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Batman and the Fire Chief with Part 17


May 29, 2017
As the Fire Chief approached the bottom of the ladder, he glanced around. Yes, just as he had hoped, Batman was there waiting for him. This was the tenth fire in the past month and the Bat had been interested since it became clear that there was a pattern.

Two firefighters stepped forward at the moment the Chief’s feet touched the ground and lifted off his breathing apparatus. It was a mark of respect, but he wished they hadn’t done it, especially with the Bat watching. Despite being Chief, he took an active interest in the way his Department operated and when arson was involved, as it obviously had been in the other fires, he took a particular interest.

Batman stepped forward. ‘Another one?’ Soft and deep, but with a hint of concern.

The Chief walked away from the crush of fighters, giving him a chance to get his breath and steady his breathing.

‘Too early to say. The investigators will need to get into the building to be sure and that won’t be possible until the fire has been dampened down.’

‘But you have an idea.’ Statement, not question. A sign of respect for his ability, one professional at the top of his game speaking to another.

‘Let’s talk in my car. I need to get back to the station.’

The two men walked side by side away from the smouldering shell of the building. The Chief looked intently at his companion’s face, noticing the stubble visible along the edge of his mask.

‘You were on the spot quickly.’ The Chief tried to make it sound like a casual remark.

‘Yes, I just happened to be driving around and smelt smoke.’ He also tried to make it sound casual.

The Chief took the wheel and weaved his way through the Gotham traffic.

‘Well,’ he began, ‘it’s another warehouse, like the others, with lots of combustible stuff inside, so in that sense, yes, it is like the others. But,’ he paused to negotiate a congested intersection, ‘all the others had multiple sites where separate fires had been set. Not this one, though, there is one obvious site, that’s all, as far as I could see from the ladder. So, it’s possible that this is an accidental fire. Unless – unless the culprit is learning.’

They were at the station house now.

‘Or trying to confuse us,’ Batman added as they climbed out of the car.

The Chief led the way upstairs.

‘I hope you don’t mind if I take a shower, wash that smoke off me.’

He knew the Bat would understand. He’d probably felt the way the Chief did now, with sweating running down his body inside his gear and puddling inside his boots. He eased them off first and then his fireproof kit, leaving him in a thin pair of shorts – silk to prevent chaffing – clinging to his damp flesh.

Batman followed him to the shower and watched as he stripped and soaped himself all over, letting the suds carry away the dirt and grime, and the warm water ease his aching muscles. It was impossible to talk over the noise of the power shower.

The Chief shook the water from his thick hair, black with speckles of grey, and looked around. The Bat looked too, saw the towels and collected two, handing one over and keeping the other. The Chief gave his hair a quick scrub and began towelling his chest vigorously before turning away. The Bat stepped forward and worked down the Chief’s back and over his buttocks. The Chief shifted his feet to allow the Bat access between his thighs and, between them, he was soon dry, but still facing the wall of the shower. He stood like that for a while, before he slowly turned to face the Bat.

‘Sorry,’ he almost coughed up the word.

Puzzled at first, the Bat looked down.


May 29, 2017
Batman’s eyes worked down the Chief’s muscular, hairy chest until they came to his crotch. There, above his solid thighs protruding from a forest of black curly hair, was his dick. It was just what he would have expected. It was like the Chief himself, not particular long, but stout and strong, and erect.

‘Sorry,’ the Chief repeated.

‘Nothing to be sorry about, Chief, nothing at all.’

‘I couldn’t stop myself, you see.’ The Chief couldn’t stop talking now. ‘I was OK so long as you worked my back, but when you touched my balls, I was lost. Sorry.’ He stumbled to a halt.

‘It’s a compliment in a way, I suppose,’ Batman replied after a long pause. ‘I knew it was going to happen.’

‘Really?’ Was the Chief surprised or relieved? He wasn’t sure himself.

‘Yeah, from the way you clenched your buttocks when I touched them and then opened your thighs.’

‘I couldn’t help myself, honestly. I tried to resist, but I just couldn’t.’

‘The classic queen’s response.’ Batman’s voice was cold.

‘No, it’s not like that, I have never-, would never-, no, you’ve got this wrong.’

‘I used to admire you, Chief. You were so different from the others. From the vain Police Commissioner who is only interested in how much braid he has on his uniform. Or from that slimy Mayor who is only interested in accumulating power and keeping it. But you were just the same as them, in your own way. How many of your fire fighters have you shared a shower with after an exhausting shift, offering to ease their aching muscle? How many have bent over to pick up the soap you dropped so carelessly, only to find themselves pegged? And how many would dare to complain, to admit to others what had happened, and to put their careers on the line?’

The Chief stepped closer, his dick waving as he moved.

‘Make your mind up, Batman. One minute I am the classic queen and the next I am some sort of predator. Which is it? Which one are you?’

Batman glared back.

‘You are no better than the rest of us. We all know about those games you play with the Commissioner’s wife, pretending to rescue her from all sorts of danger. And about the flat tucked away behind City Hall, where you meet up with the Mayor’s wife to give her what her husband can’t, stripping her and fucking her raw in your full Bat kit. That’s where you were last night, isn’t it? That’s why you got to the fire so quickly. You should have stopped to shave, Batman. You prey on them just like you are accusing me of preying on my fighters. We’re the same, that’s the truth. Why don’t you accept it? Why don’t you admit how excited you were when I suggested we come back here, along?’

Batman shifted. It was hot in the steamy atmosphere and his skin was tingling. He said nothing.

‘You don’t have to pretend with me,’ the Chief continued, ‘why don’t you get out of that gear and,’ he reached out and tossed a bar of soap onto the floor, ‘pick that up.’


