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Mx Female Rough and smutty roleplays


Oct 8, 2016
Hey there and welcome to my second (and shorter) request thread.

I've put off making a second request thread for a while but, as might well be the case for a lot of people right now, I am writing this while under lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis. I have the, potentially/somewhat, enviable position that I am able to work perfectly well from home and am mostly succeeding in not going completely crazy because of being stuck inside.

The downside of the above though is that I am feeling a bit bored and frustrated more regularly and could use a few more RPs or partners to chat with during the day and more or less keep me entertained. My primary search thread has a full list of rules and regulations that I ask for from my partners (because, don't we all) and you can feel free to check that out as well if you are curious. For the purposes of this thread though I want to keep it a little looser and more open. Like in the other thread I am MAINLY looking for partners rather than any specific game, that way we can brainstorm some fun roleplays together and also keep each other entertained while everyone is boxed up inside. For the purposes of this I will list a few requirements which have not changed and then my major kinks down below.

Hope to hear from some of you!


  • Female partners only - a hard and fast rule of mine, I apologise to any males who can write exemplary female characters, but in sexual RP I cannot get into it with a guy on the other end
  • PMs or Discord - Discord is still my arena of preference (and I will give out my details following a quick back and forth over PMs) but because I'm at home now, I'm able to actually come on here more easily and that makes PMs (or e-mails/Skype) a more valid option - Due to some frustrations with the PM system I may also begin placing more emphasis on searching Discord partners again​
  • Long term or short term games - Again, no secret that I prefer more episodic games, but I can be persuaded into longer-term ones​
  • OOC chat - A bit of a change from my other thread but I'd say this is A L M O S T a genuine requirement now. I always enjoy RPs more when my partner and I can chat comfortably, and right now I would prefer it if our communication is not restricted to one RP post a week (somewhat defeats the purpose of what I'm after)​
  • 60:40 smut : plot upwards - As always I want my RPs fun, smutty and relaxed. This is supposed to be something fun for me and for letting off steam, nothing too serious!​


As is standard, I do not expect all of my favourites to be in every game but in general, the more of my favourites the better:

  • Aheago and mind break
  • D/s and Master/slave pairings
  • Dd/lg - calling me "Daddy" is the quickest way to my heart
  • BDSM
  • (Very) rough sex - slapping, choking, hair pulling, spanking
  • Impregnation/breeding/risk of pregnancy
  • Name-calling
  • Cheating aspects (see soft limits)
  • Dub-con to full on rape
  • Size differences
  • Face-fucking
  • Possessiveness and ownership
  • Bimboification
  • Big cocks
  • Big breasts
  • Cervical penetration - assuming we allow unrealistic kinks like this
  • Violence - using a slut to work out frustration in ways other than just sex
  • Harems - obviously very dependent on whether you are happy playing multiple girls
  • Light inflation - usually with excessive cum to the point of swelling up sliiightly, but not to the point of expanding like a balloon

  • Cuckolding - I enjoy games where cheating is part of the taboo aspect of it: E.g. "the husband never pays the woman any attention and so my character has his way with her". I DISLIKE it when it moves into humiliation territory, with the husband being forced to watch everything that goes on
  • Non-human cocks - As should be clear from my limits, I am very much against bestiality and monsters, however, I have gotten some enjoyment from playing a standard human who (through magical/sci-fi means) has a ridiculous non-human cock. This ties in with my enjoyment of cervical penetration in that in this context I can also enjoy things like knotting.
  • Age play - I'm not against playing games where characters have an age gap between them, however in general I vastly prefer to play a character in his late twenties (with some flexibility) and so the max we'd be talking would be a 28 year-old with an 18 year-old and most of the time when I hear age-play I assume it means with male characters over the age of 35, which is a no-go for me.

  • Snuff/gore/etc
  • Furries
  • Bodily fluids - vomit/watersports/scat
  • Multiple males - from an RP perspective I simply cannot get into it
  • Unattractive male - Even in non-con situations I do not like playing male characters that could be construed as unattractive or undesirable
  • Monsters/bestiality
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