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Bar Fight.?? [High Fantasy Rp]


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May 26, 2020
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This is an introduction scene that I had written up a while back, and was collecting dust until I finally throw it out here just now lol. I can play as any of the three girls mentioned, two of them, or even all three!! What I am hoping for a high fantasy rp where this trio gets stuck in a new worlds and obviously there's shenanigans. They could even save this world or something idk.

If you'd like to be someone of this world, the person who gets into the fight, or a simple passerby, its all up to you!!

I am mainly looking to expand and write on this idea more in-depth before anything else and when we feel smut is appropriate, then it'll happen. B
esides we're fighting lol, so hit me with your best shot.!

Now, before we can get into the gritty details of how everything started in the bar, Chase will tell you herself that for one, none of this was her fault. She wasn't even from here. Whatever this city was... If it was a small city, a grand nation, even a whole damn country, she didn't know and honestly didn't care to know. Especially now as she brought yet another hefty glass of some IPA to her lips and sucked in a giant gulp.
At the end of the day they were all the same in her red eyes anyway. An overzealous network of random people.

Rather, at the top is always a hierarchy of beings that all prided themselves on whatever bullshit accomplishments or military strength it had. And it was always the people with all of the power that made it seem like it was everyone's nation too. Like they cared for it's people and didn't just see them all as a bag of money...
'We're all in this together!!'

It was all total bullshit system that somehow translated through the worlds and even other dimensions. Like Alaris, the first world she had ever got stuck in by herself. Thankfully she didn't stay alone for too long, but that's a different story.

And now she was here, in some place called (enter random city name here), after walking right into a space rift that she didn't even see.! In the middle of some bar, in the middle of some city, looking like she rolled fresh out of hibernation in her large, dull yellow sweater, tights and shoes. And was now somehow stuck in. Again.
"THIS IS BULLSHIT!!" The Lycan had belted out loud and then slammed her mug down onto the bar, spilling some of her drink on to her sleeve and letting out a much quieter, "Awh fuck."

"Chase.!" Her sister Ryder had barked out then, already starting daggers and tone unamused but clearly irritated from where she sat hunched over the bar to the right of her eldest sister, babysitting her own ale. The constant tapping sound below the bar they were leaning on was her leg bouncing because of the her impatience. In four -inch heels. "You've been saying that since we fell through the freakin' thing, we get it already." Ryder had moaned out like she was actually in pain, and maybe she was. She's dealing with this bitch since forever--.

"Chase, you've done this before, and now we're hear to help you." Jade chimed in from the left of her with a smile, leaning forward to rest her head in her hand and look between her two sisters with hopefully blue eyes. She was always the one to look at the brighter side of things. "We'll adapt to the city quickly, and everyone that we've come into contact with has been really nice!" She had claimed with her full lips around a straw plunged into some pink fruity drink.

"Yeah. Up until miss bitchy over here scares them away..."

"HeY, SHUT UP! You guys have never fallen through a rift before and you can never know what to expect!" Chase had yelled in her sister's ear, and Ryder just rolled her violet eyes into her head. "And lemme tell you that it's not all peaches and cream!!"

In a montone, Ryder had uttered to Chase, with a lazy smirk. "You're just mad the rift was high up and you fell head first."

And Jade had to stop her older sister from hitting the girl in the face.

If the two younger sisters hadn't been paying attention though, or if they just didn't know Chase at all like everyone in the bar didn't, they would just barely see the subtle dusting of red in their sister's cheeks and think she was blushing from embarrassment but they knew she was just feeling the drinks she's been putting back with how she would sway into their sides, belly heavy with alcohol.

The Jack sisters had only been in Nexion for two hours or so now. And all it took was two hours or so for Chase to get into a fight.


When a random passerby had almost knocked Chase out of her seat as she was leaning back, laughing at something Ryder said and sloshing her drink a bit. "Christ.!" Her relaxed demeanor morphed from happy drunk to Tired and Feral in an instant. "You wanna apologize and watch where you're goin' next time?" She spat over her shoulder and put her drink down to turn around.

A quick background: Chase is a lycan and step sister to Jade whose and elementalist, and half sister to Ryder, a hybrid of lycan and elemental power. She can only control fire though.
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Jul 19, 2017
OOC: I hope this is fine. Rusty with the combat/non porn posts and trying to work up my muses again. If you want can play. Looking to painting the town red, smut can wait. Bar fight now.

He hated being in this small shitty city. He hated these people, how they were so soft and shallow. He himself was rather large at six feet and nine inches in height. His hair was a mane of black that was oiled to have spikes, bright green eyes as his face was covered in a mask although had a mouth slit so he could speak and drink, the mask was red, crimson in fact along with red horn accessories on his head. His shirt also has the symbol of "Null" or "nothingness on him in gold print, hinting he was an nihilist.

His dress was all black, rather comfortable to wear and not one for high fashion as his thick tan body was hugged by the fabric as his feet were exposed due to sandals. He had a bag attached to his back for the purpose of carrying things and was currently attempting to drink his problems away with the money he had just earned from an adventuring gig, dealt with smelly goblin bastards.

The bump felt as if a mere bug had connected to him and heard the noise that was projected. He turned and looked to her and spoke. "Well gee, could you keep it down? That noise is killing my ears. Sorry for bumping into you, must have missed you"

He honestly does not care and at this point just wanted to blow off some steam. That was why he was rude; not in that he hated woman, but because he was itching for a fight and if a woman acts like a man. Well he will treat her like a damn man.

If it were a anime would be a address to who he was.

"Azai Chu- The Crimson King (As a monkier, not a king of anything.)
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