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A Guy on that lonely road called life (NSFW, lots of systems inside)

Feb 26, 2014
Toronto Canada
Hello everyone, how you doing. Now, I'll admit that my craving is a bit hard to find, as it seems that female DM's (Dungeon Mistress's :p) are hard to find. But, when push comes to shove, I am a serious d20 RPG addict. I love system games, from the building of the character, to playing the character in a dynamic world, to pleasing the females I come across in game. Or futanari I just so happen to stumble across, really both are delightful ;)

Still, I shall be fleshing out ideas in the days to come, but I have the following important aspects for anyone looking this over. First, I'm a switch with a dom lean. Second, I'll be more then happy to pitch and catch for girls that are packing a bit extra. Third, if your willing to run a game for me, I'll do my best to return the favor.

Still, ideas and rough character cravings will be coming, and be warned, most of them can be on the complex side. Sure, D&D 5e can be fun... but coming from a D&D 3.5 background it lacks depth and feels way to streamlined.

So, I'm just going to be sorting my ideas based on the system I'm looking for them.

Where I'll play at; Would like to play here, but can also be found on discord. Just poke me here first.

1) Mothers little fallen angel; So, for this one I'm looking at some rather... dark themes? Granted, had a few funny brainfarts on the walk home from work about this particular idea. Still, basic premise is that as an infant, my character was traded to a demoness by his birth parents. Why? His 'mother' never really told him or considered it important, even as she decided to actually raise him as her own vicious little hellspawn instead of just eating him and reaping his soul for her own uses. Still, fast forward sixteen years and we have a friendly and cheerful sort that grew up in the Infernum and is a total momma's boy (not in the least due to all the brainwashing and mental magic).

From there? I have ideas... but nothing settled yet.

2) Under the sea; Will not lie, just want to do an undersea game. Not entirely sure what exactly, just want to try playing neath the waves.

3) Naruto; Just want to give the system a go, likely not looking to stay too true to cannon or play a cannon. Still just mulling over some ideas, and hey, summoning is always possible kinky fun :p

4) Worm/Superheros; So, looking to do something in the superhero genre set in the Worm setting... which I mainly know via fanfiction. Still mulling over rough ideas, but lots of room for lots of concepts.


When it comes to Godbound, I will admit that there are four types of demigod I want to play as, and most are based on existing concepts, but lets face it, they are awesome concepts.

First, is the Smith God archetype. Yeah sure, other demigods are colossi bestriding creation, breaking shit, killing things, enslaving the locals of some locale because they wanted a bedwarmer or to annoy someone and in general making deific jackasses of themselves. What is the smith god doing? He is busy making shit. Sure, early on it might just be small things, but later on who is it that is keeping the realms intact and together and the celestial engines running? Yeah, not the head honcho, she is too busy watching a pair of mortals oil wrestle each other for her favor as her rivals mortal son rims her. Not the head war god, he is to busy cracking skulls and whining about how his favorite weapon needs to be repaired. And good luck prying the fertility goddess out of her century long orgy. Fate god? Everything is just as planned. Death god? Another overworked fucker. So yeah, its the smith god that keeps the place running, go figure.

Second up is the Lich King. While also being a word in the Godbound system, I happen to like Death Knights and main one on retail WoW, and so that leads me to this bad boy. While the Smith creates, this is the God of War, Death (Lich King rather, but eh) and Winter who brings an end to mortals and their works, embodying the fact that while life can attempt to outpace it, in the end death is always waiting and will always win. Death is patient, death is uncaring and death is coming. You cannot escape, not forever as he does not need to rest, need to relent. In the end, the dark lord of the dead always claims his due....

Last, but hardly least, is the Mage God. The lord of lore and arcane knowledge, that which is hidden and forbidden, who keeps his secrets close, for with a word nations can crumble and a sentence can cause the doom of worlds. However, the opposite is also true, for the lore and wisdom he has collected allow him to heal the hurts of the world, to mend and bolster weary hearts and stave off the dark of endless night for a time. A word can illuminate and a sentence can reshape the world. More than any other god save the Smith God, he knows the underpinnings of creation and how it functions, how could he not when his power comes from his understanding of them? While most of the pantheon content themselves to use, in a not entirely correct analogy (but only in the sense that it is the least incorrect analogy that approximates the truth), the provided applications and abilities that come with the hardware, he has learned the programing language and has accessed the software.

