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NBx Female Pink Planet

Nov 4, 2019
Before I start explaining the plot, lemme set some ground rules so we're all on the same page here:

1) No furries, no exceptions
2) No watersports, scat, gore, and other nasty going ons. We can discuss other less extreme kinks and stuff.
3) No one-liners (unless characters are talking), details and explanations are everything to me!
4) If you plan on not playing for whatever reason and for however long, please lemme know. It's rather rude when you leave me or anyone else hanging, doncha think?
5) I roleplay exclusively in the third person.
6) Literacy is necessary!!

This list, plot(s), or post as a whole may change in the future.

Lemme tell you a bit about myself:
I enjoy long and driven plots that involve female characters primarily (Sorry boys, but I've seen too many dudes in pretty much all the media I've consumed, I wanna switch things up a bit), I love to write and I love to give vast amounts of details for maximum immersion! I've been told I've got an exuberant imagination and yeah, I can attest to that. I'm on a lot so it's likely that I'll be able to fit one or more responses in a day, but the best time to catch me is during the later hours of eastern pacific time (I'm a little bit of a night owl thanks to my job hours). I enjoy writing smut as well, but my skills in that genre need a little bit more sharpening. So that's why I'm here! Don't be a stranger!

With the rules and basics out of the way, allow me to introduce the plot that I've been craving!

The Pink World:
While traveling through the vast emptiness of space, your ship reports low fuel levels. Worse, the nearest fuel station is lightyears away, and you're lacking the means to get there based on that fuel analysis. Luckily, there is a planet with a hospitable atmosphere you can set down on, but it's uncharted and... pink. Everything from the clouds, to the land, to even the oceans! All a deep and dark shade of pink that is admittedly rather pleasing to the eyes as opposed to the pitch black of space. Your ship has landed safely in an open clearing in the center of a forest, where the trees bare magenta, bleeding, alien fruit and the ungreen grass stands tall and unrestrained. Thankfully your ship has alerted you to the presence of other ship ruins, some of them even conveniently contain leftover fuel! Seems you weren't the first to land on this planet, but will you be the first to escape? Not if the sexually rapacious tar aliens of this world have anything to say about it! These inky black slime things would sooner see you in a slave (and sex) position rather than on your way out through the stratosphere with a tank full of gas, and they've got plenty of time to fulfill that ambition too. Make haste and exercise caution if you'd like to draw things out for a bit, there's no telling what else you could run into on this unknown planet. Alternatively, you could wait "for help" if you're looking to skip straight to the smut. ;)

To express interest just message me about "The Pink World" with your character details and kinks/fetishes, along with any questions you may have. We can get started in a hot second; and if you're reading this thanks for reading to the bottom and clicking in the first place!​
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