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Mx Female Fandoms Rising!(Discord)(Bleach, RWBY, etc)


Mar 5, 2020
Alright, everyone... time to crack my knuckles and try to get this started. It's been a long time since I made a request thread on a forum like this, so try to bear with me! I'll try to make this short, sweet, and to the point.

First thing's first, the rules!

That's right, we've got rules here.
  • Rule Number One: Don't be a dick! If I don't like talking to you, I'm probably not going to want to play with you. Pretty simple right? You'd think so, but this one really gets a lot of people!
  • Rule Number Two: Don't be afraid to let me know if something isn't working. I value OOC communication beyond simply planning the next erotic scene. Let's craft something wonderful together!
  • Rule Number Three: I only RP via Discord. No offense to any PM or Forum RPers, it's just not for me. I find Discord easier to track and keep organized, even when replies aren't firing back and forth.
  • Which brings me to Rule Number Four: I don't have a set post frequency or length that I will force people to adhere to. I would like to ask that you inform me of your availability when we are in the planning stage, so that I don't sit at the computer thinking "Are they still there?", and if your availability is uncertain, simply tell me that! Communication is key!
  • Rule Number Cookie: Yes, cookies can be numbers. You count them by the number of bites it takes to finish. That being said, don't be afraid to be silly! We're all adults here, but who says that means we have to act like it?! Certainly not I!
Now, with those rules out of the way, we can get onto the fun things...

Let Me Tell You What I Want, What I Really, Really Want!

None of the below are strictly required, but the more of them you are willing to do, the happier you shall make me!

Harem - Yes, I know, how cliche. But what's wrong with wanting to have a harem of super sexy girls willing to hang out with you, and more?! This can be explored both from the sexual aspect as well as the romantic.
Hypnotism - For when you want that darker harem.
Dom/Sub - I am a dom by nature. I am willing to forego the Dom/Sub roles, but do not ask me to play a sub. I do not enjoy it. That said, what is a dom that won't listen to the needs of their sub? A real dom is someone that understands what their sub enjoys, and will use that to take control. However, for those interested, that doesn't mean I'm opposed to playing the more forceful dom as well. As long as both parties OOCly are consenting to a situation, that's great!
GMing - As someone who does narrative writing for his actual job, I prefer to let someone else take the GMing role when it comes to RP. This is my chance to unwind from work. Now, I'm not entirely opposed to GMing myself, but as I said above, bonus points for someone able to fill this!
Fandoms - Real shocker, right?! It's in the title! I love taking an established setting and twisting it into something truly perverse. Especially when you are able to do so entirely within the 'laws' of the setting itself!
Long Term RP - There's just something so much more satisfying about having an RP that will last months, maybe even more than a year as opposed to short scenes that you can't truly get attached to.

Fandoms I Like(* marks level of interest, 1-5) - Note: Willing to play both OCs and Canon, though I do have a preference for MC to be an OC

Bleach*****(Main interest atm!)

Sword Art Online(or similar Video Game experiences, aka Log Horizon, etc)****
Code Geass***
No Game No Life**
Fairy Tail****
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime****

Original(in imaginary air quotes) plot! World traveler - Due to some reason(be it a magic book, dimensional transportation power, or simply a video game), a young man has gained the ability to visit all of his favorite fandom worlds. He becomes something of a collector, whether it for abilities from those worlds, or the waifus that inhabit them.

That should give you an idea of the kind of stuff I like. If you have any ideas for the above, or think you know another setting we'd enjoy, don't be afraid to get in touch via DMs!

Oh, and that bit about this being short... I might have gotten carried away.
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