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Writer and enjoying creator
Apr 1, 2019
Probably Hell
(Hoping to find some new and old partners to start something up that will not just spend hours planning and then up and ghost)

Rules and things:
1.) No god-modding or Mary Sues - by that I mean I dislike playing with a character who is basically invincible and does everything.

2.) Not a fan of purely smut rps, I like 50/50-60/40 smut/plot ratio - so decently literature like rp though I am not a stickler to keep huge posts or perfect grammar do not worry.

3.) No one-liners (I love a minimum of 3-4 sentences or a paragraph per posted reply) - please on this one, it gives use both things to work with.

4.) Not a fan of roleplaying in threads, so pms are my go to. NOT ELSEWHERE. AGAIN I WILL NOT RP ON OTHER PLATFORMS! STOP ASKING.

5.) I won't use premade characters, just my own or a version of a character from a fandom like fnaf... I'm iffy on most fandoms. Definitely out on canons! And most important I will not play a certain character you are wanting me to, my ocs are my own creations and I will play them as such.

6.) Please reply at least once a within a day or two, or if you're busy say so, don't just go silent. I will do same (I do get a little busy so I understand the same for you).

7.) Don't just ignore my oc (I get a little upset when a few things are revealed and completely ignored to center attention on your oc)

8.) Sorry, not into Harems! Or Cheating, Incest, vore., scat, water play, over humiliation, inflation using air or weird chemical, foot fetish, ass whorship, knife play or bone breaking, drowning, complete mind control, skin peeling, bimbofication, sex tape crap.... AND I DO NOT HAVE A KINK OR F-LIST > I base kinks off of what would fit the rp....

9.) I can play MxM, FxF, MxF only I tend to prefer playing females in fxm pairings

10.) I prefer switches and subs but can possibly be convinced to play a dom if you really like

11.) No size play like over large unreasonable genitals a little dwarf can't have some foot and a half long cock, or someone have huge back breaking breasts.

12.) I am cool with gore, and horror, but not a whole rp centered just plain on it.

* Put "Namnam" somewhere in reply or message to tell me you looked over rules

We can talk about any edits or ideas of your own! I'd love to brainstorm with you.


1.) The World of Shifters
Now this idea involves shape shifters, more specifically a type of shape shifter that is human, but at the same time animal. Meaning they can shift from a human form to an animal form, with enhanced senses, animal instincts, and being stronger/faster than normal humans. Each shifter has a sort of dominance power within them, and most shifts are obtained through a sort of controlled rage.
The idea is humans never really knew about the existence of shifters until more recently when a few shifter communities (packs or clans) came out to the public. Because of this there was unrest and fear for a while about these creatures that had animal capabilities previously only though to be the idea of fantasy.
Of course, the government had to do something, not only to protect the people, but to calm these fears. Humans had already faintly been aware of witches and gifted abilitied people who had proven themselves useful and loyal. It was through the use of magic and technology, a collar designed for shifters was made.
It was a year after the coming out of shifters that the government created a law requiring all shifters to wear this specially designed collar that keeps their naturally elevated aggression in check though monitoring of their bio cycles and delivering controlled shocks. The collars, once put on sort of temporarily fuse with the skin, making it impossible for any shifter to be able to remove a collar, their own or other wise. They also began to round up the collared shifters moved them into towns (much like simple lower-middle class neighborhoods) to be monitored for now since integration was a work in progress. These towns were often built within the country allowing large acres of land to be dedicated for purely shifter's use and away from human cities. These towns were uncreatively names "Shifter towns".
While the human government has made great work on keeping these shifters in control, there are still hidden shifters who had decided to remain hidden, often most slip around among the underground. Part of a rebel society working to free shifters from collars and live freely once again, or simply trying to hide away and live out their life.
Extra: Alpha (leader), Beta (second in command, usually there are two), with other shifters considered based on power levels but more clumped in middle class.
Although the collars do shock painfully to prevents a shifter from feeling too angry and violent, they can still shift.
Possible routes with this:
a.) Uncollared shifter x collared shifter
In this idea, I was thinking one of the rebels (Either a Beta, Alpha, or hideaway without an actual status) finds themselves on the run from hunters, who are kind of like shifter police. If caught uncollared, the punishment is severe and brutal, allowing the shifter to be tested on, imprisoned, or if lucky just collared and sent to a shifter town. The hunters caught word of a shifter, and following the trail began to hunt it down. Confronting them before chasing them down, and right as they were about to catch the rebel... Something interfered. The one who helped smelled like a shifter, but the rebel wasn't able to see who they were, instead taking the chance and returning back to their home for the night. The next day, the Shifter Enforcement has called for a meeting to be held to discuss plans to expand a Shifter Town, calling in the Alpha of the town to propose the idea, several civilians being called in at random to be part of the unbiased council. The rebel happens to be one. When they get there though, they immediately scent the same scent as the one who saved them the night before....
b.) Collared shifter x Human Enforcement (Plenty of different ways to go)
c.) Uncollared shifter x Human Enforcement (Again several scenarios can be made)

On another note there could be story line I've been wanting to try:
President: An Alpha of Alphas called 'Supreme Alpha' Or 'King
Governors: The Alphas of individual packs in a state or area, will go to President to get help in solving a problem
People: The rest of a shifter pack

With shifter, people able to transform between an animal and human body, well known and a large part of world population, there are still dangers of feral packs. Feral packs are cruel and more primal shifters who have given up most parts of being human, instead they lust for blood and chaos. These packs wish to cause chaos to all of the shifters and often will hire out hunters or hunt themselves to attack shifter packs. Hunters will often create shifters using their weakness to silver, sometimes in liquid form. As a form of torture, a shifter will be injected with liquid silver, which will slowly kill them. There are, however, rare cases of a shifter surviving, but every time has left the shifter dull and without emotions... It takes a part of them that shows human and animal emotions leaving them like a walking talking empty machine. Often it will change their appearance to be light skinned, silver colored eyes, and hair.

