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Looking for RP partners NSFW*


Chaos and Order
Mar 2, 2014

Recently I’ve grown more and more accustomed to playing a woman in rps so I thought I’d go ahead and make a thread here.
From time to time I’ll update this when ideas and such come to me, but like with my main thread most updates/bumps will be pics most likely.

Hard Limits are no extreme or sexual gore, no bathroom related things, no feet fetishes, no babyplay(and everything that comes with that), and other things of this nature who’s name I can’t think of.

General likes are huge cocks, lots of cum, breeding, risk of pregnancy, pregnancy(those last three may be redundant), giving birth, playing older women, and so on.

Planet of the Apes
This would be a sexualized version of the more recent films in this franchise. The ones were it’s a mutated virus that makes Apes smarter but has killed a lot of people. As the picture indicated I’m seeking someone to play a Ape(or Apes) to fuck and breed my human female character. Yes, breed her. For this case I was imaging the virus has additional mutations for males Apes making their penises larger(most primates are rather small) and more biologically compatible with human females. The general idea for it, I’m open to discussion about finer details.
Kinks: rape/non-con(could become more willing later), breeding, birthing, ect. (Open to discussion)

stuffed animals/teddy bears come to life and seeking love(or revenge) on their human owners. (Could be a ghost, demon, the mix of past emotions birthing a “entity”...could be just things tend to happen. Willing to play female or cuntboy)

Open to ideas as well.
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