the very back of the center. You ask me to stay the night, and end up cooking. I help with a late night healing emergency. After that is settled, we continue talking every day. I visit once I get off work, and often end up staying at the center with you.

Archive are my old plots. I will say yes to one of these, but very, very rarely.
MC and YC are both part of the region’s evil team. We haven’t had much interaction with each other before, but we are put on a mission to go steal some pokémon from a schoolyard. We somehow fail and argue on the way back to our boss. Noticing our constant fighting with each other in the months following this failure, the boss decides to send us away to another region for some team bonding. And if things don’t improve at the end of the team bonding trip, then we would both be kicked from the team.

From here, we fight at the start of the trip but end up deciding to try to get along as we both don’t really have anything besides the team. We start bonding over our lack of options outside of the team. Still with aggression from the months of heated yelling matches, we try to take out the aggression with some post-hate fucking. From the bonding and the sex, the hate toward the other turns into love.

MC got his first job at a Pokémon Center, helping the Nurse Joy, YC, there. This center happens to be in a small town, so it isn’t used that often. Being bored for most of the time there, YC gets an idea to help lift both MC and YC’s boredom. One day, YC takes MC into a backroom to seduce him. It works and we end up having sex. This happens several times a week, YC taking MC into the backroom to have sex. When more people start getting hired, this stops but this lets YC have some time away from the Pokémon Center for the first time in a long time. Given that MC is the first male around her age that she has talked to in a while, YC decides to hang out with MC when she can. This turns into them dating.

YC loses a battle to MC, and checks her bag to see she doesn’t have any money. MC is getting impatient and thinks of another way to pay him. They go over to some trees and YC blows MC. The next day, we see each other and decide to have another battle. YC loses again, and MC suggests to do what we did the day before. YC agrees, but MC decides to take it further than just a blowjob. MC says he wants to fuck YC, YC agrees. Given that they both live in the nearby town, they end up battling every day. The result of the battles vary, but the payment is always the same. Having sex behind some trees.

(Willing to swap who plays what role)

It’s the summer and YC, despite trying everything to stay cool, is sweating a lot. Seeing that her water-type Pokémon pet, MC, isn’t having trouble with the heat, YC decides to have MC spray her with water. She’s no longer hot, but she is soaking. She takes off her clothes to let them dry, leaving her naked. MC gets a little bit curious, seeing his owner naked for the first time. He gets aroused, and presents it to YC. Despite her best efforts, MC won’t stop presenting his erection to her. Finally, she decides to let MC do her as she wasn’t about to go catch a female pokémon without dry clothes. YC enjoys it way more than she thought she would, letting this become a daily occurence.

YC gets lost one day traveling. Suddenly, a wild pokémon comes up to her. YC sits down and plays with it. A few more come and YC gets a fantastic idea. She leads this group of Pokémon to a nearby stream, gets undressed, and presents herself to them. They get aroused and begin to use her. At the end, she is too tired to continue traveling so she follows them to their little home. Little did she know that she wouldn’t want to leave this place once she began to let them use her whenever they wanted.

MC has been noticing his Pokémon, YC, acting different recently. She has been very affectionate towards him, and has been sniffing him like crazy. When she presents herself to him, he figures out that she is in heat. Knowing that this won’t stop for a while if he ignores it, MC decides to indulge YC and have sex with her. This one time does not satisfy her, and he continues to do her for months.

MC is dropped off at the DayCare. There are other Pokémon of his species there, but they are all female. At night, they all wake MC. As it is a DayCare, the only thing there to do is mate. MC is awoken for an orgy between him and the female Pokémon there.

MC is a wild Pokémon, and YC is currently battling him for her trainer to capture. MC is captured and immediately left outside of my pokéball. I’m healed and we begin traveling with our trainer. We communicate with each other, and when our trainer stops to rest we get busy. Having seen each other’s strength in our battle, we instantly fall in love with the other. With this sudden and new attraction to each other, while our trainer sleeps, we mate. This happens every night, our trainer sleeps while we go at it.

Oh yeah, I also only RP on here. Threads or pm's.
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