May 29, 2017
It was a challenge and one that Batman could not let pass. He respected the Chief, always had. He was at least good as his job, unless the other officials he came across. But he could not allow himself to be spoken to like that. He knew the best thing was to laugh it off and walk away, but he couldn’t allow himself to do that. He had to show this man that he was the better and the stronger, and he had no doubt that he could do just that. He raised his hands and began methodically to release the catches that would free him from his protective gear.

The Chief always moved with a slow deliberate speed, but the moment that Batman was naked apart from his mask, the Chief moved swiftly, grabbing the Bat across the slippery floor, spinning him around and ramming him into the tiled wall of the shower, trapping him there with his arm across his throat and his free hand on his testicles.

‘Not so strong and not so powerful now you don’t have those fancy gadgets to rely on. All those women who go weak at the knees for you wouldn’t be so impressed if they could see you now would they.’

Batman struggled, but could not free himself. his feet could not get a secure grip on the wet floor, and the Chief’s hold on him was too secure to break free. Suddenly the hand let go of his testicles and a fist slammed into the Bat’s solar plexus, winding him. The arm at his throat was pulled away and he sank to his knees.

‘Good, just the right position, Batman. While you’re down there, you can suck me off.’

The Bat glared back, cursing himself, but acknowledging that he had been defeated and was in no condition to retaliate. He stared at the solid dick waving in his face and raised his head, extending his tongue to the base of the shaft and slowly working towards the tip. Rising slightly on his knees, he opened his mouth and sank down the cock. The Chief sighed softly as the sharp grating of the Bat’s teeth was replaced by the warmth of his mouth. He was not long enough to reach the Chief’s throat, but he was big enough to fill his mouth. Batman began a rhythmic bobbing, copying the movements that the Mayor’s daughter had performed on him only a few hours before.

The Chief felt his balls tighten and took a step back. His dick flew free of the Bat’s mouth just as a long jet of thick spunk flew in the air and landed over the Bat’s face, followed by another and then a third. The Chief took his dick and shook the remaining cum onto Batman, before bending over and kissing him full on the mouth, pushing his cream between his lips with his tongue.

It was then, as he looked up from the floor, that Batman saw the camera on the ceiling in the corner of the room.


May 29, 2017
The Chief stood, legs astride, looking down at Batman as his cum drained off his face and dripped onto his chest.

‘Not bad, Batman, not bad at all. You must have done that before.’

As it happened, the Bat had, when he was in college and under the thrall of the football coach. He hadn’t been the only player who was asked to stay behind for additional coaching, only to learn what form that would take. That was a time of his life that he tried not to remember, and he had no intention of admitting it to the Fire Chief of Gotham City. Right now, his mind was focused on revenge, nothing more and nothing less.

But the Chief was focused on something else, tormenting Batman.

‘Not so strong and all powerful now are you. How would the Commissioner’s wife feel if she could see you now. Her legs wouldn’t be trembling, unless from her laughing at how pathetic you look.’

It was at that moment that Batman launched himself. But the Chief read his movement before he came close and shifted slightly, putting our his leg to trip Batman, who fell flat on his face on the wet, tiled floor. In an instant, the Chief was on him, sitting across the back of his thighs, his hands under the Bat’s jaw, pulling him up and straining his back as he bent his head towards him. Batman struggled vainly, only for the Chief to shift his position so that his knee was now in the small of the Bat’s spine. With this strength drained by his recent ejaculation, Batman could not resist. He couldn’t risk being injured and out of commission. If he were, the villains would have licence to run riot over the City. He did the only think he could, and tapped out.

‘OK, OK, enough Chief, that’s enough. You’ve made your point.’

The Chief released him, cautiously, watching for an sign of a trick, but there was none and they were soon standing facing each other in the shower room.

‘Time to pick up that soap,’ the Chief pointed to the far corner.

‘Think you’re up for it already,’ Batman couldn’t resist one last taunt. But a glance told him that he was mistaken, the Chief was indeed up for it. He took the only honourable course, and turned to collect the soap.


May 29, 2017
Batman picked up the soap and handed it over.

‘Now touch your toes.’

Batman did as he was told.

The Chief stepped back to admire the Bat’s sinewy thighs and rock like buttocks. He wiped the soap along the crack, savouring the feeling of this proud man shuddering at his touch. His balls tightened and his dick stiffen so hard it felt like the flesh would tear. He couldn’t last long, despite having cum not long before, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was the penetration. The control.

He stepped forward, wiped his tip across Batman’s hole and thrust inside.

‘Just the way I like it, hot and tight.’ Yes, tight, so very tight. Just a few quick thrusts would be enough. One, two, three, then a fourth and finally on the fifth stroke, he came. Not much, he was more or less dry still, but powerful all the same.

He continued to peg Batman as he spoke.

‘I’ve done it like this out of respect for what you are; usually I do it in front of the firefighters, so they know what happens if someone stands up against me. I’ve left you your dignity our of respect for the work you do. You can keep screwing those women of yours as well, if you can get hard with them after this. Just so long as you remember that, from now on, I own you, completely.’

He felt himself sliding out and pulled away, ordering Batman to stand and face him.

‘Just remember that you may be the superhero in all that gear,’ he gestured dismissively to the Bat suit on the floor, ‘but man to man, I am the better, I am the stronger, you are my queen.’

Batman’s eyes flicked to the camera over their heads but the Chief ignored it. He stepped forward and took hold of the Bat’s long flap of foreskin. ‘Funny, I always imagined you cut,’ he grinned. ‘We can have some fun with this when I visit that cosey flat of yours.’


