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What pet(s) do you have/had? And feel free to share an endearing story


Jan 31, 2019
Cats have always been a part of my life. Right now, I am the proud companion of a cat who thinks he's a dog. He fetches, follows me like a shadow, and reminds me when it's time for bed. He's a character with character. He has a strong compulsion to always have the last say in the conversation. It's hilarious that my avatar is a corgi!

The Goodman

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Oct 12, 2017
I have a pupper named Colby. He's a three year old Portuguese water dog and he is so much smarter than he let's on. I genuinely think that he knows exactly what I'm saying. We were going to go out for a walk, so, I had him sit in the spot I trained him to wait in, just before the hallway to the door. As I pick up the leash, I start to say aloud things like, "Wait....what are we doing? Where are we going?" looking confused at him and the leash in my hands. He got on his hind legs and pawed the air urgently in my direction and huffed and stomped in place, I swear, exactly as if he were saying back, "Quit it! You know! You know!"

He's just recently become my dog and before this, he was not paid much attention to. I'm slowly socializing him and training him but at night, just to prevent any accidents, I put him in a kennel right by the front door. Sometimes, he gets a bit excited still and gets needy for attention. About a month ago, I'm sitting at the dining table drawing and I hear my mother down the hall rebuke Colby, telling him to settle. So, he comes to the dining room to be with me, because I may be his daddy but I've got a softer touch than my mother. I wanted to back her play and not fall for his manipulation so I told him in a medium firm voice, "You need to listen better(my mother told him twice to settle down before shooing him from her bedroom)."

I get up to go and get something from my room and when I come out, he is sitting in his training waiting spot, just sitting straight, almost like he was pouting. I felt bad(I told you; this daddy is soft), so I got him to follow me to the table as I sat down to finish my art, encouraging him and petting him. He jumped up on the edge, almost knocking some stuff over, so, I used a voice of displeasure and shoved him down. Then as I watch, he goes walking real slow and melancholy down the shoe hallway to where we keep his kennel by the door. I have never seen a sadder dog walk and it broke my heart. Until he paused in the doorway and looked over his shoulder at me to make sure I was watching! Just like a little kid!

I am convinced now that my little cheese dog is emotionally intelligent and understands English. We go on frequent walks and when we do, I talk to him about all the birds we see, and I identify them for him. I ask him what he might do if he caught one(because he "stalks" them in posture) and I ask him about possible critters he might be smelling when he gets really intense about a scent trail. I don't really do baby talk but I talk to him like a 5 year old kid. His favorite toy is a lambchop doll that he has had forever. He knows her name( "Lambchop") yet always refuses to bring her to me when I ask. It is his favorite thing, to bring her close and for me to lunge to grab her, miss, and make a frustrated sound as he trots away with her in his mouth.



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Jun 1, 2019
Hell with Love
I’m a cat mom through and through.

There’s Jersey, my handsomest tuxedo boy! He showed up on our doorstep, completely declawed and fixed. About 4 months old. Tried to find his family but we are guessing that they left the trailer park and ultimately left him behind. Whether intentionally or not, we don’t know but he walked into our place like he owned the joint, climbed up on the back of the couch and he’s been the man of the house for 9 years now. He’s terrified of rain storms and fireworks (we imagine from being outside for too long). Basically.....he picked his humans and as much of a pain as he can be sometimes, I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He suffers as well from separation anxiety. He loves potato chips and snuggles.

This is him, tonight, buried under my arm and against my side as fireworks go popping off nearby.

Then there is Renny, my calico! I got her from a farm friend, who kept her until she was weened from her momma. She just turned 8 at the end of March. She’s the princess of the abode! Ask her, she will tell you very adamantly so! She loves strawberries and turkey. She loves the song “Critical Acclaim” by Avenged seen here in this video as she steals my phone while the song is playing. 😂 She can no longer steal my phone but if the song comes on, she will run full speed, knock the phone out of my hand and lay next to it for the entirety of the song. I have also tested this in different is in fact the song she loves and I’ve no clue why. I have put it on on my computer and she’s rubbed up against my computer. I recorded a clip of it when I saw them live and brought it home and played it for her, she went nuts and loved all over my phone while it played. My little rocker kitty!
🤘🏻😻🤘🏻 Also my little bag lady.....she loves grocery bags, will swipe everything out of them and climb in herself. I shake a bag open and she comes running and jumps in and lets me carry her around. She’s also my lil box baby, she loves her boxes and she gets mad when I throw them out. Got her a fresh new box soon as it was emptied,
in she went and went right to sleep! Needless to say, she’s the character of the two.

Truth be told, I am a lover of puppers as well and claim my parents dogs, as well as my sisters dogs and my daughters dog, as my puppers but....I’d be here all day if I went on and on about all of them.

Colby is cute, reminds me of an old pupper my mom used to have. 🥰


Jul 5, 2020
Right now just 2 cats. One is 12 years old and weighs 16 lbs..the other is 2 years old and weighs 7 lbs.
I've had a lot of Albino African Clawed Frogs over the years, and used to have a whole 20 gallon fish tank with just crabs and crayfish in it. Got to be too much trouble though lol.
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