Ah, sort of forgot about number four. The Wild God. Possibly the most alien to the modern mindset, this is my thought on a god of the wild, of the savage and untamed natural world, of its seasons and those who do not bear the yoke of civilization. He is free and he cares very little indeed for what other think of his deeds and words, for while he does not stand alone, nothing living really does, he knows his worth and does not require praise and constant validation from external sources to reaffirm himself and his role in the world. He IS, and that is enough. He tends to the trees, he helps usher in new life... and he hunts, culling the old, the sick and the weak, those whose shall return to the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth.

D&D 3.5/Pathfinder

The Drow Warrior; His birth was special. His mother selected a sire that had just enough demonic blood to allow her child to gain the power of the abyss, without showing obvious signs. Inside the womb, for the months of gestation and pregnancy, he was subject to magic and rituals to enhance and empower him, to make him into a living engine of war. Yet, there was but a single fact that damned him in his mothers eyes. He was born male, and not the perfect and empowered heiress she desired. Snarling and raging, she did not kill him, as that would waste the resources, time and effort that went into his creation. But neither would be be given the comfort and protection of a name, or accepted as one of the family. No, he would be raised and trained to be a weapon, a blade in the hand of his mother, and in time his sister, for the women of the house to use as they see fit.

But he is a warrior and a killer, and this weapon has a mind of its own.

Dwarf Metal; Heavy metal dwarf bard. Here is a nice selection of music he will be living by. After all, what is music but the breath of creation?

Under The Sea; Looking to explore the Cerulean Seas setting, shall not lie. Have a few ideas, but I kind of draw on a lot of D&D 3.5 which is why I lump pathfinder 1e in with it.

Ghostwalk; No firm ideas yet, but will admit that Ghostwalk, or at least cribbing some things from it, seems like it could be interesting.

The Warcraft RPG

So, will admit my ideas here come from things on and in particular two stories that resonated with me, Eldritch with Surprise Mechanics and Magic and how to steal it. Both are self inserts, but how they do so differs a bit. Eldritch is a gamer crossover while playing a murloc, while the second is a quest target in the blood elf starter zone. Its further along, and as of the current chapter he is a draconic loa of corruption and twisted energies thats in the process of taking over outland.

I shall not lie. I find the concept awesome and would love to do something similar :D Rising from a lowly 'yeah, that SI going to get ganked and die because he is a quest target/mook' and rise to become a mover, shaker and god in the world. Details? Those can be worked out.

The Conan RPG

Exiled Lands; Have a few rough ideas based on the Conan; Exiled Lands game, will admit.

The Star Wars RPG

Will not lie I'd go star wars for the chance for Togruta and Twi'leks. Would happily spend days rimming them or eating them out and would love a few beauties :) Exact ideas... that I can work on.

D20 Modern/Future

Its the end of the world as we know it; Basically, I'm looking for a post-apoc idea that is NOT related to zombies or nuclear fallout, but as the result of something fundamental in the world changing. I recall a series based on something like this a while back, and will expand some ideas.

Capes!; Basically, modern day superheros. I have a d20 modern splatbook or two for this.

Demon on a modern earth; Yeah, another urban arcana idea and something I have some PDF's for, just like the idea of being a fiend on a modern earth, plotting, scheming and corrupting the poor, poor mortals.

Naruto d20; Did you know there is a d20 modern Naruto setting? Yeah, always been interested in trying something set there, but have no set ideas.

Warhammer 40K

So, my main idea for this one is rather odd, shall not lie. I'm looking to play an Untouchable (aka Blank/Pariah) warrior type who actually gets along fairly well with his inquisitor/handler. Sure., she would consider him somewhat creepy, but at the same and most important time? He cannot be corrupted by the warp and so is safe.

Infernum RPG

Okay, so this one is a good bit darker than my usual fare, but this does take place in hell. Still mulling over the exact idea... but it allows you to play as a demon. And there are many kinds of demon oh so eager to meet the lovely souls and early mortals of the pit! On the other hand, the game does support fallen angels as a playable race.


Been looking at some Warcraft, Star Wars and Elder Scrolls CYOA fanfics, I'm interested if anyone is willing to run something. I mostly have ideas for the Elder Scrolls and Star Wars... Star Wars a touch more extreme, shall admit
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Feb 26, 2014
Toronto Canada
May the Fourth be with you all! And in the spirit of Star Wars day... been looking at Star Wars and other space operas. Plotting things, and interested in any game mistress looking for players!
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