May 29, 2017
The evening rendezvous at Batman’s secret flat with the Mayor’s wife did not go as smoothly as usual. She was sharply critical of his performance and, when he pleaded that he had things on his mind, she replied tart ‘When you are with me, you shouldn’t have anything else on your mind. Or,’ she added perceptively, ‘anyone else.’ If he had any plans for a future meeting, they were scotched by her final remark as she let herself out. ‘Get in touch when you’re back in full working order, but,’ these last words were cold as ice, ‘not before.’

Batman pulled off his cape and mask, tossed them aside, and climbed into the crumpled bed. It was two hours later, two hours spent tossing and turning, that he eventually fell asleep.

He woke in the pitch dark with the feeling that he was not alone in the bed. A hand was stroking his right hip and buttock. Instinctively, he reached for his mask, but the hand moved swiftly to stop him.

‘You don’t need that, Batman. It’s too dark to see your features and it gives me the chance to feel your hair.’

The Chief ran his hand through the Bat’s thick curls and tugged hard, pulling Batman’s head back so that he could blow in his ear. His hand began to stroke along Batman’s side and down his thighs, working back up and then round his hip and over his chest. When the hand reached his nipples, it circled, flicked them and fluttered over their now erect tips.

‘Turn onto your back, lover. I want to climb aboard.’

Reluctantly, the Bat shifted position and the Chief rolled to sit astride his thighs.

‘Ellen wasn’t pleased with you tonight then.’

How the hell did he know that she had been there earlier?

The Chief shifted his position so that his balls were nestling against the Bat’s. His half-mast cock swaying over Batman’s belly, occasionally knocking against his flaccid cock.

‘You’re like a race horse, quivering at the starting gate.’

He was right; Batman was indeed shaking.

‘You need to relax and learn to trust me.’

The Chief rose on this knees and pushed the Bat’s legs apart, until he could kneel between them. Slowly, he lowered his head until his tongue was in reach of the Bat’s left ball. He licked it for a while before pulling at the scrotum, gently at first, then harder. Opening his mouth, he began to suck the ball inside, nibbling with his teeth to press against the spongy testicle inside. Batman was holding his breath, his fingers gripping the sheet as the Chief sucked hard and chewed. He only let out his breath when the Chief pulled away, but only to repeat the treatment on the right ball. This time when he pulled clear, he raised his head and took the Bat cock in his teeth. It was still soft and the Chief was able to bite hard on the long flap of foreskin that still covered its head. Batman jumped and cursed.

The Chief’s reaction was swift. He spat out the skin and pistoned his fist in the Bat’s solar plexus and, as Batman jack knifed, his right hand clamped on the Bat’s balls. But to Batman’s surprise, his grip was gentle.

‘Have you not learnt yet that I am stronger than you? Do I still have to prove it to you? OK, come on, stand up.’

Batman was still winded, but managed to scramble off the bed, with the Chief’s hand still on his balls.

‘Now, Batman, take hold of my balls, just like I have of yours and we’ll see who can last the longer.’

Batman was not willing to pass up this challenge and escape from the Chief’s clutches.

‘Grip on my count of three. One … two … three.’

Both men gripped at the same moment and their knees began to buckle as the pain struck.


May 29, 2017
Two alpha bulls, standing in the dark, their hips touching, each crushing the other’s testicles, both determined to emerge the winner.

Batman knew he was at the disadvantage, having never experienced anything like this. His protective gear always protected him from any dirty tricks the villains he came up against might have in mind. He had once fallen on the cross bar of his bicycle, but he had been so young at the time his balls had not properly matured and he didn’t understand why he was hurting so much. That was just a distant memory that he only understood later.

The Chief, on the other hand, had more experience, falls being a hazard of his work; fire fighters wore nothing to protecting themselves when collapsing floors or staircases left them straddling beams or trusses. Not that that made the pain any more bearable, just more familiar.

As the men clenched their grip for the first time, both staggered as their knees buckled from the sudden onset of the pain. But both recovered quickly, setting their legs astride for better support. Both wishing they could see their opponent’s face and read his reactions; both glad that the other could not see theirs.

To the Bat’s surprise, the Chief was the first to show weakness. Batman had just relaxed his grip slightly to relieve some cramp and, when he tightened his fist again, his finger trapped a nerve and the Chief moaned and almost lost his grip. He recovered quickly, but the Bat took advantage and dug his finger deeper into the sensitive spot. And he noticed something else too: the Chief’s cock that had stood erect was now swinging against Batman’s wrist.

‘Feels like you cock is giving up, Chief. Time you did too.’

‘When we’re done, you’ll be on your knees sucking me hard again, begging for me up your ass, just like those silly women used to beg for you up their cunts.’

The Chief was feeling desperate now, sweat poring off his face and down his chest, relying more on taunts that strength which he could feel seeping away. The sting of vomit rose in his throat, but he forced it down.

He was squatting, determined not to go down on his knees, when in a final frantic attempt to stay in the contest, he channelled all his strength into a renewed grip, clawing, twisting and pulling as if he wanted to castrate the Bat.

‘Fuck.’ It was a whimper more than a scream as Batman relaxed his grip and doubled over, dropping to his knees. The Chief could easily have pulled his hand away, but that had to be Batman’s choice, not his.

‘Just say the word, that’s all you have to do, and this will be over.’

‘N-n-no-o-oo.’ Batman was determined to hold out as long as he could. He was no longer fighting the Chief, but himself, his own pride, his memories of the football coach and his special training that he had favoured Batman back at college. He clung to the Chief, putting all the strength he had into keeping the contest alive until he was able to recover enough to have a chance.