I am thinking as a pairing perhaps there is a soul mate kind of deal or a mating interest where someone finds their mate is my silver poisoned oc who is being used by her Alpha as an enforcer as she has no qualms or morals in simply following orders. It would be a slow reawakening of emotion coming back that proves the emotion dead/dullness isn't permanent from silver poisoning.

2.) Bounty Hunter x Medusa
*This is one where I already have the Medusa oc but with a twist*
My Medusa oc is only the descendant of Medusa, having been born with black tattoo like markings of snakes that moved across her skin her father recognized her to have the curse most females in his blood line suffered, she was blinded by her Father at birth and hidden away from everyone. Her father allowed rumors to spread, a hatred for her growing over the years of her life, even more so when the first of her markings became a physical snake as was her power, the ability to use her energy to give the snakes on her skin a physical form and back. Those who had heard of her began to think of her as a monster, fearing what she may do, nicknaming her... Medusa. Finally the town could take no more and called a bounty hunter to take care of their 'threat'.

3.) The Hidden Elven War
For this elves, among possible other things, live among the humans. Long ago elves were the main species but due to a war between the light elves and the dark elves their populations dwindled, humans taking up the space. Finding it as a way to refuge, elves began to integrate themselves until they became what they are now...
Elves live their lives mostly as humans, blending in and interacting as if they were normal, but under that there are still the two warring sides.
The dark elves often found causing chaos, crimes, and running the underground seek to plunge humanity into darkness and corrupt them.
The light elves are those who help humans keep balance in the world, keeping most safe, and trying to keep light reigning on the human society.
Possible routes with this:
a.) Dark Elf x Human
b.) Dark Elf x Light Elf
In this one, it could be second in command or leaders kind of role.
c.) Human x Light elf

4.) Witches, Hunter, and Monsters
In a world filled with monsters, and strange creatures, humans are constantly trying to stay on top. Finally, a sort of connected network of hunters was formed. These hunters travel about and take on jobs when offered pay: bounty hunters. These bounty hunters dedicate themselves to cleaning out the world of the unnatural/nonhuman beasts. Among some of the most despised are creatures who appear human, but are not, these are known as witches. Thought to be evil and bringers of dark magic and death, they are always at the top of the list to be burned so as to get rid of these Satan worshiping things.
Possible routes with this: (I prefer playing the witch when in the pairing, but the others I don't mind any option)
a.) Witch x Bounty Hunter
b.) Human x Witch
c.) Human x Creature (Can be plenty of things)
d.) Bounty Hunter x Creature

5.) Ghost Eyes and the Demon King
In this idea, one of the characters is someone who can see ghosts. They see and hear all the ghosts around them, though most that are still hanging around are with unfinished business resulting in them looking less then.. human (Missing eyes, bloody clothes, decapitated heads). This character has always seen ghosts since they were little, able to talk to them as well, but after a certain accident.. It made it so this curse makes it so they can't actually turn it off. Often ghosts who realize the character can see them bug him and slightly haunt the character to help them finish their business, its a daunting task, and one the character tries to avoid by pretending they can't see them, even so there are a few who suspect and annoy them to try and prove or disprove. Because of the weird ability, the character is rather lonely... And needs a job! So, they apply for several, managing to book an interview with a big business to become an assistant. The only thing is, they didn't expect the boss to be (prefer the boss to be a male idk just a thing) a handsome rich guy... And unknownst to him, a demon king dwelling in the realm of humans. The demon king sees the character and catches an interest, hiring them on sight as he senses the inner power of the person, they aren't normal which makes them intriguing.
The ghosts all fear the demon king, leaving the character alone whenever he is near the demon king
Let's see what happens...
(I would love to play Ghost Eyes in this idea, but I can play either)

6.) The Banshee Seer of Death and the Homicide Detective
In this idea the Detective can be any range of creatures from human, demon, vampire, werewolf/panther etc who is on the police force who investigates mysterious deaths and murders. Basically the Detective catches the bad guy most the time, but with the world changing so much to the modern day and age, even with the advancement of technologies, finding the killer of a victim has become hard. Lately a certain presence has been bothering the detective, their eyes searching the crowd of one murder scene to find a person gazing sadly at the body before looking beside them and murmuring something as if someone was there.. It's odd but not insane or reason to draw alarm...
The Banshee is the one who sees death just before it happens, often finding themselves drawn to the area but usually too late as they aren't experienced enough to control the gift... or curse. They aren't special, just a certain kind of quick healing, often oddly understanding languages despite never studying them, and of course seeing the ghost of the dead just as it passes on leaving a few minutes to try and find out what happened from them, but often they try and avoid it..
Finally, after a particularly brutal murder leads to a serial killer case, the detective finally feels like the person they continue to keep seeing at the place of the murder might know something, their idea only confirmed when the unknown Banshee runs into them one night with wide eyes and looking panicked, pointing to an alley as a van streaks away, it might not have been so bad if the Banshee had been where the detective was inside a coffee shop late at night.. with no way to know anything was amiss. Dumbfounded but still knowing their job, the detective raced to the scene only to find the same brutal type of massacre, the Banshee following only to run before the detective can ask anything. Now the hunt is on, the detective needs answers, the Banshee needs help, and the murders need to be stopped.
(I would love to be the Banshee in this idea, but I can play whatever.)

