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Working on a (mech-based) game-inspired setting for a story I want to make, comments appreciated!


Apr 18, 2020
Hello! I'm working on a story setting that started just as a mech setting but as I worked I started incorporating more games ><

Anyway, all I have so far is a stream of consciousness Google Document, but I'd love to know what it gets people thinking. Would also be cool to get some people to bounce ideas with and show the story as I work on it! Please don't hesitate to speak with me :D

Zero Frame

Sep 10, 2014
You could split your setting among Earth and Mars if you wanted to use elements from the properties described in your doc.

An example being that The Earth has a setting that is built around factional in-fighting using whatever can be salvaged or manufactured in limited quantities, with vibes similar to GE, Code Vein, and Phantasy Star to a limited extent.

The Martian colonies could be developed evacuation zones established to flee from whatever horrible thing is happening back on Earth that has caused a breakdown in relationships between nations. While the the people of Earth struggle to survive and continue to fight and steal from one another, the Martian colonies might instead build themselves up into major powers in their own right, developing advanced technology and weaponry that is distinct from that which is still present on Earth--save for maybe a handful of highly advanced and experimental tech caches and "Super" weapons.

As for another threat, perhaps the same threat that has caused the Earth so much grief now sets its sights on Mars, facilitating a need for the people of Earth and Mars to find a means of cooperating or risk open war in space between those Earth factions that can field space forces, the Martian colonies, and the third force that seeks to take it all from them.


Off the stand, tailored or bespoke...
Jul 2, 2020
Generic reply: Have you seen Lancer?

it is _basically_ ‘every mech game’ in a single package, and the players guide to build your character is free.

it also has good ideas on mecha vs.narrative that completely re-wrote my concept of an ERP rules set.

(Outside a mech is rules light, longer term, RPey and DTey, inside is... the best mecha war game I’ve played in a tabletop, not flawless)

That lead me thinking about ‘why system smut / kink’ - but that’s not what you asked about, although there is surprising crossover in anything detailed, be it RW or fantasy.

Anywhos, if you’ve not - read it - it might spark some ideas. They put in ‘space magic’ - parac-it’s to early to spell this tech :) Then they split the genres across companies. Mechwarrior is the least directly represented - although there is slow and heavy, but it gets a large nod in the theme where you are a ‘Lancer’ and elite mecha pilot, the plural / group of which is ‘Lancers / a Lance’.

So crash and burn, Lancer.
Feel in’ old,
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