They stayed like that for what seemed to them like hours, but was only a matter of minutes. The Chief could have taken advantage now and applied sufficient pressure to make the Bat pass out, but he didn’t want to. He needed to leave his opponent with some modicum of self-respect. And Batman seemed to understand that and eventually let his hand slide away from the Chief’s balls. The Chief immediately released his own grip and both men let out long sighs of relief.

It was the Chief who managed to crawl to the bed, leaving Batman huddled on the floor. Slowly their breathing steadied and their pain began to subside.

‘Come over here.’ The Chief had left this command until he was able to speak in a steady controlled voice. Batman obeyed. ‘Now tell me.’

Batman was on his knees beside the bed. ‘You won,’ he whispered, ashamed to hear the words come out of his mouth.

‘And.’ That wasn’t enough.

‘Take me, do whatever you want with me.’ In the dark the Bat’s face glowed in shame.

‘And.’ It was essential that the Chief persist. If he didn’t, it would only cause trouble later.

‘I want you.’ The words the coach had wanted him to say back in the day.

‘Come to bed, Batman,’ the Chief’s voice was softer now and the mattress dipped as Batman obeyed.


May 29, 2017
Batman woke next morning to find himself flat on his face, the weight of the Chief pressing him down as his cock rubbed itself gently between the cheeks of the Bat’s ass.

‘You thought you could take me, didn’t you.’

It was a statement, not a question.

‘But you couldn’t.’

Another statement. The Chief was rubbing harder now.

‘You’re not a man any longer.’

His breathing was coming faster now.

‘These balls are no use to you any more.’

The Chief’s hand slid between Batman’s hip and the sheet to clutch the Bat’s testicles.

The Bat moaned; his balls were still sore from the contest. The Chief’s were too; they ached each time they brushed against the back of Batman’s thighs.

‘You’re my Queen and you’ll come to me whenever I call.’

The Bat groaned louder as the Chief’s grip intensified.

‘Is that understood?’

That was definitely a question and the Chief crushed the Bat’s balls to emphasise the fact.

‘Yer-yer-yes,’ Batman gasped.

‘I’ve bought you some better clothes for you to wear when I visit you next. No n-n-need,’ the pain in the Chief’s nuts cut into belly as they contracted tight into his crotch. ‘No need for that silly pantomime outfit of yours when we are together.’

He juddered and groaned as a jet of hot cum shot out and landed on Batman’s spine, followed by a second and, after an interval, a third.

Batman lay still on the bed until the Chief had gone. Only then did he raise his head and climb unsteadily off the bed. There was a back in the hall. It contained a pair of black fishnets hold-ups and a red satin thong. As he imagined himself wearing the lingerie, Batman wondered how this had happened and where it would end.


May 29, 2017
Weeks past with no word from the Chief. Batman had laid out the stockings and thong several times, wondering what it would feel like to wear them, how comfortable, but he never plucked up the courage actually to try them on. And as time passed without word from the Chief, his hopes rose that he would never had to. This had just been a joke, nothing more, nothing serious.

And then, almost two months later, the message arrived. A time – 7pm. A place – an apartment in a select block. An instruction – bring your bag. And an order – don’t be late. The guests arrive at 7.30.


6.58pm. Batman rang the bell and was greeted by the Chief, wearing light grey slacks and a white shirt that set off his tan and his muscles. He caught the Bat’s eyes and grinned.

‘You’ll be serving drinks. Use my bedroom to change.’

‘Serving drinks?’

‘Of course, they need something to drink and as my Queen who better to serve them. Now get going.’ He delivered a hard slap on the Bat’s tight ass. ‘By the way, you can keep your mask and cape on. They suit you.’

It was a matter of a moment to release the catches on the Batsuit, a moment more and he was standing naked in front of the full length mirror. A deep breath and he picked up the fishnets, sat on the edge of the bed and fed his feet and legs into them. They felt comfortable and stayed firmly in place, gripping his thighs just below his balls.

The thong, though, that was more of a problem. Even flaccid, it was a tight fit, showing off his tackle through the shiny fabric. What would happen if he got aroused, he dared not think. But that wouldn’t happen, not in front of a load of strangers. At least he had assumed they would be strangers.

The doorbell announced their arrival and on the dot of 7.30 he stepped out, hoping to slip into the kitchen without being noticed. But the Chief was waiting and immediately ushered him into the sitting room.

‘As a special treat,’ he announced, ‘I have persuaded Batman to serve for us this evening.’

The room fell silent as the men turned to look at Batman. They were all men, middle-aged mostly, a couple older and one youngster, barely 20. All well built and all with eyes that roved over the Bat’s body.

‘Is that really Batman?’

‘He certainly looks like him, not that I have ever got close, more’s the pity.’

‘That’s how I’ve always imagined him, right down to the colour of that thong.’

The men moved forward as a body, but the Chief stepped forward to block the advance. ‘Patience, gentlemen, please, you will have a chance to get better acquainted later. First, our waiter needs to serve some drinks, which are waiting in the kitchen.’

Batman took the hint and slid away to find drinks waiting on the counter in the kitchen. As he was about to pick up the tray, hands came round his chest and fingers began to stroke his nipples. A body pressed against his and the hands moved down. Young hands.

‘Are you really the famous Bat? I do hope so. It would be such a let down if you turned out to be a lookalike, impersonator or whatever.’

The hands moved up again, fluttering across his six pack, before descending again, slowly.

‘Your muscles are hard like a real man would have, not just some gym freak who’s addicted to weights. And these scars look real.’

Batman held his breath.

The hands were on the thong now, rubbing gently, massaging his dick, which was stiffening and straining against the fabric. He dared not turn round, feared showing himself, disgust with himself for being aroused by this kid less than half his age and probably still in his teens, but with enough experience to get him hard. And to get hard himself, judging by the rod that was pressing against his buttocks.