7.) Siren/Mermaid x Pirate (Captain or Crew Member)
In this idea there are several ways for this to play out.
a.) The pirate crew on the ship are all well aware of dangers the sea holds, weather it be through nature or the creatures she holds, but on one stop they hear a physic speaking of dangerous yet beautiful creatures who swim in the sea.. Well, it sounds like a bounty the pirate can't refuse, especially when they hear the creature is the only way to find the treasure hidden on the island. Wanting the treasure, the pirates set off to catch such a creature, the only thing unexpected was to be attacked at the port near the island said creature is supposedly inhabiting. The enemy attacking has just come back from the island and seems half mad... And with him, he's brought a few pissed off fish friends. Several men are taken and dragged into the sea before explosions crash through the water sending the creatures into a retreat... At least most of them. One unfortunate creature had been flung in a crash of water the explosion had sent flying into one of the craters within the rock, struggling to move back into the open sea before one of the pirate's men pins the creature's tail to the stone with a pitchfork bringing forth an ear splitting shriek, but.. here is the pirate's key to treasure..
b.) In this scenario the pirate is stuck on their ship during a storm, the waves crashing left and right against the boat as if trying to drag the very ship to the sea.. Through the roaring waves, hissing wind, and booming thunder the pirate manages to hear a sort of humming almost, not pausing as he tries to hold on as another wave crashes against the boat, sweeping over the deck... And dragging the pirate to the black waters of the storming sea.. Right before they lose consciousness, they hear the same humming... The Pirate ends up waking on the sandy shore of a beach on some island that looks abandoned, the only prints around them are streaks from him being dragged out of the water and one or two black looking very flat.. rocks? Or scales? See what happens~
c.) Millionaire's exotic pet or aquarium's main attraction
d.) Or even Siren x Mermaid

8.) I'm NOT Gay!
(In this one, it must be a MxM or FxF rp)
Now.. doesn't this sound rather self explanatory.. though there are several routes..
One idea, though if you have one I am all ears, is that one character is 'straight' excited for college and eager to move into the dorm. He goes early expecting to beat his room mate to the room and be able to get set up, but the moment he walked into the dorm he sees a rather attractive, VERY shirtless guy standing there.. Now this character isn't actually straight as much as he tries to fool himself. From there start to progress a bit, but was thinking the room mate be very openly gay and growing flirty and interested in his supposedly straight room mate. Letting the story play out to see what drama might unfold~

9.) World of Dragons
Here the setting would be a more natural world, where one of the most conceived goals is to train a wild dragon. In a way it is to be recognized as one of the very best in being able to fight, race, hunt, and of course understand your dragon that you have created a bond with. But the most difficult part? Training the dragon, or just getting close to a dragon without being killed in general, these are wild dragons of course...
It was thought to be that dragons only held the form of... well, dragons, but what if they were just... Well Dragon Shifters?
This could go many ways~

10.) Lamento Beyond the Void (Based on a game, possibly only fandom/canon I might be willing to do... Does have to be MxM)
The game takes place in a fictional world inhabited by Ribika (who look like humans but have feline ears and tails). Their world has fallen into dark times -- a mysterious void has made some places (and even animals) impossible to touch, causing major food shortages. A strange and deadly disease that has killed off a large percentage of the female Ribika population is also spreading.
The hero, Konoe, exists in this miserable world, living alone in the starving village of Karou who have turned to cannibalism. The story begins with Konoe (Or more My OC that is similiar to Konoe, but not quite) in Karou, where he suddenly begins to see horrible dreams and strange marks appear on his body. This is believed to be a curse so Konoe heads off to Ransen (the big city) in order to heal his body... When the twist I put on it comes into play, of him possibly being the cure, I was going to play this out as being an apocalyptic style of play.
Sickness: The Sickness is a disease that affects the Ribika, most commonly females, leaving them with a fever and missing body parts. It is said to consume the infected victim until death. Unlike normal diseases it just makes the infected body parts disappear, -not to rot or deteriorate- just like magic.
The Void (Or where the sickness is located): One of two phenomenons affecting the world of Sisa, the other being The Sickness. The Void is not visible, but its effects are physically felt by the inhabitants. The Void seemed to have began around the time when Konoe was born. A young female cat who went to the forest to gather herbs was the first one to notice the Void. When she returned to the village, Karou, her hand was stained a deep red. She cried as she told everyone that she didn't pick the herbs, she didn't touch them, and something like a knife cut her fingers. No one knew what she meant, and thought she was talking about a plant called 'blade grass'. Blade grass is a long thin leaves that could cut your fingers. Since they thought she accidentally picked blade grass no one took her seriously. Eventually the other cats of started experiencing the same thing as that one female cat. Soon every living thing in the forest became dangerous to touch. It seemed like the plants, birds, bugs and butterflies couldn't be touched because they rejected the cats. Cats were rejected by the earth. However, this did not happen all at once. The Void had slowly crept from the edges to the center of Sisa. The Void effects the forests in Sisa, after being infected the forests will "reject" the Ribika. The rejection usually leaves a cut where they tried to touch something infected with The Void. If a cat goes too far into The Void they will die.

