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Mortui Viventes (High Fantasy Post Apocalypse RP) Pitch and Intro scene


Tiny but Mighty~!
May 26, 2020
On a cloud far from here.
Tiny here! With an updated rp pitch for my character Absynthe. Hit me up on discord if you happened to be interested in participating in this one.!! 😁

The settings in which these events take place in in that of the now vast and ever-varying ruined, decrepit lands of the once bustling and bountiful planet Earth, and set somewhere in the year 2045. An entire two and a half decades after the world as we had known it had all gone to absolute flaming shit in the span of a month. Now morphed into an abandoned decaying kingdom in which the dead had risen and begun to rule, and eat the living.

The world as we had known of before, where Humans ruled over most of the land and the Supernatural had remain hidden, had still actually been living in somewhat relative harmony for centuries. There were of course going to be interesting cases of major clashes between the mythical and mankind, but they really happened so far, few and even if at all, that both worlds had been too busy fighting amongst for their own to even rarely come in contact with one another as it was. The planet that they had all lived on was big enough for such accomplishments of separation and secrecy after all.
But every semblance of normalcy and the usual every day lively and bustling society on both sides of the veil had all turned into utter Chaos when both monster and man alike could not even have begun to prepare for such a ravenous and abrupt outbreak. What had been birthed on what seemed to be anyone other random morning was an ugly offspring of rare, dark magic and forbidden, mutated science that possessed the ability to spread through the masses like wildfire. Eventually, the very undead monsters and disturbing masses of the dead men walking the earth had gained enough numbers to destroy entire governments and cities in literal Days. Military outposts and bases that had tried to isolate themselves from the public in the beginning we're quickly overrun. Hidden bunkers somehow found out or leaked, and it wasn't after long that all major or large boats have become overcrowded. All of which had then led to drastic food and supply shortages that would lead to the even nastier solutions on how to make them last. Of course, Islands had only lasted for so long until the virus had claimed every living thing that it could on it. And finally, those who did have enough power to help others and maybe fight back against the flesh-hungry swarms had either hid or died trying.

Now? It really was Every one man and Thing for themselves out here in the many open or I am wastelands. And not even the strong were guaranteed to survive here...


In one of the lost and ruined cityscapes that stretch across the land. Plant, metal, wood, and rotting machine had all become so intricately woven together and tangled up over the years that it had all sat. Resulting in the hauntingly beautiful scene of Mother Natural slowly and meticulously taking back what had been rightfully hers in the first place. Despite this deadly and infectious diseases that had ravaged and wiped out almost ninety-six percent of the Entire world's sentient homosapien population; all flora, animal/insect, and some mutanted/none mutant animal species had survived and even Thrived in the places where some were never even found in before in the wild.

However here it was here that we find the one and only, Absynthe Ventolè. A.K.A., The Pale Ghost that 'haunts' this particular abandoned city and area but in reality, she had only recently settled down in an abandoned little two-bedroom shack that was placed just on the outskirts of said city. One that was well hidden by way of thickets of trees and bushes, away from any major or minor roads too. Behind her new pad and across a few miles of dense forest, the silver-haired witch had a whole new playground to explore and hopefully not even up falling victim to. It just so happened that right at this moment, Absynthe had been out scavenging for food and enough supplies to last her for a few days this trip.
This being her third one into the city ever since she had moved in and so far everything had seemingly been going just fine today.

Unfortunately, it was the middle of a hot and blazing summer, the heavy and humid heat that pledged the air had weight down on everything like it was some sort of Actual oppressing force of the land. The large and tattered hooded poncho that Absynthe had usually adorned was like a fucking sauna underneath in this heat, but the sweat-soaked garment or her wet clothing hadn't bothered her in the slightest right now.
No, right now the witch was too busing trying her very best not to fall completely flat on her face while her aching legs had carried her as quickly as they possibly could down yet another flight stairs. She was trying to get away from a large, hungry, echoing hoard that she has accidentally unleashed on herself when she had opened the large doors of some office space on the tenth floor.
Just all nonchalantly, like an Idiot.

Out of the fourteen-floors in the building that she had been raiding and looting for the passed three days, she had finally passed the sign going down that indicated that she had made it the ground level in the stairwell. Now she that she was here, she knew that she needed to get out of this building and up onto higher ground far away before she was cornered and actually overwhelmed. "God, I don't know if you're listening, or even up there anymore..." Absynthe had started to pray out loud to herself while she tried her best to stay ahead of the hoard. Her voice was high pitched and breathless due to her efforts of running. "B-but, if could ask of you of just one thing right now.!"

In a last second spit desicion that she knew could possible her her killed, The pale witch had stop herself short and turned around to face the hoard that had to bottleneck through the one single door that she had just ran through to get into the main lobby. All that she had really see right now was a dizzying mass of grotesque bodies and greying limbs, all pulled high and in a blind frenzy just to get to the "food" that they could all smell and sense standing a good distance away from it and towards the front entrance on the building.

'Lord, please give me strength..!'

Absynthe had known that such a mass would eventually be able to break through many walls and barriers, but even that didn't stop her from channeling her magic energy forth and into her throat, her eyes suddenly glowing a blighting white, while she had recited an powerful ice magic spell to block off and freeze the zombies that had already been hanging out of the door and almost free with her palms open and pointed forward.

Again the spell wouldn't last for ever and the ice would also start melting away in the blasted heat as well. Hell, she could already hear then faint cracking and ice chunks falling down on the ground behind her after she had had finished and turned around to book it for the outside world again.


Again, this is still a major W.I.P., I kept it like that to make room for any input or ideas that anyone curious that might have. For now a random plot that I had envisioned involved a small group of survivors for this setting, some young, some old and whether or not they were supernatural would be completely in the air. They've been together for years and they had a strict no outiders policy. Little do they know that a large hoard the size of which no one has ever seen before and was only just a few days out, heading straight towards them. It was big enough that no one with just normal vision could see an end.!
There also happens to be a small pack of four survivors that stumbled upon their camp who did see it, and might be the camps only hope for survival.

The main question here is, will the group trust them?

I would love for this idea to maybe sprout into something like a group rp of some sort so by all means yell at me about stuff!! I had planned to rp as three characters of mine in this. Two that are in the camp, and one that had gotten separated from said camp when she was younger but was taken in and cared for by the three others she had now been traveling with for years. Again, this is all still up in the air until we discuss details!😁😅
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