Then the hands were gone, the pressure on his back was removed. He glanced over his shoulder and found he was alone. The throbbing in his groin was all that was left. Had he imagined what he felt? Had this been wishful thinking, hoping that someone so young and fresh would be interested in him?

‘We’re waiting.’

The chorus of voices echoed around the apartment. He had no choice but to walk into the room, full of men, with his erection on display for all to see and, if what he had just experienced was anything to go by, touch.


May 29, 2017
By the time he had served everyone with a drink, there was barely an inch of his flesh that had not been pinched, smacked or caressed, and no lewd offer or suggestion that had not been whispered in his ear. He was puce with embarrassment as he escaped back to the kitchen to pour out more drinks.

‘I wish uncle would tell me if you are the real Batman.’

He didn’t need to turn round to see that it was the young man who had spoken to him on his first visit to the kitchen and who had inserted a digit into his ass when he was passing at the reception.

‘Uncle?’ Batman knew the answer without hearing it.

‘Yes, the Fire Chief. Didn’t you know I was his nephew.’ Actually, no, Batman had never heard a word about the Chief’s family, not even from the Chief himself.

‘I hope you are the real one. You certainly look manly enough to be him. I’ve always wondered what he looked like out of all that gear and you are just what I imagined, except for the lingerie of course.’ His laughter tinkled. ‘And I’ve wondered just what you would look like dancing around on the end of my prick. It’s not as big as you, unfortunately, but you’ll certainly feel it. Uncle’s promised first go later.’

Had he, had he really? How thoughtful of him.

‘I’ve been thinking, it must be getting really uncomfortable for you in that thong. Your dick is all scrunched up and twisted. How are you stopping yourself cumming?’

Batman coughed. He was troubled by the image, now lodged in his head, of him dancing around while this youngster fucked him. ‘Will power,’ he managed in his deep voice that he used to reserve for impressionable and grateful women he had rescued from the jaws of whatever small inconvenience had been bothering them.

‘That can be bad for you. Enforced abstinence, that is. It can even make you impotent in the long run if you persist long enough. Honestly, I’ve checked it out on the web. I’m sure a hulk like you won’t want that to happen to him. Such a waste, a terrible waste.’

He was close now. Batman could feel his breath.

‘Tell you what. Why don’t I give you a hand, getting rid of that hard on. Or a bj if you prefer. By the look of it, you won’t last long.’ His hand was round Batman’s hips now, the fingers fluttering over the bulge. ‘I may be young, but I do have an awful lot of experience and an amazing technique.’

He was in front of Batman now, crouching on his haunches. His face only an inch or two away from the Bat crotch, mouth open, tongue slightly protruding, his eyes watching Batman from under their heavy lids.

Batman swallowed. This was not helping, only making things worse, which is just of course what young nephew here wanted. Young, with soft flesh, warm soft flesh, like a woman or a girl. He was very feminine. Very feminine indeed. Which was why he was here among all these older, rougher men.

The thought lodged and Batman moved in an instant, pulling the youngster to his feet, spinning him round, and pushing his pants down. A matter of seconds later, his hand was over the nephew’s mouth and his cock was penetrating his ass.

‘I’m sure this isn’t the first time this has happened to you, and it surely won’t be the last.’ Batman’s voice was at its harshest, anticipating that that was what would turn on this kid who was now flat across the kitchen table. ‘But, like you said, I’m so fucking horny that I would be long.’

‘So this is what you two are up to. Hurry up, we’re all dying for a drink.’ It was the Chief. ‘We’ll talk about this later.’ Batman had no doubt that he would be the one the Chief would be speaking to.


May 29, 2017
'Batman grabbed a handful of the nephew's hair and pulled his head up.

'The only one dancing on the end of someone's prick is going to be you dancing to my tune, you pathetic little fairy.'

The Bat cock rammed him hard.

'When you've grown up and can behave like a man, then, and only then, you may have a chance to try that on me. But you've got a long way to go, and a lot of competition in the way before you get there. Like your uncle for a start.'

Each phrase was punctuated with a further thrust, hard than before.

The Bat's other hand was moving now, round the nephew's hips to take hold of his slender cock, which pulsed with each thrust.

'You can't even control yourself can you. You're not going to last long and I expect that all you'll produce is a pathetic dribble.'

His hand worked the cock vigorously.

'I need to get on and serve more drinks, so lets get this over with.'

His speed rose to frantic level, and he felt the cock in his hand jump and jerk as it emptied itself over the kitchen floor. Batman pulled out at the last moment, spinning the nephew round so that his sperm shot into his face.

'Now, baby boy, get yourself cleaned up and mop that mess off the floor. Don't let me set eyes on you again until you are presentable.'

He snatched up his thong, restored it to his hips and adjusted his cock, before stalking off with as much dignity as he could muster, balancing the tray of drinks on his hand.

The Chief's nephew stared after him.

'Fuck,' he moaned, 'that has to be the real Batman. Wait till I tell my friends what he did to me.'


May 29, 2017
Batman returned to the kitchen with is empty tray to find the Fire Chief waiting for him. He braced himself for a reprimand, but was taken by surprise when a slap across his face left his ears ringing. The follow-up backhand sent him reeling across the kitchen and barely able to stay on his feet.

‘You just don’t get it, do you.’ The Chief was right in his face. ‘’You’re my queen. Queen, darling, do you understand what that means?’

Batman tried to protest but the Chief’s words rolled over the attempt.