Characters, however you don't have to follow their personalities and can still make your own oc along the lines of being Ribika just giving links to help explain them a bit and give a view of story line
Konoe (who would be replaced by my oc)

11.) Mysterious Spirit Guide of the Woods
Here a character will be a mysterious sort of guide in the woods, with the settling a little later though with some modern ideas in there, the town is surrounded by a "Forbidden Forest" which often people enter but are no longer seen or heard from again, though in the late few months they have begun to reappear from the "Lost World" talking of some guiding spirit leading them home and soothing them. Only those who have been infected with sickness (A sort of black plague like deal) are the ones who disappear into the forest not wanting to infect others or suffer, but when they come back.. they're healed. The rich, fearing for their health have begun to send out hunters to trap and bring them this valueable guide, but what the guide actually is.. Well, it isn't what the hunter or rich person is expecting...
Spirit (My preference of role to play) x Rich person or Hunter

12.) Little Red Riding Hood x Big Bad Wolf
This can go several ways...
Mxm: With the possibility of the wolf being a kind of cross dressing boy with the special ability of illusion, where whatever he wears makes him appear like that. So should he wear a cop outfit he looks like a cop, if he wears a girlie outfit, he seems like a girl... Going off of this route, there are several possibilities: (I would prefer using the Big Bad Wolf role in these)
1.) There are a few myths of this silver wolf running through the forest who is capable of such illusionary tricks.. being a powerful thief/business man/ Mafia leader whatever, you decide you want this creature as your new pet...
2.) You are someone who is oddly out on your luck and decide to escape it all for a few days with a camping trip. Heading out you can either run across a wounded 'wolf pup' stuck in a bear trap, get lost and find something.. quite odd... Or find yourself being followed but you don't know what by and decide to set a trap (lethal or nonlethal).
3.) While out camping with friends you meet a few fellow campers and decide to have a little get together, since you are a "straight" male, you decide to start trying to flirt with one of the girls that seems to stand out a bit... Oddly enough she seems into you, unfortunately you don't realize exactly what "she" is, or why she occasionally calls you her mate.
Mxm or fxm with Big Bad Wolf being a kind of werewolf sort of deal: (Would prefer to be Red in these)
1.) The wolf needs a mate, fate is a funny thing to repeat itself as the wolf sees a red hood like in the stories, well, he sees it right before there is a sudden scream. Following the source of the sound there lays a Little Red, having must have slipped from the edge of the deep grove and fallen into the deep crevice, yet they live...
2.) Hunters have been scouring the woods as of late, hunting down creatures of all kinds, and being different and a wolf? You are no different, hunted down you either narrowly escape and wander into the backyard of a certain Red Head's home, or unlucky enough to be caught and sent to a facility to be tested and researched, only the red head researcher/veterinarian seems too kind hearted to do very much to hurt you...
Where Red is a part of a Hunting organization known as "Red Sword" made by her predecessors to hunt those who are not human. With your character being 'The Big Bad Wolf' who has a warrant on his head. Red's mother is the leader of the organization and sends a party out to of course hunt him, but sends her daughter to make sure the job is finished, only her daughter is a bit trickier and likes to give herself, well ups in a way. That and she can't bring herself to kill a creature who hasn't attacked her simply because her blood is supposedly enemies with wolves. So instead, she takes him in under secret and heals him, the catch? She's gotten a witch to enchant a certain shock collar to put on him and make him her new little 'Work Dog', and he's going to help her uncover the secrets within her mother's organization, and the new supernatural cults and packs that have been forming

13.) Gotta Catch 'Em All (Pokemon verse)
(Would love to be pokemon but can manage either) don't mind playing a male or female, normal pokemon or anthro but have a plot to convince me on the male part as usual I enjoy playing a female.

In this, it can go several ways, pokemon x pokemon, or pokemon x trainer, normal looking pokemon or a bit more anthro
1.) The experiment... Either old partner or random pokemon not known to the trainer/scientist is being tested on to try and find a way to understand Pokemon, only this goes terribly wrong, merging human dna with the pokemon and causing a different kind of evolution...
2.) A trainer and their partner are on their journey, only the professor calls them to his lap to be sent to a new dimension he has managed to find.. only problem? The pokemon there are much different.. Still, the trainer agrees and takes his trusty partner.. While being transported there, something with the machine goes wrong, changing the two to more fit the world their entering.. The trainer can understand his partner as if they were speaking English, and they suddenly have a new primal instinct like a pokemon.. And the machine to get back is broken leaving the two stranded.
3.) In this one, the world is naturally filled with anthro pokemon, and it's completely normal with the pokemon story line for trainers to catch these creatures still to battle with them. This can either go with a trainer on a search for a certain pokemon that illudes them so they sets up a trap and catch it before managing to catch it in a poke ball to be their new partner, or the pokemon is already their partner, or a strange lone pokeball is found by a newbie trainer, they weren't expecting that to become their first pokemon, but they plan to enjoy every minute

14.) FNAF: Five Nights at Freddy's or Sister Location..
Always found mangle as the most fitting really, a bit separate from from the rest of the team kind of deal

Name: Mangle

Species: the singer of Freddy's Band though often she is more of the server and child entertainer leading to her parts often needing tinkering to put back in correct placing.

Abilities: requiring occasionally charging and tinkering she functions nearly identical to a human, and is even able to feel. She has heightened senses and referrals or movement unless her internal workings are out of place. She consists of a aluminum skeleton (lightweight but strong) with wiring replicating a nervous system and coating of human skin like silicone... Though her body can still open in panels to access her core and memory chip...

Personality: gentle and child like at times, she has sass and can be rather funny, the female has a caring side to her.. But a darker streak as well. She can be cold and cruel at times and completely shut down if made to open up of how she completely came to be.

