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Looking for 1 or 2 Players (found players, closed for now)


Nov 6, 2019
So, I'll start by saying that I am not the GM, however, the GM doesn't use this sight and we've not had luck on Elliquiy, so I decided to post here and see if there's any interest. In reality, we want one player, but if you have like a friend or something and won't join without them, we can take two, will probably take two anyway because people have a habit of dropping and leaving, we really just 1 player that sticks. The game is Blades in the Dark, we have 3 players and have been playing consistently for a couple months (it's not as if we're waiting to start, we're already going), no end in sight. It is text based on discord and we do the "score phase" of the game on Fridays at 9pm EST and it goes 2-4 hours, usually 3. We do the downtime and freeplay phases throughout the week, it is not casual "off session RP" it is an actual phase of the game normally done during a session, and you should be able to participate in it at some point in the week. It's also worth noting that can be done in minutes, you don't actually need to RP if you don't want to or don't have the time. Naturally this is an 18+ game but it has been heavily story and RP focused, if you're expecting a sex circus or bringing your slutty futa character to try and steer it in that direction, don't, even our courtesan character has been... I dunno normal I guess? Classy? *shrug* PM me if you're interested.

Quick Summary of Details for Interested Folk:
- We are playing as vigilantes, we get into fights a lot and nobody likes us, I guess you can say we are Batman the Group, that doesn't mean we can't evolve into full on criminals though, even if we technically are criminals already
- We have a Slide, a Leech, and a Hound already if you care about not using the same playbook as someone else like I do
- We play Fridays starting at 9pm EST and it will typically go for 3 hours
- This is more story and RP focused than smut focused

For those maybe interested but not familiar with the system:
Don't worry about it, it's an easy system, not as crunchy as 5e, it's actually a narrative system, but not as loosely open as Powered by the Apocalypse, a nice little sweet spot between number heavy and loose. It's a crime oriented game in a Victorian style city, a "gaslamp fantasy" setting which is kind of steampunky and supernatural thriller. If you've played Dishonored, it's like that, but ghosts and demons instead of whatever plague they had, been a while. You can read up on it with an abridged version of the rules here, feel free to join us, I think all of us are first timers and it shows because we've not used the "flashback" system at all I think, maybe once XD.
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