‘What it means is that you don’t fuck around, not without my permission. And you certainly don’t go around pegging my nephew. You take whatever he gives you, right, even if that includes his weedy little prick up your tight ass. Got that?’

Batman nodded.

‘I’m the only one who gets to fuck him or rough him about.’

Batman nodded again. It seemed the right thing to do.

‘And speaking of cocks,’ the Chief glanced down, ‘try to keep yours under control. It’s obvious you like it rough and we can certainly arrange that for you. I am sure my nephew will be only too willing to oblige, once this party is over. And if he needs some help, well I’ll be only too willing to lend a hand.’

The reception went on for another hour before the guests began to drift away until the only one left was the Chief’s nephew. He came over to Batman and led him by the hand to a sumptuous bedroom.

‘Like it?’ He was obviously proud of it. ‘It’s mine to use whenever I want, and to invite any friend over too. Any special friend. Would you like to be my special friend, Batman.’

He wandered off and stood staring at Batman across the room.

‘I have to say, you do look really hot dressed like that. Maybe next time you could try something more frilly. That might be a bit more comfortable for you around the crotch area.’

He raised a finger and beckoned. Batman walked towards him to be met by a small tight fist in the solar plexus. He grunted, more in surprise than pain, and doubled over winded.

‘Stand up.’ The nephew sounded like a man now, not a whinging child. another punch landed on the same spot. Then a third. ‘Yes, uncle was right, you do like a bit of rough.’ He stepped back to admire the bulge growing swelling in the Bat’s thong. ‘Now get down on your knees and start sucking.’

Batman sank to the carpet as the nephew pushed his slacks down to his ankles and kicked them aside. His cock swung gently, still soft and short and thin. Uncut.


May 29, 2017
How had he got into this position? Kneeling at the feet of this pathetic kid with a pencil for a prick. Allowing himself to be used as a punch bag when he could flatten the kid with one solid punch to the jaw. The outrageous Penguin was more of a man.

‘Uncle’s right, without all that fancy armour and clever tech stuff, you’re just a regular guy, with nothing special about you.’

The words stung. They stung because Batman now knew that the Fire Chief had revealed his real identity, at least to his nephew. And perhaps others too, all those at the party for example. Was that the purpose of the gathering, to show off the Chief’s latest conquest and to let everyone there know who it really was, so long as they pretended he was just some street guy earning a few bucks and going away with a sore ass? And the words stung too because Batman knew they were true. He wasn’t a real superhero. He was just an ordinary guy in a suit. But ordinary was not something he was prepared to me. No, sir, he was not.

The nephew took his prick between finger and thumb and lifted it to Batman’s lips.

‘Come on, don’t take all day, uncle will want you before long. He’s got that horny look about him.’

Batman trembled in barely controlled rage. He could take it from the Chief, who was after all a real man in every sense. But this weed. Did he really plan to peg Batman with this thing that he was waving in his face. Batman wouldn’t even feel it.

He closed his mouth and shivered at the sensation of sucking a limp lettuce leaf. Slowly and with much effort he managed to get some sensation of stiffness and resistance.

‘What I’d really like to do is pull your mask off. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see who you really are? But uncle says I mustn’t. I don’t know if he has seen you without it. Probably. But he told me that you can only get hard if you are wearing it. I’m planning to take some psychology courses. Maybe I could do a paper on the fragility of virility in men of power. Lots of opportunities for field research.’

Batman’s neck was aching as he struggled to produce a firm erection. All he wanted was it to be stiff enough to get this over and done with. This was all part of the Chief’s plan. Part of the ritual humiliation to go along with the stockings and thong, and the serving of drinks.

‘Quick, quick, I’m cumming.’

Batman pulled away, relieved to be rid of this prick that had suddenly stiffened and begun to throb.

‘Bend over the bed and open that ass for me.’

The voice was stern, commanding, not at all what anyone would have associated with this effeminate kid. He had barely penetrated Batman before he groaned, shuddered and went limp.

‘All done?’ The Chief was standing in the doorway. ‘Now, run along like a good boy and leave the grown ups to play.’


May 29, 2017
Batman turned on the Fire Chief.

‘What fucking game are you playing? I thought this was just between the two of us. Now I find out that that little pansy knows who I really am and I’m wondering like how many others will he tell and how many of those guys I’ve been waiting on know who I really am?’

The Chief pushed Batman against the wall.

‘Don’t you dare talk to me like that, do you hear. Never. You’re my queen. We settled that fair and square. And that means you’re mine to do with as I want. And just for the record, I didn’t tell any of those guys were you really were. One or two may suspect, but they’re all discreet, so you needn’t have any worries about them.’

‘And your nephew, if that is what he really is, what about him? You think you can trust him not to go around bragging to his mates that he’s just had his tiddly little willy up Batman’s ass? Do you? Because I sure as hell don’t.’

The Chief backed off slightly.

‘I’ll give you that. He’ll take some controlling, but that wouldn’t have been necessary if you hadn’t decided to rape the kid? Just what the fuck were you playing at?’

‘Teaching him some manners, that’s what I was doing, like you should have done before I ever got here.’

The Chief smiled and advanced on Batman again, resting his hands on Batman’s hips.

‘You looked so fucking hot in that thong and stocking. Tight ass, bulging thighs, we were all rock hard from the moment we set eyes on you. I still am. Go on, feel me if you like, I give you permission. Every one of those guys would have taken you if I’d let them. But I didn’t, because you’re mine, darling Batman.’

He leaned forward and kissed Batman firmly on the lips, his tongue probing his mouth, pulling him towards him. It was some minutes before he pulled away, leaving Batman flushed and with an erection that reached to his navel.

Both men wiped their hands across their lips. It was Batman who spoke first.