Appearance: standing 5'7 with a slender shapely form, the female seems to lack flaws (she was artificially made physically after all) with smooth skin and deep amber eyes, a permanent point almost like eyeliner seeming to only bring out how her long thick black lashes frame her gaze. Her nails are faintly pointed with sharp canines, her fox ears and tail the only thing making her easily not human. She has long silver hair like fine silk and failure tinted cheeks... Due tot he blood replacement in her body she can still flush...





So mangle would be more of a lost soul who's AI is mixed with an actual soul leading to her and most the animatronic gang being off.. They all want revenge and in part she is with them on that but mostly... She wants to be free. Perhaps she attempts to fight instinct and start to assist the night guard

Her hints could appear in her songs for longing to be free and escape and starting to show hints of just being off from programming.. Despite often having to be served due to handsy kids...

Due to the purple guy and puppet she is unable to fully break out and leave but starts to crave freedom... Yet she can't help a darker feeling during the night in his shift, though as long as she is contained she seems to show some humanity and perhaps that coding could be fixed?

She would wake up earlier than others, perhaps helping block him off when he runs out of power on one of his nights and ends up being damaged and send to service that morning, moments of her trying to speak with him... That type if it sounds interesting

So the Boss (Purple man) perhaps keeps them trapped and having been the one with rather dark urges killed them, only the puppet was the first to somehow start it off and pulled the others into their bodies to 'save' them. But mostly they harbor a sort of need for revenge kind of feel of that makes sense?

15.) Priest/Preistess x The Beast/Killer/Uncontracted Wild Familiar..
In this idea, I was thinking that it's a time in the later periods, where there are still Priests/Priestesses who are nobly and almost spiritually viewed.. In this one to throw in a bit of extra appeal, the Priestess/Priest is highly valued for their visions to help end war, their healing abilities, and ability to 'talk with the Gods' to supposedly provide luck.. They are named as much because of their blood and its ability to keep the demon said to end the world if released sealed away.. the only problem is each ritual to keep the seal strong takes life force, and the Priest/Priestess is a mortal.. Now the Priest/Priestess in this story has been raised knowing their duty and continuing it like each before them despite that meaning their lifespan is shorter, but being young still and wanting a single night of freedom without guards and lock down they sneak out into the forest at night not knowing a Beast of Stories is on the run.. Having made another kill or something along the lines of confirming a fearsome reputation the Beast is chased wounded badly into the same forest. Having temporarily lost the hunters the Beast collapses ready for death until an 'angel' walks to them.... And so the story begins.

16.) Robotics
So for the idea I am thinking something along the lines of either more technology advanced or modern times (unless you can convince me of fitting it in older times) of a supposed human who is actually man-made. Supposed to be used as a weapon of war but her programming had left her with a bit of amnesia after falling out of her storage truck. Left to wander a certain person grows interested, and from there discuss where things go...

Pairing ideas:
Robot x geek
Robot x Military/fighter/spy
Robot x Mechanic
Robot x scientist
Robot x original creator (though there would be a twist of the government stole his creation leaving him to believe it had been lost)

17.) Vampire Roommate
Exactly as it sounds...
Of perhaps...
Depending on how you'd like to play it out of the mishap leads to them being roommates then mc would be feminine but wears baggy clothes and disguises as a needy person mistaken for a guy

If neighbors just a regular kind of disguise

So much would be a singer or famous actor but hides identity elsewhere and above all hides that she is a vampire. It could go along lines of somehow yc finds out or catches onto something weird and tries to find out

Maybe from there am interest pursues: he could somehow be immune her her hypnotic influence but could use it for maybe mafia or huge business or something in exchange he holds her secret, but with her synthetic blood hitting a shortage she needs to find blood on her own. Maybe some blackmail, some drama, romance, you can add something in, and yc doesn't have to be human

18.) Extra Terrestrial
Alien x Scientist/human or nonhuman
Perhaps in studying a captured alien, a handler is assigned to care for the alien... See what might come of it

19.) Kelpie and the Island
Here I was thinking that an island was once sealed away, but due to scientists pushing things that should be left alone... it had once again reappeared... There are creatures here better left to be undiscovered and yet... Some had known about this island from stories.
I wouldn't mind either role-
Kelpie x Explorer seeking treasure
Keplie x Scientist
Kelpie x Escaped/exiled felon

20.) Mafia Boss/Boss's x Right hand...
This could be a number of things, though I find adding a supernatural edge might be fun. It is completely up to brainstorm the detals and would love to talk it out a little.
The right hand to the Mafia Boss could be an undercover cop who's loyalties have shifted to serve the Boss, but what happens when the truth gets out? Will the Boss believe the one had has always trusted most who swears theor loyalty belongs to them?

21.) Jurassic World...
On an island dedicated (Could be before the attraction is opened or after when it is closed down) to these creatures brought back from extinction, it's a bit of a hush, hush spectacle... but it does exist...
Perhaps Scientists are still secretly experimenting, creating a biological mix? Someone who can change forms or a dinosaur sentient as a human or mixed with human
Or perhaps someone in search of fame, either kill or to tame or to catch an odd creature
Trainer and his dinosaur
Would love to talk ideas.

[B][I][U][SIZE=22px]22.) Fairy Land (out of comission for now)[/SIZE][/U][/I][/B] (More than willing to brainstorm through these) and YES it means magic stretching or possible shrink or growth for smut thought that might be a given I would prefer to play the little female fairy (nearly the size of a barbie) x ... - Explorer - Person in Exile to the forest - Scientist/researcher - Hunter - Another creature Fairies are considered creatures of magic and myth, they hide within places you would least expect.. they watch over the delicate balances and offer luck and guidance while remaining unseen, but of course all fairies have curiosity to be sated and tricks to pull... Depending on what you would have your character be, there are different plots to play out - Perhaps your oc is someone seeking fortune and fame... - An exile notices things are odd in their home, constantly feeling as if something is off.. Growing frustrated they grab a fly swatter and swing it at the strange thing in the air.. oddly, it cries out like a... human? - A researcher or scientist out to discover something new, you follow the different stories to the forest... Setting up traps you hope for the best, but what happens when a trap actually works to catch something.. Extraordinary?



