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NBx Male Trap/Crossdresser RP Wanted~


Jan 8, 2020
I haven't got a lot of details worked out for what I want yet but since I'm open to almost anything I figured I'd put this request up first and add to it later possibly.

The gist of it is I'm looking for some RPs, and I want to play as a feminine trap/crossdressing male, mostly against a male partner.

I'm into most kinks aside from bathroom stuff, tend to match what my partner posts, will only RP on the site via PM. I'm also looking for a mostly smutty RP, with just enough plot to hold it together basically.

So yeah that's all for now, PM me if you're interested and we'll go from there~

Edit: Added F-List! I filled this in quite a long time ago but it's still mostly adequate.

EdIT UPDATE: Not looking for any more of these RPs at the moment, currently full.
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