‘You’d look good in this outfit yourself, Chief. Why not try it on and let me see how it suits you?’

The Chief laughed.

‘Silk and satin and stockings aren’t my thing, but I’ll chance into something a little more daring if you like. See how you like it.’

He left Batman to fit his cock back into the thong and returned a few minutes later. Batman’s mouth fell open. The Chief was wearing a leather pouch over his groin and a straps around his biceps and thighs, and carrying a riding crop.

‘I hoped,’ he told Batman, ‘I really did hope that I wouldn’t have to use this on you. I hoped that you were trained enough not to speak to me like you just did. Well, you didn’t and you have to be punished for it. This is going to hurt me as much as it will you, Batman. Just remember that you are the one to blame.’


May 29, 2017
Batman and the Chief squared off, just a few feet apart.

‘Pick up the soap, Batman.’

The Bat shook his head.

‘We’ve been through this before,’ the Chief’s voice was stern, ‘and I thought we had sorted it. We fought, man to man, and when it was over, I had won and you acknowledged that you were my queen. Tonight you dressed like one and served drinks for my guests. You even allowed yourself to be taken by my nephew. And now, all of a sudden, you think you have the right to challenge me again. Nothing’s changed. Do as I say. Bend over like a good girl. Who knows, you may even enjoy it.’

Batman was shaking in silent fury. Everything the Chief said was true. Yes, all those things had happened, one at a time, each one a small step, but only now, looking back, did he realise how far he had come, realise what he had become.

‘We fought and you won and we became partners. I accepted that. But this has gone too far. I am entitled to respect. Being dressed in silk and stockings, paraded me in front of your friends, and now being whipped by a guy who gets off wearing a leather pouch and straps isn’t part of that deal. If you think you can take me again, go ahead and try, but I warn you, this time I won’t be taken so easily. Not now I know what you are really like.’

The Chief moved in, arm raised, whip in his hand. But Batman moved faster, ducking under the Chief’s arm, grabbing his wrist, spinning and twisting the arm into a lock, forcing the Chief to drop the whip and wrenching his shoulder against the joint, pushing him down onto his knees. The Chief strained and moaned, trying to release himself from the hold, but he couldn’t. Every attempt just led to more pain.

‘You look so hot in that thong and stockings. You have no idea. All those guys were hard, slipping out to wank off whenever you went for more drinks. Even that old guy, he was as horny as the rest of us.’

Still Batman did not release the hold. The Chief was sweating now.

‘It isn’t because you look effeminate. It’s that you don’t. They show off your body, your muscles, your virility. That is what turns you on, not that you look like a girl. That’s just your old self worrying about wearing those clothes. A man, a real man, can carry it off. You are that man, Batman. Honestly. No one wanted to humiliate you, least of all me.’

Suddenly Batman released his hold, but the Chief had barely realised before Batman’s knee was in the small of his back and his arms were under the Chief’s with his hands clenched at the back of his neck, pulling him into a back breaker. The huge fire fighter moaned as the pressure was applied relentlessly.

‘OK, Batman, OK, I’ll tell you what. You can have first go with the whip. I’ve taken it before and you’ll see it is not so bad as you expect. It’s only natural for you to be concerned; you can’t afford to be weaken when you might be needed to go up against the local villains. I understand that. What do you say? No tricks, I promise.’

Batman’s response was to apply more force until the Chief felt his back would break. He struggled but despite using all his strength he could not relieve the pressure let alone find a way of releasing himself from the hold. There was only one option left.

‘Please, Batman. I need to be able to carry out my job, right, you see that don’t you, and if you carry on breaking my back like this, I won’t be able to do that, I won’t be able to function, and then people will die. You don’t want that do you.’

He was right. Batman did not want that. But he did not entirely trust the Chief. He had the advantage at the moment and he did not want to lose it. He would need to move fast.

The hold was released in an instant and, as the Chief collapsed forward onto the rug beside the bed, Batman rolled away and grabbed the riding crop, bringing it down in a vicious swipe across the Chief’s buttocks. Again, and again, and again, thrashing the Chief with all his power, leaving glowing wealds in the hard flesh.

Eventually he relented and let his arm fall. The Chief had not cried on but when he rose to face Batman it was difficult to tell whether the moisture on this face was sweat or could have been tears.

The two men stared at each other for a long time, before the Chief unbuckled the strap holding his pouch and let it fall away, relieving the pressure on his dick that sprang free.

‘Now, Batman, are you going to pick up that soap or not?’


May 29, 2017
As the Chief’s cock swung free of his pouch, he pointed at the bed.

‘Now, for the last time, Queen, pick up the soap.’

Batman paused for only a fraction of a second before lashing the riding crop down across the Chief’s swinging cock

‘ARGH!’ the Chief gasped in pain and shock. ‘You’ll pay for that, you little bastard.’

Batman was braced but still taken by surprise at the ferocity of the attack. The Chief’s fist flew at his face and, as he raised his arms, they quickly switched to his belly. Each blow landed like a hammer, knocked him further back each time, until the back of his knees caught the edge of the bed and he fell, with the Chief pursuing his attack until Batman was forced to curl up to protect himself. But that only changed the Chief’s target as he pounded Batman’s lower back and kidneys.

The Chief, who had so recently been restrained so easily, was the better and stronger fighter. And Batman knew it. He had been able to take advantage of a chance to get a quick hold on the Chief, but not this time. He had a choice – sustain this onslaught or give in. Giving in, though, was not in the Bat’s nature.

‘You can – beat me,’ he gasped, ‘but – you – can’t defeat – meeeee.’