23.) Betrayal to the Queen
So in this one, I was thinking my oc would play a Queen who is widowed... With a Kingdom at war (Humans vs Orcs?)
The Brothers/Step-brothers of her Husband, and perhaps a general?
And so a Mercenary (Or Orc from the other Kingdom) is hired to come in only to be captured... Hearing this the Queen decides... to take things into her own hands and hire them to be her body guard.. and so the forbidden and adventure begin...

24.) Land of the Dragons....
Ok.. SO imagine the tiniest, wimpy, pathetic, pitiful dragon you possibly can. Talking them having almost blunt horns, teeth, and tiny little claws. She's smaller than your average house cat. Their hoard consists of:
1. One dirty gold coin
2. That's it.
And they are little enough they can't even hold the coin in one paw!

So the other dragons are all bigger and greedy, and very mean to them. The little dragon is struggling to hold onto their one pathetic coin, and the other dragons are HUGE with caves full of gold.. Yet they are greedy and want all the gold they can get. So one of them sees that single little coin and steals it. This poor dragon tried to fight back, but is merely swatted out of the sky like a fly with a fly swatter.

So this dragon lost their entire hoard in a single night leaving them feeling pretty pathetic until they see this poster:

Help wanted - Rescue Princess/Prince - Reward 15,000 gold

So the little dragon of course gets the idea.. it's a bad one, but there is nothing left to lose... So they set out on this journey, running into bandits and dangers...

(Optional line/part) Now in this adventure there is this thing called "The Gift" that people are born with. Only people born with this gift are able to understand dragons so no one else knows what the tiny little dragon is saying..

Until they finally make it to a bandit infested fortress! Sneaking in where they think the Prince/Princess is only to discover....

The Princess/Prince wasn't kidnapped. They ran away because they were NOT feeling that marriage thing, it was arranged and not at all their choice to be sold off by their royal parents into a marriage for their parent's greed... So this Prince/Princess has taken over this small army of bandits and becomes their leader. The Prince/Princess is plotting to take over their Parent's kingdom and become the new ruler... and they are building an army.

The Prince/Princess has offered every would be rescuer to show up the choice to join the cause or die.... And out of 37 before this tiny dragon... only 10 have joined, the other 27 were killed in single hand combat because the Prince/Princess is a bad-ass!

The Prince/Princess then ransomed the bodies for a ton of money to start building up their own funds... So the Prince/Princess was born with "The Gift"... and when the little dragon comes the Prince/Princess offers the same choice to them.. Only with some added sugar.. the dragon can become the Prince/Princess's treasurer/.. which means they get to keep watch over all of that gold and riches stolen! And the Prince/Princess promises more gold once the kingdom is taken over by them.

Now, the reasons dragons are so... needy of their hoard.. It's simple: the more gold a dragon possesses, the larger and stronger they grow. It was why this dragon was so tiny and puny! They only had one measly coin.. but now with that new hoard (technically shared with the Prince/Princess now Bandit leader) they start to grow again.. Throughout the quest their teeth, horns, and claws become longer, sharper, and fire gets hotter... And perhaps a love for this bandit leader begins to grow....

Could be the Bandit leader keeps the dragon as a bit of a guard and treasurer or a pet... But still allows them to keep the hoard.

Would love to discuss! Genders are swap-able as are who plays which role

A kind of visual lol-
View attachment 3144



25.) Beastars esque World
So, recently I watched this new Netflix series that very much piqued my interest!

So, the idea is a world, or school of anthros... In this world herbivores and carnivores have a somewhat peaceful life with each other.. Only in the past week there has been an incident of a carnivore devouring a herbivore student!
My idea would be herbivore x carnivore kind of idea, only the first meeting would be of the carnivore nearly eating the herbivore.. (NO the carnivore for the pairing is not the one who started the devouring incidents.) but is startled by something and the herbivore manages to escape... But this begins a fascination by the carnivore to this herbivore.. Develop from there perhaps?

For Reference, the story line of Beastars-
Legoshi, a large gray wolf, is a timid and quiet student of Cherryton Academy where he lives in a dorm with several other carnivorous students including his outgoing Labrador friend, Jack. As a member of the school's drama club, Legoshi works as a stagehand and supports the actors of the club headed by the star pupil Louis, a red deer.

Out of nowhere, Tem the alpaca is brutally murdered and devoured in the night, setting off a wave of unease and distrust between the herbivore and carnivore students. At the same time, Legoshi has a fateful encounter with Haru, a small dwarf rabbit, and begins developing complex feelings for her.

