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What is the funniest thing somebody has done to your character in a RP?

Jul 11, 2020
The question above,

Mine has been somebody had threatened me with a corn on the cob painted grey to look like a dagger when it was obviously corn.


Feb 3, 2018
I have two -

My partner's character ran mine over with a SmartCar and wrote about the kathunk-ah-thunk it made..

My character was running, partner's character was a brute and tossed a log at him.


Aug 30, 2014
Went from my character entering a room to being entirely tied up.

I left the game, because bondage and moding aren't my cuppa


May 10, 2020
Shoved it up MCs ass. That by it self is not funny, but that was the whole RP entry, literally, five words for a whole post: "Shoved it up her ass."

And this RP partner was never very generous with their response lengths, but when I read that, I scoffed, laughed, and realized that all hope is gone.


Fandom Number Generator
May 14, 2019
My character and an entire dreadnought of other characters got rick rolled by a sith lord.


Peur du petit sadique
Welcoming Committee
Jan 8, 2020
Lots of funny things happen in my roleplays. and it's honestly hard to pick one out of everything and remember it since so many memories come back and I am sure I am missing some. I did just wake up.

Most recently a character had his underwear stolen, she refused to return it. A struggle followed and then she pointed out his collection of Disney movies to stun him while she escaped! It made me laugh a lot because he is a rather large, rough man covered in scars and not exactly the type you'd expect to watch Disney things. The whole scene had me smiling the entire time.

I'm probably making it sound very unfunny.


Dec 27, 2019
The EU, probably
One of my biggest, baddest guys was trying to coerce the group into withdrawing and leaving him be for his plan to succeed. The PCs were, in true PC fashion, having none of it and obviously passed the pretty hard difficulty check to be unfazed by the threats.

Resorting to violence, then, my big antagonist revealed a stationary automatic 50 cal machine gun and pulled the trigger: it jammed on the second shot. The group made short work of him after that.

Subject Tai

That Green Haired Bitch
May 23, 2016
There are a lot of funny stuff that comes up, most of it's unintentional. I've even experienced stuff like SHOVED IT IN. (LOL) @Skyle

The funniest that was well written and put together was a cum filled condom. So imagine a Minotaur with a huge ass dick pounding a condom wrapped cock into your characters stomach, because the neck just wasn't long enough. Then cumming enough to expand the condom, and make taking it out practically impossible. The condom was released off his dick, but they tied it around my character's throat with a knot and then left.

Just imagining that is fucking hilarious.
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