But the Chief was not listening. He was in the moment, lashing out, using all his strength to punish this man that he wanted as a lover, had hoped to share as an equal. His arms were aching and his knuckles sore, sweat was running into his eyes. In the end, he sank back onto his heels.

‘Now, Batman, are you going to pick up that soap or not.’

Batman rolled onto his back and saw his chance. The Chief, thinking he had subdued his opponent, had relaxed for a moment, and Batman used that moment to attack. The Chief saw the fist coming at his jaw and managed to turn away from the full force of the blow, but he was caught on the side of his chin, and knocked off balance. Batman forced his body threw the pain, jumped onto the Chief and pinned him onto the bed, his cock forcing its way between his cheeks.

‘The only person who’s going to pick up any soap is you.’

‘No, please, Batman, no, don’t do that. NO.’

But Batman took no notice of the plea.

‘STOP,’ the Chief’s words rang around the room, ‘I DON’T WANT THIS. THIS IS RAPE.’

Did he mean it or was it a trick? Batman wasn’t sure. His cock head was already pushing its was inside and he knew he didn’t want to stop.


May 29, 2017
Batman was trembling with rage. His body ached from the pounding he had just sustained with the Fire Chief’s fists and his mind was fuming at the humiliation he has had to endure in front of his guests and, worst of all, at the hands of his nephew. There was nothing more he wanted to do than to penetrate the Chief’s ass and fuck him like a whore in a back alley. The head of his cock was already inside the Chief. It would take just one thrust to start the job properly.

But there was also a nagging message coming from Batman’s conscience. His entire career, his whole mission, was built on upholding the law and what was right. if he carried on in spite of the Chief’s accusation that he was being raped, where did that leave Batman? Wouldn’t he be as bad as the villains he had spent his adult life pursuing and bringing to justice?

His mind and body fought these competing messages, each pulling him in the opposite direction. At some moments, one prevailed; at other moments, the other. Mostly, though, he was racked with indecision.

In the end, in a supreme effort of will he pushed the Chief away from him, sending him sprawling to the floor. The Chief stared up at him, his eyes glowing in anger, as Batman quickly jerked himself off, producing a fine spray of thin white spunk that fell short of the Chief and landed on the rug. The Chief laughed.

‘Is that all you’ve got? All that the most virile man in Gotham can produce? Just a dribble. How pathetic you are? The only way you can get what you want is to take it. I thought we had met like men and coupled like men. But that wasn’t enough for you. You had to dominate. You couldn’t leave your public role behind you when you met me like a human being. You’ve been around ruffians and crooks and cranks for so long that you are starting to behave like them.’

He climbed carefully to his feet, his eyes watching Batman for any sign of an attack. Once again, they stood facing each other.

‘I don’t want our relationship to end like this. There is still a chance to save our relationship. Show me what a man you really are.’

Again Batman was pulled in two directions. One wanted to walk away, out of the door, throwing the stockings and thong he had been wearing into the bin. The other was to stay and accept the Chief’s offer of a relationship of equals.

The Chief stepped back, to leave Batman free passage out of the room. Batman sighed and moved.


May 29, 2017
‘Don’t fight it, Batman. You know I’m the stronger man and that is what attracts you to me. You know the tricks and can get the better of me if I give you the chance, but in a straight fight I always come out the winner, because I am more powerful than you are without your gear. If we exchange blow for blow, I will always knock you flat on your cute little ass, which is just where my thick dick belong. You know it and you want it. Don’t kid yourself, because you’re surely not kidding me.’

Still Batman hesitated. He knew the Chief was right, he was the stronger fighter. Batman knew his limitations, which was why, right from the start, he had relied on sophisticated, state of the art equipment. Coupled with his natural guile, he was able to outwit the idiot villains who crossed his path. He knew he would give in to the Chief’s arguments, because he was right. But he realised that at this moment uniquely he had a chance to negotiate a relationship with this man.

‘Each of us is the better man in their own field. You have the strength, I have the guile. Take them together and we are well matched. If I am going to stay with you – and it is still if right now – we both need to recognise that. And part of that means you have to recognise that I have my pride. I’m not just a pansy like your nephew. I’m a man, not someone to be dressed up in frilly underwear and paraded like a prize exhibit in a zoo, and I am entitled to be treated like one.’

The Chief stared back, seemingly unsure of how to respond. It was obvious to both men that one would have to make the first move and that each wanted that move to come from the other.

In the end, as much to his surprise as the Chief’s, it was Batman who took the conciliatory move.

‘Just this once,’ he told the Chief, ‘I’ll pick up the soap, out of respect for you being the stronger. But it must be that last time. From now on, we must have mutual respect.’

He turned and bent over to rest his hands on the bed, but before they made contact, the Chief swooped in, stiff dick thrusting hard and fast between Batman’s cheeks, knocking him onto the bed with the Chief falling on top of him crushing him, dominating him, forcing his hands under his chest to scratch his nipples before dragging his nails down to his balls.

The Chief steadily applied more and more pressure to the Bat Balls, all the while continuing to pump him roughly. Only Batman’s pride stopped him crying rape, just as the Chief had done earlier. He had been tricked, just as he had tricked the Chief earlier. He had had the tables turned on him and was having to pay the price.

It was a good half an hour before the Chief finally groaned and shot his load. Batman’s balls were sore and aching, and he buried his face to prevent the Chief was seeing the tears that were drying there.

Eventually and slowly the Chief pulled away and Batman was able to roll onto his back.

'Now it's my turn.' HIs voice was cold and commanding, but the Chief just laughed.

'Don't you remember, you shot your best load earlier? All you managed to produce last time was a dribble. You're not up to taking me. Try if you want, you'll only humiliated yourself more than you have already.'
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