26.) Forbidden

So my idea... Is a forbidden love.. And a sort of civilization of these Fey only being male... or just female...
The World: A bit in the older Medieval times perhaps, but there are no humans in this world, in fact it is a world filled with a number of creatures! Dragons, goblins, orcs... But the most sentient (like humans in out world) are the Fey.
Long ago there was a time when those of Fey blood all lived together in one clan. They lived in peace, at least for the most part, slowly advancing their ways of life, learning the powers each had... But as with most, nearly every civilization, greed and power shattered them apart. Two powers rose up, calling those to them... Those born under the moon disappeared into the darkness, and those under the sun became shrouded in light..
This was what became the separation, the split off of Dark and Light Fey... These two separately began to grow, different from each other and yet they still had once been the same... The Dark Fey were people who believed in the Moon Goddess, they're magic became something of illusions, darker... Their appearances usually of dark skin, and dark hair.. Taller in most cases.. Cool and calm..
And then there were the Light Fey, people who believed in the opposite, the Sun God. They are usually hot headed, lighter colored hair, and more physical magics..
These two Kingdoms are each led by Kings, warring sides.
In an effort of peace, or a temporary one, the Dark Fey king has invited the Light Fey King to stay with him in order to solve the problem as it is closer to the kingdom of the dark Fey.. and so the forbidden relations begins...
Now the threat can be along the line of less intelligent more primal creatures, perhaps Orc, or Minotaur, etc...
Was thinking it starts out a little darker theme that is between blackmail and forming a relationship. They both begin to hold an interest but the Dark Fey is more into teasing and almost exposing but not quite.. The light Fey doesn't want to admit to holding some interest in the Dark Fey King and is fearful of how he would be judged so he hides it, instead trying to focus on the war, keeping the others safe, and striking where it is possible...
Oh, but the Dark Fey plans to have some fun while also doing as much...
Side Note: These Dark and Light Fey each have a special gift respectively.. This power/gift is what made them each respective Kings of their kind.


A gender changing alternative....
All light Fae are male and all Dark Fae are female, both sides think the other is a myth and believe their own same gender species is the only Fae existing, but what might happen when one of each side finds themselves somehow running into each other?

27.) Apocalypse...
So, plenty of ideas to talk about!
Alien invasion/take over
Hybrids all in between....
Mc is a scientist who has been working on what was believed to be a bio-engineered healing fungus type of virus, only she wasn't told she was actually a part of a team providing some of the research of a secret bio-weapon... One meant to be fatal and one meant to create a war human on which there is already testing on criminals...

YC would be a criminal perhaps who had been injected with an initial testing dose and while a lot of the subjects die, his dose seems to have partially worked... Sort of. The dead ones became monstrosities while he only became half of one later known as a hybrid.

Fast forward a little and an accident had happened leaving the lab a bomb target and that virus agent freed into the air - and so the outbreak begins.

I was thinking Immune/possible body holder of a cure ex-scientist x hybrid - where humans begin to hear news of someone being immune to dieing from the bite... and a hybrid searching for a scientist to turn him back - see what happens?

Perhaps even a story of a survivor noticing a change in a zombie who always seems to be around and following him, watching... So.ething is different about this zombie... It isn't until the threat of a horse catches survivor off guard as they are raiding an abandoned complex that the zombie for once gets close, coming in through the unlocked front door and managing to lock it before standing vigil at the entrance until the horse passes leaving the two alone... They are in a pet store.. Perhaps this zombie could prove to be useful or at the least a companion... The supplies are just around them. Can a human teacher a zombie to be human again?

28.) A World Rules By Cats/Dogs
Was thinking a human 'drowns' saving a cat or dog, only something strange happens. Rather than dying they are somehow transported elsewhere... A totally new world.

They wake up in a world where people wear cat/dog ears and tail.. Only they are actually real, with humans being like that of pets in the normal human world.. Human shelters for stray humans, human control... And, well, this human is considered a stray and lost... A powerful person from this world pulled this human from their pool where they had been transported and being a powerful individual their servants send the human to the human shelter thinking it a stray having somehow bothered their Boss..

This is where the way of this new world is explained just before the human who explains it is broken out by a rebelling human organization trying to overthrow the way the world works here... Knocking out this poor confused human... Leaving them to wake up now in the care of their new 'Master'... that same powerful person who had pulled them from the pool and sent them to that human shelter seems to have changed their mind

29.) Beauty and the Beast (Or Fallen Angel and the Beast) Esque
The plot itself would be a cursed man with the shape of a beast who would be a warrior of some sort – A general of a small country. Rumors say that he was once a common soldier who became a knight... Only to rebel against a corrupt noble who was killing his own people. With the nobles dying breath, he cursed the knight to take the shape of a beast, and to be alone. Others say that a demon cursed a man who desired power and prestige, and even more state that he is just a demon himself – Whatever the case, he is a warrior of repute, and despite his monstrous visage is in control of a small kingdom that does seem quite loyal to its reclusive master. As of late, he has begun to wage war against another small kingdom, and has been winning. The king of the other land had become desperate, seeking to appease the monstrous general at any cost... Offers of riches, land if he stopped, and trade did nothing to appeal the wolf... Though one day, the king did get a letter demanding him to show his 'secret treasure' he is rumored to have... a fallen angel.

With the king rumored to own such a jewel he is curious and willing to hold off attack to find out if the rumors are true... And seeing a messenger riding a cart pulling a cage containing the shackled female he decides that she will be the price to leave the King and his Kingdom alone, taking the young creature to heal up.. and perhaps become more as she is the only one unafraid of him and soothes his inner turmoils.. though she seems to spark the primal desire within him, and owning/claiming such a rare specimen to be the Queen to his people..

30.) Lucifer esque world
So, the netflix series 'Lucifer'... Let's talk
Really craving! 😍

31.) Military Chimeras Project
In this idea, it would be a form of military experiments planning..
Could be
Handler x Experiment
Experiment x Experiment

So the characters are one of a kind military experiments raised in captivity. A sort of experiment attempt to make perfect or more useful than normal human military soldiers. They would basically be chimeras, as in they are able to appear human, but can sprout wings, fangs, claws, ect. This would make them perfect for special operations in the military.

One plot idea would involve our characters training and potential finding a way to escape after they are placed on a team together when previously they had worked alone
Definitely up for discussion.

32.) Elven healer and the Human turned Wolf
So basically idea of a supernatural within the human world hidden away. Thinking of an elven healer in exile who has grown distant and cold nearly despising of humans.

A human was just freshly turned werewolf (or something skin) and doesn't really realize yet after all the nights are like a blank slate where the human side looses control after having been attacked by a wild animal. On one of the primal nights the human is caught in a trap meant for werewolves.

Kind of a starter to talk out what might be interesting

33.) Vampire Pet
Perhaps Muse A being human and more.. Bullied in life finding it hard to keep going feels drawn to an old church that is about to be destroyed.. Upon exploring they run across a locked portion of the church sealed with talismans...

Feeling beyond curious at this point they decide to ignore warnings and break in, slicing their hand in the process making it bleed. Unconscious of such, they place their hand upon what looks like ritual markings before opening the lid to reveal a body!

But, not just any body.. A body perfectly preserved with a long silver stake buried in their chest... Unable to say why, muse A pulls the stake from muse B's chest awaking them from their cursed slumber.. The ritual markings begin to glow, absorbing the blood spilled on it from earlier and reviewing Myself B... Only the ritual places a certain.. Bonding upon the ancient vampire.. A collar forming with a binding red leash only the leash seems less visible unless acted upon, like the red string of fate.

Needing to learn how to become human, blend into the changes world, and to complete the ritual to become human if it even works, Muse B is left at Museum A's mercy... Especially since muse B cannkt seem to disobey Muse A's orders. How is it a once powerful vampire set only for bloodline suddenly craves everything about this ordinary human.. And more, finally wishes to become human ad well.. A Vampire who becomes a reluctant pet learns to be human, and a human who learns to crave life again with this protective creature they have saved.

34.) Swimming with the sharks
In an aquarium futuristic setting where all kinds of mythical creatures are real... perhaps A love between enemies? (Shark x orca?)

Or depressed/suicidal caretaker assigned to one of the exhibits? Perhaps the doctor and main caretaker is assigned to a particularly interesting merman who continues causing trouble to try to hang around her more

More inspired pics

Alphas - Strongest and carrying of most political and physical power, their pheromones are effective on every class.
Betas - Workforce, a sort of middle class.
Omegas - Weakest in need of protection... Their pheromones are helpful to incite a strong protection/mating instinct in Alphas.. Able to become pregnant no matter the sex.

Would love to create a plot with this! Open to anything...

Perhaps a twist... An omega, son to the power house Alpha of the territory, holds a rather large standing of power.. since he is unable to protect himself, a body guard is hired to serve as his strength.. Could go in a few ways..

36.) Ensnared inspired by Tiffany Roberts

Ivy: A human. Alone on the planet Earth, so volunteered to relocate to another planet. A journey that would take sixty earth years and therefore would travel in a Cryochamber and be woken by trained medical staff on arrival.

Ketahn: A Vrix. 7’ tall. Torso humanoid. 2 sets of arms and 6 long legs. His mouth is just a slash but with a pair of fangs. Mandibles, where a human’s cheekbones would have been. Black skin with white and purple markings. Did I mention eyes? Well, he has 8.
Yep, definitely an alien. Ok, ok, he’s a spider. A spider alien.

He’s spent years as a hunter, but now he’s the one ensnared in a creature’s trap.​

Ketahn did not want a mate. Fate has a different plan for him. When the queen he despises declares her intention to claim him, he retreats into the jungle.
What he finds there changes his world.
Small, delicate, and pale skinned, Ivy Foster is nothing like the females Ketahn has known. She’s not of his kind at all. Yet the moment he sees her, he knows the truth in his soul—she is his heartsthread.
And now that he has her, he won’t let anything take her away. Not the jungle, not the gods, not the queen.
Whether Ivy agrees or not, their webs are entangled. No one will ever sever those threads."
So the idea is a love story between two cultures - Spider Alien x human from another world...

Open to any ideas or scenarios for all, and here are some more themes:
* Mafia boss x law enforcement person
mafia leader x detective

More and idea where the detective (yc) has been trying to get dirt on the boss for years leaving them in a repeating cat and mouse only the boss always seems to escape leaving the case to get cold... But suddenly a bit of more than convincing information gets to the detective about the boss (mc).. Only a bigger case pops up before the detective can decide what to do, a serial killer who had been active reappears that hits a personal point with the detective.. And the boss could be the key to solve it. Blackmail tends to make others want to help. Could be blackmail for more than just information, and mc being a mafia boss, well, she doesn't want any of it getting out.
* Familiar x familiar tamer
* Vampire x Hunter
* Vampire x werewolf
* Boss x intern
* Ghost x Demon
* Demon x Angel
*Mermaid x Siren
*Witch x Werewolf
*College teacher x student
*Elemental user x scientist

* Idol (Singer, Dancer, famous person in general) undercover x unsuspecting of their identity neighbor/trainer/etc
*Come up with your own idea

*Up to any ideas! I love fantasy/supernatural and romance genre*
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Probably Hell
Mafia Boss/Boss's x Right hand

Jurassic World

Beastars esque World

Beauty and the Beast (Or Fallen Angel and the Beast) Esque



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Probably Hell
Mafia Boss/Boss's x Right hand

Jurassic World

Beastars esque World

Beauty and the Beast (Or Fallen Angel and the Beast) Esque

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